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I think it's so funny the moves made by my pd. It's clear as day, and the egregiousness, collusion, violating many rights, outburts in court, lies, gaslighting, and goading even, dude...I got all the emails. Video.
And what judge allows that? My fault somehow, right? Brady Rule, for my own stuff? MP clearly grandstander, put on an act, went way off kilter, lied, slammed papers, it was unhinged, down to misquoting case law.
Seriously, 1.5 yr old subpoenas too. And he allowed it all. This is a shitshow. The Brady Rule, you see that the key. I used it during an investigation that the PD not only knew about, took steps to collude with, knowingly acted against my best interests.
The question says something. Either it's a misquote and the entire court is a joke, or there is collusion. It's quite simple. I'm tired of being victimized too. So. Tired.
I can go on and on. Why? Because it's a shitshow, ripe with collusionary actions, that def violated my rights, def is leading to unfair precedings. That's been the tale of the tape. Nothing has been normal, why? By any book, why?
Malice. Because of this shitshow, a true degeneration of justice, I continued to suffer. Not my fault. Then, I'm literally attacked by a mad man misquoting case law. Pull the tape. Its nuts. Unhinged. Why?
I cant even get digital copies. And now, all of a sudden he wants to talk about my case? Says I'm wasting valuable time? Why? State investigation over? How collusionary. Cmon...nuts.
I can be attacked in court. Hacked over and over. False statements and false evidence, supposed stalking when I'm clearly living with, working with, in direct communication with, sleeping with, and even have direct breaks of purpose. Truth and law. Yet, I'm fully accosted.
Its plain as day. Been plain as day. For like a year now. But let's drag it out, maliciously, in collusionary fashion, keep kicking, threatening, calling me the liar and making things up when its literally LITERALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR A MOUNTAIN OF CRIMES HAVE BEEN COMMITED AGAINST ME
On both sides now. MP. I still dont know what's newly submitted as I sent gobs of evidence in but I get nothing in return as response, until I literally get accosted by a mad man in court. Then, after being called a liar, and setup to lash out in court, now let's not waste time?
Misquoting case law? Being led into an outburst, he recommended it for ffs. I mean, what planet is this normal? Planet Shitshow? No. None of this is normal. At any level. I've been intimidated, cornered, vilified, threatened, lie to, rights violated, everything.
The fkn judge, man, I'm not saying this as yr random bad guy upset about being here, dude, you allow this crap in your court? Really? No tone? No, its allowed. Its encouraged. It's the culture. #fact
I'm only given time that would benefit them. Broken and injured too, got called delaying because everything is out of whack. It's all in emails. Every last right violated. And I'm the bad guy. I get fkn nightmares and if you pulled the tape from the other day, you'll see why.
I knew it was coming too. It was plain as day. If I get frustrated, people pounce. They pounce on perceived weakness to gain. Our own justice, and defenders. Why? Collusion. I've got emails that show even insiders know it's a malicious collusionary ring of malice.
I'm so sickened. I guess I needed to see this. I wanted to run for office, I announced it, STARTED ASKING QUESTIONS, AND THINGS CAME DOWN FROM WEBSITES FOR MAINTENANCE. FUNNY. THATS ANOTHER STORY.
I got to see so much through all this, and learned so much. All how malice operates, and oppresses. How people can lie, the grossest lies, and even while holding the proof, in their hands, call me the liar. Its fkn gross.
My own pd. In court. They had to tell him to be quiet. Why? Why was the whole show allowed? Why is it so hard to get files. discoveries, documents, anything? I'm not just saying it. I got proof. I got so much shit.
I do this as back up, after so many episodes of shit, from every last angles, fucking hacks. The odds of the hack, they way it went down, bro. In. Fucking. Sane.
That's the level. Its gross. People are at a loss for words. They cant believe it. But I got proof of every last bit of the shitshow. The shitstorm. Video now. The judge even.
Watch him shuffle and shift and his whole tone shit when I drop the A word. Yeah. I say a bad word. A very bad word. Attorney. He knows. It's clear as day.
Full collusion. Why? It's all utterly insane. It's all out there boys. I cant even call these people men. I really cant. The depths of things I've experienced now, so hurtful. So egregious. So victimizing. Then, man, its nuts.
I felt utterly accosted in court the other day. 1.5 year old subpoenas show full well collusion. If this can happen in a vicious and malicious space, what else is possible? What else could be allowed? Anything. I'm terrified.
And. To any observer. To any sane person. To any person. This is beyond nuts within a few short conversations.
Let's talk about my case? Now? After you tried to literally fuck me? While the judge went along with it? Bro...its official. No tone. No ego. No bravado.
I've survived abuse now. More than I ever cared too. The likes of which, I'd never wish upon anyone. Ever. Period. Let's talk about my case? Mother fucker are you insane! You helped an investigation, knowingly, in many ways, while holding the truth. But...
These malicious parties took aim, retaliated, threatened, lied, abused, violated countless rights, colluded, setup, and somehow, I'm still vilified, right? Its beyond egregious. This is criminal.
What else is possible? That's the scary part, bitches...That's the scary part. What if I AM RIGHT? HMMMM?
Its beyond self evident now. The problem isn't me. Its beyond immunity too. I got proof. So, with that, let tonight's nightmares commence. Tears in 5. Ffs.
It's all being setup too, for failure at trial. My PD keeps not talking any normal recourse and every last action he takes is specifically aimed to degenerate a fair trial. Down to goading outbursts to tarnish MY REPUTATION YOU SLEEZE BAGS!!
That's where this setup is going. It's clear as fkn day. It just clicked. That's why he plays his slimey lead game every time, his now twisting things, wanting the full deck of my cards when I dont even know what's been submitted, the full discovery....
The results of the colluded investigation, anything. I'm flying blind other than seeing all the actions taking place, by my own guy setting me up.
Happy? Is this what justice is?
This is everything disgusting in our world. I can prove it all too. Down to the malicious aspect of the culture, down to allowing obstruction and a mountain of false statements, collusionary practice by all parties in the courtroom. Pull the video. It's all there.
All this for a misdemeanor case? Why? On all proven lies and obstruction. Why? In a courtroom that allows setups? Encouraged it. Rigged it. Vilified me afterward while being victimized.
This is the very definition of malice. The very definition of abuse of power. The very definition a culture of abuse within the justice system. I'm doing every last bit of this to prove a point to.
These bastards put people down for fun. Laugh at it. Which is the sickest most vile part. Full attacks by my own public defenders, on purpose and by design. Even while holding truth, or tasked to get, some have utterly refused to get it. Got proof.
Why? It's on purpose. I made myself weak purposely this time to ensure that it kept happening. Guess what? Pull the tape. This place is a true hell hole and people need to go to jail and it's not me.
I've had to survive this, injured and all. It's all the cold hard truth too. People here know this too. It's been eye opening. I've been homeless too, and the worst people are here. I assure you. They put my ex to shame. To shame. And she lied to bloodied and beaten women....
Who fully trusted her, who cried horrors, who has no memories of her own mother, who screamed & cried only to be mocked, then lied to by her, to purposely divide a family, then destroy another out of spite. This place is worse. This place enables, protects, even encourages worse.
And I've got proof of all of it. From insiders, from subpoenas, from messages that hackers went after, from video, from transcripts, from tears, blood, and nightmares, but it's all there. IVE GOT PROOF OF IT ALL.
And, I can show its been like this for years, and proves me right for not saying something sooner, and even brings light to that. In so many, many ways. By a landslide. Thank you.
Thank you.
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