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[#yoonjin au]

In a world where everyone has superpowers, Seokjin can read minds and Yoongi is a shapeshifter.

Yoongi works at the café across from Seokjin's bakery and, every day after his shift ends, he crosses the street to visit Jin. Not in his human form, no---but as a cat.
They like each other and think their crushes are secret, having absolutely no idea that they've already confessed to each other. Seokjin hears it in Yoongi's thoughts, and Yoongi hears it from Seokjin's own mouth bc Seokjin confides in him when he thinks he's just a stray cat.
Seokjin is used to hearing compliments from people wherever he goes. Over the years, he's managed to control his power enough that he /can/ block someone's mind so that he's not able to hear them anymore. But sometimes it's harder to get the job done, especially among crowds.
So yeah, he hears them and is used to them and, honestly, he likes them. Fortunately, most people have very nice things to think. More often than not, though, Seokjin pays little attention to the comments.

Until he meets Yoongi, the one man that always makes him freaking blush.
Seokjin remembers that first day he entered the café and while waiting in line he heard a deep voice in his head say, "what the fuck. That guy is fucking beautiful." Seokjin spluttered, discreetly looking around to see if he could find the owner of the voice. But no one was
looking at him, actually, everyone in the place was preoccupied with their own business. He shrugged, downplaying the comment. But it was hard when the voice just kept repeating "god" and "what the hell" multiple times. Seokjin tried to block it, but the voice was loud
and just on the verge of getting annoying.

Eventually, Seokjin reached the counter, and also found the source of the voice when the guy standing at the other side just stared at him instead of taking his order.

"Oh my god," Seokjin heard, even louder. "So fucking beautiful."
Those weren't words he hadn't heard before, but /the way/ in which they were said... it didn't sound like the guy was saying just because, but neither like he saw Seokjin like a piece of land he had the mission to conquer. It was sincere, and Seokjin didn't know how to react.
"Now I know how Ed Sheeran felt meeting an angel in real life. Gotta tell Joon about this."

Seokjin's ears went so red he had to resist the urge to cover them up in embarrassment. He avoided the guy's eyes and cleared his throat.
"Oh no, I'm staring. Yoongi, that's creepy, get your shit together."

Seokjin bit back a snort.

"Good morning," the guy---Yoongi---said out loud. "What would you like to order?"

And that's how it began.
Seokjin didn't come back until a week later, still feeling too shy to see him again. And with reason, because Yoongi's thoughts attacked him as soon as he walked into the café, this time saying "oh, he came back," in an almost dreamy tone. It made Seokjin smile because despite
his first reaction, Seokjin didn't think Yoongi would remember him; he must see dozens of different faces every day after all. But he did, and he seemed glad to see Seokjin again, and maybe that was what drove him to go back more frequently until it turned into a daily routine.
As weeks, and even a couple months, passed, they started talking a little more. The awkward greetings and flushed cheeks turned into small talk and fond smiles.

They learned the basics about each other: name, age, some hobbies and preferences that are mentioned in passing.
Yoongi's compliments never stop coming. Some days he would think "he looks so good today", other days his thoughts would just be a stream of "lips lips lips lips lips", making Seokjin nervously bite and lick them (maybe expecting a reaction, maybe not, who knows).
And on rare ocassions, Seokjin would hear something along the lines of "would he say yes to a date with me?" and he has to literally bite his tongue not to answer and say yes!! because he can't deny he finds Yoongi attractive too. He's cute and sweet and endearing. Seokjin would
love to have a date with him and hold his hand and kiss him.

When he hears Yoongi's voice say "fuck, I like you so much" for the first time, it's just another normal day and he's laughing at some dumb joke Yoongi has told him. The words make him freeze and he stares at Yoongi.
Yoongi's looking at him with a soft smile that morphs into a frown when Seokjin just keeps looking at him wide-eyed.

"What's wrong?" He asks, snapping Seokjin out of his stupor.

"I, um." Seokjin gulps, the hold on his cup of coffee tightening with anxiety.
"I just remembered I left a few trays of cupcakes in the oven!" Seokjin lets out a nervous laugh. "Yeah, so, I gotta go. See you tomorrow, Yoongi!"

"Oh, okay. Bye, hyung!"

Seokjin notices the confusion in Yoongi's voice before he storms out of there.
Their powers is one of the things they haven't talked about. Yoongi doesn't know Seokjin can read his mind. That's why he stays quiet and doesn't answer any of Yoongi's questions; why he hasn't said yes to a date with him.

And that's why he avoids Yoongi after his confession.
Seokjin doesn't tell anyone about his special ability unless he's close with the person and they trust him. He's learned from past experiences where people started drifting away or acting cautious around him bc they think Seokjin invades their privacy getting into their minds.
And maybe that's exactly what he's doing with Yoongi. But it's not like he can't help it, sometimes people's minds are so loud that it's not easy for Seokjin to block them. Yoongi's is one of those minds, probably bc he's usually a quiet person.
Seokjin doesn't avoid Yoongi for that long, just a few days. Admitedly, he misses him, and disappearing without any explanation isn't really a smart move. Yoongi might be wondering where he is, if he's okay.

And he's right because 4 days later, he enters the café and the first
thing he hears is---"I missed you."

Seokjin looks up and sees Yoongi watching him. He waves and Seokjin waves back, smiling softly.

He waits in line until it's his turn. Yoongi's louder than ever, but Seokjin tries to block him bc it feels so wrong snooping into his head now.
"Hi, hyung," Yoongi says when Seokjin finally reaches the counter.


"I've been wondering where you've been." Yoongi tries to sound casual as he starts making Seokjin's coffee without asking what he wants to order. He doesn't need to anymore.
"Oh just-- y'know. Been busy and tired..."

Yoongi nods, as understanding as always. "I miss-- We," he emphasizes the word, "missed you here. Jimin and I. Yeah, both."

Seokjin lets his worries go and giggles. He looks at Jimin, Yoongi's friend and co-worker, as the boy eyes
Yoongi with a judgemental stare.

"Here," Yoongi murmurs as he hands Seokjin his drink. His cheeks are dusted with pink and Seokjin mentally coos at him.

He thanks Yoongi and says goodbye to both of them. But before he opens the door to the street, Yoongi stops him.


Yoongi looks at him for a long moment. And even though Seokjin is blocking him, he hears murmurs from Yoongi's mind, debating if he should say what he wants to say or not.

In the end, he doesn't.

"Nevermind, just-- have a good day, hyung."
Seokjin pretends he doesn't notice Jimin sighing loudly.

"You too. See you both tomorrow."

And then he crosses the street and starts his workday.
Yoongi's POV

Yoongi's POV

Yoongi thinks about his plan for a couple more days before he decides definitely that he'll give it a try. Seokjin's a sweetheart after all (his loving and radiant nature is one of Yoongi's favorite things about him), there's no way he'll reject a hungry stray cat asking for food
which Yoongi obviously /isn't/, but he'll act like one. All in the name of love.


Love? Does he really love Seokjin? Is it too soon to call it that?

He sighs. Too many questions. Yoongi will think about them later. Much later.
Yoongi puts his plan in motion on one of his off days. He's up early---totally Not because he's excited, but because he's used to waking up early for work---and he leaves his shitty apartment already in the form of a cat. His fur is of a slightly dark orange color, just like
his hair in human form. This isn't the first time Yoongi turns into a cat, it's actually one of his favorite animals to transform into. He gets lots of pets and cuddles like this, without having to admit out loud that he wants them.

Conveniently, he lives close to work,
so he just walks there, crosses the street to Seokjin's bakery, sits by the door, and waits.

Yoongi's lazily licking one of his paws when Seokjin appears.


Yoongi looks up at Seokjin with his big, sparkling, feline eyes. Tries to lure him with irresistible adorableness.
He knows he succeeded when Seokjin crouches down and carefully pets one of Yoongi's ears. Yoongi leans into the touch.

"Are you lost little kitten?"

Yoongi meows pitifully. He gets bold and licks Seokjin's hand. It tastes like hand cream and Yoongi regrets doing that.
"Aw, are you hungry?"

Seokjin continues petting him softly and Yoongi can hear himself start to purr.

"Hm," Seokjin hums, looking pensive as he shifts his eyes from the cat to the bakery and back to the cat again.
Eventually, he lets out a sigh and stands up, taking a set of keys out of his pockets. "Alright, I'll see what I can get you. Wait here."

As he walks in and flips the hanging sign on the door to 'OPEN', Yoongi hears him whisper, "what am I doing talking to a cat so casually?"
And so it begins.

Yoongi starts going as often as he can. When he has a day off, he goes early and spends more time with Seokjin. When he works, he goes after and stays for at least an hour.

At first, Seokjin doesn't let him go inside, but weeks pass and the colder days come,
which means Seokjin can't just let that poor, adorable cat freeze out there. He takes Yoongi in one day, surprisingly noticing he's actually pretty clean for a stray cat. Logically, if he's clean as a human, he'll be clean as whatever form he takes. But Seokjin doesn't know that.
From that day on, Seokjin opens the door for Yoongi as soon as he spots the cat outside the window. The only conditions are that Yoongi stays away from the kitchen at the back and the counter where all the pastries are displayed for the customers.
And because Seokjin manages the bakery alone, he doesn't have many people to talk to while at work, except for a few clients that seem to be regulars. So he starts talking to Yoongi.

And the funniest part is, he starts talking to Yoongi... /about Yoongi/.
It seems Seokjin has the sweetest things to say about Yoongi, and if he didn't look like a cat whenever he heard them, Yoongi would blush at all of them.

He almost doesn't understand how Seokjin can talk about him like that, like Yoongi's the literal sun. Yoongi doesn't feel
as special as Seokjin makes him out to be. He's had past relationships with really nice and sweet people, and they had their own compliments for Yoongi, but Seokjin---

Seokjin is different. There's a sincerity and amazement in his voice that makes Yoongi feel /something/.
It's something very new and, therefore, scary. But not enough to make Yoongi want to run away from it.

It's something scary, but Yoongi could probably tame the fear. If only for a chance with Seokjin.

And yes, he's whipped, but Seokjin's an incredible man. No one can blame him.
All is well and perfect until Seokjin has some terrible ideas.
And decides to confess his feelings out loud.

The next day, Seokjin visits the café like usual. Yoongi isn’t there, and Jimin tells him he called in sick when Seokjin asks about it.

"He said he had an upset stomach. Probably something he ate."


Now is when Seokjin regrets being a coward and never asking for
Yoongi's number. He could've sent him a get well soon message.

Jimin is almost done with his coffee when he remembers something.

"Jiminie, you like cats, right?"

Jimin gasps cutely. "I /love/ them, hyung! Why? Do you have one to gift me?"
The bright smile on Jimin's face makes Seokjin want to give him all the cats in the world.

"Actually, yes. His name is August. He's a stray and comes to the bakery often." Seokjin can't help but smile fondly as he talks about his feline friend.

Jimin tilts his head to the side.
"What does he look like?"

"Uhh orange fur, with some white parts, like, his face and the legs... he looks very round but that's all hair, it makes him look bigger than he is," Seokjin chuckles. "Also, he likes cuddles a little too much."

When Jimin hands him his coffee,
his movements are robotic and the expression on his face unreadable. Seokjin is almost tempted to unleash his power and read his mind.

Then, with a scowl Jimin murmurs, "I can't fucking believe him."

"What?" Seokjin asks confused.

Jimin shakes his head. "Nothing."
His smile this time looks very unconvincing, but Jimin doesn't give Seokjin time to think about it before saying that he'll have to ask his roommate if they're okay with Jimin bringing home a pet.

Seokjin understands and after that, they say goodbye and he leaves to work.
[a/n: in case it's confusing, this part in jin's pov happens during that week that "august" doesn't come back to the bakery]
Seokjin gets busy with work and family stuff for the rest of the week and doesn’t get to see Yoongi for some days. He doesn’t see August either, and he gets worried. But he has too much in his head to dwell on that for too long. He just hopes that both of them are fine.
It’s Monday, the start of a new week, when Seokjin enters the coffee shop again. And the first thing he hears Yoongi’s voice say is “oh fuck, no, no, no, he’s here again”, which━

Well. Ouch.

Does Yoongi not want to see him?
Yoongi acts panicky the whole time. His mind is louder than ever and all his thoughts are rumbles. Seokjin can’t even understand what’s going on in there.

At one point, he hastily asks Jimin to cover for him because he needs to use the bathroom, and then literally escapes.
“This hyung is an idiot,” Jimin thinks, and Seokjin kind of wants to agree.

“Sorry, Jin-hyung,” Jimin says aloud now. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him, to be honest.”

Seokjin shakes his head. "It's fine."
When Seokjin’s about to leave with his warm and fresh coffee in hand, he remembers.

“Oh, right! Did you ask your roommate? About taking August home, I mean."

And just then, Yoongi appears back behind Jimin. His mouth is half open and his eyes show... fear? Seokjin frowns.
“Yeah, sorry, hyung. I won’t be able to keep him. They turned out to be allergic to cats."

Seokjin can't help the pout on his lips.

"But I’ll talk to a friend of mine that will surely like to have him.” Jimin turns to Yoongi as he says this,
giving him a smile that looks like he should be afraid.

Maybe Seokjin should just leave them to it.

He thanks Jimin anyway for at least considering his offer before the younger has to keep working. Seokjin doesn't leave immediately. He stops for a moment, staring at Yoongi.
His mind appears to be blank only until Seokjin hears a quiet “go, please” that sends another pang to his chest.

“Bye, Yoongi." He doesn’t even wait for a reply before he’s turning away and leaving.

As he's crossing the street, Seokjin wonders what the hell he did wrong.
Later that night, when Yoongi’s back home after having dinner with Taehyung and Jimin, mind much more relaxed and clear, he makes a decision.

"August" will visit Seokjin one more time.

Just one.
Yoongi knows Seokjin must be worried about him, and he just wants to reassure him that his cat friend is still okay.

He'll go, stay just for a little while, and then come back home to prepare himself for the Big Talk with Seokjin the next day.

That's the plan.
(Ok, maybe Yoongi also wants to go one more time to enjoy Seokjin's pampering for the last time. Just in case Seokjin doesn't want to see him anymore after he admits to be August. But no one has to know that little detail).
So on Tuesday's afternoon the day is a bit cold but Yoongi is there, outside the bakery's window waiting for Seokjin to let him in. He's nervous, even in his cat form. Seokjin hasn't appeared in the café that morning, so Yoongi can guess he's still upset.
Seokjin notices him when an elderly woman is walking out. He smiles, quickly coming to the door to open it wider and invite "August" to enter. After he closes it behind them, Seokjin squats down and with gentle fingers fondles Yoongi's ears.

"I've missed you, lil meow meow."
Yoongi wants to shoot him a glare because of the new nickname but---he's missed Seokjin, too. So he lets it slide and nuzzles the palm of Seokjin's hand, hoping he understands.

"Come here," Seokjin says, picking him up in his arms.

If Yoongi was in his human form, he would cry.
The joy of being in Seokjin's arms, the warmth that floods his body every time, the way Seokjin holds him so dearly... Yoongi's going to miss it all. He feels safe and cherished and he doesn't want to let this go, but he has to. This has to stop before he messes it up further.
Yoongi lets himself enjoy the couple of hours he spends there like it was any other normal day. He lies on the floor close to Seokjin's feet, stays close to him at all times, plays with the ties of his shoes, and even takes a small nap on his lap.
But there's something that's bothering Yoongi, and that's how quiet Seokjin is.

Sure, he still smiles for his customers and speaks to them with a high spirit but, as soon as they leave, Yoongi notices none of that reaches his eyes. He looks too deep in his own thoughts.
Yoongi is stretching his limbs, still a little groggy from his nap, thinking that time's up and he should get going already, when Seokjin finaly speaks up about what has him looking so down.

"August, I'll tell you another secret."
"I can read people's minds," Seokjin says.

Yoongi stops where he's licking his paw in the older's lap, his ears perking up at the reveal.

"I've read Yoongi's mind since the day we met. And I found out he likes me months ago."

Yoongi slowly looks up at him.
"It's so hard to block out his thoughts, y'know? His mind is loud and---" Seokjin huffs. "Not gonna lie, I like hearing them. His words make me feel special, and that's... nice. It feels good."

He breathes in deeply, fidgeting fingers starting to play with the hem of his apron.
"But I feel so guilty. I shouldn't enjoy hearing his thoughts, I--"

A bit of silence. Seokjin's eyes look distant and Yoongi believes he's letting out a lot of feelings and worries he's been too afraid to mention out loud.
"I wanna tell him," Seokjin continues, "about my power and that I like him too. But I'm so scared of how he'll react. I've been reading his mind for so long while he had no idea. People don't like that," he chuckles bitterly. "From experience, I know they don't like it at all."
Another bit of silence.

"I don't know why he acted so cold yesterday. It hurt and I'm still upset, but who knows," he shrugs, "maybe I kinda deserve it?"

Yoongi meows loudly, the protest escaping his mouth before he could even think about stopping it. Not that he would, anyway.
Seokjin looks down at him, at August, and he meows again, finally earning a soft smile.

Yoongi isn't mad. Actually, he's still trying to process all this information and doesn't exactly know how to feel. But Seokjin is sad, and what Yoongi does know is that he doesn't like that.
"August... should I tell him?" Seokjin asks quietly.

And yes, he should. There's a lot more they have to talk about than what Yoongi initially thought. But he can't tell Seokjin that now, so "August" just nuzzles Seokjin's stomach and hopes he's giving some type of comfort.
After only a few more minutes, Yoongi climbs down from Seokjin's legs and pads over to the exit. Seokjin opens the door for him and Yoongi quickly makes his way back home.

He has a lot to think about.
When Yoongi gets home, goes back to be a human, and takes a shower, he texts Namjoon. Because he needs to vent. He needs to talk and be listened to and given wise advice and---he just needs his best friend.
Namjoon comes with food and alcohol, and Yoongi tells him everything. From what happened earlier to all the mixed feelings he's harboring in his heart. Namjoon listens, lets him finish before he speaks, like he always does because he’s simply the best friend one could ask for.
"What?" Yoongi asks when he's done and notices the calculating look Namjoon is giving him.

"There's," he gestures the air around Yoongi, "an ugly gray color around you right now and I don't like it. A bit of red, too."

"Which means...?"

"You're sad," Namjoon answers fast.
"And maybe a little... angry? Irritated? Nervous?"

"Nervous," Yoongi confirms, slumping against the back of the couch while he takes a large gulp of soju straight from the bottle. "I'm not mad at him. How could I be when I'm less than innocent?"

"Not even a tiny bit irritated?"
Yoongi ponders.

"Both of us did everything wrong and turned this into a mess, even if he doesn't know it."

"Yet." Namjoon gives him a pointed look.

"Yet." Yoongi nods. "So if I'm irritated is not only at him, but at myself too. At this whole situation."
Namjoon hums and scoots closer to pat Yoongi on his thigh. "When are you telling him?"

Yoongi shrugs. "Tomorrow? I don't know, I'm nervous and scared, what if he hates me?"

Namjoon frowns deeply and squeezes his knee. "It's getting darker. Stop thinking like that, hyung."
"I'm just scared!"

Namjoon sighs, and then murmurs what sounds like 'where's Taehyung when you most need him?' before he promptly grabs Yoongi's free hand in his.

Yoongi wants to laugh at the pink in his cheeks, but he can feel himself blushing too. They're not used to this.
Namjoon clears his throat.

"Hyung, you said it yourself: both of you are at fault. You made your mistakes, he made his, and it's okay because that's a very human thing to do. You need to talk and solve this /together/, yeah?"

Yoongi hesitantly nods. "Yeah, you-- you're right."
"You'll be fine, hyung. I'm sure you two will be okay. And I'll be supporting you from wherever I am when you decide to tell him." Namjoon smiles warmly and squeezes his hand.

Yoongi can't help but to smile back. Definitely the best friend one could ask for. "Thank you, Joonie."
The next day, on Wednesday, Yoongi goes to work with a light hangover and he can't think of much else than go home and sleep. Seokjin, once again, doesn't go to the café; neither does he on Thursday.

But on Friday, just as Yoongi's shift is coming to an end, Seokjin appears.
And that's when Yoongi decides: it's now or never.

"Hyung," he calls out when Seokjin already has his cup of coffee in his hands and is about to leave.

Seokjin halts and vacillates a little before asking, "Yes, Yoongi?"

"I need to tell you something."
Seokjin’s eyebrows disappear under his fringe as his mouth hangs half open. It's silent until he looks around and Yoongi notices that he's managed to catch everyone's attention. Right, they need privacy for this.

“What time do you close the bakery?” He asks.
Seokjin still looks confused but he answers nonetheless. “8 pm.”

“Can I... go pick you up then so we can talk?”

Yoongi's fingers tap on the counter as he waits for Seokjin's reply, nervousness shining through.

(Please, say yes. Please, say yes. Please--)

Yoongi's eyes widen and a quiet gasp escapes his lips, a small grin curving them after. He nods, feeling enthusiastic all of a sudden.

"Ok, um, see you later then. Have a good day, hyungie."

Seokjin looks at him for a second too long before he tentatively smiles back.
20 mins later, Yoongi and Jimin leave the café with Taehyung that came to pick the latter up.

"Wanna have lunch with us, hyung?" Jimin asks, probably noticing how anxious Yoongi looks.

He snorts.

“And be the third wheel while you two make out in front of me? No, thank you.”
Taehyung has the decency to look embarrassed. Jimin, on the other hand---

"We like a bit of exhibitionism," he shrugs, "sorry?"

Yoongi groans while Taehyung splutters, "Jimin!"

Jimin laughs, naturally leaning onto his boyfriend, and kisses his cheek as an apology.
They ask Yoongi if he's sure he doesn't want to come with them but Yoongi declines again before they bid their farewells.

He's taken only two steps in the opposite direction when someone grabs his arm. He turns around and sees it's Taehyung, looking strangely serious.
“What's wrong, Tae?”

Taehyung lets go of his arm and clears his throat. “Yoongi hyung, you know I can’t tell you much but... everything will be fine. Don’t worry.”

Yoongi stares, intrigued and tempted to ask. But he knows better than to do that.
Taehyung might give you hints, be cryptic about the future he's seen, but he never answers questions. He never lets anyone know too much, not even Jimin.

So Yoongi just says thank you and finally goes home after both Taehyung and Jimin have wished him good luck.
Yoongi is expectant and restless for the rest of the day, pacing around his small apartment until the clock says is 7:40 pm and he finally leaves. He doesn't prepare a speech or anything because he knows he'll forget it all by the time Seokjin is in front of him, ready to listen.
He gets there just as Seokjin is locking the door to his shop. Yoongi waits with his hands in his pockets so the older doesn't notice how fidgety his fingers are. When Seokjin's done, Yoongi not only hears the sigh he lets out, he sees it in the movement of his shoulders.
Seokjin turns around and walks closer to Yoongi until they're face to face and ready (are they really?) to talk. The tension is palpable. Even tho Seokjin still has no idea that Yoongi knows his secret, there's an unresolved tension that gets heavier by the second. And yet---
Yoongi can't help but think Seokjin looks beautiful tonight. He's nervous, most likely because he doesn't know what to expect. Yoongi's been keeping his mind quiet since the morning, careful not to reveal anything. But even now, with rosy cheeks and blinking hard, he's beautiful.
With this messy situation, Yoongi realizes it's been long since he looked, /really/ looked, at Seokjin. It's been long since he's seen him genuinely smile. He wants to reassure him, tightly hold his hand and tell him he shouldn't be scared bc Yoongi still likes him so, so much.
But first things first.

"So... what did you want to tell me?" Seokjin asks, getting antsy.

Yoongi takes a deep breath. He doesn't think there's really a right point to start the whole explanation, so he figures he'll start with the first truth.

"I'm a shapeshifter."
Seokjin tilts his head, frowning deeply. "Uh... okay?"

Yoongi starts shaking his head. Ok then, the second truth. "No, hyung, listen--"

A short pause. And then---

"I'm August."
The tension breaks, getting replaced by a dead silence between them. There's a few people wandering the streets but Yoongi and Seokjin are deaf to the sound of their voices and steps. They stare for long moments, until Seokjin finally snaps out of it.

"That's not funny, Yoongi."
Yoongi's shoulders sag. Great, he's in denial.

"I'm not lying, hyung. How would I even know about August?"

"I told Jimin about him!"

Yoongi sighs loudly. "I'm not lying," he repeats. "Not anymore."

Seokjin closes his eyes, rubbing his forehead, and Yoongi seizes the chance.
"I know you can read minds, hyung," he says.

Seokjin gaps and quickly looks up at him, wide-eyed and with his mouth half open, because Yoongi didn't say that out loud.


"I can shapeshifts right here in front of you if you want."
Seokjin looks at him. "Tell me something I only told him."

Yoongi instantly blushes. "Oh, um, well..." he subconsciously starts scratching his neck. "You... talked a lot about me. About... my hands and my voi--"

"Oh my god."

Seokjin suddenly looks like he wants to run away.
Yoongi graps his wrist just in case and Seokjin immediately tries to escape.

"No, please let me go--"


"This is so embarrassing!!"


"I wanna go hide and never come b--"


Yoongi doesn't think before he grabs Seokjin's face between his hands.
Seokjin's cheeks are cold but his skin is so soft and nice, Yoongi fights the urge to caressing it. His lips are squished and look fuller than normal and Yoongi wants to kiss them so bad.



"I heard that."

Oops, he was caught off guard.
Yoongi lets go of Seokjin as if he's been burned and coughs awkwardly.

"Sorry for yelling," he murmurs. "Just wanted you to calm down."

"I'm sorry too, for freaking out like that. It's just a lot to take in. And terribly embarrassing, I can't--"

"Don't worry about that now,
there's a lot more we need to talk about. Properly."

Seokjin nods slowly, looking up at the sky. He looks doubtful, like he doesn't want to talk about more serious stuff, though he knows he has to.

"Seokjin," Yoongi calls softly.
Seokjin looks down at him and waits. Yoongi's thankful he ignores the lack of honorific.

"I'm not mad at you," he simply states.

But Seokjin understands, his eyes turning slightly watery. He blinks rapidly to get rid of it.

"Can we go to a bar? I think I'll need the alcohol."
to delete // that is ALL for today, folks. this update got really out of hand,,, but look how much dumb & dumber progressed :,) next update will be the last, this time i'm Sure.

now i need to sleep it's 6:30 am jjsjsjj tell me your thoughts?curiouscat.me/goldensin
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