I want to talk ab @KamalaHarris & some of the attacks I’ve been hearing. (1). I hear she’s “not progressive enough.” This is patently false. She’s 1 of the most progressive ppl in all of Congress—after a 4-way tie for 1st, it’s her of 535 ppl. #Kamala2020 progressivepunch.org/scores.htm?hou…
2/I hear “Kamala’s a cop.” I find that troubling on many levels. Being in law enforcement doesn’t, in itself, isn’t bad. Police saved my life when I was attacked by an abusive ex. Kamala understood years ago that it’s not that POC don’t want police, but: c-span.org/video/?c462585…
3/That video is from 2006, & she made an important point—POC DO want law enforcement—they just don’t want to be profiled or abused by the police. That’s a very forward way of thinking, & it gels w what many critical race theorists have said. #Kamala2020
4/Some day she’s not “experienced enough.” This is laughable, given that many other contenders have far less experience. & Obama didn’t have a lifetime of experience, but his legal background & intelligence gave us a very good POTUS. Same w her. #Kamala2020
5/Let’s talk ab her experience bc it’s vast. She’s been a public servant for > 15 years. She has a law degree, has initiated legislation even before she was in the senate, is one of our best senators, was AG of CA, & she is a shining star on the Judiciary Committee. #Kamala2020
6/Here is Senator Harris questioning Kavanaugh. Tell me that doesn’t display incredible competence & insight. #Kamala2020
7/Let’s also talk ab some of what she did before she was a Senator. Much criticism of her is actually ab the DA of SF, who Kamala worked under, but Louise Renne was actually in charge at the time many ppl are critical of (2000-3). She did not have the discretion to set the agenda
8/Ppl also seem to fundamentally miss the job & purpose of attorneys. We are not judges. Our competent assistance is constitutionally required. If you’re @ ing her ab cases you didn’t like, that’s wrong for 2 reasons: (a). it assumes that she picked her cases & clients.
9/That’s not how being a lawyer works. When you have an employer, they choose the cases & clients. But (b)., let’s say for the sake of argument that she did pick her cases/clients (& remember she had a legal duty to diligently represent her county/state/etc.). Okay, then...
10/Viewed through that lens, you’d be saying that lawyers should not do our constitutionally-mandated jobs—that we should only represent ppl who you decide deserve it. That’s not how the law works—everyone has a right to effective assistance of counsel. Lawyers provide that.
11/If I decide not to give that legally-required service bc I don’t like a case or client, I am depriving 1 party to a constitutional protection. Again, lawyers aren’t judges. The point is to give each side a fair opportunity to be heard & let someone ELSE decide the merits.
12/In 2004, Harris started the “Back on Track” program, which provided a way for former inmates to be reintegrated into society & the workforce. Thai initiative also helped ppl obtain their diplomas & have their records cleared. She continued to advocate personally for ppl as AG.
13/Harris’s Back on Track program also reduced recidivism by 40%, more than previous policies. She was very involved & invested in helping ppl rebuild their lives. #Kamala2020
14/Kamala’s 2009 book emphasizes helping ppl re-enter society & treating PTSD. She discusses the failings of the system & how she wanted to be smart, not tough on crime. #Kamala2020 m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_36…
15/Ppl critical of the conviction rates under her tenure often misrepresent the info bc they include plea bargains in those numbers. She inherited the numbers from the prior administration. In fact, the 2006 SF Chronicle wrote an article ab how she had differences from the police
16/Those differences were predicated on the fact that she disposed of cases more generously than law enforcement & the prior DA wanted, NOT less. Again, she was smart on crime. Her conviction rates were 12% lower than before then. This does not suggest a heartless person.
17/You know what else she did as DA? Created a hate crimes unit that was particularly focused on protecting #LGBTQ+ community. She co-sponsored a bill to make CA the 1st state to eliminate the horrible “gay panic” defense. #Kamala2020
18/Now that we’ve established that she had over a decade of experience BEFORE she became AG, let’s talk ab her tenure as CA’s AG, which began in 2010. Again, note that AGs typically bring suit at the governor’s request, so they do not have unlimited discretion (& some have none).
19/As AG, @KamalaHarris helped homeowners put during the mortgage crisis, getting $12B for homeowners & $28B total. #Kamala2020 sfgate.com/opinion/openfo…
20/Here’s where I start hearing ab Mnuchin & that she didn’t “do enough.” She didn’t have the evidence for a criminal prosecution, & that is no reflection on her. To consider criminal charges, she’d look @ the evidence LAW ENFORCEMENT got. She wasn’t the 1 in charge of that part,
21/AGs can’t even consider filing charges of law enforcement struck out in a criminal case, unless they have lots of spare time, are willing to risk taxpayer $, & can do what the ppl tasked a the job could not. Attorneys can’t file lawsuits that don’t have sufficient evidence—
22/Lawyers who file cases they know they don’t have sufficient evidence to meet the standards that could secure a win in court on merits are filing frivolous suits & can be censured or face other consequences. So, she didn’t wats taxpayer $ & was ethical. Bad on her? #Kamala2020
23/Then I hear “if she was good enough, she would have gotten the evidence.” No—when a lawyer gets a case (& keep in mind AGs act @ the governor’s direction primarily or solely), their job is to evaluate the evidence & see if there’s a path to success. She did that. But more...
24/She was actually being a GREAT AG by recognizing that while a criminal suit couldn’t proceed & would therefore waste $, she could remedy the situation civilly & address the root issue: relief for injured parties. Don’t forget that big settlement, but she also did more.
25/Bc it was so important to her, Harris put together a Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, which banned robo-signing & dual-trafficking, protecting homeowners. It passed. oag.ca.gov/news/press-rel…
26/She also created the mortgage strike task force to prevent predatory lending practices. She also started a Bureau of Children’s Justice & obtained dozens of indictments against big oil companies for spills on the CA coast. #Kamala2020
27/Now, onto @KamalaHarris as a senator. You already know that she’s been very progressive & cornered Kavanaugh. Sessions said he was afraid of her! She criticized trump’s immigration policies for 12 minutes. That was her 1st speech on the Senate floor. google.com/amp/s/amp.vcst…
28/The GOP was terrified of her questions of Rosenstein. She makes Jeff Sessions “nervous.” She tripped Kavanaugh up embarrassingly. Sounds like EXACTLY what we need. #Kamala2020 latimes.com/politics/washi…
29/Kamala has called out Sec. Nielsen for favoring predominantly white nations, & Mark Zuckerberg for grossly misusing FB users’ info. She went to the detention facilities where children were. She’s the real thing. #Kamala2020
30/I won’t dignify garbage ab “tone,” “optics,” “not Black enough” “not born here,” etc. That’s clearly desperation, bigotry, & block-worthy. I challenge anyone to say she doesn’t have experience or isn’t “progressive enough.” Kamala has an incredible agenda & POV. #Kamala2020
31/She won’t take corporate PAC $. Believes healthcare is a right. Fights for immigrants, civil rights, & vulnerable classes. I’m with Kamala for 2020. She’s been fighting for us for ab 2 decades. #Kamala2020
32/This is the ONLY time I plan to say this: Jamaica was colonized by Spain & England. It’s inhabitants were enslaved & west African slaves were also taken there. Jamaica is in N AMERICA, so Black Jamaicans are African American. #Kamla2020 jis.gov.jm/information/ja…
33/Kamala Harris has done a lot for the environment, as AG, Senator, & it’s an important part of her POTUS platform, as she discussed in her Oakland campaign event. That’s why the League of Conservation Voters have her a 100% lifetime rating. #kamala2020
34/@KamalaHarris supports federal funding for family planning & the right to choose. She has a 100% rating with @NARAL & is a strong advocate for women’s rights. #Kamala2020
35/@KamalaHarris opposes the tariffs & trade policies that hurt Americans, particularly the steel & agriculture industries. These tariffs have hurt US businesses & would reduce our GDP by significant amounts, per various economic data. #Kamala2020
36/@KamalaHarris is a strong advocate for public schools, early childhood education, & she has tried to address this issue for years. #Kamala2020
37/With respect to higher education, @KamalaHarris is also our advocate. She believes in affordable higher education & policies to eliminate student debt. #Kamala2020
38/Don’t play “Kamala is a cop,” bc that’s grossly misleading. Here is one article ab how progressive she was as a prosecutor, in addition to the many catalogued parts of her career from earlier parts of this thread. #Kamala2020 nytimes.com/2019/01/18/opi…
39/Harris has always been progressive on criminal justice—she entered the field to change the system from the inside. And she’s done a fantastic job, particularly given the legacy she inherited of “tough on crime” bills. That’s not her legacy. #Kamala2020 motherjones.com/politics/2018/…
40/it’s ironic Harris is attacked for not being “Black enough” or “pandering” to groups she’s a member of, but this isn’t new. Many of the attacks & interruptions she’s faced are BECAUSE she’s a WOC, & we’ve heard these criticisms before. #Kamala2020 vox.com/policy-and-pol…
41/Here’s an excellent piece that makes several salient points, among them that Harris’s main criticisms miss important nuances & that she has always made it ab others, not herself, rejecting false choices to best serve us. #Kamala2020 newyorker.com/news/the-polit…
42/Marijuana legalization is important: criminalizing it has caused mass incarceration & targets POC. @KamalaHarris wants to legalize marijuana. #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople #YesWeKam
43/According to recent data based on voting record, @KamalaHarris is actually the most progressive senator, w a rating of 99.63/100 over her lifetime. #Kamala2020 progressivepunch.org/scores.htm?hou…
44/@KamalaHarris has legislative experience beyond her senate tenure & worked to expand paid family leave for low income ppl after hearing from the son of 2 immigrants at an event. This is how much she cares #ForThePeople
45/There’s been criticism of Harris’s record on criminal justice, but this is cherry picking. It ignores that she’s been an ally—& worked to stop police brutality. criticisms echo those of Obama: “just not enough,” but miss her successes. #Kamala2020
46/The latest attacks reveal desperation & are based on what kind of MUSIC @KamalaHarris may have once listened to. Pay attention to her policies, instead. #Kamala2020 vice.com/amp/en_ca/arti…
47/As AG, @KamalaHarris helped stop exploitation of women & children via human trafficking, & she advocates for them in the Senate via her vote on FOSTA/SESTA. #Kamala2020
48/In 2018, @KamalaHarris co-sponsored legislation to ban drift nets, which is key to protect important marine life & was bipartisan. #Kamala2020 ocregister.com/2018/04/26/fei…
49/@KamalaHarris also co-sponsored the Keep Families Together Act (S 3036), which was intended to prevent families from being separated at the border & is endorsed by these organizations. #Kamala2020
50/Recently, @KamalaHarris joined other senators in trying to improve wages & working conditions for farmers via the Fair Labor Standards Act. #Kamala2020
51/In 2018, @KamalaHarris sponsored S 3035, The Disaster Victims Passport & ID Relief Act, a bill that waived fees for victims of disasters to obtain IDs & also defined childcare as a critical service. S 3035 was incorporated into HR 302 & became law in October. #Kamala2020
52/@KamalaHarris has been progressive throughout her career, & despite inheriting an office at a time & in a state where “tough on crime” was the rule, she worked to reform that & improve the lives of those affected by the system. #Kamala2020
53/@KamalaHarris was already endorsed by ab 75% of CA Dems, despite it being early. They’ve seen her in action over the years and are highly impressed. She is endorsed by @tedlieu, a leader on the House Judiciary Committee. #Kamala2020
54/In addition, @RepKatieHill endorsed @KamalaHarris in January, citing her hard work & achievements over the years. Hill is the Vice-Chair of the House Oversight Committee. #Kamala2020
55/@GavinNewsom, CA’s governor, has been active in the state’s political leadership for years & endorsed @KamalaHarris strongly for President. #Kamala2020
56/@RepBarbaraLee has long been one of the House’s most progressive members and heartily endorsed @KamalaHarris as being the candidate who will be our best ally & advocate. #Kamala2020
57/@KamalaHarris isn’t just appreciated in California. Civil rights leader @DoloresHuerta enthusiastically endorsed Harris for President. #Kamala2020
58/@KamalaHarris understands the importance of HBCUs & sponsored a bill to fund & restore them. She has repeatedly expressed the importance of her attendance at Howard & how HBCUs are vital to maintaining an underrepresented legacy. #Kamala2020 essence.com/news/bill-led-…
59/Here’s a great article that expresses why @KamalaHarris’s Blacknesd isn’t up for debate. #Kamala2020
60/@KamalaHarris’s stance on truancy has been grossly misrepresented. Some right-wing sources have suggested that she laughed at jailing a homeless woman. Nothing could be further from the truth. #Kamala2020
61/In fact, Kamala’s program was not aimed at incarcerating parents but at two things: helping families do kids could attend school, & guaranteeing the right to education for children, so they wouldn’t later be incarcerated. #Kamala2020
62/@KamalaHarris was progressive enough to see the connection between truancy & incarceration, & she worked hard to prevent that outcome & serve our children, who are one of our most vulnerable groups. #Kamala2020 Ty to @tweetMalena for this graphic!
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