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Jikook College au:

Jimin joins the dance club at college and what he knows is everyone in the dance club is straight including the only friendly guy jk - with a girlfriend.

But they still end up hooking up at a college party.
#jikook #jikookau
-might be nsfw
-also angst
-alcohol and Co
-slice of Life

This is all just fictional
-24 y.o
-math and english
-friends with Tae and Jin
-modern ballett enthusiast
-22 y.o
- art and photography
-friends with Namjoon, Yoongi and Tobi
- loves b boying and is in the dance club "hellgate"
01. I miss it
02. No sparkle
03. Idiot
04. Listen hoe
05. For me please
06. For soulmate
07. Hobi is broest bro
08. No homo
09. Looks familiar
10. Be nice
11. Ok?
12. Who is Seokjin
13. Not every friendship goes well
14. Kill them with ur sexiness
15. Four eyes
16. Jibooty
17. Bunny
18. Chimmy likes bad boys
19. Jongcock?
*Visuals *
20. Whats stopping you
21. You're not yourself
22. Pure soul
23. Fading love
24. Jimins selfie
25. Jongcock?
(U said *the* truth)
26. Are you always like this?
27. I hoped
28. Rude People deserve punishment
29. Mr dick
30. Godamn Jimin
31. Put your emojis in your fcking pocket
32. You're really tiny
33. I like that you're big and strong
34. Alright haha
35. U need to be specific
36. I thought we were even
37. Jin and Joon
38. Romeo and juliet
39. If u say so
40. Bad excuses
41. Dont make moves on taken boys
42. Meanwhile: Irene
43. Tomorrow at 6 pm

44. I'm a bad teacher
45. Thank you 😊
46. A cute bunny
47. Confident straight dude
Panicked gay dude
48. You two? Alone?
49. Show us
50. U knowww
51. But thats it
52. For no reason
53. You jealous? That it's me and not you?
54.i'm so ready
55.time to get up
-Please ignore time and typo lol
-This au is slow
-Slowly we're getting to the main plot
56. 👁👄👁
57. U wanna know? Alright lets talk
58. He's tired
59. What a time to be alive
60. I believe that
Last update for today🙏 if you excuse me i have a date with my bed
61. 5 months passed
62. Please dont leave me alone with him
63. Then you like me?
64. He doesnt wanna see junkook sad
Last updates for tonight. Night hoesss
65. Innocent child
66. My thoughts are a mess
Visuals (please ignore the hair color jm has black hair)
67. He's really sweet
68. Get in the car
Night guys gonna sleep now~~
69. Did you have fun? (Lol didnt saw this sry. Now last update for tonigh. Bye!)
70. Cute but annoying
71. Kookie
72. Am i too nice ?
73. Yoongi still cares
74. Where are u heading
(*omg ignore the typo looool)
75. Don't tell me what to do
76. Two boys in McDonald's and jimins style
77. Uncontrollable heartbeat
(*+ visuals; Note: Jimins hair is black)
That was the last update i hope u enjoy it so far. So leather jackets...me too Chim me too
78. Fuck biology
79. Why didnt you tell me sooner
(* I just saw some typos please ignore them)
80. Just for you
81. Suprisingly donghae is there for jungkook
Maße some typo again please ignore it🙏 i think i need more sleep lol
82. Jungkook is a sleepless mess
That was the last update night ~~~~
83. Practice with jk day 2 ( * Remember guys before the group practice starts, jk helps jimin with the basics for 3 days and now we've reached day 2)
84. Everythings gonna be fine
85. Nice save bro
86. Nevermind
87. Haha
88. Why didnt you ask me
89. After practice
90. Someone help this poor child
91. Why is it so cold here lol
92. Are you crying again?
Note: jikook is slowly coming closer and so is the angsty part
93. You confuse me so much
94. What did i say?
Wuups I made a mistake sry now here's the right order
Song recommendation for following parts
95. A view into Jungkooks mind
96. A view into jungkooks mind pt 2: Beautiful tiny boy
97. Really dont wanna go
98. Last day: meets jimins eyes agsin6
*AGAIN (Jesus....)
99. I'm sorry I was looking at your body
100. What did you do to me Jimin?
(*Last update)
Visual for *100
101. Looks like practice is over
102. I like that name uwu
103. He kissed me
104. We really need to talk NOW
Well good Night work is calling lol
105. Still same night
106. Worried friends
107. Kitten and ?
108. Yoongi: You're like a little brother to me

(I really love this part uwu #jikook)
109. I will never judge you: jungkook admits
110. He better likes you back: break up
111. Do it son
112. Already miss you (* LAST UPDATE; note of the day -> my big brother can be more like yoongi lol)
113. Next day in the morning: Campus?
114. Oh oh oh
115. He is late
116. Tae in 103: i know more about her than you would've thought
117. What does that ugly shrimp want
118. Were you always like this?
119. someone tried to hide their smile
120. Likes to steel others bis
(*last update))
Note: i just wanted to point out that this au has homophobia as one of the main topics ->Angst

So we'll see how the story goes I hope you enjoy it so far.

And the at the beginning mentioned nsfw will appear reaaaallly late.
121. Escalation
122. Everyone get out
123. The peace after the storm: I like you
124. Two boys
125. Missed me?
126. Its time to update Jin
127. Jungkook confesses to his hyungs
128. I never said i was straight
129. I dont want to know
130. Man-crush
131. Unfinished business: please dont let me do this on the phone
132. My hand needs kisses
133. Kookie♥️
(*last update; wow this was really a lot hhaha)
134. New day and a storage room
135. Meanwhile Jk is trying to reach another person
136. Avoiding
137. He's here
138. I'll wait for you
(*last update)
139. Why u sad
140. Where have i seen him before
141. Why is she doing this
142. Left tiddie
143. Are you really?
144. Are you asking for a nude?
145. Behave

(*last update: sorry its short but the time is missing...#jikook)
146. Its gonna be sunday
147. Upcoming party
148. I wont come
149. Nevermind i'm coming (*Note donghae is pretty shameless)
150. Déjà-vu pt. I
151. Same topic
152. Déjà-vu pt. II
Typoo: *Min Fcking YOONGI
153. He aint the boss
154. Josh

(*LAST UPDATE; sejun and kai are really quiet tho #Jikook )
I'm gonna update now. Its mostly writing so if there are any typos then please ignore them lol
155. Wink
156. Tiny teacher
157. Jungkooks pretty little wave
A 'kinda' vusual for 157 (please that's too cute)
"VuSuAl " stfu i meant visual
Song recommendation for following last writing parts
158. Does he want to much?
159. Please dont go
160. That small boy is all over you
161. Ever cried at a party ?
(*LAST UPDATE ; i'm the sleepy drinker lol #jikook)
162. I hate myself
163. Hoseok = Hobi
164. Oh
165. Are you kidding?
166. Big bro
167. Big bro II
168. Sug(a) my dig
(*credits to the meme bro)
169. Lets come to the point
170. Saturday 's finally here
That was the last update for tonight!! Sleep well everyone!! #jikook #Kookmin #jikookau
-There might be typos so please dont mind them too much
-ignore the time
-i apologize for grammatical mistakes as english isnt my first language
-lets get it
171. The usual coffee in the morning?
172. Dream
173. NoThInG mOrE
174. Wheres 's the "no homo"
175. If you weren't my friend
176. Could we at least dance together?
177. Misunderstanding
178. Hot and sticky (misleading title lol)
179. Pretty, good looking, young MEN
Visuals of
(I dont own any of the photos)
180. Yet
Visuals of
(I dont own any of the photos)
181. Fury
182. It was Hoseok
183. Dont be too wild
(LAST UPDATE for tonight; this wasnt really much of an #jikook update but next updates gonna be!)
Before i update:

-ignore typos
-some moments can trigger (well not really but somehow lol)
-idk if i'll reach the nswf part today so bear with me
- full written (sorryyy)
184. Stay out of it
185. I didn't laugh
186. Control
187. Confrontation: dumb and naive
(Why tf is 'tonight ' blue?!)
188. Confrontation: forgiveness
(*visual: thats japan lol and i'm not the owner)
189. Hot and jealous
190. Plan
(*LAST UPDATE ; i'm sorry again that its full written recently but we've finally reached the main plot so..#jikook )
191. Not interested
192. Sorry i have a boyfriend
I just wanted to add:

-english is not my native language so i'm sorry if there are any mistakes

- light nsfw

-angst is still not over
193. Dance?
(*why are some words blue again lol)
194. Baby
(🛑 lightly sexual content)
195. Panicked friends
196. Chilled friends
(LAST UPDATE; i hope you enjoyed this update! Good nicht! #jikook )
197. Tweets
198. Special tweet
199. Kookmin visuals of that night in jimins appartement
200. Jungkooks dream pt. II
201. Good morning
202. Martens Coffee
203. He isn't ok
204. Yoongis POV [5 months ago]
205. I'll make you like me
206. Don't you care about him?
207. Thank you, Jimin.
208. You

[LAST UPDATE; nightttt #jikook ]
209. You were wasting your time with me
210. Goodbye
211. Will you go out with me?
(LAST UPDATE; short but bittersweet #jikook)
212. First pictures
213. Best friends talk
214. Mental health
215. Bad dream again
216. SOS
217. Fool
218. Slap me more
(* on Twitter)
219. Meanwhile
(*LAST UPDATE; a little light this time, i hope you liked it)
* i saw some typos and youll see them too so please dont mind them. I'm ashamed lol #jikookau #jikook #kookmin
220. Fuck education
221. Or what?
222. What thoughts?
223. you fucked me
224. He's lonely
225. I'm begging you open up to me
226 Alright
-following update will have light nsfw content
-please skip if if you're not comfortable with it
227. 🔞Convincing
228. Nice try
229. Asking yoongi for help
(*LAST UPDATE; #jikook #kookmin )
230. A week later
231. Flirt somewhere else
232. Just wait
233. Kais apology
234. Oohhhhh~~
235. Dont avoid me
236. You'll hate me
237. Depression
⚠️Following updates will have this topic!!!⚠️

Please read this
If you feel umconfortable with this topic then i suggest you to skip it
238. Let the demons in (5 years ago)
239. ⚠️ dark hole *2 years ago
(238 is also marked as ⚠️⚠️)
240. ⚠️ suicide attempt
241. They shouldnt know
242. Beautiful boy (* 5 months ago)
243. Thank you stranger
244. I will win this

(!Back to the present! Jungkook told jimin everything from 238 to 243)
245. We're here for you
246. Tell him that you love him
(*LAST UPDATE* #jikookau )
247. I love you
248. Two dates
239. What..
250. Lover
252. Should i tell them?
253. We're cuter
254. Matching clothes
255. Important message
Please read
The End (matching clothes)
-Omg this was such a long trip. Thank you everyone who stayed till the end. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. This AU was like a diary to me so it will always have a special spot in my heart.
I'll see you in my next AU❤
#jikookau #kookmin
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