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Reminder lovely folks that as well as always being available for tarot anytime as I'm saving for medical expenses

I'll be here from 9pm GMT continuing with part 11 of my crystals of Steven universe series
Just over 40 mins till we continue onto part 11 of our crystals of Steven universe series

Part 10 below

Good evening folks it's Wednesday 23 January 9pm GMT and that means it's part 11 of the crystals of Steven universe series ( link to part 10 above)

Id like to take a moment to remind you that I'm live for #tarot & have a variety of decks to chose from

Our first beryl of the evening (3rd overall) is red beryl sometimes known as the incredibly fun to say bixbite or interestingly red emerald but as you'll see there's a reason for that.
But anyway back to bixbite, it's a red to pinkish red stone that in gem quality is incredibly rare so there are a lot of artificially dyed ones in jewellery.
Bixbite also comes more commonly in small pinkish red clusters interspersed in volcanic rock called topaz bearing rhyolites.
Bixbite is a stone tied to the dispersal of emotions like grief, loss, heartbreak and betrayal hold it in your hands and meditate on moving forward and letting go.
Scents associated with bixbite are anise, dragon's blood, poppy and cloves zodiac associations are aries and Taurus.
It's the first time this evening folks where i remind you that I'm live for #tarotreading right now

Next we have technically two stones that are classified in their own right usually but they are both in fact types of beryl.
We have emerald and emerald gems the difference between the two mostly is clarity and cut.

Emerald is the more common of the two and comes in a variety of bright greens most of which are mostly somewhat translucent or sometimes even entirely opaque
Mostly sold as tumblestones this form of emerald is tied to helping overcome lack of confidence particularly in matters of the heart.
A ritual to help reconnect with an estranged love or help the healing process along is to use a emerald tumblestone while meditating on the the good in the relationship. If your able speak the words you'd say to the person to the crystal.
Fragrances associated with emerald tumblestones are hyssop  peach strawberry and cherry blossom zodiac is tied to it is Taurus.
Its that time again where I remind you that right this second I'm live for #tarotreading trying to save for medical expenses

Emerald gems are typically a sparkling deep green, the clearer the colour the higher the quality but all real emerald has to have minute flaws and inconsistencies as they're a sign of authenticity.
Along with the other varieties of emerald, gem cuts where seen by the ancient Egyptians as a symbol of eternal life and wisdom, thought to be a gift from the god Thoth.
Probably because of the association with eternal life in more modern settings gem cut emeralds are thought to be particularly good at dispelling fears over ageing.
Fragrances associated with gem cut emeralds are lotus carnation orchid and Lilly zodiac association is Taurus
And with the end of the beryls we move onto what will be our last of the lesser known, lesser shown/mentioned characters and began our final ascent to the crystal gems themselves.
Tigers eye also rounds out the group of gems mentioned by bismuth in “made of honour” (s05e22)
As we don't have a solid information on Tigers eye other than their name I'm going to talk generally about the 3 kinds of Tigers eye that I know about and we shall see hopefully in the future which variety their based on.
It's that time again lovelies were I remind you that right now I'm live for #tarot as I'm trying to save for medical expenses

So I'll start with the type most people know about which is brown Tigers eye or just more commonly called simply Tigers eye
Its a brown base striped through with golds bronzes and coppers( not actual just the colours) often described as chatoyant, meaning it catches light in wavy wiggly ways with bands of lustre.
In China it's associated with the animal the tiger which is known as the king of beasts because of the way the markings on Tigers faces look like the Chinese character for king.
The ancient Romans wore it into battle to help inspire bravery, and the ancient Egyptians thought it offered the dual protections of the sun god Ra and the god of growing land Geb
Tigers eye is a stone that is in a lot of cultures tied to the increase in confidence especially when relating to artistic endeavours or matters of willpower so consider using it in spells dealing with those things.
It's the final time this evening that I remind you that right now I'm live for #tarotreading

We're going into the final hour of part 11 of this crystals of #StevenUniverse

Fragrances tied to brown Tigers eye are bay carnation copal geranium saffron, pink pepper zodiac sign association is leo.
Next up is red Tigers eye or as it's sometimes known as which is Ox eye.

It is red banded with coppers golds and bronzes and it too can be described as chatoyant ( a particular kind of lustre see several tweets back for explanation)
Red Tigers eye occurs when brown Tigers eye is heated wether naturally or artificially.
Ox eye is a stone that's tied to bringing  enthusiasm and optimism into situations where odds are stacked against you and is thought to be particularly helpful when standing your ground and standing up for yourself being a woman/femme in the work place
Scents associated with ox eye are allspice cinnamon pepper dragon's blood and hibiscus zodiac associations are aries and Taurus.
Our final kind of Tigers eye is Black Tigers eye which unlike the previous kinds would probably not be called chatoyant as it has very little of the hydrated oxide bands that make that wavy metallic lustre so characteristic of Tigers eye.
Its closely related to another set of stones called hawk/falcon eye, black Tigers eye comes in blacks greys and dark dark blues. It's the rarest of the tiger eyes.
An excellent stone for repelling negative energies from situations and particularly good for situations with long term strife or grief.
Fragrance association is anise cloves grapefruit citrons and teatree, zodiac association is Scorpio.
Holy crap…

folks we've made it we're into the big leagues, the key players those we have seen and felt all the feels about.
I'm gonna call it a night on this thread before we begin in new stuff im tired and it's super late.

I hope you've enjoyed yourselves.

I've been Roo, you've been awesome and this has been #readingsbyroo

Stay safe folks 💜💜
If you've enjoyed this or any of the other work I do please consider supporting me I'm a disabled trans non-binary dude saving for medical expenses.


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