1. #QDrop #8 is tremendously VITAL information. Most people haven't read the early drops and are still speculating a year or more later about things that are already resolved. This drop will give you information that will significantly update your records! qmap.pub/read/8
2. Like always, just my opinions, going line by line here. And, here we go!

Husband in jail.
HRC, Muslim Brotherhood, or child?
What would you do? Kiss your child goodbye and leave without a mother or father for Clinton?"

First section is obviously about Huma Abedin.
3. I've detailed who Huma Abedin is in the past so I won't draw this out. She's a muslim brotherhood operative, HRC's handler for the Saud family in Saudi Arabia, and she's been orchestrating HRC's treason for two decades. She's married to convicted pedo Anthony Weiner.
4. My previous drop that really went into depth on HAbedin:.

"Husband in jail". Weiner is currently serving a prison term for sexting a minor. It's important to note, Weiner should've been looking at a 5-10 year federal prison term for his offense.
5. The fact that he was sentenced to just 21 months in a minimum security "medical facility", suggests he got special treatment. Or does it? The amount of crimes he committed were far more than what he plead guilty to. Truth is, he could've received MUCH longer sentencing.
6. How did a sick pedo like Weiner manage to get a much reduced sentence, in a medical facility verses 5-10 in a federal prison? He rolled. And, since HAbedin discontinued her divorce proceedings she filed the day we plead guilty, there seems to be something else going on here.
7. "HRC, muslim brotherhood, or child?"

Q lays it out, those were HAbedin's priorities and commitments. Which did she choose allegiance to? What would be asked of her, in order to make sure she got what she wanted? We're talking about a woman who committed treason and espionage.
8. "What would you do? Kiss your child goodbye and leave without a mother or father for Clinton?"

So, I don't have all the answers, but this is what I believe can by summarized. HAbedin and Weiner were both given the option to roll. We know for a fact, from FBI FOIA requests...
9. ...Weiner's laptop contained at minimum 350k emails on it between HAbedin, Weiner, HRC and others, and contained EVERY sort of possible communication including the most private of private. The FEDs knew what testimony they needed. If the prosecutor had truly went after...
10. ...Weiner, he could've been looking at MUCH LONGER than 5-10 years, that's just the possible sentencing for what he plead guilty to. And, HAbedin is looking at the death penalty for treason and espionage. Their 6 year old son would've been left with no mother or father.
11. It looks like Weiner and HAbedin rolled to protect their son. Q kept asking where HAbedin was? Q wanted us to make the connection HAbedin was no longer stuck to HRC's hip like she had been for 20 years. The MSM said she was "maintaining a low profile". qntmpkts.keybase.pub/#8
12. If you go to qntmpkts.keybase.pub/#8 you'll see in the "ANSWERS" section, a lot of what I'm saying has been deduced by others Anons as well. (Some slight variation). It'd be interesting to see how long HAbedin was laying low because she has recently been seen with HRC again.
13. "Where is Huma today? Was she with HRC on her book tour?"
That was dropped 10/29/17. HAbedin was with HRC in the UK during HRC's book signing tour on 10/16/17 when HRC "hurt her toe". You can read my thread on that here. HAbedin disappeared after that.
14. "The former Secretary of State and her longtime aide had not been seen together in months...Clinton and Abedin sat side-by-side in the theater but were careful not to be photographed together while entering or leaving the Belasco Theater."


15. I always come across strange things when I dig. Here's an article about Harvey Weinstein's estranged spouse, reaching out to HAbedin after Weinstein and Weiner had both been accused. Strange? Maybe it was to find out what HAbedin had divulged? Maybe it was for moral support?
16. Ms Chapman needs to realize who she's really dealing with. Oh, and check this out! Weinstein and the Clintons were neighbors!

"Plus, the Clintons rented a Hamptons house next door to Weinstein and Chapman’s Amagansett estate for three summers."

17, "RE: Military Intelligence / State Secrets


POTUS installed his people within each top spot at each 3 letter agency except 1 (good reason there as Adm R kick started this and scrubbed all POTUS nominations to verify oath)."

Important tell about DJT's 1st few months.
18. There were complaints about the time it's taking to get things done. But, Q tells us that DJT had to clear the top brass out of ALL 3 letter agencies, except 1! Which one? The No Such Agency. Why? Because Admiral Rogers was already in charge of it and is a PATRIOT!
19. There's a LOT of good info on Admiral Rogers. He's most certainly aware of Q, probably one of the original thoughts behind it, maybe even a board contributor, in my opinion! Remember though, in a later Q drop we will see that Rogers credited with stopping an attempt on DJT.
20. If you've been following my posts on Q drops thus far, you know the reasons for DJT surrounding himself with loyal, faithful, battle tested generals who answer to him alone. The 3 letter agencies answer to congress, which is motivated by politics, not duty and patriotism!
21. So, during the first year or two of the presidency, DJT moved the bad actors OUT of the high ranking positions in the 3 letter agencies. We saw this with the numerous drops about all the higher ups being fired, removed, or force to resign. There are dozens upon dozens!
22. "Do you think they aren’t in control of those respective agencies?"
We know DJT's people are in charge of these agencies now. The mere numbers of terminations and removals prove the upper cadre of the 3 letter agencies is now under fair and uncompromised control.
23. It's not just terminations that are a big deal. And, it's not just the designated leaders of 3 letter agencies that matter. The network was MASSIVE with influence from thousands of locations. Look at the significant resignations since DJT started! qmap.pub/resignations?p…
24. A drop listing a LOT of terminations. READ! qmap.pub/read/2072

Moving on:

"What is most valuable?

Information, faithfully protected, is the only way we secure convictions.

One of the many times Q has said "We have it all".

25. "AG Sessions on leakers.
Fire or prosecute?"

There are at least two things going on here.
1. There are leakers who were not authorized to divulge information. They will be or have been charged, and or fired.

2. There's PURPOSEFULLY leaked information AND disinformation.
26. I have reminded you all many times…optics are everything! Appearances MUST be kept!

qmap.pub/read/1685 and

qmap.pub/read/72 are plainly clear.

There will be times that disinfo is planned…from both sides! And, optics are important! qmap.pub/read/1717
27. “Reorg is underway and happening.”
That’s what this whole thread has been about. Reorganizing everything from the top down to the bottom. It’s the only way to make it run correctly. But, it’s not just the government is it?
28. It’s a reorganization of the way we think, the way we see things, and the way we behave. America was on the brink, and we’re bringing it back to the mature and constitutional republic it once was.
29. “Coincidence Senate Republicans pushing for Fed Judge confirmations last week?”
This article discusses the fact that McConnell and others pushed hard for judicial nominees to be confirmed.

30. “The Senate had confirmed merely seven of President Trump’s 56 judicial nominees before today’s action. After these nominees, that number will stand at 13. The president still has another 89 judicial nominations to make to fill all current vacancies, with more coming soon.”
31. But why? When you consider the sheer volume of indictments that are sealed and soon to be opened, you realize the need for judges in all districts and all levels of the courts are going to be absolutely swamped. They’re going to need to help!
32. BTW, we’re now at 72,538 sealed indictments. It looks like a bunch have recently been unsealed! It’s underway folks! qmap.pub/indictments

“Why are Senate Republicans dropping out? Not by choice and were offered a choice (rest assured they will vote pro Trump).”
33. The main thought here is; most of the republicans leaving the senate are doing so to avoid prosecution or to preserve their pensions and benefits. The people who were dirty or had taken bribes or who had done underhanded dealings for deep state masters, were given choices.
34. “You’re going to talk!” Then, they'd be allowed to leave and open their seat to new blood, or face expulsion and charges. We have this confirmed by Q.

“House of cards.
12 deals rejected (today alone).
Panic in DC.
Enjoy the show.
35. "HRC tried to cut a deal today.


Pretty good for hillbilly, under educated, paranoid, conspiracy theorists! The queen of evil herself attempted to make a deal with POTUS. She's hoping #QAnon will stop getting the truth out! #WINNING!
36. This means we’re a LOT more potent and truthful than any of the MSM is giving us credit for! PANIC!

In the end…we will have our country and we will have our justice. We the people are peaceful researchers, digging, unfolding, exposing, teaching, and learning!
37. When truth comes to light, it cannot be ignored or cast away any longer! When our voice is loud enough, there will no longer be a choice to hear!
Because truth, like the bible, is like a lion.

“The best way to defend a lion, is TO LET IT OUT OF ITS CAGE!”
38. God bless y’all. I hope this analysis was helpful. I do my best but I can’t guarantee that I understand Q drops well enough to glean everything or to say for certain that I’m 100% right.

My disclaimer, I’m just trying to understand and to help.

Take care and, #WWG1WGA!

Maybe something to note...Georgina Chapman...harvey weinstein's estranged wife...designed the dress worn by the Fiji water girl at the golden globes. Remember my threads on that? Big deal!
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