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Q Prediction Proof #5

(1)Is Q or Q-anon really a member of Military Intelligence? Does he or she actually have the requisite Q Clearance that he/she claims to have? Are there any proofs?

Specifically, are there any “Prediction” that would prove Mil Intel?
(2) Now for a little background:

Twenty-three years ago in Davos, Switzerland, cyber-activist John Perry Barlow (1947 - 2018) championed a now-famous call to protect the sovereignty, liberty and independence of the internet from government.
(3) This is considered one of his greatest contributions which he dubbed a Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace

(4) Barlow is also known for being a lyricist for the Grateful Dead, a good friend and mentor to John F. Kennedy Jr and a rancher.
(5) Few people knew what to make of Barlow, a long-haired hippie who was Republican by region and family, liberal in his insistence on questioning authority and tradition, and libertarian in his reflexive (but not insurmountable) doubts about government.
(6) In July of 1990 Barlow along with John Gilmore and Mitch Kapor founded an international non-profit digital rights group based in San Francisco, CA called the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

This foundation was formed to promote Internet civil liberties.
(7) The creation of the organization was motivated by the massive search and seizure on Steve Jackson Games executed by the United States Secret Service early in 1990.
(8) The search warrant for the raid was deemed hastily issued, and the games company soon after claimed unauthorized access as well as tampering of their emails.

The Steve Jackson Games case was EFF's first high-profile case.

Which they won!
(9) In 1996, Barlow was invited to speak about his work in cyberspace to a middle school class at North Shore Country Day School. This event was highly influential upon the life of then-student Aaron Swartz: Swartz's father recalls Aaron coming home that day a changed person.
(10) Later on Swartz would become a computer programmer, co-developing the web feed format RSS and co-founding the social news site Reddit. He also would progress into a celebrated internet freedom fighter just like Barlow.
(11) In 2006 Julian Assange began releasing leaked documents through his website WikiLeaks.org and quickly became recognized as the world’s premier whistleblower.

John Barlow highly respected Assange for his bravery and did several interviews with him.
(12) By 2010, WikiLeaks had ruffled enough governmental feathers that when it released classified US diplomatic cables in November of that year during the CableGate scandal, all major payment providers in the country blocked donations to WikiLeaks.
(13) This inspired Barlow to launch Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) with co-founders Daniel Ellsberg, Trevor Timm, and Rainey Reitman in 2012.

This allowed people, in spite of the banking blockade, to donate to WikiLeaks via Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.
(14) That same year Barlow joined his good friend Aaron Swartz in NYC to speak out against (SOPA/PIPA). They were encouraging everyone to call on Congress to dump the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate’s Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).
(15) The more than 115,000 websites and blogs including Google & Wikipedia who participated succeeded in getting over four million emails sent, 10 million signatures collected, eight million phone calls made and three million tweets called on Congress.
(16) Aaron Swartz, had almost singlehandedly withstood the government! But he, having just provoked the Fed on a massive scale, knew full well there would be a reaction! The Fed began dragging out a 2011 MIT wire fraud/computer fraud case against him.
(17) Swartz created numerous articles on United States political institutions, government officials, and writers, among other subjects. His last edit was made on January 10th, 2013.

The next day Swartz was found dead by hanging. It was deemed a suicide.
(18) Was it a suicide? Something just doesn’t add up. An Internet freedom activist facing the fight of his life decides to stop fighting and hangs himself? It implies Swartz was afraid of the government, that he was a coward, or mentally ill. None of which apply.
(19) The government had just offered him a plea bargain reduced from 30 years to 6 months, which Swartz, knowing he was winning, refused. Why did he refuse to plead guilty? He was poised to fight it!

(20) This “boy genius” had downloaded millions of academic journal articles with the intent of giving them away for free, he knew there would be repercussions.

That was his whole point.
(21) John Perry Barlow attended Swartz's funeral where he and the other attendees heard Aaron’s father emotionally state that his “son was killed by the government.”

The Media has since spun the father's remark as if it he was speaking figuratively.
(22) Aaron’s girlfriend, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, explains, she is the person Swartz spent the most time with in the last 20 months of his life — living together, commuting together and working together. She said Aaron was not showing symptoms of depression!
(23) Was Aaron Swartz’ hanging intended to send a message to other activists he knew or who worked with him?

Those in power just cannot allow internet freedom fighters to become effective leaders of millions of people that can stop bills from being passed.
(24) Before Swartz’ death, he, Kevin Poulsen, and James Dolan had designed and implemented DeadDrop (since renamed SecureDrop), a platform for secure communication between journalists and sources (whistleblowers). Perhaps Swartz’ greatest contribution.
(25) In 2013 Barlow became aware of a new whistleblower by the name of Edward Snowden whose leaked documents were published in the Guardian & Der Spiegel.

The leaked info exposed the "widespread surveillance" & extensive government spying being done primarily by the NSA.
(26) Barlow had several public conversations via video conference with Edward Snowden and had appeared in interviews with Julian Assange touting Snowden as "a Hero."

Eventually, in 2014, Edward Snowden joined FPF's board of directors.
(27) Since Snowden, like Julian Assange, appeared to be a serious whistleblower who was trumpeting an internet free of government surveillance, it’s easy to see how Barlow was attracted to him and willing to go into business with him.
(28) Snowden had worked as an NSA contractor at both Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton from 2009 to 2013.

However, in spite of being hailed a brave whistleblower, Q adherents know that Snowden is not the “Robin Hood” he presents himself to be.
(29) Snowden had served in the CIA since 2006 and as the saying goes, “Once an agent, always an agent!”

#QAnon makes it clear that Edward didn’t simply switch careers but was tasked w/ infiltrating the NSA under CIA directives. Purpose? To hamstring the NSA!
(30) Why did the CIA want Snowden to quash NSA’s “collection” abilities and essentially cripple them?

There are several reasons but the main one had to do with getting the NSA off their backs and end their ability to watch every move the Clowns made.
(31) In the post 9/11 era there was a consolidation of the agencies under a single director of national intelligence.

This consolidation caused both institutions to begin competing for resources and attention from the same political classes.
(32) Also the missions and culture of the CIA and NSA are very different.

CIA leadership is dominated by IVY league alumni and established financial interests in the united states.

NSA leadership, on the other hand, is dominated by career military officers.
(33) The main issue was that the depth and breadth of NSA monitoring was so complete that the CIA, who for years worked under the cover of anonymity and deniability, was now having all their work documented by a sister competitor agency.
(34) In the modern era nothing much gets by the NSA, this is threatening to an institution used to deniability and a free hand(CIA). And this is who Snowden originally worked for and was loyal to. The Clowns sent him to exploit NSA’s weaknesses!
(35) Now the question is did Barlow know that Snowden was still a CIA operative when he befriended him and went into business with him?

Did he even have a clue that his “Hero” was in fact just using him and the FPF to advance his spying capabilities?
(36) Since Barlow was adamantly opposed to government institutions that surveil people especially via cyberspace or use coercive tactics, the answer would have to be no. He had no idea!
(37) It’s important to keep in mind how diametrically opposed Barlow & Snowden were in spite of Barlow’s ignorance of that fact. Barlow stood for the internet free of surveillance, censorship, tracking etc and his business companion was steeped in it!
(38) In 2013, Kevin Poulsen and James Dolan moved SecureDrop to the Freedom of the Press Foundation to ensure its continued development and adoption following the death of fellow developer Aaron Swartz. Dolan began reaching out to news organizations as clients.
(39) Poulsen later turned over development of SecureDrop to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and joined the foundation's technical advisory board.

Around that time Edward Snowden joined FPF's board of directors and began serving as its president in early 2016.
(40) In 2015 James Dolan left FPF and moved to San Diego where he started working for the charity website Classy as a security head.

Then 2 years later while visiting New York for the holidays he was found dead in his hotel room.

Suicide by hanging!
(41) Think about this: two of the developers of SecureDrop commit suicide by hanging and a third developer hands the project over to FPF while Snowden (a secret clown) quickly becomes president of the company. Are you painting a picture yet?
(42) What’s the common denominator?


The Clowns needed Snowden, who had successfully weakened the NSA, to now get full control of SecureDrop! Why?

To use it as a feed channel for the MSM to control the Narrative!
(43) Now, how do you think Barlow would react if he caught wind that Snowden might actually be involved in a CIA surveillance operation across all internet platforms?
(44) How would he respond to discovering that he was indirectly aiding in advancing the CIA’s goals in becoming the top surveillance organization in the world?

And that the president of FPF, who was supposed to protect them from spies, was actually a spy?
(45) What would Barlow’s behavior be upon finding out that Aaron Swartz whom he had mentored & whom he admired and James Dolan whom he worked with had both been suicided by the same organization that Snowden was working for?
(46) From October 2017 to January 2018 Q mentions Snowden 5 times and each time it’s in regards to the NSA leaks. This wouldn’t have alarmed Barlow who more than likely was aware of Q by then. But on January 27th Q drops this earth shattering crumb:
(47) John Barlow must have been jolted with the revelation that Snowden was still acting as a CIA operative while at FPF and that he was using SecureDrop, not so much for ‘whistleblowers but for the “Clowns In America!”
(48) Q’s last phrase must have sent shock waves through Barlow’s body, “NOBODY IS SAFE!”

His mind must have immediately gone to Swartz and Dolan.

Perhaps he thought, “wait a minute, what if Q is just a LARP? Why should I believe Q? I’ll just ask Edward if it’s so!”
(49) An anon starts assessing Q’s Barlow drop & making some connections:
(50) To which Q immediately responds with one word:
(51) The anons begin suggesting that “SPOOKY” refers to spooks or rogue C_A operatives. Then Q responds to his own drop as if to say, “your on track, keep digging!”
(52) It’s still January 27th and Q re-posts an anon’s research on the popular privacy encryption app called Signal. Notice anything interesting?
(53) Tracing this anon’s post backwards & forwards we find the autists’ have discovered that Signal was designed and monitored by FPF and Mr. Snowden himself! One anon says, “‘Fast. Simple. Secure.’ UP is DOWN & LEFT is RIGHT. Signal is a Clown service.”
(54) A dump of over 6000 documents from WikiLeaks confirms that the Clowns are fully utilizing Signal to their advantage. But Assange apparently has not connected Snowden to these Clowns yet.
(55) Q follows the “@Snowden, John Perry Barlow, FPF, Dolan suicide, ‘Spooky,’” drops with this:
(56) To which the anons begin making a multitude of guesses. But one seems to understand that Q is referring to John Perry Barlow:
(57) Another anon starts to make strong connections between Q628 (1st John Perry Barlow drop) & Q634 (Heart attack’s can be deadly):
(58) Q follows up quickly with post 635 to try and make it a little clearer he’s not speaking about Barlow’s 2015 heart attack but about his upcoming murder:
(59) Eleven days after Q mentions “John Perry Barlow,” “heart attacks can be deadly” & “Mourn. Murder. Heart attack…” John dies in his sleep on Feb. 7, at his San Francisco home, age 70.

Q later reiterates that Barlow had been taken out. My notes are in red!
(60) #QAnon knows that Barlow’s 187 (murder) was due to his Q628 drop which exposed Snowden’s Clown operation within FPF. Since the Clowns were forced to take out Barlow to protect Snowden from further exposure this made him a liability.
(61) Just like Aaron Swartz & James Dolan, John Barlow knew too much! And Q being Mil Intel with highest level clearance was well informed as to the Clowns plans to take out Mr. Barlow.

In Q677 he posts Barlow’s obituary and finalizes the connection:
(62) In all of #QAnon’s over 2600 drops he only mentions “You are a liability” twice! And both times he directs it to Snowden. Q is effectively pressuring the Clowns to go after the famous “whistleblower!”
(63) END/
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