1. Follow me down this rabbit hole. Games R Fun!

After seeing the picture of the cover of the National Examiner, we all know its full of codes, 555 Popcorn, 18 y/o etc! So I decided to look into Audrey Hepburn and the PRIVATE WORLD!
2. Did you know that JFK dated Hepburn while he was still an unmarried Senator? Their relationship was neither scandalous nor serious. Roman Holiday (1953) starring Audrey Hepburn was said to have been one of JFK’s favorite movies.
3. Roman Holiday (1953)
English Ordinal 9 + Reverse Ordinal 9 = 18 = R
Full Redaction 9 + Reverse Full Reduction 9 = 18 = R
1953 = 18 = R
53 reversed is 35 = JFK
4. According to Barry Paris' biography of AH, Hepburn sang Happy Birthday Dear Jack at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC May 29th, 1963, and her version caused much less publicity than Marilyn Monroe's version did in 1962. It was a private gathering & I haven't found any pics yet.
5. Next I came across this, and I just love it!
Caroline Kennedy and JFK in
My daddy is President... A B C D... JFK.

6. Audrey and Jackie both were fans of Givenchy. Audrey was Givenchy's muse & he was charmed by Jackie’s beauty & youthful energy. He met Jackie while her husband was running for President. Jackie Kennedy wore a Givenchy suit in the iconic picture at her husband’s funeral.
7. And then of course there's the Tiffany reference. Audrey Hepburn starred in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961).
8. Hepburn's days as a spy. As a teen during WWII, British-Born Hepburn suffered through the Nazi occupation. She and moved to Holland during the war because her mother (who was Dutch) thought it would be safer in a country that had pledged to stay neutral.
9. Unfortunately, the Nazis invaded anyway. She and millions of others almost starved due to the subsequent Dutch famine of 1944-45, which resulted in her developing several health ailments. During WW2, Hepburn helped the resistance according to legend.
10. She occasionally acted as a courier, delivering papers & moneybetween different groups of resistance workers. AH's handlers in Hollywood publicized her bravery during the war, but they did their best to hide the fact her parents were members of the British Union of Fascists.
11. Her rejection of her parent’s racist ideology would have made her even more admirable today (well at least to Patriots!)
12. Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn filmed in the early 90s. Below is the trailer.

Gardens of the World = 18
13. Quoting Hepburn trailer “Ever since Eden, the Gardens have been a symbol of Heaven on Earth.” Speaking of The Gardens of Ninfa in Italy, Hepburn said: “One of the oldest surviving roses known to man. Rosa Gallica – 12th century before Christ, it was a religious symbol of..
14. the Persians and the fire worshiping mimes. By the 5th it was cultivated by the Greeks and then by the Romans. Early Christian Mystics saw the 5 wounds of Christ in its 5 petals.

5 wounds of Christ in its 5 petals = 5:5?
15. Rosa Gallica 8+8+1+1 = 18 = R

Rosa = 53 = 35 = JFK
Gallica = 45 = DJT
35 + 45 = 80 Think Noah!
16. Continuing down the rabbit hole...
Did you know that JFK saved his crew with a coconut? Look closely at the coconut, it says KENNEDY ALIVE. Where is this coconut now? Does John have it? I’d love to see it John! Below is the article of a TRUE HERO!
E17. Down a little deeper into rabbit hole and come upon this:

Noah80 = Hmmm Noah? Up above in #15?

And didn't someone very recently say: Who said "Noah is going to be a very popular name soon."?
18. March 27, 2014 = 3 27 2014 = 3+2+7= 12 + 2+1+4 = 6 ; 12 +6 = 18 = R
December 27, 2018 = 12 27 2014 = 1+2+2+7=12 2+1+4=6; 12+6=18 = R

NOAH80 = 46! 46th President? Noah who will bring us all together to weather the storm that is upon us?
19. Noah80 led me to a site named Georgina! GEORGE? Is that you? You just can’t make this stuff up!

4+4+5+5 = 18 = R
This led me to a pic of JFK in 1960 addressing the Democratic Party
20. Which then led me to THIS! International Helmet Awareness Day #IHAD

English Ordinal 8 and Reverse Ordinal 1 = 81 > 18 R
Full Reduction 8 and Reverse Full Reduction 1 = 81 > 18 R
21. #'s at the bottom of this pic? 45 > DJT
8/2/2015 = 8+2+2+0+1+5 = 17 > DJT
2/8 – Feb 8th + Tomorrow = Feb 9th Key Date?
Off to the Races? Another nod to POTUS? Ha! Look at the time I took that pic! 3…2….1… are we getting ready for some BIG BOOMS? #IHAD
22. Which led me to the final pic BOOM PIC! You're gonna LOVE this!

"Used to be Kennedy-Legacy, but now I'm back" !!!

I'm thinking there's still more to this Rabbit Hole, so I might add to this later! Hope you enjoyed it!
Adding on to tweet #21. The 12 + 6 = 18 > R could also be done as 1+2=3 and 6 = 63 the year JFK was assassinated.

May 29, 1963 was JFK 46th and last birthday!
1961 was the 1st year of JFK’s Presidency. Maybe that’s why they used Hepburn on the cover?
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