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I was setup to lash out in court by my own public defender while he held evidence in his own hand that proved my ex lied about stalking when we were actually living and working together. Why? Why did the judge allow the setup? Allow misquoting case law? Allow enraged setups?
This is important. Why align with enraged, manic behavior, lawyers slamming papers, getting loud in court, an utter setup to goad reaction while holding such dynamic exculpatory evidence, that couples with much, much more. Proves motive to lie further. (See text)
Why align with, not merely allow, but align with. I watched the judge quip back statues to state rookies, make them look up the right one for probation guidelines. Now, allow outbursts by PD? It wasn't allowance, it was duplicity. Collusionary actions that...
Were against the best interest of justice. While holding evidence she literally lied of stalking when we lived together. Seriously. How sick is that?
This is the #BradyBunch. They are complicit in #BradyGate. The Brady Bunch. FKN classic. And I'm Alice. Interesting.
The #BradyBunch is great. I was out of material, so hurt, but today, a friend helped. The alignment and allowance of such behavior is complicit, its duplicity. Out of behavior. Allowing The Brady Rule on my own evidence? Well, the PD WAS ENRAGED!! Dude went nuts, why?
Dude went full #BradyGate. Now, it also begs the other side of questioning. Was it mocking? If so, then it's all telling of COMPLETE COLLUSION. Which is even worse. All this, while holding smoking gun truth of her lying of stalking while actually living and working. Dude.
If #BradyGate was mocking the Brady Rule, collusionary conversations have taken place, because, in private, I mention Brady Rule for a state investigation my PD first lied about other things to hide and delay (duplicity, collusion). Then, it shows the judge was in that loop.
He plays blind in hearings, but now, we can argue much deeper collusionary happenings. By default. It's way beyond self evident -I can detail the allowance of many things, 1.5 yr old subpoenas by a judge who quips statutes to new state assistants. Cmon.... #BradyBunch #BradyGate
Again, and most importantly. All this, while literally holding evidence a victim cried stalker, submitted evidence as such, WHILE WE ACTUALLY LIVED TOGETHER! I got me paying bills. I got gobs, MOUNTAINS OF LIES. MOUNTAINS. Why do this? Why so many other happenings?
How far back does this go? What else is there? How deep does the duplicity go? Who else is in the loop? Why the setup while holding such info? I was even holding a subpoena with the wrong name on it. Why then vilify me further after victimization while holding smoking guns? Why?
The #BradyBunch. Its self evident.
The bank records show further intent to obstruct, make more false statements, tamper and threaten, because the victim stated she would lie again in texts if I got the records. She would say she told me to leave her alone, but days before, she was sending me photos...
With my own family. Cmon...
They knew this too. All of this.
Now. Why continue this after my last few threads? Obsessed? No respect for boundries? No. In fact. My boundries were highly violated. I'm under constant attack. I'm scared. I'm highly defensive. I'm hypersensitive by causation. BY CAUSATION...MP
I'm tired of being vilified. I'm tired of the accusations by the very people guilty of such egregious behavior. That's transference and maliciousness. MP But, FROM THE VERY TOP AND BEYOND.
It is scary that the justice system has been hijacked- such duplicity and malice acts while someone holds smoking guns is very teling. That loop. The #BradyBunch... I mustn't be naive to those in the loop, nor will I fall victim or be victimized.
The summation of all the combined actions, which I can fully document, who knows what else I dont see? Who knows what else is happening? At what levels? I've been respectful. My emotion though, twisted, by everyone, despite clear egregious actions. To vilify. To smear. To hurt.
My first public defender lied about getting smoking gun evidence. Then tried to fight me getting it. Setting me up for failure on purpose. Then, I set it up for him to get. He flips out. Blocks me. Then says hes not getting it. Then the vilification happened.
Suddenly, I'm then made into a bad guy. I need help or counseling for being upset about this chronic pattern of duplicitous case manipulation. I cant find other words and I have too many data points now otherwise. Documentable data points.
This is the pattern. It just happened, again. Again, holding smoking gun evidence. Why? Beyond legit, self evident smoking guns, and I get vilified. Abused. Mocked. Smeared. It's not honest mistakes, or a pd mad. Its telling. A loop of people a #BradyBunch, with the same tactics.
I should quit while I'm ahead. I shall not be naive though either. Its self evident this has been the case for me. Nor shall I be naive to not think anything is possible in these #BradyBunch parameters that have been set.
That's the point. I cannot express enough that reality, that duplicity, the data point that happened. The hacks. The lies. The false statements. The vilification by chore. BY CHORE!!! Why?
Vilification is a chore of the wicked.
None of this is vilification by me. This is all causation, with highly documented and analytical data points(happenings) that prove an investigatable and malicious loop or #BradyBunch.
All bad guys say they aren't the bad guy, or gripe, or cry foul. I can prove the utter inverse. And, prove the patterns. Document the happenings in utter detail. The "data points." Its on video. In transcripts. Emails. Case history. The works.
I'm sure, it goes beyond that too. I'm sure an outside party could analyze certain things I'm missing. I'm just some lying, addict or something, right? I'm the stalker. (While living with the victim) Get fkn real. Tone implied.
Ugh. It all begs much deeper questions. Why such efforts? Why the prolonged efforts and insider info? The act? The loop? The #BradyBunch pulling out every stop and took the have. I'd be naive to think it was just the stuff I see.
Anything is possible. Thus, this thread. I trolled a bit, the GIFS, not in a bad troll, but for emphasis. I'm not sorry here. You all attacked me. Hacks. Collusion. Setups in court. It's clear as day on video. Mocked me. No more.
No ego. No bravado. I also cannot express this enough. I'm not challenging, I'm banging my chest. I hate this. I hate its happening. I've got better things to troll, too.
Dude. China's troll squad on SCMP has taken aim. They quit. They, instead of vilifing or ad hominem troll attacks of dissenting voices on a state maintained outlet, they just delete me. They fought valiantly. But it's like this...
They use old, dated, intimidation, vilifying, and who knows what else to quash dissenting opinion. But then, that's just on the surface. But its fun. It's fun to see the bully dance and act to manipulate. Sound familiar?
I'm not the bully. Never was. Never will be. And, I'm tired of the local bullies. Below the surface, its proven now anything is possible. Even in light of smoking guns. Yeah, emails on the discovery to start this...look #BradyBunch
I will be fully attacked, time and time again, bullied, kept from evidence by design, and who knows what else below the surface. Who knows what next? I keep thinking, finally, but no....the hardest push is made when holding my smoking gun.
What's next? How far is this really going to go? Cmon guys. Its painfully obvious. In every manner of speaking. Beyond obvious. Pull the video. All of them.
Including this one. From October. So cliche.
What's also cliche, #BradyBunch? Oh, I know. Protection is alive and well. Dont take aim on fam, dont victimize, but you must because the loop is much deeper, much darker, that I know now.
I saw the unfriending, but, remember the debts that are taken on by default, and the actions necessary to then tamper the sis. I see it, I see the actions under the surface. I see it's very deep, but so cliche which makes it easy to see.
So damn cliche, so damn textbook, so damn glaring. Now, Mr. Principal. Who I'm not arguing. I get to see the true colors of a lot of things now. I'm over the locals and the #BradyBunch. There aims, purposely off the mark. Why?
Their aims. I dont want importance to be lost in small mistakes. Mr. Principal. Please. Sir.
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