💥BOOM💥At 5:01pm on Election Day, Trump was down in 8 of 11 key battleground states. He wasn’t allowed to, but Chris Vlatso at ABC called David Bossie to let him know. Next thing you know... Trump’s numbers start to rise. ELECTION INTERFERENCE ⁉️politico.com/story/2017/12/…
🔥🗳🔥The reason propriety exit poll data is not given to campaigns is it can be used to interfere w a campaign that still has hours to go. What did Lewandowski & Bossie do w the data? They gave it to Bannon, Kushner and Priebus...What are the chances it was used nefariously⁉️
🤔The numbers were so bad that they were calling it a “kill shot” and were convinced they had lost.. Miraculously, like in so many other elections that ended up w Republican wins, the numbers looked different as the night wore on...
😲Why did Vlatso give Bossie polling data⁉️They were friends from way back👇 Apparently, Vlatso was going to be rewarded w a communications job at the White House w Trump if he won...
🔑Why might Vlasto give Trump’s Team propriety data⁉️ “Vlasto had a history of doing tough (if sometimes less than airtight) reporting on the Clintons” and worked on Kenneth Starr’s team and printed the salacious details of semen on Lewinskys blue dress... romper.com/p/who-is-chris…
🔥Chris Vlasto and Jackie Judd wrote that Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were “caught in an intimate encounter in a private area of the White House” which was NOT true. cc @ZevShalev
💥🗳💥One month after Vlasto gave the Trump Campaign secret polling info that he was LOSING the election, he was offered a position as the Sr White House Communications Dir. Nobody seemed to care that his data was wrong - get it? Vlasto gave them the map to “fix” the votes‼️
🤔Ask yourself this... given everything we know about our voting machines and everything that we haven’t been told yet about Russia’s efforts to get Trump elected - that it was impossible for Russia to screw w 107K votes out of 120M in order to ensure Trump was President⁉️
🔥Vlatso’s release of exit poll data to Trump’s campaign, is more egregious than I guessed. They must have planned this in advance as a back up if Trump was behind because he released data 60 seconds after his phone 📱 was returned from a Quarantine Room😳 🎩 tip @myrubypearl
If Vlasto notifies the Trump Campaign at 5:01pm ET - 3:01pm CST that they were losing- could they have bought last minute ads or targeted a ‘get out the vote’ GOTV for certain precincts⁉️Could Mueller look at the last minute ad buys?🤔They had hours left before polls closed...
🗳I’m wondering if voting machines or tabulating computers were hacked and this particular information helped flip votes, or maybe pre-prepared fake absentee ballots were added to the picture🤔Whatever happened- Trumps numbers started rising 😳
🔥🗳🔥The odds that Trump could win given the exit poll data at 5:01pm were implausible. They called it the “Trump Shift - we call it “cheating”.
Can’t believe the GRU can hack voter equipment ⁉️Hacking our electrical grid, infrastructure, nuclear facilities, the White House- is what they do for a living. Look who’s at this hacker conference👇They are listed on Mueller’s indictments💥
🔥Cohen and Tony Fabrizio fabricated polls to give the false illusion that Trump could win. They set us up to believe he might win so we wouldn’t question the hack when it happened‼️In the article Roger Stone sent to Guccifer he said: I predicted Trump would lead in the polls...
💥How did they KNOW that their hacking scheme would work⁉️As alluded to by Roger Stone, they practiced on the Sanders- Clinton Primary race in Michigan where AGAINST 99% ODDS, Sanders won💥
🔥The Trump campaign, Russia and right wing media concocted a FAKE NEWS story that @HillaryClinton manipulated the primary election against Bernie Sanders when the truth is, they were setting her up and running a test run for the Presidential election‼️ politico.com/story/2016/03/…
🔥🚬🔥Roger Stone outlines the hacking of our election in this article he wrote for The Hill. He asked GUCCIFER AKA the RU GRU to re- post it and Stone obtained Russia’s help in executing it. Please see the entire thread👇@FBI @Comey
🔥Each day we learn more about this massive conspiracy and coup on our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of Govt. Remember when Trump & Bannon said they wanted to burn the Administrative State to the ground⁉️BINGO ✅ 🎩 tip @spury2000
🔥😳🔥Interesting that swing states used VR Systems voter equipment and it was also the company named in the NSA docs that Reality Winner leaked! See this NOW‼️ cc @saill @jennycohn1 @KamalaHarris @realShawnEib medium.com/@saillwhite/th…
🔥🗳🔥ALL the major voting equipment is owned by right wing conservatives w ties to CNP‼️
💥BOOM💥THIS is Kushner’s publication coordinating DIRECTLY w GUCCIFER AKA Russian GRU‼️They were fomenting anger of Bernie Sanders supporters by accusing @HillaryClinton of stealing the Primary -when in fact it was a RUSSIAN & Trump campaign op‼️
😡It’s so interesting to read @observer articles realizing that they were part of the Russian GRU and @GOP effort to discredit @HillaryClinton. Many of us were well aware and reporting the RU plan to dismantle our Democracy and being discredited for it🔥observer.com/2016/09/dont-l…

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Feb 22
🔥Has everyone forgotten about the Mueller report⁉️ Kilimnik- a Russian GRU agent presented a peace plan for RU -Ukraine that benefitted Putin. Kilimnik received U.S. poll data for RU to install his puppet.
🚨Putin is pissed that he didn’t get Ukraine while Trump was in office. The Mueller report laid it out.👇The coup to keep Trump in power failed. Now Putin’s only hope is to take it by force since Biden can’t be bribed.
⚠️ Step by step Putin will occupy all of Ukraine. His goal is a new world order.
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Feb 20
🙌 The tweet that saved America👇John Eastman was Judge Luttig’s law clerk. Luttig posted a thread to tell @Mike_Pence that Eastman’s legal argument was bullsh*t.
🗳 Here’s the story how Judge Luttig received an emergency call from Richard Cullen who thought Pence would listen to his legal argument about how rejecting electoral votes was NOT legal. politico.com/news/2022/02/1…
😲Judge Luttig decides he will tweet out his opinion on Twitter in order to circumvent the coup - but he opened a Twitter account a few weeks ago and didn’t know how to use it! He ends up calling his “tech son who works for Peter Thiel” to learn how to tweet a thread!
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Feb 19
🔥Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell associate Jean-Luc Brunel - also accused of sex trafficking and child rape - has been found dead in his cell independent.co.uk/news/world/eur…
🔥In official records, Steve Mnuchin - @stevenmnuchin1 was listed as the official state point of contact for Next Management Corporation, a company formed in 1988 by modeling-industry insiders Jean-Luc Brunel and Arnaud Brunel.
🔥Mnuchin is friends of Faith Kates, the co- founder with Brunel of Next modeling agency. @60Minutes produced a documentary accusing Brunel of drugging and raping models. Brunel scouted models and underage girls across the world for pedophiles and agencies.
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Feb 17
🔑Maybe we should ask Erik Prince why his sister’s Spectrum servers were exchanging data w Alfa Bank and Trump servers. Prince wanted to run Trumps private intel agency and they would need a Russian back channel. @jennycohn1 @emptywheel @VickerySec @adamgoldmanNYT @normative
🤔Remember when Mikhail Lesin founder of RT, was murdered the evening before he was going to testify to Congress? He was supposed to go to Petr Aven - President of Alfa Bank - award dinner but missed it because he was murdered. I wonder what he knew?
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Feb 16
WHOA🔥OMG‼️Look what Trump accidentally provided!!! Mazars wrote that Donald Trump provided financial information that DEPARTED from standard accounting principles accepted in the United States‼️LOOK AT THE NOTES 📝 Trump f**ked himself by posting this. cc @glennkirschner2
👁 “As discussed in notes 3,4,5 and 6, several of the values expressed have been based on future interests…” They go on to say that it is NOT standard accounting practices in the U.S.
🔥Mazars: The accompanying statement of financial condition does NOT include the REQUIRED summarized disclosures and reports … in a manner that separately states gross assets and liabilities and certain cash positions separately from related operating entity. 🤣
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Feb 8
🔥I am old enough to remember when MAGA and Right Wing Media were erroneously blaming President Biden for empty shelves and supply chain issues… Now they are supporting and funding the anti- vax Canadian #FreedomConvoy2022 🙄
🔥@FoxNews is endlessly talking about how giving water or food to the truckers is illegal- but they supported making it illegal to hand out water to voters….
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