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Live tweet thread for tonight's #CBOA meeting, just waiting for the livestream to there something against starting it 3-5 minutes early so we can do a soundcheck at home?
hey @socialistdogmom maybe if y'all started your meetings with poetry like we do, they'd be smoother?
@socialistdogmom Another live tweet thread from our friends at the DTH!

@socialistdogmom Foushee starts off with a thank you to the support for the 1st youth led MLK day event held this past weekend.
@socialistdogmom Board of Alderman annual retreat is this weekend at Carolina Inn. Agenda isn't posted yet, but IIRC, this is more about team building.
@socialistdogmom Consent agenda is previous meeting minute approval and permission to approve going forward w/ FEMA application for damage obtained during Hurricane Florence. Passes quickly! Haven't heard that happen in awhile.
@socialistdogmom Next: Public Hearing on a Land Use Ordinance Amendment Relating to Signage
Starting off w/ a presentation on signage and exemptions.
@socialistdogmom Tonight we are discussing an exception for churches, the signs that are often used as bulletin boards. Allow them to be a little larger and to add "places of worship" in designating where these signs may be allowed (in addition to churches).
@socialistdogmom Chaney asks about a wording that was previously considered to be more inclusive, "places of spiritual contemplation". Some religious congregations may not practice what we consider "worship".
@socialistdogmom Public comment:
Bishop McMillan (?) of Faith Tabernacle, sign in place since 1984 & needs to be replaced, asking for permission to change how the sign looks & illuminate the sign while replacing it.

Foushee asks about whether lighting is internal or external. It is external.
Minister Campbell of Faith Tabernacle, asking for permission to add more lighting to the sign due to no lighting on the road which the church is located - visitors often miss it.
Resolution passes unanimously, approved draft ordinance.
Next up:
Public Hearing on a Land Use Ordinance Amendment Relating to Community or Regional Utility Facilities

OWASA requesting permission to construct a facility to improve water quality production. Needs to place in area not currently zoned for it.
Proposed amendment is very strictly written to accommodate this specific need. Amendment has a small error in it, which will be corrected in final language. "Buffer" vs. "Screening" in how the facility is sectioned away from other properties.

Interesting (no sarcasm).
Gist asks what this facility - Sodium permanganete facility - does?
OWASA utilities engineer comes up to answer and gives us a longer presentation on what the purpose and need are.
So what is this sodium word I can't pronounce well facility?

oxidant used to add to raw water to help with taste and odor. used during warm seasons to keep algae, etc down. The closer this is done to the raw water, the better, before it's on its way to the treatment plant.
huh, the more you know...
New building - better storage, safer building, more secure that replaces 2 much older buildings (storage building literally falling apart).
Haven-O'Donnell: Asking about issue of the mist that comes off the sodium permanga...I give up on that spelling.

The injection system is through a pipe, no misting, already mixed into water before hitting open basins.
Public hearing opens. Bishop McMillan asks clarifying question about the sodium and how often lake is checked for water safety.

Very often, labs dedicated to this. Carrboro water is very safe.

Passes unanimously.
Slade reminds board that EAB had a recommendation to make the building energy neutral, but that is out of our hands. OWASA needs to do this.
Next up: Presentation of the 2018 Town of Carrboro Biennial Citizen Survey Report

400 residents surveyed, and we received high marks throughout.
We may not plan to leave Carrboro because we like it, but these damn property taxes are doing to drive us out.
Drop in Hispanic and African-American respondents were a concern for the survey. Census data showed a slight drop for AA, Hispanic more significant drop in community overall but not enough to explain gap in respondents.
Unsurprisingly, the wage earners of $75,000 or more living in Carrboro has gone up since 2016, and the two categories of lower wages has gone down.
For the most part, the presenter is going through this entirely too fast so I guess I'm going to read the damn thing.
Everyone likes the cops & fire department, Rec & Parks. Public Works earned a B+ but this is slightly down since 2016. Reminder - your recycling is picked up by Orange County, not city!
Negatives - road maintenance, high traffic, high taxes.

High level of satisfaction with cleanliness & appearance in public areas. People feel safe in Carrboro (except maybe those who left????)
C+ for how the town is doing for Senior citizens.

C+ for citizens with disabilities.

D- for affordable housing. (No one is surprised, see earlier tweets on who has started drifting away from our town).
Citizens are willing to pay for Affordable Housing and Environmental Sustainability and Human services...(what does this mean? like more taxes or fundraising or ???)
C- for development and spacing?

Most important issues to citizens - controlling growth, overcrowding, and affordable housing.

Respondents feel well informed and involved.
Barriers to citizen involvement - too busy/inconvenient, don't know about opportunities, topics not of interest, issues don't affect me (who said that?!?), don't feel qualified, waste of time (who said that?!?)...
How is town information and new accessed - word of mouth, street signage, Carrboro website, television, facebook, radio, town's email list, parks and rec brochure, twitter...

@damonseils tells me everything I need to know :)

But also @CarrboroTownGov twitter is really good.
@damonseils @CarrboroTownGov Are citizens watching board meetings?


Apparently 80-90% of people don't ever watch.
@damonseils @CarrboroTownGov 95% of respondents had access to internet, a big place of outreach and information for the town.

Will new library factor into information distribution.
Where can we improve - citizen response rate, cleaner streets, increased involvement opps, AFFORDABLE HOUSING, land development, efforts re: space and density, improved support for aging and disabled populations

Slade reminds us that environmental sustainability is included
I don't think we should be bragging about this A- overall grade when the things we've got C's, D's, and F's in are pretty fracking important and we're losing minority and lower SES.

Just cause the high(er) SES people are happy, doesn't mean things are awesome.
I'll join the work session Gist is calling for, but only if I can talk about language we use to talk about citizens and laborers of Carrboro while we're at it.
Chaney: We want to do a deeper dive into the issues, but can't get too lengthy. Let's focus on senior and disabled populations.

Talking about the large number of "neutral" on satisfaction w/ development. People don't care? Want to understand more what people are thinking.
Focus groups are an option for the 2020 survey, but must know in advance to garner respondents for it.

Foushee: Why was race/ethnicity not used in the cross tabulations made available in the report? (Ooooohhhhhh).

No answer right now, will get back to the board.
(why would we not run race/ethnicity to begin with when such a significant drop in census data was noted?)
Haven-O'donnell: ? about environmental sustainability - what does it mean folks are willing to pay for it? What need aren't we meeting already that they will pay for?
Seils: More work to be done in reconciling differences btwn survey/census demographics data. Noticed % of respondents who indicated college enrollment (6%) well below our known student population (a lot more than 6%). Same with hispanic population-Contractor needs to do more work
Lavelle: Planning decisions made by #CBOA are often very contentious & effect people the most, folks will be unhappy, but comprehensive plan improved by this input. Did folks choose to not identify as hispanic due to current climate? Need to have more info available in Spanish.
Haven-O'Donnell: Sense of safety in Carrboro is impressive, but Carrboro is generally a safe haven compared to other parts of NC.
Slade: Agree w/ lack of information to the public & issue in a democratic institution (folks not hearing about it until it's already decided).

I really think hot cocoa would go a long way towards #CBOA attendance.
Slade cont: Parking unsurprising (already identified issue), lessons to be learned about resolving parking issues before building/expanding-options beyond parking decks. We have a 12-year window to address climate change, glad to see town wants to support new programs.
Maybe beer and cider and fancy mocktails for spring and fall #CBOA meetings?
Report received unanimously.
Next up:
Public Hearing for Community Input on Town Budget for Upcoming FY 2019-20
1/2 cent property tax rate increase this year for supporting affordable housing

Capital Improvement projects with facilities, greenways, street resurfacing, bus shelters, vehicles, firefighter equip

Stormwater improvement
Focus areas: Community Climate Action Plan, Bike Plan, Comprehensive Plan, HR digitization, permits plus implementation, fiber optics, and more
Personnel focus: police recruitment & retention (4 vacancies), employee recruit/retention, employee compensation-need market competitive salaries & benefits
Budget recommendation by May 7
Board work session May 14
Public hearing will be May 28
Budget adoption June 18
Let's shift the 4 vacant police salaries to human services instead.
Executive Director from Community Home Trust, Robert: 17 homes sold in 2018, portfolio now has 260 homes (45 in Carrboro), added 58 rental units in Carrboro. Giving a general update on their org goals & status.
He made comments about the negative rating for housing on the previous report as well, can't always get people to know what good is going on in the community. Which is true, AND as someone who would not qualify for affordable housing but also can barely afford to live here...
we need to ask why so much of the housing in Carrboro is UNaffordable to begin with.
Public hearing closed, word will be put out for folks to get involved in the budget (Will it be in spanish too?)
Seils: What gets done is what we fund, that's how I'll be thinking about the budget
Last item!

A Resolution Setting the Date for the 2019 Legislative Dinner and Discussion of Legislative Issues for the 2019 Session of the General Assembly
This dinner is scheduled for February 6.

But we're currently talking about electric foot scooters and a potential sidewalk ban? Needs to be discussed soon, but not tonight.
Seils mentions that transit state funding is being cut by 26% ? this will need to be absorbed by cities somehow. (yikes! so much!) Board should be aware of the transit priorities that the state board issued. Also on Chapel Hill's priority list.
Haven-O'Donnell: How have postal communities addressed plastic bag ban?

I'm having troubles following what the other priorities are that are being thrown out. Lots to do with transit.
Slade: Focus energy on getting David Price to be a leader and step up, ally with good people on good legislation like Green New Deal.

Sammy. You're swell.
hey @CarrboroTownGov mics turn off too easily when board members turn their heads more than a little bit. makes audio kind of difficult.
@CarrboroTownGov Chaney: Need to set objectives to entice Price to attend. Legislative list can be a little frustrating for delegates if we feel we can't really move on them d/t state leg. Educate folks about what we are facing & how we've tried to correct while working w/in the system.
@CarrboroTownGov So, my summary here: if you have something you think should be a legislative priority, you should probably contact your alderperson to see about getting it on the Carrboro legislative dinner agenda.
Chaney mentions my comment on head turning, everyone says hi! 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋
Gist: Thank you for the list of ways to help federal employees. Food stamps went out this week but don't know when the next one will be. How do you budget $6/person/day? Concerns about Section 8 housing remain.

No idea what town lawyers response is bcuz he isn't using mic
Another person providing data: Carrboro has 197 households receiving Section 8. Vouchers at risk if we help directly, but county working on plan-limits to HUD funding from external sources. Some reserves to be tapped into, requesting additional funding for March if needed.
We wouldn't have people at risk of homelessness right now if housing was considered a human right in America and we didn't allow people to personally profit off it.

Just saying.
Adjourned! Next meeting is February 5!

Let's see if we can get this town government participation rate up by 2020.
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