1. #QAnon, If you're jumping OFF the #TrumpTrain, you were never on it to begin with. If you think this was just about a wall, you never understood #QDrops! The wall is paid for. The shutdown was about OPTICS! #TrumpWins again! Here's every #Q drop about the wall. LEARN THEM!
2. Drop #85. qmap.pub/read/85
"Who funds MS13?
Why did BO instruct HS & BP to release MS13 captures at the border?
What agency has direct ties to (2) major drug cartels?
Why is AG Sessions / POTUS prioritizing the removal of MS13?
Why is AG Sessions / POTUS prioritizing..
3. ...building the wall?
Who do you hire for a hit?
Who can be eliminated after the job is complete?
Seth Rich.
Who was found dead (2) shortly after his murder?
What affiliation did they have?

MS13 is a WORLDWIDE gang. Important to know.
4. Who funds them? foxbusiness.com/features/how-m…

There's also a group called the Pakistani Inter Intelligence Service, noted by qntmpkts.keybase.pub/?q=wall in the answers section of drop 85.

There are plenty of articles depicting how the ClA has trained them for guerrilla warfare.
5. Apparently there are videos, on a dark web perhaps, of the ClA training MS13 members on guerrilla warfare. One of the most highly trained organizations in the world, are teaching rogue and dangerous gang members how to launch a war on our streets! givingpsychologyaway.com/?p=697
6. There's also a lot of talk about how the gang itself was made possible by a ClA funded civil war in El Salvador that drove thousands of teenagers out of the country, who took refuge in the US. They were protected as "refugees" in many cases. Strange?
7. This article cites whistleblower testimony of one case where over a dozen MS13 teenage gang members were captured at our border, then the BHO admin dispersed them throughout the US in foster homes and such. Purposely "deploying" them into the US.

8. "What agency has direct ties to (2) major drug cartels?" Q asks.

The ClA have been tied heavily to central and south american drug cartels for decades. I myself have documented how the Contra Affair consisted of the agency providing support to traffic drugs into the US.
9. Here's the thread I posted about just about everything tied to ClA crimes that have shaped our history and our country. That thread covers a tremendous amount of issues, but the ClA cartel agreements are in there as well.

10. Robert Nieves sat in a congressional hearing, behind two "whistleblowers" into the CFoundation. He's one of the BIGGEST players in the Iran-Contra affair AND while working with the (D)ead (E)nd (A)gency, ALLOWED sex trafficking of women and children!

11. "Why is AG Sessions / POTUS prioritizing the removal of MS13?"

They're going after this gang because they're aware of just how much MS13 means to the #DeepState. The gang provides hit men, guns, sex and slave trafficking, drugs, AND, they're completely disposable!
12. "Why is AG Sessions / POTUS prioritizing building the wall?"

Because the wall will SIGNIFICANTLY hamper the operations of MS13. It will stop their freedom to simply cross into the country, OR BACK OUT! The wall will also stop all people FLEEING the US when they are pursued.
13. "Immigration? Drugs? Who do you hire for a hit? Who can be eliminated after the job is complete?" - Untraceable people! Most operate under an alias. Immigration policies have been arranged just right to allow all these people in, and all their criminal activities!
14. They can be eliminated with nobody knowing they're even missing! They're ghosts!

"Seth Rich.
Who was found dead (2) shortly after his murder?
What affiliation did they have?

Q gives a major intel drop. Seth Rich was murdered by MS13 members...who were then...
15. ...killed the next day to tie up all ends. For some reason that case is CLASSIFIED! Why? Who cares about a couple dead bangers? Can they be tied to Rich's murder? "Rafael Aguilar and Carmelo Marmolejo-Calixto, found in Myrtle Beach, SC, next day after Seth Rich's death"
16. "April [A]. IG report. Sessions public attack. RR problems. Seals broken. [A]rrests. Why was Huber made public? Why now? Everything has meaning. [A]wan. Tarmac. Iran. NK. U1. FBI. DOJ. Mueller. Election Integrity. Immigration Bill. Border. Wall. Military start. BIG month.
17. That's drop #988 qmap.pub/read/988 . Couple things:
Seals broken - Biblical reference anybody! When the seals are broken in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, the end is near.
[A]rrests - Who was arrested?
Huber made public - For purposes of panic? Teaser?
18. [A]wan - A is bracketed, just like arrests.
Immigration Bill. Border. Wall. Military Start. BIG month. - Drop is from April 2018. Is Q telling us that is when the military began its arrests and involvement? Tribunals initiated? Awan in GITMO? BIG = 297

So much more here.
19. Drop #1009 quotes #1008 and provides more info. qmap.pub/read/1009

"Troops to Border.
Clown Black Ops.
Private funds.
Raised how?
Troops @ Border does what?
To who?
D's involved.
MS_13/Illegals road block.
Sex traffic road block.
Children road block.
20. Drugs road block.
Guns road block.
China/Russia pass-through-intel-pull road block.
Name we don't say AZ road block.
Jeff Flake AZ road block.
Big money TERMINATE.
The WALL means more than you know.
The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more.

Read that drop!
21. This border issue is MASSIVE! It is nearly self explanatory. But pay attention, "The WALL means more than you know." "The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more."

Is DJT going to cave on something that is so vitally important? Really? THINK! What happened during shutdown?
22. The shutdown effected approximately 25% of the government. NOT ALL OF IT. The parts that were effected, effected 800,000 workers. Many services were discontinued. Money was cut off from certain services. Invalid programs were exposed! Democrats were exposed as un-American!
23. Pelosi was outed as un-American! Five billion is NOTHING compared to the entire budget. She proved she was about something OTHER than America's well being and America's security was meaningless to her. DJT did not cave, the objective was accomplished. And, don't forget!
24. #Anons exposed the set up for #MLKWeekend to produce #PresidentPelosi! The terrorist was arrested, the references for Hamilton and Lincoln were outed. HRC's "Don't throw away your shot" made it all too clear! DJT grounded NP as she tried to flee, showing her he knew!
25. Here's my thread on that event. I'm aware I made some grammatical errors, and it was Desert Storm that started on MO's birthday in '91, not Iraqi Freedom. I was working in between researching and writing and I got a little sloppy. My apologies.
26. In my defense, even Q has to make some additions or adjustments at times :) qmap.pub/read/1111


As of April 9th, the military had already started on the wall!

"Amazing coincidence.
+ Military start / wall.
You have more than you know.
Reason we are here MORE."
27. And NOW we get to the grit! qmap.pub/read/2579
On December 11th, Q posts a few articles showing that DJT is "threatening" to use the military to build the wall. Fact is, as of April 9th, they've been actively working the border and building the wall! FACT!
28. And, the mother of all confirmations that the wall is being built by the Army Corps of Engineers! qmap.pub/read/2582

This was ALL optics Anons! If you have followed the drops, the intel, the budget package, the EVERYTHING, you would know, Trump already has his wall!
29. There is obviously still sections to be built, but since April, the wall has been going up! This was ALL about exposing DEMS, cutting funding to certain government sections, keeping people away from seeing what's happening, etc. It was also about exposing a plot!
30. NPelosi's power play exposed her as a dictator, an opposition that has no concern for American security or national security. So, DJT gets his wall, he gets his #StateOfTheUnionAddress, and he wins in so many other areas! Wait till he tells the nation, the wall is done!
31. "You didn't think the largest MIL spending bill in history (FY 2019) wasn't going to [indirectly] include funding for the wall did you?
Learn the Constitution re: vested powers of POTUS re: matters of NAT SEC." - Q

See, the funding and the construction was already covered!
32. "This was planned and forecasted as the 'border funding' solution from the beginning." - Q

Do you see? Folks, when we are told to trust the plan, it doesn't mean to jump on the T-Train when it goes the way you want with a wide open sunny day. It means, commit to America!
33. Do you understand? How much more clear and open does he have to be? POTUS' own words!!! The wall is already being built and some sections being renovated. HE TOLD YOU STRAIGHT OUT!

How can anybody be doubting at this hour???

34. That's it folks. Hope you are aware, we are on the winning side. And there's no getting off and on this train. We are it! We're a team of the most PATRIOTIC people in America, working to understand, to expose, to encourage and to preserve. #KeepTheFaith #TrustThePlan!

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