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I'm really angry about the latest event in the Mueller investigation. Here are some thoughts.
Is Mueller his own agency? Does he not have any oversight at all from anyone? Who approves his budget?

As I understand it, a Special Counsel has a great deal of independence, so that he cannot be pressured politically in his investigation. I can understand this, and agree.
But "a large degree of independence" is not "unlimited independence".

Mueller should not have conducted a raid on Cohen, who was cooperating.
Even more so, Mueller should not have made an armed, televised, early morning arrest of Stone.
Or of Manafort.
I don't think Manafort's was televised.

But use of force is ridiculous in these cases. None were accused, or even suspected, of violent crimes. None were a flight risk.
Armed raids & arrests are intimidation and PR.

Mueller should be called on the carpet for these unnecessary actions. If nothing else, they wasted an excessive amount of taxpayer money. But more importantly, they have a political impact.
If Mueller has independence to prevent political influence, then Mueller should not be taking actions that influence politics.

But he is. This is wrong.
Trump should not attempt to influence any justifiable investigation to produce his preferred outcome.

However, Trump *is* responsible for ensuring his appointed officers follow the Rule of Law, and are impartial in the Rule of Law.

Mueller is clearly not.
Trump should not stop an investigation of collusion with Russia.
Trump SHOULD stop an investigation that is not investigating collusion with Russia any longer.
Trump should not make the DoJ/FBI investigate the Clinton Mafia.
Trump SHOULD ensure the DoJ/FBI does not give Clinton preferential treatment.
So far, a half-dozen people have been indicted, charged, found guilty, and/or sentenced by the Mueller investigation.

Not one of these actions showed any evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.
In contrast, not one person has been indicted or charged for Hillary's proven crimes of breaking federal records laws & divulging our highest-classified intelligence.
Not one FBI or DoJ official has been convicted and sentenced for breaking rules and laws in surveilling Trump.
In contrast, we have strong evidence that Hillary's campaign *did* collude with Russia to try to falsify information to destroy Trump's campaign.

Not one person has been indicted for this.
Not one person has been indicted for Fast & Furious. Not one person has lost one penny of pay for the IRS punishing citizens for expressing conservative views. Not one person has paid any price for the murder of our Ambassador to Libya.
In contrast, the military officer that attempted to organize a rescue were fired by Obama. The contractors who attempted to save lives lost their jobs. Dozens of individuals were silenced by Obama to prevent a full accounting of what happened.
I am certain the reason the DoJ and FBI are not going after these other miscreants is two-fold.
1) If a full investigation were launched, it would implicate Obama, and no one wants the political fallout from that. Obama is untouchable.
2) Almost all the possible investigating officials are themselves guilty of crimes.
The FBI and DoJ have several past debacles.

The Ted Stevens railroading. Ruby Ridge. The Branch Davidian compound. The bogus Uranium One bribery non-investigation.
Just one example: While McCabe was investigating Hillary Clinton, leader of the Democrat Party, McCabe's wife was running for state Senator, and took a bunch of cash from Terry McAuliffe, a top aide to the Clintons.
I don't want to get into a bunch of conspiracy theory stuff.

But the point is: the FBI and DoJ have made a bunch of mistakes far worse than Manafort possibly cheating on his taxes.

But Manafort is in jail, and the FBI & DoJ officials aren't.
Trump should NOT dictate to the DoJ and FBI who should be charged and who should be let free.

But he SHOULD take a stronger hand in rooting out the corruption. And that includes ensuring they don't let their friends skate while going after Republicans.
It SHOULD be well within the powers of the POTUS to ensure that the FBI and DoJ do not use political double standards.

But it obvious that the groups still are.

This needs to change.
I also think Trump should be getting out in front of this.

Surely there are statements he can make that couldn't be Undue Influence or self-serving, that criticize the use of Process Violations instead of charging actual crimes.
I'm also upset with the whole idea of Process Violations being charged as crimes.
Our judicial system is predicated on the notion that it is better for 100 guilty to go free than for 1 innocent to be jailed.
There are all sorts of protections, including Presumed Innocence in the Eyes of the Law until Proven Guilty.
But these Lying to the FBI "crimes" upend that.

You are presumed guilty unless you can some how prove your innocence.

This is because the FBI is considered the authority on whether you lied, rather than just misspoke, or misunderstood, or misremembered.
The judge can't determine this. The jury can't see any independent proof.

It's 100% based on the FBI saying, "we have proof. Here are our notes."

The FBI has already convicted you before they bring the charge. The judge just rubberstamps it.
I mean, I'm sure there are some cases where it *IS* clear cut that you lied to the FBI.

But in the cases we've seen so far, the FBI gets a record of what you said/did, a recording or other hard data. They get to keep it. To study it.
Then they ask you questions. They can be as tricky and dishonest as they want. THEY won't be charged for "lying to a suspect."
They can ask their questions 50 different ways. They can ask you to write things down from memory. Multiple times.
If you get anything wrong: guilty.
If you focus on a different part of the question and change a response: guilty
If you begin to wonder what you actually *did* say (remember, they have the recording and can listen to it 500 times. You only have your memory of what you said 2 years ago): guilty.
And you're guilty because the FBI says you are.

The FBI says: "He said this one day. Then he said this another day. One is a lie."

How can you defend yourself? the FBI says it. Who is the judge going to believe? The FBI or this suspected criminal?

It's railroading. injustice
Okay, that was really ranty, not well organized, and ran on long.
Sorry. But I'm done now.
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