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Okay but a Taekook au where Jungkook’s girlfriend starts to flirt with Taehyung and Taehyung dodges her every time until he finally snaps and tells her he’d much rather fuck her boyfriend than fuck her.
I really didn’t think a random idea would get this many likes but what you want is what you’ll get
I’ll start this tomorrow or possibly tonight 🧡
Taehyung’s used to being hit on by both girls and boys, whether it be bluntly or discretely. He doesn’t mind any of it, he’s actually quite the flirt too, he likes making people blush, he likes making them giddy with just a wink.
“Lecture doesn’t start until 11, why do you always insist on being early to lectures?” Jimin says with a pout on his lips. Taehyung doesn’t mind him as they walk in and sit near the back, a couple of people already sitting down. “Sup.” Yoongi says, nodding his head at both boys.
Jimin’s pout instantly turns upside down and he gives Yoongi a shy smile. “Hi Yoongi.” Jimin says, making Taehyung hold back a laugh. “Where’s Namjoon?” Taehyung asks, knowing Yoongi’s always with his best friend. “Probably waiting for Jin in the parking lot.”
“Did Hobi end up adding the class?” Yoongi asks, getting a shrug from Taehyung. “I think he’s trying to crash it.” They talk amongst each other, not paying attention to the room that’s slowly being filled with people. The professor doesn’t take long to join the class.
“Alright, you can start writing the notes from the board while I get some things ready.” The man announces and the class silences down. Pencil scratches are heard all around the room as everyone occupies themselves and then there’s a door opening.
“If you’re going to come in, I suggest you do so quickly. You’re already late.” The professor says and a boy walks in, he has a big backpack on his back, with a single sheet of paper in his hands. “I was wondering if you’re adding anymore people?” He asks quietly.
“I have a few seats open. Talk to me after class.” The man says dismissing him and Taehyung watches as the boy’s eyes roam for an empty seat. Their eyes meet and Taehyung gives him a sweet smile, waving him over as he moves his backpack off the chair next to him.
“Thank you.” The boy says quietly, sliding in the seat next to him. Taehyung just smiles, and he focuses his attention back on the board. “Nice, now where’s Hobi going to sit?” Jimin asks. “That’s if he makes it.” Taehyung says raising an eyebrow at his best friend.
Taehyung notices a small blush of embarrassment on the boy’s cheeks next to him and he bites his lip. “Nice backpack.” Taehyung whispers and the boy’s eyes widen, just when Taehyung didn’t think they could get bigger. “Thank you, it gets me in trouble a lot since it’s so big.”
The boy whispers back, making Taehyung smile. “Just means you’re prepared.” He responds and he watches as the boy writes his name at the corner of his paper, “Jeon Jungkook.” He wrote simply, and Taehyung mouths it quietly to himself, before turning back to his work.
Taehyung isn’t one to be excitedly looking for books on the first week of school, but knowing he should probably try and get ahead of the game this semester he drags himself there, by himself of course. His friends wouldn’t bother until probably the day before the exam.
As he’s walking up the ramp he sees a girl drop something from her pocket as she takes out her phone and he quickly runs up to pick it up. “Oh, hey, you dropped something.” He calla out and she stops, turning around to look at him. “Oh, thank you.” She says with a smile, +
She walks to him grabbing the card from his hand. “I like your rings, you have nice fingers.” She says, looking up at him. “Thank you.” He says with a kind smile before walking away. “Is this your first year?” She asks, trailing after him and Taehyung holds in his sigh.
“No, it’s my third.” He says and he knows she’s waiting for him to continue the conversation but he takes out his phone quickly. “Oh, my friends calling me, I’m sorry.” He says, walking the opposite direction and pretends to pick up the phone.
He watches as she pouts slightly before walking inside of the library and he puts his phone back down. “Close one.” He hears and he spins around to see Hoseok. “Shut up.” He says, shoving him playfully. “Dude, she was hot.” His friend points out, “You think so? You should +
Go tell her.” Taehyung says jokingly causing Hoseok to laugh. “Yeah, I’ll pass, I haven’t played for that team in a long while.” Hoseok responds. “Yeah, neither have I.” Taehyung shrugs and he looks at the time on his phone. “Running out of time, I have to go see if they have +
This book at the library. Want to come?” He asks and Hobi nods. “Sure, I got nothing to do.” He says and they both walk in to the quiet building. Hoseok goes to find a seat while Taehyung finds his way through the many isles of books. He turns the corner to the history section+
When his eyes meet a figure, a boy squatting down to fix some books on the bottom shelf. “Hey.” Taehyung says and the boy almost looses his balance, holding on to the shelf to help him. He turns his head to see Taehyung and the boys confused stare turns quickly into a smile.
“Oh, hi.” He says standing up. “Hi, I didn’t know you worked here.” Taehyung says and he mentally scolds himself because of course he wouldn’t know, the boy doesn’t even know his name. “Ah, yeah, I just started. It’s my first year here too.” He says, making Taehyung smile.
“Aw, that’s cool. It’s my third year, almost done.” He says and Jungkook looks surprised. “Woah, you look really young, that’s surprising.” He says and Taehyung’s never the one to blush but Jungkook makes his cheeks turn a little bit. “Ah, I’m flattered.”
“What are you looking for?” Jungkook asks, taking the paper gently from Taehyung’s hand. “Ah, political science. You’re in history, it’s two sections to the right, come on.” He says and he leads Taehyung through the quiet place.
“Is this for a class?” Jungkook asks. “Yeah, I still haven’t gotten the one for our class either.” Taehyung says, running a hand through his red hair. “Oh, I actually found a free pdf link online.” Jungkook says excitedly, because this is as exciting as college gets.
“No way, it’s like $200 here!” Taehyung says shocked. “Yeah, I know! I could send it to you if you want.” Jungkook offers and Taehyung nods his head. “Yeah, for sure. Here, why don’t you give me your number and I’ll text you my email.” Taehyung says handing the boy his phone.
Hobi watches from afar, his eyes peaking over the book in his hand and he smiles at both boys. “Who are you looking at?” A voice asks and Hoseok jumps from his seat, holding a hand to his chest. “Jesus Christ, Namjoon, have you ever heard of making your presence heard?” He asks.
“That’s the kid from our class, right?” Namjoon asks when Taehyung walks to him and Hobi. “Yeah, he works here.” Taehyung says, looking down at his phone and staring at Jungkook’s contact with a smile. “He’s cute.” Namjoon comments, making Taehyung look up. “Yeah? You should +
tell Jin that.” Taehyung says making Namjoon laughs quietly. “Jin would agree and he would also agree that you have a crush.” Namjoon teases. Taehyung doesn’t like the feeling in his stomach when he’s being teased about a crush, especially one that’s barely building up.
“Leave me alone, I was just being friendly.” Taehyung says swatting him with the piece of paper in his hands. “So, i emailed the professor and he didn’t tell me to die. He said I can add the class at the beginning of next lecture.” Hoseok says, changing the subject.
What Taehyung doesn’t expect to see that day is the same girl who dropped her card outside, to lean over the counter at the library and place a kiss on Jungkook’s lips. It’s just a small peck, but nonetheless Taehyung can tell that it’s her. “Yo, didn’t she try to hit on you?”
Hobi asks and Taehyung hums, not knowing what to say. “Maybe she was just being friendly. It’s probably her first year here too.” Taehyung says causing Hoseok to roll his eyes. “Dude, she said she liked your fingers.” He says, making Namjoon chuckles.
When Taehyung and Jimin go out for coffee the next day, a girl tries to ask Taehyung for his number, and never being good to tell anyone no, he ends up taking her number instead, but guilt still bites at him knowing he won’t be doing anything with the number.
“I don’t understand how you have this much game. I’m handsome too!” Jimin says causing Taehyung to laugh. “Stop acting like you’d take up anyone’s offer, Yoongi would be devastated.” Taehyung teases. “Yeah, right, like he even pays attention to me.” Jimin says pouting.
“Jimin, he always pays attention to you. The last time we all hung out he literally bought you your entire meal. He never buys anyone else food.” Taehyung tells him. “Yeah, that’s just because he thinks I still skip meals.” Jimin says and Taehyung looks at him with a knowing +
Expression. “Doesn’t that mean, I don’t know, that he cares about you?” Taehyung asks sarcastically. Jimin glares at him, not agreeing but deep down, he wishes Taehyung is right.
Both boys walk into lecture early, once again because of Taehyung but Jimin doesn’t complain this time. “I’m sitting next to Yoongi this time, so Hobi can have my seat.” Jimin says sitting down next to a busy Yoongi who’s looking over some notes. “Jimin, seats aren’t assigned.”
Yoongi says and Jimin clicks his tongue. “Okay, but there‘ s unassigned assigned seats, everyone knows that. Anyways, since Taehyung gave that one kid his seat last time, he’ll probably sit there again.” Jimin says placing his stuff down on the table. Taehyung actually hopes +
Jimin is right because he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Jungkook. He has to admit, he has a small crush but nothing out of the ordinary, plus, he has a girlfriend. “You look really good today Jimin-ah.” Yoongi says with a smile and Jimin scrunches his eyebrows.
“Why didn’t I look good yesterday? Was it my hair?” Jimin asks and Taehyung tries not to laugh at the two. The girl at the front of the class bites her lip to stifle a laugh, them being the only ones in the lecture hall. “Jimin that’s not what I meant- I mean- you +
look good everyday. I just don’t always say it, today I did.” Yoongi says and Jimin physically pauses. “Oh, thank you hyung.” Jimin says making himself small, the blush on his cheeks spreading to the tip of his ears. Hobi enters the class next, with a big smile.
“Wow, this class can hold like 300 people.” He says amused. “More like 400, come over here.” Taehyung says removing his bag from the seat he was saving his friend. “No ones heard from Joon and Jin?” Yoongi asks. “They’re probably sucking face in the parking lot.” Hobi says.
“Ah, hello, good morning.” Jungkook says as he walks down the isle to sit next to Taehyung. Taehyung right away notices the tired look on his face but he doesn’t comment. Jungkook’s picking at his nails as he sits his phone down on his desk. “Hi Jungkook,” Taehyung responds, +
“It’s definitely a good morning now that you’re here.” Taehyung says smoothly and it all comes out without reasoning in his head but the second it’s out it’s too late to take back. Hobi stops what he’s saying, comprehending what Taehyung just said before he goes back to talking.
“Huh?” Jungkook asks, catching what Taehyung had said but being surprised by his words. “You’re nice company.” Taehyung reiterates, causing Jungkook to nod his head but he still doesn’t meet Taehyung’s eyes, almost too shy to do so.
He internally curses at himself because he wasn’t sure if he had just made Jungkook uncomfortable by his comment. Deciding not to open his mouth again, Taehyung doesn’t say anything else. Joon and Jin walk in shortly after, and they sit in the row behind him, Jungkook, and Hobi.
Not meaning to, Jin accidentally drops his pencil. It lands in Taehyung’s row but Jungkook quickly picks it up for him. “Thanks kid, what’s your name?” Jin asks leaning forward to not be so loud. “Jungkook, I’m a freshmen.” The boy says with a smile. “Wow, those still exist?” +
Jin asks and Jungkook only looks at him innocently confused while Jin laughs at his own joke. “Oh my god, he doesn’t mean it in a bad way. Jin’s been here a while it’s his last semester, that’s his way of warmly greeting you.” Taehyung explains and Jungkook only laughs lightly.
“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to sound mean. I’m Jin, as Taehyung said. This is my boyfriend Namjoon.” Jin introduces and Taehyung pays close attention to how Jungkook’s eyes widen a bit in surprise. Although gay couples aren’t seen a lot on campus, he wonders if Jungkook has a +
Problem with them. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Jungkook responds, politely nonetheless and Taehyung thinks that maybe he’s just reading him incorrectly in general. The professor walks in at the same instant causing Taehyung and Jungkook to turn around in their seats.
Taehyung doesn’t really see Jungkook outside of his class and the library but who he does see a lot is Jungkook’s girlfriend. Whether it was at the coffee shop him and Jimin always met at or at the schools dinning hall, or even the party he was currently at.
Taehyung only stared at the girl a few times to see if Jungkook would pop up and be at her side at some point but he never sees the younger boy. The girl however does catch his stare and sends him a flirty a wink, something Taehyung only raises his eyebrows at.
Later on that night she walks closely to Taehyung. She licks her lips and gives him a shy smile. “I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself the last time we met. I’m Suri.” She says, lightly moving her hand forward for Taehyung to take. He vividly pauses for a second +
Before continuing on. “I’m Taehyung.” He says kindly, but quickly tries to find a way to get out of his situation. “I have to go help my friend get to his car, excuse me.” He says seeing Hoseok clinging to the bottom of the stairs in the living room trying to put his shoes on.
“You’re always running off you know, I don’t bite.” The girl says, holding Taehyung back by his arm. “Nice to know.” Taehyung says sarcastically before moving away. He shudders at the stare she had sent him and puts his cup down somewhere to go help Hoseok.
On his way out of the house, Jungkook opens the door to come into the party and runs into them. “Oh, hey.” Jungkook says with a small smile. “Hey!” Hoseok yells causing the other two boys to chuckle. “Need some help?” Jungkook offers and he swings Hoseok’s other arm around him.
“Ah, thank you.” Taehyung says, feeling some of Hobi’s weight off his shoulder. Taehyung has to reach inside of his pocket to find his car key before opening the door. “I’m sorry, I have it here somewhere.” Taehyung says searching for them. He takes a glance at Jungkook +
and he sees the boy’s flexed bicep that’s mostly sustaining Hobi from falling. “Wow.” Taehyung says accidentally which has Jungkook confused at what he’s looking at. “You probably bench Hobi’s weight.” Taehyung says taking the key out, and hears Jungkook laugh.
“I’ll be back, just gonna go drop him off.” Taehyung says, not knowing why he’s telling Jungkook this. “Oh, can I come with you? Since you’ll be coming back anyways?” He asks. “You’d want to come? The party is at its peak.” Taehyung tells him honestly, not wanting to mention +
Jungkook’s girlfriend who’s probably inside waiting for him. “Nah, it’s okay. It wasn’t really my idea to come tonight anyways.” Jungkook tells him and for a split second Taehyung thinks about what Jungkook’s ideas for tonight probably were before.
“If you’re sure, hop in.” Taehyung tells him. “I might be overstepping a little bit here but if you drank, I wouldn’t mind driving.” Jungkook says causing a genuine smile to form on Taehyung’s lip. Something he’s found Jungkook brings out of him a lot recently.
“I actually don’t drink but I appreciate you asking. Not everyone’s willing to do that.” Taehyung says. “I wanna go hoooome.” Hoseok starts to sing inside of the car causing their small moment to be broken and both of them break out laughing.
The car ride consists of small talk between both boys while Hoseok sits in the passenger seat trying to rap along to whatever song was on the radio. Not living too far away from where the party was at, they get there pretty fast. “This is his car right?” Jungkook asks.
“Yeah it is.” Taehyung says picking Hobi out of his seat to help him stand. “You should leave the keys with him, we can just walk back if you want, it’s no problem with me.” Jungkook suggests and Hobi pats Jungkook on the shoulder, “I see what you’re doing, flirty-“ Hoseok +
begins and he’s cut off by Taehyung placing a hand over his mouth. “Ignore him, yeah, we can just walk back. That would be a good idea.” Taehyung agrees. Once Taehyung puts Hobi down the older boy winks at him, causing Taehyung to chuckle at his friend.
“Dude.” Hobi starts. “Bro.” Taehyung follows. “Stop Hobi.” “But DUDE. Did you see his bicep? And he ditched the party to go on a walk with you? There’s no hetero explanation.” Hobi says making Taehyung bite his lip from forming a smile. “Just lay down. Call me if you need +
Anything.” Taehyung tells him. He walks out of the boy’s place. What Taehyung didn’t see was how red Jungkook’s ears got at Hoseok’s comment or the small scolding the boy was giving himself outside for asking him to walk back with him.
Taehyung probably had friends, or someone waiting for him at the party. He didn’t want to spend his night with him, Jungkook thought. His girlfriend didn’t even cross his mind, as he never even got a message back from her. “Let’s go, he’s sleeping.” Taehyung says.
“You seem to be ignoring this party as much as you can. Are you sure you want to go?” Taehyung asks, both of them walking down the empty sidewalk. Knowing the party isn’t longer than a mile away. “What? I can’t want to spend some time with my cool classmate?” Jungkook asks.
“You think I’m cool?” Taehyung asks. “Yeah, you and your friends, you just, you seem to be living a life I wish I could live.” Jungkook says, staring at the ground. “And what kind of life is that?” Taehyung asks. “A happy life, a life you’ll remember with a smile.”
“We didn’t always have these lives. We’ve grown together but it didn’t start out like this.” Taehyung admits. “How did you find happiness?” Jungkook asks, his eyes big and round, waiting for Taehyung to answer as if he’ll make note of it and it almost hurts Taehyung.
“We aren’t always happy but we’re happy together. When you find people who support you, who truly care to see you be better, it’s always fun.“ Taehyung explains. “Did it ever change things when people in your group started dating? Like Namjoon and Jin? And Yoongi and Jimin?”
Jungkook asks and Taehyung let’s out a small chuckle. “Jimin would love you for assuming him and Yoongi are dating, but no, nothing changed. We’re all very happy for them, I think we always saw it coming. They just had this bond, it’s always been stronger than anyone else’s.”
“Do you wish you had a partner in your group?” Jungkook asks. Taehyung stares at the boy before sighing. “Sometimes, yeah, I think of having a boyfriend that I can show off to them but, I’m okay with waiting. For the right person to come, I’m in no hurry.” Taehyun says.
“You’re a really good person, you’re genuinely nice. I hope whenever that person comes, they know how lucky they are.” Jungkook says and they both stop walking, realizing they’re in front of the party again. Taehyung still hasn’t gotten over the boy’s words. It makes Taehyung +
Smile, the way Jungkook was speaking of him. They don’t know each other that well but it’s like Jungkook had every right to believe Taehyung was an incredible person.

They walk back into the party and they’re met with Jin and Namjoon giving each other kisses on the couch.
The second they walk into the party, Suri comes walking towards Jungkook. She slows down her walk when she notices Taehyung standing next to her boyfriend and she hesitates even going further, not knowing that Taehyung already knew she was taken.
“Hey suri, come here. I want to introduce you.” Jungkook says to his girlfriend, someone who’s never been shy so he’s surprised to see her be reluctant. “Jennie’s calling me I’m going to check on her, I’ll be back.” She says making a b line for the stairs.
“Anyways, that was my girlfriend.” Jungkook explains to Taehyung. Tae already knowing this shouldn’t be affected by his words but he can instantly feel his mood drop. “Oh, she’s..” Taehyung starts, “Yeah, I know she’s pretty. She’s out of my league too.” Jungkook interjects.
“I was going to say she’s lucky to have someone like you.” Taehyung responds, he says it quite softly so he isn’t sure if Jungkook heard, until Jungkook shakes his head. “I’m nothing special. She’s the great one, I had a crush on her for so long during high school.” He chuckles.
It makes Taehyung’s stomach turn when he says it. He knows how flirty Suri is, and he knows even more that she doesn’t just flirt with him. “No, Jungkook, don’t cut yourself short. I think you’re incredible.” Taehyung says giving him a small smile before being greeted by Jimin.
Jungkook and Taehyung’s friendship is unique. It doesn’t really extend further than their classroom talks unless they happen to run into each other on campus or at parties. Although Taehyung would love nothing more than to get closer to Jungkook, he can’t see himself doing so+
Not with Suri in the picture. Jungkook does get bummed out when he asks Taehyung to study one day and Taehyung kindly apologizes because he already had plans that day. He would try again, but the push for friendship didn’t feel the same from his end so he just doesn’t try.
He tries his best to let the friendship they have flow the way it wants to.

A couple of days later they run into each other at the school’s coffee shop right before class.

“Can I please have a medium iced americano with sugar.” Taehyung says looking at the menu.
“Could you add a medium vanilla latte in there as well, with soy milk please?” Taehyung sees a hand reach over him and hand the man behind the counter a credit card. “Jungkook, you don’t have to-“ Taehyung says frowning but Jungkook has none of it. “It’s Okay, I’ve wanted to+
Treat you to coffee for a while now. You’ve been really helpful this semester.” Jungkook says and the man hands him a receipt. They both move to the side, waiting for their drinks to be made and Taehyung can’t help but feel his stomach move at Jungkook’s words.
He knows very well how Jungkook looks at him. He knows Jungkook sees him as a mentor, as someone he wants to be like and it makes Taehyung more than flattered because the boy is just too cute to put into words. His feelings haven’t lessened at all and it makes him wonder+
Just how long his crush on the boy would last.

“How was that last test for you?” Taehyung asks, breaking their silence.

“Ah, it was alright. I got an 86. What about you?” Jungkook responds, holding on to his backpack straps and offering Taehyung a kind smile.
“92, studied my ass off.” Taehyung says and it makes Jungkook’s smile brighten even more.

“You’re so smart hyung, I really admire you. You always seem so busy but well put together.” Jungkook praises.

“Don’t cut yourself short, a B is still great. I wasn’t getting B’s my+
First year. I had the worst time management skills. You’re doing great Jungkookie.” Taehyung says, letting the nickname slip as his hand goes up to softly place itself on Jungkook’s arm.

Jungkook feels warmth creep up on his cheeks before lowering his eyes to the ground.
Suddenly very shy by Taehyung’s words. Not that he’s surprised, Taehyung’s always been kind to him, but hearing the older man praise him, it made Jungkook a different kind of happy. It made his heart skip a beat and he told himself it was only because he admired Taehyung.
“Here you guys go. Have a good day.” The barista says, putting both of their coffees down for them to take.

“Thank you again. Maybe you could let me treat you to dinner some time, after the semester ends, in a way of congratulating you for finishing your first semester-“
Taehyung thinks of how that sounded at first and almost goes to change his words when Jungkook cuts him off. “I’d really like that hyung. I would love to spend more time with you.” Jungkook replies shamelessly, making Taehyung almost turn red.
As their about to head out of the coffee shop they both noticed it had started to rain. “Of course, the one day I don’t bring a hoodie.” Jungkook says about to facepalm. “Here, take mine, I have an umbrella.” Taehyung says handing Jungkook his cup real quick before slipping his+
Hoodie off. He’s well aware that his shirt under rises up and when he sees Jungkook’s eyes linger at his waist he smirks slightly to himself. “Are you sure hyung? I don’t want you to be cold.” Jungkook tells him, shaking his head as if trying to change his attention elsewhere.
“Yeah, I have another one in my car. Take it, it’ll make your hyung happy that you’re wearing his sweater.” Taehyung tells him, making Jungkook place his stuff down before slipping it on. It’s just a bit big on him, giving him sweater paws and Taehyung almost verbally coo’s.
“You warm?” Taehyung asks. “Yes, I am, and I smell like you now too.” Jungkook laughs, putting his backpack on and hugging himself. “Don’t do that Jungkookie, you’re going to make my heart burst.” Taehyung says pinching his cheek. “Come on, let’s get to class.” He adds.
When they both walk into lecture with their coffee cups, and bright smiles besides seeing the gloomy weather Jimin raises an eyebrow at Taehyung.

“Where’s my coffee?” Jimin asks, making both Taehyung and Jungkook freeze.

“Jungkook bought mine and I completely forgot, I’m +
So sorry Jiminie!” Taehyung says putting his bag down and looking at Jimin with a pout. A pout that he knows, Jimin can never resist.

“You trying to steal my best friend?” Jimin asks Jungkook, who looks like a deer caught by the headlights. “No, no, I just, Taehyungie hyung+
Is my friend, and I wanted to do something kind for him-“ Jungkook rambles and Taehyung cuts him off, “Okay, stop making Jungkook nervous. He’s just a baby.” Taehyung says and Jimin smirks. “Seems like your baby.” Jimin whispers, only for Taehyung to hear and Jungkook looks+
At them confused. Taehyung shoves him under the desk and forces a smile, “Yeah, I’ll buy you one next time.” Taehyung responds and turns to give Jungkook the same smile.
It’s only two weeks later when they make it a habit of seeing each other before class at the coffee shop.

“It used to be OUR thing.” Jimin tells him with a pout.

“Okay, I didn’t stop you from going. You stopped going because Yoongi hyung started making you coffee in the +
Morning and you don’t have the balls to tell him you don’t like americano.” Taehyung tells him making Jimin’s pout further. “Well, how am I supposed to tell the love of my life no? Huh? He always gives me the cup with a smile, I would drink it even if it was poison!” He replies.
“Is he still with that girl?” Jimin asks, changing the subject.

“Yup.” Taehyung says, feeling his heart sink a little bit at the reminder.

“Yet he looks at you like he’d go to the moon just to get you the stars? That’s whack. Hope he realizes what he’s missing.” Jimin says.
One day at the coffee shop Taehyung gets approached by a boy but this time it’s not the same boy that he’s expecting.

“H-Hi, I’m new here and I just wanted to ask real quick if you could tell me where the science hall is?” The boy asks nervously holding a map of the campus.
Taehyung’s eyes widen at how nervous the boy is and gives him a reassuring smile. “Yes, of course. If you walk out through that door it’s actually that grey building.” Taehyung says pointing to the right. When he points at the door Jungkook comes walking in but his usual smile+
Falters when he sees the boy with Taehyung.

“Thank you so much! I thought I was on a completely different side of the campus for a second.” The boy says folding his map back up.

“Nope, you’re closer than you thought. I’m Taehyung by the way, it’s nice to meet you.”
Taehyung extends his hand out and the boy shakes it excitedly. “I’m Jihoon, it’s nice to meet you too. I’m glad you were the first person I ran into, you started my day off with hope that everyone’s as nice as you, hopefully even as cute.” He says, making Taehyung’s eyes widen.
He laughs awkwardly, seeing Jungkook physically tense at the boy’s words but he still doesn’t approach them. “Ah, thank you. I’m flattered, but I should really get my coffee, it was nice talking.” Taehyung says, and the boy takes the hint. “See you around Taehyungssi.”
“Hey.” Taehyung says waving to Jungkook. The boys looks at him with a small smile, one that almost seems forced and he approaches him.

“Look at you, getting hit on before breakfast.” Jungkook says playfully, making Taehyung bite his lip.

“Ha, yeah, I know.” He responds.
“Was he not your type? I think he was hitting on you.” Jungkook tells him.

“Um, he actually is, I’ve just had my eye on someone else lately.” Taehyung says and Jungkook nods his head slowly.

“I’m sure whoever it is will be thrilled that you like them.” Jungkook responds, his+
Voice almost sounding quieter. “Not really. They’re taken, and more than likely, completely straight, but thank you Jungkookie.” Taehyung tells him and for a second, just a split second, Jungkook comes to a conclusion that he could be talking about him but he quickly shakes +
The thought out of his head.
“Yo, Taehyungah!” Hoseok says coming up to him in class.

“Party this Friday at mine. It’s not an invitation it’s a message that I’m referring to you because your ass will be there.” Hoseok says giving Taehyung a pointed look, knowing his friend had lately backed off of parties.
“Same goes to you Jungkook, stop by and visit your favorite hyung. And yes I’m talking about Taehyung.” He says before walking to his seat a couple of chairs down, making both of them chuckle.
Hoseok’s parties usually mean they’re not much bigger than about 20 people, they’re more like kickbacks because the last time they had a huge party, Hoseok was almost getting evicted out of his apartment. Taehyung’s more than surprised when he gets out of the elevator and turns+
To see Hoseok’s door wide open with some people chilling in the hallway and loud music coming from the open door. Taehyung’s mouth almost falls at the amount of people that he can just imagine inside.

Taehyung spots Hoseok pretty easily who has a kind of frightened look+
On his face, the same one he gets when he’s drunk. “You knows Hobs, if you wanted to move out you could’ve just done so, no need to get evicted.” Taehyung tells him chuckling before Hoseok shoves him. “Fuck you, I’m so scared. Who even are these people?”
It doesn’t take long for Jimin to come up to Taehyung with a beer and hands it to him, knowing someone would eventually try getting him to drink. Taehyung not being a casual drinker just holds the drink in his hand wondering if Jungkook had actually shown up to the party or not.
“Hey have you seen-“ Taehyung is about to Jimin if he had seen the younger boy until someone walks into the kitchen. A red short skirt and fishnets under with a black top. “Jungkook, you have to drink at least one beer. I didn’t bring you so you could be boring.” Suri scolds.
Taehyung absolutely hates how condescending she sounds. “Suri, you know I don’t like to drink, come on.” Jungkook responds and Taehyung looks down at the beer in his own hand.

“Hi Jimin hyung, Taehyungie.” Jungkook suddenly says, greeting both of them. Suri stands behind him+
A mysterious look in her eye as she stares specifically at Taehyung. “Hi Jungkookie.” Taehyung responds softly, Jungkook’s smile automatically brightening. “I think I’m going to puke.” Jimin responds before walking away.

“Is he okay?” Jungkook asks. “Ask again tomorrow.”
Taehyung says chuckling. “Jungkook, let’s go dance come on.” Suri says, pulling Jungkook closer to her. She still looks at Taehyung as she says the words. They go towards the crowd of people dancing, and Jungkook just mouths a “sorry” to him.
It’s funny because Taehyung doesn’t drink, he’s never liked the taste of beer, but seeing the way Suri grinds her hips against Jungkook’s front makes him start taking some sips. He doesn’t stare, not at all, his eyes just happen to land themselves there once in a while.
Taking short glances here and there he just sighs. Jungkook doesn’t even seem to be into it as she does most of the work. She turns her head around to bite her lip while staring at Taehyung and the older just raises an eyebrow at her. She winks, thinking it was a sign of want+
From Taehyung but the only one Taehyung wanted was Jungkook.

Before he knows it he’s finished with his beer and he holds the empty bottle loosely. Jungkook’s eyes wonder around the room until they land on Taehyung who has actually not moved since they had talked.
Jungkook feels something different when he realizes Taehyung is staring back, but not at his face, at his body. It makes him want to actually move his body along to the rhythm, it makes him want Taehyung to keep looking at him.
Neither of them actually paying attention to Suri pay attention when she turns around and kisses Jungkook. “I’ve never felt you move like that Jungkook.” She says letting go of his lips and Jungkook nods his head incoherently before looking back to Taehyung who lets out a +
Humorless chuckle. He throws his empty beer away and shakes his head, walking away. It makes something in Jungkook panic, and he didn’t know why. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was just kissing his girlfriend, so why was he so worried about Taehyung?
It’s about an hour later when Taehyung finds himself on his third beer, tipsy but not fully drunk. He isn’t a loud drunk but he sure is a brave one. When he’s standing with Jin talking to him about Namjoon, Suri walks up to him. “Hey Taehyungie.” She says batting her eyelashes.
Taehyung stops talking before turning to look at her. “Yeah, don’t call me that.” He tells her and she pouts. “But Jungkook calls you that.” She responds.

“Yeah and he can call me anything else he wants too but you can’t.” He tells her, making her scoff.
“I saw you looking at me earlier. You don’t have to act like you don’t want me.” She says smirking and Jin stands there with his mouth open. “You have a boyfriend.” Jin scolds her.

“Yeah, a pretty boring one. If only you could admit to wanting me, things could be different.”
She tells Taehyung and he lets out a laugh louder than he expected.

“Yeah? And how do you think I want you?” Taehyung asks, neither of them realizing Jungkook was in the room. “Tae-“ Jin tries to stop him but Taehyung isn’t Taehyung right now. Taehyung right now is furious,
Because the thought of this girl actually getting to have Jungkook pisses him off, not when she’s not loyal. Not when Jungkook deserves so much better than someone calling him boring and trying to cheat on him every chance she gets.
“When are you going to give it up already? I don’t want to fuck you, I would never fuck you, I’d much rather fuck your boyfriend!” Taehyung says and Suri’s face quickly turns surprised at his response, “You’re gay?!” She asks. Taehyung adverts his eyes to Jungkook who’s+
Standing near the door of the kitchen.

“Jungkook-“ Taehyung says, his presence sobering him up when he realizes what Jungkook had just heard. Jungkook shakes his head as Suri starts to say something as well but he runs out before she can finish a sentence.
“Go.” Jin tells him.
It doesn’t take Taehyung long before he catches up to the younger boy who’s heading towards the stairs, the elevator clearly not coming up fast enough. When the reaches him in the staircase room he stops him, grabbing his hand so he can turn to see him.
“Jungkook...Jungkookie!” Taehyung says and Jungkook gets Taehyung’s hand away from him.

“No! Don’t touch me!” He says and Tae circles him in a corner, needing to talk to him. “Jungkookie, why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Taehyung asks, seeing the tears roll down his cheeks.
“As that all you wanted me for? Is that the reason you didn’t want to get closer to me? Because you just wanted to fuck me? Is that all I’m good for?” Jungkook asks and Taehyung stands confused at his words. “W-What? Jungkook-no. God no, I only said that so she would fuck off-“
Taehyung begins and Jungkook shakes his head, “are you sure that’s why? Because you never wanted to hang out with me when I asked but you never had a problem letting your eyes follow me around every time we were in the same room. What’s so unlikable about me, huh?!” Jungkook -
Asks, his hands forming fists and pounding them against Taehyung’s chest. “Why am I not lovable? I know she hardly even wants me-“ Jungkook starts and Taehyung takes ahold of the boy’s hands. “Wow, Wow, wait, you knew? You’ve known how she is this entire time?” He asks.
“Jungkook, you don’t deserve that. Why would you stay? Why, when someone else could treat you so much better.” Taehyung says, holding Jungkook’s wrists to his chest.

“Who?! Who would ever love me? I’m lucky she’s even kept me around as long as she has.” Jungkook says.
“No, no, you can’t do this to yourself Jungkook. You can’t let her treat you this way, you’re so fucking beautiful, so precious, look at me.” Taehyung tells him, leaning his hand in and putting some of Jungkook’s hair behind his ear. “I only stayed away because you have a+
Girlfriend. Because I knew how much I liked you, and no matter how much I want you, in so many more ways than you think, I could never force you to be with me. You’re the crush I told you about, you’re who I like.” Taehyung tells him, making Jungkook shakes his head.
“Why? Why would you want me? I’m just an ugly freshmen, you have guys and girls waiting at your feet for whenever you want Taehyung.” Jungkook tells him, his head lowering at his own words.

“Yet there’s no one I want but you. You’ve seen people approach me, hit on me, +
When have I ever gave in and flirted back? When have I showed interest in anyone else? Why would I when I was too stubborn to move on from you so I just waited, hoping one day you could like me back?” Taehyung confesses, making Jungkook cry again.
“Do you actually mean that Taehyungie? Don’t lie to me please, I can’t endure more heartbreak.” He says quietly and Taehyung lets out a sigh, bringing the younger boy into his arms. “Don’t cry, baby. I mean it, I mean it all.” Taehyung says kissing the top of his head.
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