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In an email, he said and I quote...
I dont appreciate your insulting language when speaking of myself my intelligence, or my career. Even though I cannot stop you from saying what you want, I believe it would be a benefit to u to concentrate on helping out in your defense rather than trying to tarnish my wellbeing.
Dude. You goaded me to lash out at the clear discrepencies in case handling,1.5 yr old subpoenas, your lies of motion filing to delay in order to collude, knowingly with the state investigation, then mockingly misquote case law. I've got all the emails....
Me tarnish your well being? Focus on the case while you play games to tarnish my well being in court and in the future in a case built on now utterly proven lies? Dude...you victimized me. Among many other things...maliciously.
Knowingly, you knowingly did these things, prepped the bailiff, got loud in the sitting area, I didnt, you did, I was even embarrassed by your outbursts, and instead of focusing on the case, in order to get a reaction, for no reason other than malicious purposes, you goaded.
It's on tape bro. It's in transcripts. Spare me the crap. Have you no shame? Apoligize for being a dick. Maybe. You wont, because it shows guilt of malice actions. Instead, defense. BRO. YOU GOADED ME TO LASH OUT AT A JUDGE, THEN MOCKED ME BY MISQUOTING CASE LAW.
This is runaway eggregious activity. The ego, the culture that allows it, even, arguably encourages it. It's the truth, bro. You acted maliciously, against my well being, in many ways, and still dare to twist. It's funny as hell a public defender, any lawyer, says shit like that.
I'll bake you bradycake, dont cry that your mocking me, goading me to outburst, and misquoting of case law may bite you in the @$$. It happened. You did it to yourself. It was even allowed, in order to tarnish my well being. It begs must larger questions.
I waited in the cafe all day, for my files. Again. I have countless emails asking for them. COUNTLESS. You're continued deflection, denial, and BLAMESHIFTING, or telling me to make an appt after countless calls, IS INSANE. ITS SUSPECT.
You did this to yourself, Otto. Folks, you see how the OTTO name fits. It's so perfect. I call him Otto, the Simpsons bus driver, for throwing me under the bus, how beautifully fitting. It's in the transcripts now, OTTO. ITS SELF EVIDENT NOW ACTIONS AGAINST MY WELL BEING ARE REAL
If anything happens funny in my case, its malicious prosecution. Done deal. Its all there. I beg. I literally beg you all to OTTO me now. Please.
The state tried 20 years ago. Read the thread on my FB. They quoted crime in Land o Lakes the same as the SOUTHSIDE of Chicago. Like WTF? That's worse than OTTO. I've got years, and years of malicious activity imposed upon me.
In 38 years of life, the worst actions to ever hurt me, can be documented, subpoenaed in transcripts and all come from that little office on Little Road. People are tired of the culture, the toxic masculinity, behavior, dirty dealings, it's so malicious that it comes from THERE!
It's not just me, I assure you. The entire Tampa area knows. It's a joke. Please. Goad me into lashing out to a judge, get load in the pews, slam down papers including misspelled subpoenas and call it my discovery, then go all #BRADYGATE on me. Then blame me for tarnishing you?
Video will show you literally slamming a stack of papers on my lap, during the whole goading act, that, by the way, totally backfired. As a public servant, I have every right to not only, per you, air my grievances, but hold you accountable for your malicious behavior.
I'm expecting to be retaliated upon. Please. Retaliate. You all are toxic to the letter. Threaten me some more. You all dont have the right thing in you. A new group does. I see it. They deserve better for their service.
What are you going to do OTTO? SUE ME? It's on video. You're incompetent, malicious, retaliatory, unprofessional, in direct conflict to BAR standards. You DEFLATED YOUR OWN BALLS, DONT VICTIMIZE THE VICTIM. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO OTTO?
You just did the same thing Gorn did. Blocked me for your bad behavior. He lied about being able to get my phone records, so huge. I get out, sure, piece of cake, HE LITERALLY CURSES ME, BLOCKS ME, SAYS HES NOT GOING TO GET THEM NOW. WHY? LIKE YOU, COLLUSIONARY.
Same pattern. Same toxic behavior. I got emails of him apologizing. But, the key, tampering a case. Once or twice, but continued actions to TARNISH MY WELL BEING? ITS SIMPLE MATH. ITS SELF EVIDENT TO ANY OUTSIDE EYE. GET A FKN GRIP YOU MALICIOUS TOXIC ASSHOLES.
As with everything else, its shows I'm right. It begs many questions. Call me a liar for you goading me. For you slamming stacks of papers in my lap, for calling them my discovery. Bitch, I've literally sent 20 emails the last two months. Two fkn months OTTO. PLEASE.
I've had enough of the abuse from the place on Little rd. And yesterday, proves every last point.
So, now you want to talk about my case, what about the last 4 months OTTO? WHAT ABOUT THE VERY DETAILED, ORGANIZED EMAILS SENT? What about you sending me emails at 4am? That time, so ironically, I was with a witness to my ex's lies, playing Starcraft.
That 4am email? That was a funny one. The friend I was with, hes got more integrity in his shoelace than you and your colleagues have. Dont you dare give me shit about communicating.
I've done nothing but send very detailed, very precise, very relative emails. Until, again, very questionable tactics deployed by my own attorney. And, the only correspondence I get in return is anything but talking of my case you deflecting fuck.
I have to beg, wait in the cafe, to still no avail to find out what's been submitted as evidence. Its a joke. Only, in response, is more deflection of such toxic, unprofessional, paper slamming, and slimey shameful leading, again at the cost of my well being.
You tried, literally, to maliciously goad me into lashing out at a judge, then led a plot, against my best interest, in coordination, while even misquoting case law, that actually served as mocking me, from a time period where a known investigation took place, which...
You knowingly not only acted against my best interests, delayed, lied, and even tried to fight me when presented smoking gun evidence of her knowing she lied, was willing to lie again, despite being in direct contact, while with my own family.
Please. You make me sick. Tarnish your well being? You acted in malice. Not me. My ex acted in malice. Not me. I'm surrounded by a shitstorm of malice. And, I'll not go quietly into the night. No one deserves what you did in court by those sworn to protect them. No one.
I can't fathom it. I could never actively take steps to hurt anyone, let alone someone in a position of power. Then you block me for calling you out? Or asking you to turn witness? It's clear as day collusionary tactics dumbass.
It's clear as day you goaded, setup, slammed papers, threatened me with jail even, over proven lies, lies upon lies, upon lies. Hacks even. Like I'd write her work on my Facebook. Are you insane? Wait. Yes you bastards are. Drunk on ego and power.
All to get me to lash out at a judge. And, when doing just the opposite, presenting valid points, in a very very humble tone, while holding subpoenas with wrong names, FFS, you all still rolled with the show. Dumbasses. You all prove my point.
Malicious prosecution. Collusion. Dereliction of duty, gross misconduct, a culture that allows it, retaliation, case building or tampering, and even provoking response. I thought my ex was a bitch. My God, you people take the cake. Funny, these are the same tactics as my hack.
Tactics, are like tells too. Some dogs cant learn new tricks, or adjust, these same tactics of provoking response, intimidation, tampering, case building or tampering, all show something.
Certain Generals will do the same thing over and over and over again. They direct, allow, encourage, these tactics. My public defender leans on his leading, someone else is leaning on these other underhanded tactics, and I can only assume its pervasive.
I've got more discrepancies in the handling of my case, in #BRADYGATES, than the actual case and there is a mountain. A DAMN MOUNTAIN RANGE ACTUALLY, and I'm facing a contential divide, with folks like my PDS AND COLLUDING PARTIES.
Its a fkn joke. It's a total shitshow. I'm embarrassed for you. No ego, no bravado. I was humble, even while people slammed papers on my lap, lied to my face, gaslighted, and setup by my own supposed protector to lash out at a hearing, and I'm going to be.....
Made into a bad guy for being upset? For airing legitimate concerns? Be told I'm tarnishing someone's well being for not falling victim to malicious acts? Are you insane? What BAR ASSOCIATION, WHAT PROFESSIONAL ENTITY ALLOWS THIS? I'm confused.
It just adds to the already plain as day egregious acts, it just adds to the same ploys and tactics experienced, yo, my ex is narcissistic and nuts to the letter, I survived abuse, all the same tactics and took the high road, here, get fucked.
Sue me. Arrest me even. I'll wear that joint as a badge of fucking honor. You're on video, I've got months of emails that repudiate your cover of now wanting to talk about my case. You had no intention to talk of my case. Its self evident.
And, what's worse, like my ex, in lieu of evidence proving the malice imposed on me by her, to try and discredit me, you provoked me into trying to lash out at a hearing. Every dirty tactic to somehow improve this malicious prosecution has been employed.
Someone gave instruction to do so. It was coordinated. That wasn't a singular act. Didnt you even leave the courtroom too, OTTO? These, by simple analysis, can easily be described as conspired actions by a collusionary force. Period.
I like that line....
"Conspired actions by a collusionary force." That's better than #bradygate or bradycake.
I think I'll close there. Its self evident. Like my case. And, if anything happens there, again, its then self evident what caused that effect. Just like OTTO's move.
Otto, I love that too. So now, it's either malicious collusionary prosecution as the cause for that yesterday, or it's a personal vendetta. Either way it happened, I dont deserve to have stacks of papers slammed in my lap, nor goaded into lashing out at hearings.
He recommended it, per his words, while slamming stacks of my own evidence, not case discovery, as he said it was, in my lap, while mocking and misquoting the Brady Rule after threatening me with jail, over a mountain of lies, threats, false statements, obstruction and tampering.
Get fucked. Call me a liar. I'm use to all the abuse. Im use to all the transference, gaslighting, and abusive techniques you can dole out. It hurts. It does. Just as all the deflection that now follows. Ugh. So sick. And it proves all my points to the letter.
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