A constant refrain from my fellow remainers is name be a #Brexit benefit many devote immense energy writing detailed explanations of trade tarrifs or how the EU works. I am grateful to them as I have learned a lot from them yet we all wonder why it makes so little difference
It seems to me that a better question to leavers is what are you getting out of #Brexit why do you support it in the face of so much evidence that its a terrible idea and I would like to suggest the answer lies in the realms of feeling
We have all seen that #Brexit licenses all kinds of opinions that 1l0 years ago would have been unacceptable but more than that it licences BEHAVIOURS that usually are unacceptable and thus gives many adherents a immense pleasure
Imagine if you were allowed to behave as an entirely self am centred spoilt child and not only would no one ever put you straight but on the contrary you would be applauded for it thus is what #Brexit does
Early example of this was the furrore over the Gina Miller case. Senior Tory politicians who had spent their whole careers hallowing parliamentary sovereignty and the supremacy of UK law screamed to high heaven the micro second these processes failed 2 do what they wanted
Did their supporters pick them up on this blatant hypocrisy? Not a bit of it judges excersing due process were enemies of the people and apparently the sovereign parliament had no business interfering in #Brexit it made no difference 2l outcome but reaction was telling
senior pro #Brexit politicians are able to say whatever gets them through the interview and then say the opposite the next day and their supporters cheer them from boris Johnson downwards this I believe is exhilarating
A recent example is Boris Johnson denying he ever said anything about Turkey in the EU referendum campaign despite the fact that he obviously did but he knew nonevof his supportersxwoukd pick him up on it #Brexit
There has been substantial evidence of vote leave law breaking yet no serious possiblity anything will happen as a result the feeling that rules do not apply to them must surely be liberating.
Naughty children may often lie despite overwhelming evidence to the contraryand learning that this is unacceptable is part of the socialisation process with however #Brexit this does not apply
A good example is no Deal. Brexiters call for no deal and claim it will be wonderful but no deal #Brexit is also everyone else's fault
In real life if you'd spent 2 years arsing around on the payroll barely even pretending to do you were paid for no one would listen to your professional opinion about how that job should be done not so with #Brexit
David Davis a resigned having spent 4 hours in 2 years with Michel Barnier and leaving no one any the wiser as to what #brexit looks like yet he is nonetheless quoted as an authority for his opinion claiming he'd have done. Better job as if it wasn't him doing it
Do brexiters think any the lesser of David Davis not a bit of it. Allegedly he was bullied by Theresa may who the same people insist is being bullied by maybot apparently he'd have a better #Brexit without her bullying against the people bullying the person that bullied him
Dominic Raab Boris Johnson and Steve Baker are similarly forthright in giving advice on how to do the jobs they themselves singularly failed to do.
Thus a brexiter politician can demand what they want they can lie they can deny any responsibility they can blame others they can flout the law and their supporters still love them and thus attitude has spread to ordinary brexit supporters
In any normal universe if I'm talking about say medical supplies and a doctor shoots me down you would be embarrassed but brexit enables u to dismiss whatever you don't want 2 know there will be some supporting blog to tell u the doctor is part of #projectfear
Whatever you say however absurd will not be contradicted even by remain voting Mps so if you've been called daft in your life brexit has made your stupidity conventional wisdom
#Brexit makes you feel as if you have won the world Cup and frequently gloat with dry your eyes losers shut up you lost get over it etc etc and gloating is fun but unlike in football you can demand the losers cheer their teams defeat
However though yiu gloat and insult remainers you can cry like a baby when repaid with a teaspoon of what you shovel hence the Gammon label was soon being spoken of as racism akin to that suffered by black people in the American South in the 1st half of the 20th century
#Brexit legitimates the far right. Witness the recent threats of yellow vests cited as a reason why we must go ahead with #Brexit which of you are a far right racist thug is wonderful since you matter
This is encouraged by the left as well as the right alleging cancelling brexit will boost the far right
You can needless to say blame everyone else you have all heard brexiters blame remainers for Mays duff deal but on LBC I heard one brexiter blame remainers cos of uncertainty of how we leave. he was demanding the humongous uncertainty of no deal & likely being cheered 4 it
So in sum #Brexit you can demand what you want you can lie all you want you can be as much of a bigot as you want you can demand the highest standards of conduct in your opponents when you have none you can be ignorant and win arguments and take no responsibility for anything
But eventually any action produces a reaction. 25 yellow vests might revel in the fact that politicians listen more to their threats of violence more than 500000 remainers demonstrating peacefully but what happens if 5percent of those half million take note of the lesson
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