after going through the likes and replies on a few bluecheck journalists tweets i have to say im actually shocked at the degree to which they dont understand why normal people might dislike them. they literally dont get it at all.
this is in a sense not surprising. its important to remember that a tautological aspect of their worldview is that we (normal nationalist people) are completely insane and evil, so the idea that we could be saying something true or worthwhile would never occur to them.
i used to live in a few liberal hot spots and i used to know some people like this. everything is reasoned backwards from an already drawn conclusion that X person is bad, so theyre actually precluded from interacting with reality. its actually impossible to talk to them.
i suppose since im just waking up and im stuck somewhere before i can hit the books (i.e hop into graphic design and art world, a skill that is semi-superfluous but does being joy and value to people, unlike opinion journalism) i will briefly explain if any of them care to read.
imagine there is some social gathering. i see the modern opinion journalist as someone who walks into the party just before i do and yells, “hey everyone, this guy about to come in is completely insane. hes hate filled, hes racist, hes a white supremacist, just so you know”.
well, then when i walk into the party, theres really no way i could ever have a normal interaction with anyone there. i could spend a long time explaining why that isnt true, but people will always have some weird vibe on me that will never really wash away.
thats basically what the last few years of my life have been, since 2015. back then if i met someone and they found out i liked brexit or had a non-liberal opinion about the migrant crisis, i could see a light go off in their head. theyd think “oh, i heard about people like this”
“this is one of those hyper racist crazy people i heard about...”. this makes real discussion of serious issues impossible because then i have to spend the whole conversation exorcising this spectre and it never really goes away. the well is completely poisoned.
they pump out this well poisoning nonsense 24/7 all the time on every platform possible. i actually had family members ask me if i was a white supremacist (ones that didnt know much about me). this isnt something a normal person would think of, its planted into them systemically.
these opinion journalists build this noetic artifice up in peoples brains, they abuse their natural sense of compassion and empathy to construct a house of horrors in the mind of normal people and force them to live in this dark mansion. they systematically change their worldview
the average normal person cant ignore a deep implicit narrative thats being blasted at them on facebook and snapchat and on every tv channel and on the radio and on the newspaper when they go to get a sandwich at the deli. they just cant, it would be virtually impossible.
so in a very real sense these opinion journalists are poisoning the mind of the nation. theyre always there, talking to your mom, talking to your sister, talking to your friends daughter, pounding their hyper focused narrative right in their ear all the time - it never stops.
this makes it so normal people cant talk to each other about the most serious issues facing our world and nation because if you dont have the same opinion as these urban mega-liberals you risk total and complete social ostracism, you basically risk everything.
wow its so weird that people are going underground. its so weird that people are getting sucked into radical politics. its so weird that there suddenly seems to be all this stuff lurking under the surface in our culture. well the explanation for this is extremely obvious.
these opinion journalists have literally made it unsafe to express non-mainstream opinions. talk to older people and hear that people that had different political opinions used to not always see each other as the absolute manifestation of pure evil. it wasnt always like this.
they have made it this way, intentionally. ive been forced to live in their sick world because they control the airwaves. ive had to radically alter my life to get away from this madness - but you cant really get away. its always there. why should we have to live like this?
basically, no one asked to live under the ideological tyranny of a handful of NYU grads + their corporate overlords so, it should be no surprise that theres a popular revolt happening against them. hope some bluecheck reads this+ sees the light but obviously i wont hold my breath
ill presumably link opinion journalists here if i see them wondering why anyone could ever have a problem w them so if any of them have actually read this far please consider that a huge number of people in the western world feel this way to some degree, this isnt a fluke: its u
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