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@SenSanders Actually, none of the observers that went there, including the UN, said that the elections were fraudulent. It was the US who sent no observers and the Opposition who refused to participate who claimed that. As a matter of fact, the Opposition begged the UN not to send observers
@SenSanders What did many observers actually say about the elections in Venezuela?
@SenSanders That comes from this article from Mint Press which breaks down how it works. It even mentions the opponents he faced in the election (No one in this country would have voted for those blow hards either. Not even the "socialist" who wanted to adopt the dollar and join the IMF)
@SenSanders Regarding your comments on the Economy, why is the Economy so bad I wonder? Mhmmm fair.org/home/us-admini…
@SenSanders The US Covert Wars against not just Venezuela, but Nicaragua and Ecuador informationclearinghouse.info/50039.htm
@SenSanders #Trump the same man that you told us to "work with" is currently making recovery in Venezuela impossible. Of course he's just continueing Bush and Obama's legacy thenation.com/article/trumps…
@SenSanders The Crisis in Venezuela is because of US interference which is causing so many to flee. venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/14249
@SenSanders As a matter of fact, the Migrant caravan is mostly made up of Hondurans, who suffer under US Backed Dictator, Orlando Hernandez. He illegally usurped the country when he overthrowed the elected leader Manuel Zelayas. Yet....you're awefully quiet about that. I wonder why.
@SenSanders You speak a lot about "unarmed protesters" being surpressed. Really? I have a few things to show you then. Give me a moment or two.
@SenSanders This ia from a show called "The Empire Files", we see @AbbyMartin and her partner interviewing the so called "unarmed" opposition
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin This is a thread her partner wrote where he spoke of Domestic Terrorism by the Opposition you support.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Members of the Venezuelan Far Right in America cry their false tears about "persecution" and being silent. But La Señora Martin and her partner have been stalked and harassed and accused of being "spies for Maduro" and other slanders
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Some of them even made Rape threats to Abby and have said openly racist things in person and online to black Venezuelans who support President Maduro.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin They claimed the Black Man who was burned alive for being a Chavista tried to "violently sabotage" their protest. Except he was alone. He just happened to be walking by. This is what one Opposition supporter said
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Here's some more independently verified reports of violence by the Opposition
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Now you tell me, why would unarmed protesters be doing this? Why do they need guns for? Why have they stolen a law enforcement vehicle?
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin If this were done here, it would be denounced by the Media and you
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin This is a Spanish thread you can translate using twitter or a translator. These people are Venezuelans in Venezuela who are reporting on Opposition Violence.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Meanwhile look at all of the Pro Maduro Venezuelans
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Every time rallies like this happen, they say the army or the cops force them. I have had friends of mine actually go there. Guess what? No military in sight and only a few Cops who are only around to monitor crowds. You could say "Fuck you Maduro" and apart from a few Boos
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin nobody does anything to you. Even if it's at Maduro''s speeches. In this country people have been arrested for protesting too loudly when American politicians are making a speech. Are you really going to claim we're freer than them?
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin We've had Police attacks on #NoDapl Native American protesters. We have had Cops dressed and armed like Paramilitary Death Squads go after members of #BlackLivesMatter but you say it's President Maduro who has to go?
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Btw I thought this was interesting : Attacks against #Venezuela for saying that #BlackLivesMatter ?
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Did you know that the majority of the Venezuelan Far Right are actually made up of white a Spanish Criollos (Creoles)? Yeah they have some dark skinned people in their group, but if you have ever watched them on tv or seen them they are all almost white or the lightest skinned
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Let's compare and contrast shall we? The Legitimate Government of Venezuela who inaugurated President Maduro Vs the illegitimate "assembly" which is entirely made up of Juan Guiado's own Party.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin After having conversations with Rightist Venezuelans, they all had different complaints But, they had one in common : They believed that Hugo Chavez "divided the nation" because instead of sticking to white Spanish culture, he set up programs on Black History and Indigenous
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin history. He said proudly "Spain is not just our Motherland. We have many including Africa"

He was the only leader to identify as Black, Indigenous, & White in Latin America. I've heard them call him a "negro de mierda" (Shitty Black Man) and an "indio de mierda" (Shitty Indian)
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Do you think maybe that has some bearing as to why they are against the Chavista Movement Maduro is head of? I sure do.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin I will be back in a while with more thoughts for you
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin So I am back once more. I re-read your commentary and I had to laugh (bitterly) about you talking about the "rule of law". I don't know if you know this, but there's a tv show on the CW called "The Flash". They explore alternate realities. So I'm going to ask you Señor Sanders
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin have you been on this show before? Have you seen some alternate reality Earth where the United States of America supports "the rule of law"? Tell me so I can immigrate there and leave this shithole behind.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin The United States of America doesn't even respect it's own laws. The Colonists who came here which I assume your ancestors may have been among them, killed, raped, and tortured Native Americans. Stole their lands. Broke Native Laws on land ownership which were communal..let me
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin enlighten you on the subject. Native Americans believed and still believe that humans are not the masters of nature. We are meant to be helpers and family of nature. Natives did not believe in taking too much land and resources or over hunting. They the Colonists what the rules
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin were. And you know the rest. Then came endless Terrorist wars of theft and subjugation. Things that would be condemned by the United Nations and you......if it happened in another country. America does it, and not even charges can be brought forth.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Americans can not be brought up on war crimes of any sort due to this :
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin I had to find out about this last year from foreigners. People who have families. Who love. Who try to get ahead in the world. People who soil themselves in fear of who their next enemy (US President) will be. None of them believe in your empty words about the rule of law.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin This law basically ensures that the US Government will actually take military steps towards the UN if the United States is ever brought on charges of human rights abuses. This is basically why the UN did nothing in the face of American Concentration Camps across the world, the
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin so called "black sites". I can go on and on and on listing endless War Crimes. Not just against the Native Americans, but the Kidnapping of African families, sold into bondage as little more than animals and property. I can talk at length about how you invaded Hawaii, an
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Independent Indonesian Nation with it's own government, and how it was overthrown by US Businessmen and Marines and how Indigenous Hawaiians have their homeland raped and abused by foreigners occupying it who think they have a monopoly over Native land.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin I can talk about the illegal seizure and Colonization of Cuba and Puerto Rico which ended for Cuba after the Revolution, but continues to this day. I can tell you about how Puerto Ricans have tried to become independent for years and how there is a Rebel Movement in PR that is
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin at War with the FBI called El Ejercito Boricua Popular (The Boricua People's Army) E.B.P. and how they have been fighting to try and free PR from Colonization. How the ruling parties and politicians of Puerto Rico are all Oligarchs who abuse their homeland and their people.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin If you change Puerto Rico for Venezuela, those Oligarchs I speak of might as well be the "unarmed opposition" you speak of. Did you know that in Puerto Rico, it was against the law to say "Viva Puerto Rico Libre!" (long live Free Puerto Rico!) And that a person saying that could
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin go to Prison for 10 yrs? Because it was "seditious"? I would like you to see this documentry, see if you can put on English subtitles, it deals with many things that you should know since YOUR regime is illegally occupying Puerto Rican land.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Forgive me if I say anything that offends anyone (too late) but you Yankees talk a lot of shit about freedom and peace and democracy but you practice none of it. Since you set foot on Turtle Island, what Europeans renamed "america" you have done nothing but surpress dissenting
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin voices, steal what doesn't and never will belong to you, and you exterminate democracy wherever you go. Many of your kinsmen and women ask "Why are 'these people' always coming to us for help? Why don't they solve their own problems?" Simple. Because you Create our problems.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin You went into Mexico and helped Paramilitaries rule Mexico like despots. When Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata among many Freedom Fighters overthrew your allies, you managed to get them "taken out" of the picture. You have backed puppet regimes in Mexico since then. Regimes which
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin committed genocides against Aztec and Mayan people's amongst many other Natives. Regimes that have kidnapped and killed students and farmers. Regimes where presidential candidates were being assassinated last year. In Honduras you put Orlando Hernandez in power and there hasn't
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin been a single, non fraudulent election. Neither you, nor any of these countries and hypocritical institutions have said anything about mass murder in Honduras. About the death squads and the disappearances. alternet.org/2017/12/human-…
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin The current crisis at the border, and these families trying to enter the US, do you know who most of them are? Not Venezuelans : Hondurans. People who can't go back because going back is a death sentence. If Orlando Hernandez claimed he was leftist, and Maduro a Free Market
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Capitalist, you'd be praising Maduro and condemning Hernandez. Let's be real about what is actually happening for a second : This has nothing to do with human rights. This has to do with three things : 1) Venezuela is led by a Socialist Party (PSUV) which has been successful
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin at giving Venezuela's people a voice in government. As such, the Capitalists anywhere especially the US who sees the world as your playground cant allow this to happen. The last time you allowed it to happen, was with Chavez and with all of the other Leftist Leaders who rose to
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin prominance all over from Evo Morales to Rafael Correa. Hell, even Jean Beltran Aristide who was overthrow in Haiti by your government for the crime of gasps* trying to raise worker's wages!
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Chavez in his living years even made the region partially independent from needing US Resources. The fact of the matter is, you're afraid this will keep happening and so you need to squash a democracy in Latin America from growing stronger.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin 2) You have had Hegemony over the Continent, unchallenged until the Cuban Revolution changed all of that. Because afterwords when people saw that a tiny little island 90 miles off the cost of North America defeated an enemy with greater numbers and resources they realized they
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin they could replicate this everywhere. The E.B.P. in PR, the Red Flag Party in Venezuela, the Mayan uprising led by Sub Commandante Marcos and the Zapatista National Liberation Army in 1992. You need to keep your boot on our necks and create perpetual refugees. To continue
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin the perverse ideology of the Monroe Doctrine, which turned wealthy nations like Haiti into ass backwards third world nations where people starve. Why dont you decry the Haitian regime? They're ten times poorer than Cuba. And they're "democracy" is a farce.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin You say nothing because then you would be in the position of needing to explain yourselves. And there is no justification for "We're greedy bastards and bullies and we have the weapons to do it" so you invent these children's tales about how evil Maduro is.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin And 3) Possibly the most important, the resources to steal. America is destroying itself everyday. To the point where people die because they can't afford health care. Or some people die because they can't afford to pay the electric companies and they freeze to death in the parts
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin of the US where it gets cold. That doesn't happen under Maduro. His government as a matter of fact helps the poor get housing. This is an article from the Granma, the Communist Party newspaper in Cuba, translated to English, about Maduro's housing mission en.granma.cu/mundo/2017-01-…
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin Meanwhile in the US there are families crowding up apartments meant to be only for two or three people. Or you have homeless people sleeping on the streets in the cold or heat.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin So now sir I ask you now in front of everyone here, And I hope that you actually read these tweets and mediate on them : Do you think it is principled or moral of you to be cover yourself right now? "Oh the regime is brutal, brutal! But at the same time we should reject a Coup"
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin You admitted this was a Coup, but before you claimed it was some kind of popular uprising. Which is it? A Coup by the United States? Or an Uprising. You're not going to answer because you wish to be as Centrist as possible so that you can curry favor with the Right Wing.
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin The same thing that Obama did. You're neither here nor there. You have taken as vague a position as possible and you use fancy words to hide it. If ever there was a time for you to be on the right side of history, now was the time.If you wanted to end Establishment politics, you
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin have fallen so far and failed so miserably. And now I end with a Bible verse, since those you curry favor with, eat the Bible up for breakfast
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin "15‘I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. 16‘So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth,"

Revelations 3:15,16
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin I hope one day you decide to burn hot with Revolution and not Cold with the falsehoods of the Great Whore of Babylon you serve known as the United States of America. You have corrupted yourself. Despite this I still wish for you to open your eyes and see beyond the propaganda and
@SenSanders @AbbyMartin villainy of Washington Politics and American Imperialism. So, I now say mucho Ache/Ashe (much Divine grace) to you, Aho, and most importantly

Viva La Revolucion
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