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Hey folks it's Saturday night and that means it's part 12 of my crystals of #StevenUniverse series

But don't forget I'm live for #TarotCards anytime as I'm saving up for medical expenses that are coming up.

Will be here from 9pm GMT so please join me 💜
Before I continue onto part 12 I want to post the link for part 11 of my crystals of #StevenUniverse series

Okay folks the time is just after 9pm GMT Saturday 26th of January 2019 & I'm starting part 12 of my #crystals of #StevenUniverse series

(part 11 link above)

before I begin I'd like to remind you the right now I'm live for #tarot see link for details

Warning I'm not including anything past “legs from here to homeworld”(S05E25) not everyone has had the chance to get up to date

I don't want to venture too far into spoiler territory as I'm also one of those not caught up yet but i will theorise/ponder about future episodes
Please don't purposely spoil anything for anyone folks. That being said it's open game on events pre that episode so if you haven't caught up to at least there consider this your warning.
With that out the way let us forge onward my lovely folks.

Let's start with the gem only just finally seen properly for the first time at the end of the episode “legs from here to homeworld” (S05E25) that is of course the elusive and aloof white diamond.
White diamond actually can first be seen in the episode “it could have been great”(s02e24) as one of the murals on the wall of the moon base when Steven, peridot and the crystal gems are exploring
(side note I adore the art style of those murals and want something in that style as a tattoo one day)
She's also seen again briefly during a flashback Steven has in the episode “your mother and mine”(s05e13)
It's the first time this evening folks where I interrupt this #StevenUniverse thread to remind you that I'm live for #Tarot right now

So far what we know of white diamond is she's pretty maternalistic even somewhat condescending towards Steven, ignoring everything he was says and then locking him in a room like a petulant child.

At the same time she's calm and distant distinctly separate from the world.
We know she's the leader of the great diamond authority and that she's pretty reclusive having not left homeworld in eons. We know like all the diamonds she has a pearl.
In real life white diamond is the hardest gem in the world, a type of Carbon mineral with little to no impurities.
Clear diamonds are thought of as the great cleanser it's a stone that is excellent at absorbing negativity use them in house/property/pets/family cleansing.
The ancient Romans wore white diamonds against their skin to absorb any fear they had making them immune to it supposedly.
White diamond is a good stone at boosting self confidence as a result, by absorbing self doubt.
It's especially interesting considering white diamond in Steven universe is the leader of a hierarchy the literally absorbs planets resources to make more gems for the hierarchy, I wonder if her powers are also absorption based.
It's that time again where I interrupt this #StevenUniverse thread to remind you that right this second I'm live for #tarotreading

Fragrances associated with clear diamonds are frankincense lily white lotus orchid magnolia zodiac sign association is aries.
Next up we move onto the technically next least seen diamond and again I throw out one last one warning fairly substantial series spoilers incoming.
we have pink diamond who up until “legs from here to homeworld” (s05e25) has only been seen in flashbacks dreams murals (“it could have been great” s02e24) technically

but shes pretty pivotal to the entire series being not just 1 but 2 other important characters in the series.

Pink diamond, took on the persona of Rose quartz who became, through as of yet unknown gem magics with Greg universe's help/input, Steven universe.
Which when put in simplest terms like that seems kind of wild. For right now we're focusing on when she was pink diamond.
It's time again before we move onto more of this #StevenUniverse thread for me to remind you that right now I'm live for #tarot

What we know of pink diamond is that earth was her colony.

She is seemingly youngest and most childlike of the diamonds and is treated as such by the other diamonds in the great diamond authority.
Pink diamond is impulsive and seemingly never thinks of consequences to her actions, she's also prone to schemes and playing games.
She's very self involved to the point that at times it borders on selfishness.

But pink diamond is deeply curious always looking for the excitement of the new.
Pink diamonds are simply diamonds that are pinkish in colour coming in a range of clarities.
There is no definitive reason as to why these stones are pink but some theories for now include that it's a result of additional extreme pressure during the formation of the diamond or seismic shock during formation.
It's a rare stone that has never had a perfect clarity specimen found.

Pink diamond is a stone that is good at amplifying creative energies particularly when it comes to visualisation and manifestation of goals and dreams.
Which considering how pink was able to change a civilisation with her schemes in preparing to become rose quartz and the actions she planned to execute as rose is interesting
I wonder if she's always been able to create life as we know Steven can with the watermelon people (first appearance “watermelon Steven” s01e34)
Charge pink diamond under the potential energy of a waxing moon for a powerful meditation tool in your creative endeavours.
Pink diamond is a playful Stone that encourages us to find the joy in situations and to shift the way you look at a problem.
Fragrances associated with pink diamond are peach apricot rose cassis and neroli zodiac association is aries.
With that last tweet I'm going to call it a night. I hope you've enjoyed tonight's thread.

As always Ive been Roo you've been awesome and this has been #readingsbyroo

Stay safe folks 💜
If you've enjoyed this or any of the other work I continue to do please consider supporting me

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