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Early 2000’s super trashy Keith who does a ton of drugs and goes to raunchy metal concerts 👌👌
Sets houses on fire with his friends, gets into a bad car accident with his friends, his friends end up ditching the scene with Keith dying in the desert. Someone from the nearby marines base finds him and helps him.
Ends up exchanging numbers and sending letters to each other when shiro is deployed. Never one to stick around for people, it works for Keith
Until he stops hearing from shiro, he sees him all over the tv. A sense of unexplainable loss takes over Keith. Even though he knows he shouldn’t feel that way. They were not in a relationship nothing ever happened. But still Keith can’t get over it
Shiro died in a roadside bomb incident. According to the news. He gets an invitation to the funeral. Doesn’t end up going. Gets high instead, gets high in his desert shack for a solid week.
Wanders out to the desert for a couple of days and when he comes back there is a letter from shiro on the door. shiro tells him the government faked his death so that he could live on a normal life under the radar. He leaves a phone number to call.
Keith calls as soon as he can, he has to go to the nearby town to get service , but it’s worth it. Shiro tells him he’s pretty hurt and was discharged from service. Asks Keith how he’s been. Keith Asks shiro where he lives. And finds out he’s pretty close. Makes his way over.
Shiros in bad shape, it’s been months since he thought shiro was dead. Shiros changed. He’s missing an arm and covered in scars. There is bags under his eyes. He looks nothing like the spry young man that pulled him out of a crushed car.
Keith thinks he most likely doesn’t look much better. He’s high more often than not. Doesn’t eat much these days either. He’s still friends with some of the people who let him to die that day. Convincing himself he would have done the same thing.
Shiros home is sparse. It was given to him by the military and didn’t need to feel like a home . Shiro says he chose to stay in this desert because it’s the only place he still has connections to . He gives keith a meaningful look.
Keith doesn’t know how to handle that. He hates connections, the people he chooses to hang around are there for the drugs. For the music , they could all die at any day at any moment and Keith would just move on. He doesn’t like the pressure.
He smiles though. Shiros been through a lot. He won’t like Keith once he gets to know him. Keith can’t help but feel like enjoying it while it lasts though. A hero like shiro, once he finds out what Keith is will drop him like everyone else has.
He sees that shiro has only been eating microwaveable food that’s been delivered. Shiro explains that he hasn’t relearned cooking so this is all he can do. Keith tells him he’s making dinner for them. Shiro tries to stop him but Keith won’t budge.
While out getting food from the local store Keith runs into a friend who pulls him aside asking for drugs. Keith didn’t come with anything and pushes him away telling him to get lost. Before grabbing the rest of the stuff he needed .
He eats with shiro and shiro explains a bit about what happened to him. Shiro thanks Keith for being there with him, he explains that he has no living family left and without the army he has nothing. Keith tells shiro about his lack of family over dinner. Laughing at the irony.
This becomes a habit, Keith coming over to help shiro. Keith drives shiro to his physical therapy, cooks him food sometimes and rents movies to watch with him. It becomes a thing. He stops hanging out with his old friends as much. He’s still does drugs though.
One day while Keith is riding his high, shiro calls, his voice tight in panic asking if Keith could be there. Keith rides over as soon as he can. He doesn’t knock as he normally does just stumbles in. Immediately he is knocked into the wall, held up by the neck.
Uhh I think I’m just gonna tell you guys what I’m thinking for this and I’ll edit this thread later. I’m a terrible writer I just have ideas sometimes
Shiros paranoia and ptsd become more apparent . Keith gets more attached to shiro, starts stealing his pain meds. Until shiro finds out and agrees to help keith through it. Keith laughing it off as a joke leaves. Figures it’s over between them.
Starts hanging out with his old friends again. Starts being reckless, knew shiro would never wanna hangout with a failure like him. That is until Keith comes home one day and shiros waiting for him.
Keith’s still high, almost believes it’s not real. Can’t be . So he just walks past him. Shiro grabs him and demands he talks to him, explain why Keith just left. Keith instead of responding hugs shiro, a real hug. Tucks his nose into the crook of shiros neck.
He doesn’t understand how he feels about shiro, but the relief at seeing him for the first time in months overtakes Keith. Shiro gets him water and takes him to bed. Forcing Keith into a blanket cocoon before laying down with him
Shiro has already checked the house before his keith arrived. Making sure to check for entry and exit points. Checking for bugs. But he wasn’t prepared for Keith’s “ friends “ breaking into the shack that night to steal some pills.
Shiros already up before they even have a chance to do anything. Knocking out one instantly and the other he smashes to the floor. His friend is loud. Screaming and complaining, Keith comes out asking what’s going on. There’s blood all over Keith’s floor from a broken nose.
Keith tells his friend to get out and take the other one with him. Tells him he’s lucky shiro didn’t kill him. Shiros a mess. Shaking in the corner. Keith isn’t the best at this but tells him to come back to bed. Does what shiro did for him and rolls him up in the blankets.
Lays down next to him. The next day shiro asks about the drugs, asks him how bad it is. Keith has never done anything too addictive but still has issues with the withdrawal. It’s not that he needs them, but it’s something he’s done for so long he doesn’t know how to live without.
They both have their issues . Shiro takes him out to the desert that night map the stars. When they get back shiro kisses Keith under his porch light. Promising to come back the next day
Keith never thought about being gay. It never even crossed his mind. He just knew how much he loved shiro. Never considered any other possibility. He still vomits on the dirt next to his porch after shiro leaves.
Not knowing what to do, he does what he does best. Takes some pills. Calls his friends over. Ends up telling them what happened laughing. His friends for what it’s worth have some kind of standard. They don’t take the news well, break a few of Keith’s ribs. Rob him and his house
Uhh trigger for animal death in the next one
Shiro wakes him up. Frantic, asking what happened. Keith pushes him away , calls him a faggot . Tells him he never wants to see him again. The look on shiros face is something he will never forget. Shiro leaves
While he’s cleaning up, he finds out his friends killed his dog. Left her bleeding out in his back porch. He collapses crying for the first time in what feels like years.
He has nothing left. His drugs are gone and so is shiro. His dog, who was just a stray he fed sometimes. Gone because of him. He’s still high from the night before. But as it wears off his ribs are excruciating. He can’t move, he’s doesn’t get cell signal out here
When he wakes up it’s in his bed.looks like someone cleaned. A young girl who calls herself pidge walks in. Explains that shiro called when he found Keith. That she’s a doctor who worked with shiro in the field. Gives him a look he can’t quite understand .
Tells Keith to go back to sleep. So Keith does. When he wakes up, he can hear her and shiro arguing outside. She tells shiro he deserves better, should just leave. Shiro doesn’t respond just thanks her for her help. When he walks in he’s surprised to see Keith awake.
Keith is older now, but he’s feeling it more so than ever. He can barely move. Everything aches but he still looks at shiro. Happiness blooms in his chest, immediately making him sick to his stomach.
Shiro looks like he hasn’t slept in days. Briefly wonders how long he’s been asleep. Shiro tells him the friends who did this to him are in jail. Keith can tell shiro is relieved to see him awake, but there is no warmth in his eyes.
Keith tells him to get out. To leave him alone. He doesn’t mean it but he can’t handle what he’s feeling. Can’t handle how’s he feels about shiro. Shiros face falls, any mask he had before melts off. Leaving pure devastation. “Keith. I -“
Keith cuts him out. Tears already falling down his face. “ get out shiro”. Shiro leaves. Pidge comes in and tells him how to take care of his ribs. Before she leaves she lets keith know if she ever sees him again she’ll break his ribs instead. Shiro deserves better than Keith.
Keith agrees. But recovers shortly after. He stops hanging out with his friends. Takes out all his piercings. Stops taking the drugs. His time in healing overtook most of the withdrawals. He feels like a changed person. He’s older now. He prosecutes his friends..
Two months later he goes out for a drink. He’s started talking to people at his work, hes more personable now he has people to drink with. The hole in his heart shiro left is still there though. He thinks it might never go away. He drinks and has a good time.
Stays when his coworkers leave. Gets too drunk. When the bartender asks if he can call someone to pick him up he gives him the only number he knows. Shiro shows up in minutes
He looks dead Keith thinks. But he’s too far gone to remember the things he did to shiro. Just wants things to be like they were. He hugs shiro,hanging off of him. Tells him how much he’s missed him. Tells him he stopped doing drugs.
Shiro corrals Keith into his truck. Keith knows shiro is sad he so Sad. Keith says so while shiro drives him back. Shiro looks at him with sad eyes “ Keith you know why. Why did you call me to pick you up?” Keith laughs before smiling at shiro. “ because your my best friend duh”
Shiro looks away from Keith. They arrive at Keith’s place. Shiro helps him out the truck. Before shiro can let go of him Keith leans up and places a messy kiss onto shiros mouth. Their teeth clacking. Shiro pulls away immediately. Which is good because Keith almost vomits on him.
Keith can’t tell if it’s from the alcohol or if it’s from kissing shiro. But it doesn’t matter because Shiro sighs and walks him to his house. Places Keith in bed, Keith is murmuring to shiro the whole time. He misses shiro and wants him to know.
Keith tries to get shiro to stay but shiro starts leaving . Keith cries out , tells him he can’t lose shiro again that it would break him. Shiro smiles sadly taking Keith into his arms as he cries. Keith ends up crying himself to sleep.
He wakes up alone in bed. There is a cup of water next to his bed. He has no pain meds in his house or he’s sure those would be there too. He knows what he has to do. He gets in his truck and drives to shiros place.
He knocks on the door. Shiros not the one who answers , allura he thinks. He’s heard shiro talk about her. She pushes him out before closing the door. She looks furious. “ if your here to hurt shiro any more than you already have than you can just leave. “
Keith wasn’t expecting to be put on the spot. “ I-“ allura cuts him off. “ no, listen. Shiro has been through enough. Do you like him? Are you willing to show that you like him? If you can’t even accept yourself than leave. You are breaking him”
“ shiro isn’t a dirty little secret Keith. “ Keith steels himself, determined. “ I’m not here to hurt him” he looks at allura with determination. She breaks and steps aside to let him pass. “ if you do hurt him. I’ll make sure you can never find him again to hurt him”
Keith doesn’t need to be told this is his last chance. Allura leaves and he knocks on the door. The door opens “ Allura , it’s - “ he sees Keith. “ oh. Keith. “ Keith looks at shiro, a small smile on his face. He really has missed him.” Can i ... can I come in shiro?”
Shiro opens the door. Keith makes his way in. Keith is stunned, the place is trashed. Furniture is ruined there is garbage everywhere. “ oh... shiro “ shiro shuffles behind him. “ if this is about last night I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Keith. I couldn’t just leave you though. “
Keith cut him off. “Shiro please stop. You don’t have to apologize to me. I should be apologizing. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m so sorry . “ Keith’s strokes shiros cheek. Watching carefully for a rejection. “ tears already forming in his eyes”
“ I’m so sorry for pushing you away. I was afraid. But I realized if I lose you again. It will be the end for me. You are everything to me. When I pushed you out , you took a part of me. Shiro I love you and I didn’t know how that felt until I lost everything including you”
He’s crying now but continues “ I understand if you want nothing to do with me. I’ve never done anything like this before and I think it’s still overwhelming . But I know this now that I love you. “
Shiro pulls him in and brushes away his tears. “ Keith I won’t lie and say what you did didn’t hurt me. But I will never give up on you. I love you so much and I’m willing to work with you and show you anything you want.” He tilts Keith’s head up to look at him.
“ I love you and your flaws Keith and I’m not leavin” Keith holds back a sob. The fear of commitment almost taking over him. “ can I kiss you shiro?” Shiro doesn’t answer, takes his face in his hand and gives him a kiss that makes his knees weak.
I’m the end they end up getting together. Keith works on his own issues with loss and commitment. Helps shiro through his paranoia and ptsd. It’s not perfect and sometimes things go badly. But together they heal.
Keith ends up becoming friends with shiros friends and they all start to accept him. Years later gay marriage becomes legal and shiro comes home from a physical therapy and Keith drives him out to the desert , gets on his knees and asks shiro to marry him.
They were already practically married and never really planned on making it official. Shiro never expected Keith to want to. Of course he says yes. Keith ends up an advocate for drug addiction and healing in his state with shiros support.
Shiros not allowed to do much because he’s suppose to be dead to the government, so he starts writing. He writes about his nightmares and his dreams and his love. Selling enough to keep them both afloat.
They get married in the fall surrounded by friends. And pidge makes a speech about how she almost murdered Keith all those years ago, but she’s glad that she didn’t everyone laughs . Keith and shiro are finally happy with who they are and where they have gotten
The end. Thanks all for reading. I’m really shitty at writing but this got a hold of me and I couldn’t stop.i hope you liked it
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