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(1)The Despicable DS Plan:


You’ve traveled back in time; back a couple of decades.
You’ve arrived at an undisclosed location; some kind of SCIF.
There’s a secret meeting going on; a gathering of the most vile world leaders and power brokers.

You’re simply a fly on the wall.
You are witnessing a very intense conversation among these decrepit individuals.

There’s a foul oder in the dank, dark room: even as a fly this smell is repulsive!
Now their voices rise in their discussion, causing chills to run up your back.

A shrill voice says, “So you all agree that the world population will reach 10 Billion by 2050?”

All respond with a collective, “Yes!”
“Also, you all agree that we will start running out of sustainable food by 2030?” All nod or speak their assent.

“And you all understand that these sheep, billions of sheep, will rise up against us and attempt to destroy us with all our children?”

They agree.
One answers, “Of course, you know it’ll be just history repeating itself; French Revolution...But now that we are almost fully in power, we create our own history!”

The one with the thin voice speaks emphatically, “Thus you all agree that we need to do something about it
“Absolutely!””Certainly!””No question!”

One asks, “But what can we do? We are so few against the masses!”

(A short pause)

Then violin voice continues…
“This is why we’ve come together: to design a plan; a plan to save our progeny! Do I need to remind you of our sacred bloodline?”

“This Plan must begin with the demise of America! Our American Dollar is the gold standard of the world.

The whole world depends on it
…We have to bring this country down in order for this to work, but it’s not gonna be cheap. We have to develop a super slush fund to run all the operations for The Plan, but it can’t be in the US or Europe...too many prying eyes!”
One responds, “Yeah it’s too bad No Such Agency has a constant tab on our guys. It’s impossible to work like we used to!”

A ripple of agreement follows.
The host counters, “Don’t worry. We’re going to fix that!”

A man with a bass voice queries, “So we need a dedicated country for a mega-slush fund, correct?”


(At this point your stomach growls & you instinctively begin searching for a tid bit)
Another suggests, “It needs to be a rich country so that the fund-flow will not be questioned.”

Bass voice, “An oil-rich country will work!”

Many voices, “Yes.” “That works.” “Exactly what I was thinking!”
Someone throws out, “Saudi Arabia?”

“Perfect.” “I like it.”

“Yeah we have connections with the House of Saud, we can bait them with political influence in the US.”
The violin lady adds, “Once we get set up with the Saudis we can work through Qatar & Iran.”

A man in a loud voice asks, “Ok, so we need to get into the Middle East, but how?”

Then the one with the bass voice states,


Several react with, “War?”
Bass man continues, “We need a great excuse to send our troops into the Middle East, right?”

Answer, “Right!”

“We can’t attack Saudi Arabia since we will be using the House of Saud for our Super Slush Funding operations, so Saudi Arabia is off the table!”
One posits, “Ok, but we must choose a country fairly close by.”

Another suggests, “How about Iraq?”

“Iraq! Yesss! That’s genius. Saddam Hussein is hated by everyone, even his own people!”
“That all sounds great but how do we get a war going in Iraq?”

Bass, “We do it the way we’ve always done it!”

Squeaky voice says, “We'll need a major attack on a major US city by Muslim jihadist radicals.”

Bass, “New York City would be the best choice in my book!”
A familiar voice says, “Having been President of this country myself, I suggest we put my son in as the next President, he’ll play along!”

Familiar voice continues, “We can have the attack several months after he’s inaugurated. Say, the fall of 2001!”
Another states, “We need to be in the Middle East Long term so we can start in Iraq and then go to Afghanistan and Syria. Your son would serve for 8 years, then what? Seems like a short blanket on a long bed!”
Bass voice chimes in, “After Junior has finished his 2 terms we can install a Muslim President who’ll be a puppet. This will help us develop all the necessary relationships we need in the Middle East and will guarantee us another 8 years to get fully into position!”
Several incredulous voices of descent arise, “Seriously, how are you going to feed that the the American people. First we are attacked by Muslim Jihadists and then we present a Muslim candidate for President! That’s crazy! They’re not gonna fall for that.”
Response, “The American people are just sheep, remember? They’ll swallow it line, hook and sinker!”

Another affirms, “And don’t forget we own the press!”

“Hahaha, so true!”
A voice pipes up with, “I suggest we create a constant Muslim radical threat as well!”

Many voices chime in forming a consensus.

Familiar person presents, “We can use assets we currently have within Al-Qaeda...and if need be we can develop other radical groups!”
Shrill voice says, “Don’t forget we'll be able to fund this long-term war & any other necessary operations! Which means eventually we can bring it to the US through the Southern border!”

Bass man, “And we'll be able to continue enjoying millions of lambs in perpetuity
A referent response, “Oh yeah!” “Yesss!” “Of course!”

A new voice speaks, “Might I suggest we will also eventually need a compromised individual for Secretary of State?”

Voices of agreement resound.
“Perhaps an evil Madam Secretary?!”

A voice that sound startlingly close to you asks, “Who do you have in mind?”

And before you can hear the answer there’s a swishing sound followed by a “WHACK!”
The fly swatter lands so close to you that the force of the wind it creates blows you off the wall and out the window!

You fly away from the building with a ringing in your ears and a question in your mind, “I wonder who this ‘Evil Madam Secretary’ will be?”
Before you can come up with an answer you’re distracted by a beautiful garbage can with the lid half off next to the building…

and oh what a beautiful smell!

God bless America!
(Based on #QAnon’s revelation of the DS’ “16 Year Secret Plan To Destroy America” - Q570 & Q2640)
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