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I need help from Patriots & fellow Anons with inputs of this material I found last night. It is about GHW Bush. I will list key key parts of the info with some links as I go. It connects some dots I was not aware of. Please RT with comments. The link for this will be at the end
IN THE ARKANSASSUPREMECOURTFORTHE EASTERNDISTRICT OF ARKANSASRobert Blair, Thomas Deegan, Peter Ostrowski, Jeremy Lowe, Don Bailey, Stephen D. Curry (in private capacity by special appearance only)_________________: CRIMINAL ACTION FOR FULL |
{Defendant GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH of CARLYLE GROUP;{George Herbert Walker Bush—private}(George Herbert Walker Bush et. all with prejudice)
The allegations concerning breaking a form of the Logan act through use of a conspiracy to undermine national mining laws, are serious enough as to warrant another superseding indictment against defendant GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH{George Herbert Walker Bush in private}.
Due to this fact your honors we will order defendant to be read the RIOT act. These acts were committed beside the seditions involved in Uranium 1. They concern human trafficking and conspiring to defraud United States.(betray united states.)
The accused defendant George Herbert Walker Bush has broken national racketeering laws that fall under 18 U.S.C.§1961 and 18 U.S.C. §371, in order to enrich himself and the CARLYLE GROUP.
This has been done in a coordinated attack pattern that begins in a mining contract that is illegally signed in South Africa and ends with the operation Eagle II over a period of forty years.
As a result of these indiscretions, several states and their institutions including Nevada end up losing their land rights.
The plan we have hard evidence for involves moving the settlers out, defrauding the government and moving the operators tied to Barrick Gold Nevada and BHP Billiton in house to strip all residents of their land patent deeds.
Since this is in fact the case we are enforcing the RIOT Act to be read to the accused defendant given his past in child trafficking. The accused George Herbert Walker Bush is already hospice ridden as his wife has passed on, yet that will not alter submission guidelines.
He will be made to answer every charge on record with detailed responses, and will provide complete sentences to the sergeant on hand as summoned before the formal tribunal Grand Jury. -1 -
The defendant George Herbert Walker Bush changed several national mining laws including laws in South Africa in full violation of FCPA. This exact area is a well known hot spot for the CLINTON FOUNDATION and BARRICK GOLD Incorporated.
As your honors may or may not be aware, this occurred during a specific incident dealing with the country of the CONGO. It continued on from there where serious activities of money laundering, racketeering and extortion were uncovered which will be aired.
We note to your honors that the accused may not use the “bad memory” syndrome for his defense again as such notions will do nothing to avail those required responsibilities.
As such, we again direct your honors to the problems thattranspired inthis area and why each of those events amount to no coincidence.
During 1993-97, George Herbert Walker Bush aka George Bush Senior attempted to change the official mining act and in the process ran afoul of several severe national laws.
The severity of the damage can by no means be understated your honors, as it affected residents across all of Tanzania and other neighboring countries. As a result of all these infractions, it is alleged now that more than a hundred miners were killed in sudden “accidents.
This was done with the willing concert of the Black Eagle Trust which we will prove on record. In the course of these events, massive child trafficking was conducted.
"Palast’s book also explores the relationship between the Bush family & a Canadian mining company, the Barrick Corporation
.Palast explains how as president, George Bush Senior changed a century old mining law that allowed Barrick to “swiftly lay claim to the largest gold find in America”.
In return, the company named Bush to a senior advisory position after he lost the White House.
The company also poured money into the Republican party coffers during the 1997-2000 election cycle, an exceedingly generous gesture for a company based in Canada.So, what is Barrick?
According to Palast-the initial stake came from none other than Adnan Khashoggi-the Saudi arms dealer who arranged the Iran-Contra arms for hostage deal.One of the companies Barrick owns is Vancouver-based Sutton Resources Ltd.
In 1996-Sutton drove out anywhere between 30,000 and 400,000 local miners from the Bulyanhulu mining field in Tanzania. During the process-Sutton’s bulldozers allegedly buried 52 people alive. Barrick steadfastly denies the allegations."…
“UBS would loan gold to Barrick, which would then sell the borrowed gold as derivatives, with the promise of replacing the borrowed gold with their gold mining operation.
The records of many of those transactions disappeared when Enron collapsed and the trading operation and all its records were taken over by UBS, another major recipient of the CIA stolen gold.
The FBI was reportedly conducting an investigation into those transactions, and the investigation files were kept on the 23rd floor of the North Tower of the WTC.-2 -
Household Finance was taken over by Harris Bank, which was then taken over by the Bank of Montreal. The Bank of Montreal would be controlled by the Bronfmann family, which became heavily invested in Barrick Gold.
Other banks that received portions of the stolen CIA gold included Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Jardine Matheson, and Deutschebank.
Barrick Gold Corporation: George H.W. Bush during the last several days of his presidency sold Barrick rights for a nominal $10,000 to mine deposits ‘valued’ at $10 billion on public domain lands in Nevada.
The Barrick operation would create billions of dollars of paper gold by creating ‘gold derivatives’, under the reports that a Nevada claim whose potential was doubted by industry experts had actually produced a fortune.”……
Your honors must note we can indeed prove the calculated move was illicitly illegal. As a result of his actions over ten thousand settlers were nearly evicted off their land.
And by state law in Nevada or even Montana, the new land patent deeds hold priority title over any claim by the government. A conspirator by name of HARRY REID was allowed to kill more than several ranchers as a result of George Herbert Walker Bush’s moves with BARRICK GOLD.
Count 1] We hereby charge GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH in private as George Herbert Walker Bush, with the offense of18 U.S.C. § 1956(h)money laundering on behalf of foreign state(s)or “things of value.”
See Molzof v. United States et. all and United States v.… prefer he’s charged on the Logan act, it is an untested law so far outside military courts.
The offenses are severe enough to have occurred more than 5 times so hard penalties may be added on for duration.
In addition to treble damages of upwards of six billion dollars a stiff prison sentence is now sought even for their final days. [Military is ordered to explore options for penalties up to including isolated prison.]
One of the men involved in these nefarious activities was none other than WWII Nazi supremacist Richard V. Secord. General Secord was a partner and good friend of the decorated Nazi Thomas G. Fowler, the father of Kevin Spacey.
An ongoing case in Nevada details the terrible back story of this clan. We can also report that several other Nazi socialists including Arthur Schlesinger were brought in on this ratline tied to Black Eagle Trust.
It is now openly stated that George Herbert Walker Bush and his CIA traffickers like Jim McCoy were hiding unidentified military aircrafts and bases. In addition to this lies thousands of pounds of cocaine and drug trafficking.
“In the 1960s, Ronald Martin worked for the CIA in Miami along with James McCoy, another ex-attaché to Nicaragua. When Contra aid was legally cut by the Boland Amendment in 1984, Martin began organizing North’s role in raising arms for the Contras.
However, Martin was shut off when North began to use Richard Secord as the arms broker. According to Calero, Martin and McCoy received $2,095,000 for arms from North. Martin’s attorney stated that the amount was closer to $15 million or $20 million.
At least five witnesses testified to the Kerry committee that cocaine was loaded onto planes at John Hull’s ranch. The committee also was told that Hull received $10,000 a month as a courtesy from Oliver North.
Yet the Justice Department took no action against Hull for either obstruction of justice or for drug trafficking.”
He smuggled drugs packed in frozen shrimp into Florida and laundered the profits for the Contras. Castillo also had ties to Gerard Latchinian, an international arms dealer.
In 1984 Latchinian was arrested for using proceeds from a $10 million cocaine deal to help finance the assassination of Honduran President Roberto Suarez Cordoba.
Latchinian’s partner was General Jose Bueso Rosa who helped train Contra soldiers in Honduras.”… We will prove this operation was linked directly to the above declared Eagle II which was bankrolled by the GEORGE SOROS private foundation.
Your honors are to note in the supplied documentation, the CIA is named as the trafficking hub for many larger shipments through Arkansas. This will all be released as due day draws near and defendant will be ushered before a Grand Jury to answer at the podium for each charge.
[Military will explore further options for sentencing including prison cell conditions or chambers.]
“The company, which Bush now personally leads, was createdby Bush's political partners--British elitenarcotics financiers, and arms traffickers and money launderers.{and is owned by SOROS & co}
Using the influence of this political faction, Barrick acquired important interests, first in the United States, then in Canada and South America.
In South America, as Barrick boasts in its 1995 annual report, the company has an aggressive, long-term approach, with mines and projects established in strategic locations in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.
``Almost two-thirds of the exploration and development drilling budget will be spent in South America, where the company has decided to focus its efforts,'' the annual report states.
In addition, with its intended conquests in Indonesia and Africa, the firm now says it aims to move from third to first among the world's largest gold mining companies.”…
You must take note of the fact that the Grand Jury has also been ordered to enforce immediate charges of child trafficking on record. George Herbert Walker Bush is a criminal your honors, he is not a surgeon or an individual of great renown.
Rather he is a national disgrace to the founding of the entire nation.This is someone who deserves no respect and is not a doctor or a healer for new inventive medicines. Over his “illustrious” career, more drugs have been trafficked than anyone a part of this illegal operation.
He illegally changed several national laws and moved thousands of pounds of cocaine exclusively on behalf of BARRICK GOLD and CARLYLE GROUP. These insipid actions also involved all of Nevada state, all of Montana state and all of Arkansas state.
In addition to those facts, he also covered the money laundering trail which directly ties back to Black Eagle Trust and famous WWI Nazi Peter Munk.
The records before this state Grand Jury and other able Juries will prove one thing alone, that being the man known as George Herbert Walker Bush is a grand liar and traitor who acts in fraud.
“Jeb Bush in 1986 was the 33-year-old chairman of the Dade County Republican party and he was up to his eyeballs in the Iran-Contra scandal. To get a taste of that read Al Martin’s book The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider(2001)
read {aloud} about Jeb Bush’s dealings with operatives such as Al Martin, Oliver North, Richard Secord, Dewey Clarridge, Sam Watson, Fred Ikley and, of course, his father George Herbert Walker Bush.
Basically Jeb Bush was in the center of a wasp’s nest of dirty dealing CIA/military operatives engaged in rampant criminality –all in the name of “national security.”“Barry Seal was a crazy man.
He was also everything Dan Magruder [Donald Gregg, an aide to GHW Bush] was not. Happy-go-lucky, irreverent and loud, Seal telephoned me and told me he was the man I was told would call me.
It was the mid-1980’s and with the decadence of that time and the free-flowing cocaine, Cajun’s Wharf was a hangout for the bond daddies such as Lasater and company. [L.D. Brown,Crossfire:
Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 102-103]I at once felt a sense of panic and relief that Seal was gone. Had he left something in the car?
Was I about to be surrounded by the police? Wait a minute I was the police and furthermore this was an operation sanctioned by the C.I.A and I was recruited by them –and by Bill Clinton.
I would become furious with Bill for shepherding me through this mess, indeed for getting me involved. I would then as quickly think of explaining it all away as a ‘sting’ operation designed to trap the people on the other end of our flight who maybe had sold drugs to Seal.
[L.D. Brown,Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation, p. 113-114]The tension was building up inside me as I saw Bill coming out the back door. I was getting mad all over again as I got out of my car and he strode over to me. It was the first time we talked since the trip,
The trip he knew I was going to take.His mouth opened and the words “You having fun yet?” were already forming on his lips when I burst out, “Do you know what they are bringing back on those airplanes?”
He immediately threw up his hands in a halting fashion and took a couple of steps back. I know he thought he was in danger of receiving a class A state police ass-whipping.
My hopes of an innocent explanation to the whole sordid affair were dashed with the now-famous line, “That’s Lasater’s deal! That’s Lasater’s deal!” he whined as if he had just taken a tongue lashing by Hillary.
“And your buddy [Vice President George Herbert Walker] Bush knows about it!”… We can of course prove on record your honors that the defendant was not of sound mind.
He would regularly pull up in his stretch limo and brag that what he was doing was for the benefit of humanity and new ways of health based science.
All of these statements were lies your honor, as the only objective of George Herbert Walker Bush was to conduct child and drug trafficking.He may have indeed been criminally insane yet the truth is now being unsealed.
Count 2] We charge GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH (private agent George Herbert Walker Bush supra.)with the offense 18 U.S.C. §1961, which is national racketeering under the federalized R.I.C.O act.
These violations are quite severe so harsher penalties will be added on to ensure all of his existing partners are seized & bound. He has instigated this offense more than eight separate times your honors, & claiming there is trouble remembering the incident will not help anyone.
We accuse defendant George H.W.Bush of going out of his way to initiate illegal enterprises across the western front, including open land confiscation on private ranch owned properties.
Racketeering laws are subject to extra judicial penalties enforced now under standard UCMJ procedures. [The Military will explore sentencing, especially an additional year in prison. All the evidence of MK-Ultra is now being exposed.]
The career of this public official reaches deep into the recesses of the Eagle IIsituationaka “the farm.” By all accounts the Grand Jurywill note this was nothing less than a debacle.
To clarify, it was known by active intelligence agents within the FBI and similar organizations that H.W. Bush had setup a front.
This front operation was created in the vein of CIA’s Ferrera to hide black market drugs, paraphernalia, child sex trafficking and insipid experiments underground on behalf of Michael Aquino.
An agent of influence said to be ordering him around at the time was then Cardinal Ratzinger.…“... the Carlyle Group is a story of dealings inside "Iron Triangle,"...
the place where the world's mightiest military intersects with high-powered politics and big business. It is a company whose history includes ties to CIA cover-ups and secret arms deals, and an astounding trail of corporate cronyism.
By making defense buyouts the cornerstone of its business strategy, Carlyle now finds itself the beneficiary of the largest increase in defense spending in history. Indeed the stars seem to have aligned perfectly for Carlyle, in just 15 short years.
With the ascension of George W. Bush to the presidency, the White House is now full of ex-Carlyle employees, friends, and business partners. And with the newly fattened defense budget, Carlyle has been able to extract massive profits from its defense holdings,....
like United Defense, in the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It may be tough times for America, but as Bette Midler might say, everything's coming up Carlyle.
While the company flew well under the radar screen for the first decade of its life, lately success has not come without scrutiny for the Carlyle Group. After all, it's hard to remain anonymous when your employee roster includes names like...
George Herbert Walker Bush, James Baker III, John Major, and Arthur Levitt. Concentrating on heavily regulated industries like defense, telecommunications, energy, and health care, Carlyle is betting that it can predict future trends in government spending and policy, decades.
or influence them outright. And by hiring former secretaries of defense, ex-presidents, the former head of the Securitiesand Exchange Commission, and the former chairman of the Federal Communication Commission, they are in a position to do either.”…
“How was this possible? A report by Tyler Durden, citing an anonymous insider trader involved with AIG trades, reveals that manipulation fraudulently transferred US taxpayer money to AIG’s counter-parties --the top banks and financial institutions --with AIG as the “pass-through
” The profit report sparked a market rally that comes at the expense of US taxpayers.The complete report (thanks to Jenna and the Mike Ruppert Blogspot for this find) is damning and startling:Exclusive:Big Banks’ Recent Profitability Due to AIG Scam?”… is no secret that George Herbert Walker Bush was during this time, covering for the so-called “Iron Triangle” axis which runs over the Bermuda way point.
He is accused of covering for Majestic 12. He was very well known to be covering up the Bermuda Triangle problems for 3 decades. This was done on behalf of much higher evils who were intent on using Bermuda for Black Ops military projects tied to gold mine monopolization.
George Herbert Walker Bush went out of his way to make Eagle II a success. Your honors must note that he monopolized the route even going as far as to recruit some members of the Air Force many whom held him in low esteem.
A well decorated CIA general by the name of Ferrera was the hub & go-between.…“The five experts picked were, General Edward Landsdale, who ran the ClA activities in Vietnam; William Colby, who was to be put in total command of the blue-print operation when enacted; George Bush, who asked and received approval to have his top aid,..
Richard Armitage be brought aboard, and Lt.Col. Robert Ferrera, a top CIA asset, who at the time was on an assignment in the Congo on the Patrice Lumumba situation.
Having secured the “Implied” go-ahead, the five experts were called in and the task put forth to them. They were given a space of three days to solve the problem and come up with a viable solution.
The five met in Washington D.C., and from there traveled to Langley Va. Four of the five were hand-picked for their very special abilities and expertise: the fifth member of the group, Armitage, was brought along by George Bush as his personal “gopher”.
Bush was chosen for his knowledge of China and his war-time flying ability, as well as being “on the way up” within the CIA. General Landsdale was brought In because of his expertise as a top CIA asset,...
especially in breaking insurgencies, as he did with the Huks in the Philippines in the late fifties. William Colby was picked for his knowledge of South East Asia, and to command the operations first phase.
Lt.Col. Ferrera was included because of his varied experience as a pilot, as well as his command of over a dozen languages and his position as founder of the Special Forces(Green Berets) and still, at that time, regarded as their unofficial commander in Vietnam.
The five names were submitted to the “Godfather”of the CIA, John Foster Dulles, who gave the plan his total blessing.”… honors shall note for the record he continued to run the illegal operation up until the year 2004.
Each of the retired Berets were also recruited from Yale schools and job fairs since they never dared take their parlor tricks to the U.S. Army. Several of them including Secord are dead.
Count 3] We now charge George Herbert Walker Bush{GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH} with offense18 USC §1962on record for each MK-Ultra scheme conducted during Eagle II.
It shall cover all damages to any victim(s) afflicted since it is also all encompassing for any time period. This is different as it is the official “conspiracy to commit racketeering charge.”
He has violated the provision no less than eight times and so stiff penalties are sought with none waived. Treble damages of more than six billion dollars plus stiffened prison conditions of two years shall be retroactive by Grand Jury discretion.
All outer assets will be seized. The defendant will answer for each offense before the podium in the Jury foyer.
[Military is tasked to explore options up to including life in prison, imprisonment in solitary conditions before possible transfer off-site or a regulated harsh environment.]
Count 4] George Herbert Walker Bush is guilty of child trafficking and we charge him now, under offense 18 U.S.C §1591 to apply to each and every murder.
Other un-indicted co-conspirators named in this filing are Michael Aquino, Richard Secord, William Colby, Kevin Spacey(alleged), Richard Armitage, Bill Clinton, Colin Powell and James Baker III.
The charge carries the full weight of penalties and will be retroactive depending on other offenses uncovered.See United States v. Robinson“government need not prove”,only suspicion is needed to prosecute habitual offenders.…
It is without dispute your honors that this individual is guilty of child sex trafficking. Going back to Nebraska’s Boys Town scandal, he has been one of the world’s most highly visible traffickers across this nation.
With the aid of certain senior executives including Larry King, over twenty boys and other victims were trafficked between compounds only to be murdered thereafter.
.“Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where he says Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive.Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in 'satanic' snuff films.
He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a 'satanic' murder.Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages.
Child abuse and mind-control victim Paul Bonaccitook his case to court. Judge Urbom granted Bonacci a million dollars in response. George H W Bush and 'Johnny Gosch'.Reportedly Johnny Gosch was mind-controlled by the CIA.
Reportedly Johnny was mind-controlled to become a sex slave for members of the elite, including George H W Bush.”…
The documentary recorded the journey of many Nebraska state officials, including decorated war veteran and former State Senator John DeCamp, and their uncovering of an alleged elite pedophile ring operating largely out of Omaha, Nebraska.-8-
According to the documentary, an overwhelming amount of child abuse allegations stemming from Boys Town piqued the interest of Nebraska’s Foster Care Review Board.
Foster Care Director Carol Stitt said,“Larry King’s name was consistently present as someone that the youth were making allegations against.”
They described how King would make the Boys Town boys do yard work for him,and if they refused, they were beaten as punishment. Part of Nelly Webb’s testimony included allegations of child prostitution and pornography on a national scale.
When she was 15, she frequently traveled the country with Mr. and Mrs. King as a babysitter for their son, Prince. She would supervise Prince as the Kings would host parties for high-level officials such as George H. W. Bush, who was Vice President at the time.
At some of the parties, she claims to have witnessed the “sodomy of younger men and older men.
Another survivor came forward by the name of Loretta Smith. At the age of 9, Smith described to police officials that she was,along with her childhood friends,lured away from the Girls’ Club in Omaha.
Employees at the Girl’s Club would often lead them off property and escort them on outings. Over the course of several weeks, they were slowly introduced to narcotics and alcohol.
Eventually, Loretta states, they found themselves in the midst of sex parties with older men. In her testimony, the girls “got all wasted” and they did not have a choice with whom they slept. In the same network of people, she was introduced to the practice of devil worshiping.”
“They described how King would make the Boys Town boys do yard work for him,and if they refused, they were beaten as punishment. Part of Nelly Webb’s testimony included allegations of child prostitution and pornography on a national scale.
When she was 15, she frequently traveled the country with Mr. and Mrs. King as a babysitter for their son, Prince. She would supervise Prince as the Kings would host parties for high-level officials such as George H. W. Bush, who was Vice President at the time.
At some of the parties, she claims to have witnessed the “sodomy of younger men and older men.”… -
“A chilling exposé of corporate corruption and government cover-ups, this account of a nationwide child-trafficking and pedophilia ring in the United States tells a sordid tale of corruption in high places.
The scandal originally surfaced during an investigation into Omaha, Nebraska's failed Franklin Federal Credit Union and took the author beyond the Midwest and ultimately to Washington, DC.
Implicating businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA, and even the venerable Boys Town organization, this extensively researched report includes firsthand interviews with key witnesses and explores a controversy that has received scant media attention.
October 1991, Noreen Gosch met Paul Bonacci, she said he described to her things about Johnny that she had never released to the press ...stutter, yoga, Mexican restaurant, red nail polish, Bueno Vista, Colorado, Jimmy.
APFNKing vs Bonacci civil case, U.S. District Court Judge Warren Urbom, senators and congressmen who stayed for the pedophile sex, Bonacci specifically named Congressmen Barney Frank, Bonacci awarded $1 million for child abuse,
Offutt Air Force Base, Franklin arrested two days before Bush Sr. elected 1988,
Research: Joshua Dickens, Duke Cunningham, David Dreier, Howard L. Brooks, Elizondo, Judge Ronald C. Kline, Larry D. Floyd, Larry Jack Schwarz, Ronald David Ankenney, Gov. John Rowland, Philip Giordano, Harvey Pitt, Oliver North, Richard Gardner, Nicholas Morency, John J. Collins
Russel Harding, John Fund, Keola Childs,Brian Blundell, Hastert, Blunt, Foley, Haggard, Dan Crane, Earl Kimmerling, Merrill Robert Barter, Mark Grethen, Richard Delguadio, W. David Hager, Mathew Glavin, John Paulk, Howard Scott Heldreth, Jon Grunseth, Richard A Dasen Sr
We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves ... Larry Craig ... to feign ignorance after pleading guilty doesn't ring true ... and there was the call boy incidents linked to....
Reagan White House and the GW Bush White House, and the DC Madam, Vitter, Clinton, Foley,and Omaha, Nebraska, Lawrence "Larry" King,Jr, a rising star in the Republican national conventions,...
connections to the GHW Bush White House,... a partner in a call boy scandal, Minor boys and girls, ..raped, molested, sodomized, ... presidential limousine.
"Nebraska Dept. of Social Services, Mrs. Walter’s report (3-25-86) revealed: " 14 year-old] Nelly said at these trip parties hosted by Larry King, she sat naked ‘looking pretty and innocent’ and guests could engage in any sexual activity they wanted,...
but penetration was not allowed...Nelly said she first met V. P. George Bush at the Republican Convention where King sang the national anthem ... "Superficiel"he linked pedophilia and genes.
A pedophile would thus be determined at his birth. This theory is directly in connection with 19th century discourses of "born-criminals" that would lead to eugenists theories, later justifying concepts such as the "purity of race", notably in national-socialism.
“George H. W. Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Cover-up”.
U.S. Vice President George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators —some willing and some unwilling participants .....
got a taste of the Voodoo Drug in their drink (Editor’s Note: It is interesting that George H. W. Bush used the term “Voodoo Economics,” a slanderous term used by George H. W. Bush in reference to President Ronald Reagan’s economic policies, which came to be known as Reaganomics
“The true story never has been told that children from orphanages all across America during the 1980s came to Washington DC, paid by the US Taxpayers, to unknowingly participate in the Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring.
Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, John Sununu, according to sources, would be standing in line to greet the children and their caretakers as they came to the Vice President’s Home and or the White House for their specially invited tour at US Government expense.
Bush, Cheney & Sununu would ask, “what’s your name”, & later just before dinner time, a call from the White House came into the hotel where the children were staying to the Caretakers inviting Little Billy, Mary, Johnny, Timmy, & Pam to the White House State dinner that evening.
The caretakers thought it would be good for the children, since the White House could not accommodate the entire orphanage.
Gunderson & Pender, who ran the operation, dispatched the limo at Bush’s request, & the female would take the children to the limo and immediately give them a Coke or Pepsi with the VOODOO DRUG in it, and they were off to U.S. Senator Barney Frank’s pad, known as a “Brownstone”.
Of course, the U.S. Senators and U.S. Reps were there with the good-looking female prostitutes who would help get the congressmen and senators drunk on the “VOODOO DRUG”...,
so when Daddy Bush, Dick Cheney, John Sununu and others showed up at the party and the children in the limo arrived, the female prostitutes left and the child sex party started, with U.S. Vice President George HW Bush, Richard Cheney, John Sununu and others showing the VOODOO....
drunk congressman and senators how to have sex raping children, while the cameras were running. Someone pretending to be from the White House would call the caretakers back at the hotel and would tell them the children fell asleep ...
and are staying the night here at the White House and will be returned before lunch tomorrow.
The caretakers did not suspect a thing until 6 months later when their children were sitting in front of the TV watching the News & waiting for dinner, when many would jump up and point to the TV & say...
“He put his thing in me”, as the children pointed to either their rectum or the female side.
These caretakers began to ask questions and did not know whom to call. Some called “People Magazine”, which spent a million dollars investigating all of America’s orphanages and found this was true,...
with those children selected out at the White House being greeted by these known pedophiles: Bush, Cheney and Sununu.”…
We will make note of the fact it cannot be argued that defendant GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH {George Herbert Walker Bush as private agent} is guilty of all of the offenses listed related to child sex trafficking.
Thusly, we see little choice other than to add a superseding charge against the accused. This time it will be for conspiracy to enact habitual manslaughter, since the stated crime can easily follow after racketeering and is simple to prove.
We note your honors, that while first degree murder can be proven –the GrandJurycan more easilybuild a case with instant resolve by using manslaughter.… H.W. Bush would be no different in this instance is now asserted.
Similar to how senior members of the Gambino mafia were caught by clear-cut laws of racketeering and tax evasion, we can apply that scenario to these circumstances given extensive damages that have resulted to the victims.
Count 5] We charge GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH(George Herbert Walker Bush; inprivate) with the offense 18 U.S.Code § 1117 which is conspiracy to commit manslaughter.
See United States v. Damon Causey and United States v. Robinsonsupra.“acting under color of law and in the right to provide information to law enforcement authorities about a federal crime, alleging eight overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy.(for murder)”… the offense was committed while being engaged ina racketeering style of conspiracy in concert, the most graphic and disciplined penalties are now applied.
The sentencing for this offense will be prison and our acting sergeant is directed to bring the accused to the podium to answer for every charge on record. [Military is required to explore harsher punishment, up to and including life in a window-less cell.]
Your honors, George Herbert Walker Bush knew that his actions during Eagle II resulted in deaths of more than one thousand victims. We have the evidentiary documents for the same crime already loaded on site.
Thusly it is only fair that he be held fully liable for all damages the victims accrued. This time he will be held liable in private capacity, while the rest of his assets are seized. Let this be a high warning to all who worked beside him, the evidence is undeniable.
Your crimes have gone on for fifty plus years, every one of you conspirators are next on the docket. Your actions resulted in the demise of more than five innocent ranchers in three key states plus Montana.
The United States your honors has turned into an empty and toothless corporation. Only the people may step forward and put a final stop to that.
A congressional report on the scandal stated that the administration exhibited “secrecy, deception and disdain for the law.
”Congress noted that President Reagan had been unaware of most, if not all, of the illicit activity, leaving Vice President Bush**and Baker**as the highest ranking covert operators.
Mysteriously, the congressional investigators didn’t probe into the Bush claim that he was out of the loop. Large volumes of documents relating to the scandal were destroyed or withheld from investigators by administration officials**.
With the official White House**podium churning out confusing disinformation, Reagan became labeled as the Teflon president.”
He openly ran Nazi drugs trafficking network with assistance of Richard Secord, Oliver North and James Baker, The congressional report, known as the Tower Commission (nicknamed from Texas Senator John Tower) went on to say that “the Contra drug links included ...
payments to drug traffickers by the U.S. State Department of funds authorized by the Congress for humanitarian assistance to the Contras, in some cases after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement agencies on drug charges,...
in others while traffickers were under active investigation by these same agencies.]Former DEA agents testified that drug trafficking was conducted with full knowledge of the CIA.
Former DEA agents testified that drug trafficking was conducted with full knowledge of the CIA. The agents further alleged that investigations were hindered by U.S. government agencies
Mr. Bush swept away one conviction, three guilty pleas and two pending cases, virtually decapitating what was left of Mr. Walsh’s effort, which began in 1986.
Mr. Bush’s decision was announced by the White House in a printed statement after the President left for Camp David, where he will spend the Christmas holiday.
Mr. Walsh bitterly condemned the President’s action, charging that“the Iran-contra cover-up, which has continued for more than six years, has now been completed.
”Mr. Walsh directed his heaviest fire at Mr. Bush over the pardon of Mr. Weinberger, whose trial would have given the prosecutor a last chance to explore the role in the affair of senior Reagan officials, including Mr. Bush’s actions as Vice President.
Evidence of Conspiracy’ Mr. Walsh hinted that Mr. Bush’s pardon of Mr. Weinberger and the President’s own role in the affair could be related.
For the first time, he charged that Mr. Weinberger’s notes about the secret decision to sell arms to Iran, a central piece of evidence in the case against the former Pentagon chief, included “evidence of a conspiracy among the highest ranking Reagan Administration....
officials to lie to Congress and the American public.”… was less than thirty years ago where the public could not dream of something so organized going on in America. Then a few years later, the news of Monsanto broke.
America’s Eyes Are Wide Open and see their frauds throughout public life. George Herbert Walker Bush trafficked millions of pounds of drugs across the western states, hiring circus actors to help the rodeo look good on camera.
In addition, actors who people put faith in such as Meryl Streep are traitors that started it all.They are frauds as the truth is most of our public officials are impostors run by the CIA.
Even in our movies, we see nothing but the same rodeo to destroy our institutions of government and decency.
They have done it through the Oscars with evil frauds like David Geffen and Charlie Sheen and they have done so with the same crooks in political office such as Jorge Bergoglio, George H.W. Bush and Marco Rubio. The Grand Jury willt horoughly examine all offenses on record.
Robert Blair, Peter Ostrowski, Thomas Deegan, Jeremy Lowe, Don Bailey, Stephen D. Curry(in private capacity by special appearance only)
:CRIMINAL: v.: :C–186-RV3-524
GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH of CARLYLE GROUP {George Herbert Walker Bush: private agent} (George Herbert Walker Bush et. all with prejudice)
AND NOW, on this day of September 10, 2018 during the fall season, it is hereby ordered that the defendant be charged with national racketeering under the R.I.C.O.act of U.S.C. 18 ...
Chapter 96 §1961 along with money laundering, conspiracy to commit manslaughter and felonies including human trafficking.
All penalties are measured by severity and resolve of listed offenses. In addition, it is so ordered that a subpoena be issued upon GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH (George Herbert Walker Bush: as private agent)to produce all records pertaining to ....
BARRICK GOLD Nevada, Uranium One,BARRICK GOLD North America, Black Eagle Trust and CARLYLE GROUP which prove relevant to these investigations.
All materials will be seized by local militia and sergeants pursuant to chapter or state on the accused as well as any publicly known accomplices under force of arms by the provost marshal’s service.
As stated under the rules of military law in Article 50, this order stands binding to conduct swift service.
It is so ordered that GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH {George Herbert Walker Bush in private}shall be hit with added offenses for violating 18 U.S.C§1961 on record five times, breaking 18 U.S.C. § 1956(h), 18 USC §1962 and 18 U.S.C.§ 1117 more than 4 times as well as under RICO.
Additional offenses are added to this record to include child trafficking under 18 U.S.C.§1591 and 18 U.S.C.§1956 the crime of money laundering or conspiracy to commit the same.
This as your honors must note, is original national law U.S.C code with RICO based racketeering charges enforced against the perpetrator(s) involved.The defendant will be read the RIOT act and compelled to answer for all charges.
The defendant will be seized and summoned before state or national Grand Juries who continuea nationwide investigation into Uranium 1; including sale of enriched uranium to outside parties by the CLINTON FOUNDATION.
For all of these astonishing crimes of treason, national Private Attorney Generals will have a field day on each offense sticking with penalties.
In addition, he is summoned to testify on record before the national and state Grand Juries about all of his deeds involving the mines and stated incidents.
1)It is further ordered that Defendant GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH’s {George Herbert Walker Bush; private agent}motion to subpoena records or quash all subpoenas; is to be DENIED
.2) It is further ordered, that according to MarburyV. Madison: any required subpoenas on each defendant will be enforced by force of law and arms.
All able bodies and governing council, National Sate Counsel, Private Attorney General designates or authorized militia will enforce the orders.
IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that: This Court’s September, 2018 Amended Scheduling Order is amended as follows: (a) All discovery shall be completed on or before September 30, 2018 and all dispositive motions filed not later than two (2) weeks prior to the close of discovery; and...
(b) All other deadlines will be deferred by ninety (90) days from the date in this Order.This order shall cover all scheduling and Grand Jury proceedings extending outward to 2019 as specified.
This is the link of the info. I'm not sure if it is legit or not but it has a lot of facts and connects a lot of dots. No matter what.... if it is real people will say its fake. We will soon see....future proves past.
here is a link of the information.…
The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”…
Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Aborting a Weinberger Trial; Prosecutor Assails 'Cover-Up'…
Iran-Contra Prosecutor Obtains Tapes of C.I.A.'s Calls to Agents…
Operation – This is A Hold Up – USA! – The CFR’s Carlyle Group…
George W. Bush: “My Dad Was Meeting with the Brother of Osama on September 11”, 2001. Does That Make Him a Terror Suspect?…
Indictments, Pardons Revive Iran-Contra…
John Tower’s FBI file reveals role in Iran-Contra cover-up…
Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar -- CIA's Network Abuse of Minors in Blackmail Leverage Arbitrage ('nambla' backronym)…
The Finders Cult | CIA Connection Explained | really graceful
he Best Documentary Ever - The Franklin Cover Up Was Just The Beginning | PEDOPHILES RUN THE WORLD
CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE- Banned Discovery Channel Documentary
Keola Childs Former Big Island councilman, a sex offender, gets county job…
Black Eagle Trust Fund
The 9/11 Attacks and the Black Eagle Trust Fund…
Full text of "Collateral Damage 911 Black Eagle Fund Trust"…
Daniel Bever Crane (born January 10, 1936) is an American dentist and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1983, he was censured by the House for having sex with a 17 year old page…
Former Ex-Gay Spokesman John Paulk Apologizes Amid Divorce…
"In 2001, [Mark Grethen] was convicted of six felonies, two of which involved sexual assault of two of his minor children. He received a total sentence of twenty-six years."…
Bill Clinton and G.H.W. Bush Both Partnered with Canadian Mining Cos. in 3rd World Conflict areas…
Bryan-Singer-Kevin-Spacey-Bush-Indictment-for-Trafficking_Nov 13/2017…
Inside the Hollywood Sex Ring Mansion From the Bryan Singer Lawsuit…
‘I Considered Suicide,’ Alleged Sex Abuse Victim of Bryan Singer Tells The Daily Beast…
Bryan Singer And Michael Egan Sex Scandal Finally Ends With Apologies And Settlements…
Jeffrey Epstein: the billionaire paedophile with links to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell – and Prince Andrew…
Kevin Spacey Accused of Attempted Rape of 15-Year-Old Boyfriend: ‘He’s a Pedophile’…
Kevin Spacey Threatens To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring…
Kevin Spacey scandal: A complete list of the 15 accusers…
Bob Saget Jokes About Father Raping Son Until Bloody Diarrhea Explodes From Son's Anus, Mother, Father, Son And Daughter Then Have Sex In Their Own Shit.…
Sex, Lies, Videotape, Teenagers, Drugs, Blackmail, and Death
Craig J. Spence: White House Call boy scandal 1989 - was found suicided in hotel room soon after outing GHW Bush Sr. and Donald Gregg…
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