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This rant is long. I apologize but listening to Kamala Harris tonight made me realize what a dire situation #California and AND America is in. So here goes. RANT BEGINS:
#California the land of Fruits and nuts. Hollywood and Silicon Valley ultra rich that have no clue how real people live lecturing to us as they lead immoral and perverse lifestyles. Don’t believe me? Lookup the #metoo perps. Oh yeah they live behind walls with security. 🤦‍♀️
The high speed invisible train to NOWHERE. BILLIONS of tax payer dollars spent with NOTHING to show for it. Jerry Brown’s vanity project.
The Jungle primaries that made California a one party (Democrat aka Socialist) state, where only the major cities matter by using voter fraud, ballot harvesting, and gerrymandering to reach this very unAmerica result. Illegal everywhere else.
Now they’ve found a new way to add to their base. #IllegalAliens thus all the wailing and teeth gnashing about the wall. Walls work. Just talk to any Border Agent. I encourage you to visit the border and speak with them. #SanctuaryStates KILL
DMV is registering Illegal Alien to vote. YES, it happens. #VoterFraud nullifies our Sacred American votes. Each illegal that votes nullifies a citizens vote.
That’s why they don’t want the question asked on the census about citizenship. It would also reduce their representatives. Some cities allow Illegals to vote in local elections now. (San Francisco)
Republicans having NO VOICE in California, taxation without representation. More middle class Americans fleeing than arriving.
Mentally ill wandering city streets. There are thousands of them. You will see them chasing tourists in San Francisco and LA. Aggressively panhandling. Screaming nonsense or walking into traffic. These are different than the average homeless. Much more dangerous.
Marijuana has been legalized, which created stoned drivers more death and more pollution. It also dramatically increased the homeless population and crime. They haven’t figured out how to tax it so no new money for the state. Just a state that smells like a skunk.
Gas additives that do nothing but make us pay more than ANY other state for fuel. Gas tax and vehicle taxes decreed by Brown without a vote.
Homeless tent cities in EVERY town, the drugs, poop and syringes on the streets, the destruction of our healthcare system. Politicians shriek HEALTHCARE FOR ALL including Illegals. This alone would cost more than California’s ENTIRE budget.
Number one state in poverty and welfare recipients. California is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Housing is scarce and expensive. Everything is TAXED.
The middle class is expected to pay for Illegal aliens lawyers, healthcare, housing etc. While our Veterans are thrown away. Living on the streets.
The school system (especially the Gestapo Teachers Union that Control’s the Politicians), overcrowded schools, that now rank near the bottom because half the kids DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH, the indoctrination of our kids into socialism.
CALPERS look it up. I can’t possibly tell you all about it here but if it’s paid California is out of money.
Collapsing infrastructure, failing dams, NO new water reservoirs. 1/3 of our fresh water pumped into the ocean for a minnow THAT ISN’T EVEN INDIGENOUS to California. Water plans that were created for a population 50 years ago.
Taxes on plastic straws because a 9 year old thought it was a good idea with NO facts to back it up. And the so called ADULTS went along with it. Now they are going after single use containers. They already charge extra for plastic bags. Money goes to the retailer. 🤔
EPA regulation on almost EVERYTHING but for a fee you can pay to can get around most of them 😉. #Corruption Look up Natomas. It is a flood zone on the river. Miraculously builders were allowed to put 1000’s of homes there. Homes that cannot get flood insurance w/o lots of $$
CRIME, Jerry Brown (against the request of Law Enforcement) released thousands of criminals back onto our streets. Many violent.He also classified many crimes misdemeanors. Like purposely infecting someone with HIV, car theft and more. Law abiding citizens are on our own.
Jerry Brown has made it against the law for our LEO’s to contact ICE when they are releasing an Illegal NO MATTER the crime. How many Citizens have to die?
Our 2A rights to defend ourselves are severely obstructed or nonexistent. Many rural counties are a hour away from any law enforcement. Cartels roam our mountains growing Marijuana. It’s a frightening life. Politicians wants to confiscate any SemiAutomatic Rifle.
We call them range rifles. Every Ranch uses them for predators like coyotes, wolves , bears etc. We are LEGAL gun owners . They are our main protection against whatever preys upon us. Without them we have NO protection. The cartels however does.
This is far from everything wrong with California. I haven’t touched on what Gavin Newsom plans for us. It’s even worse than Jerry Brown.
As California Politicians come out to talk to you ask them. Most will not answer or flat out lie. Remember this when vote. If you are a true American you will NEVER vote for another Democrat. #Socialism destroys. It’s about control

#CaliforniaHasFallen @POTUS

End Rant:
Some typos sorry Spelling Nazis.
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