stories like this come up in missing411 a lot, a kid disappears and a “bear” takes care of them, but bear experts say a bear would never actually do this. some kids also have stories of wolf or dog headed creatures taking care of them. very strange.
none of this is definitive obviously but lots of parallels with other missing 411 stories, for example often after the person goes missing extreme weather moves in (could be chance occurrence obviously)
also he was found half a mile from the place he went missing. gotta assume hundreds of adults and some professionals searched within a mile radius of the home. this is another common thing where the person will show up in a place that was obviously searched before.
heres kind of a weird detail that is just glossed over. searchers had to wade through waist high water (at least 3 feet) to get to this kid who is only 2 feet tall...? so what, is he like floating in something? the article says he was tangled up in thorny bushes.
so this toddler who is 2 feet tall gets found in water higher than him stuck in some thorny bushes. how did he get there? obviously he had to be put there or something unless we’re to imagine this 3 year old spontaneously swan out into deep (to him) water and got stuck in a bush
this also happens a lot in missing 411 where a big theme will be water boundaries. usually its a swamp. the body of water isnt described but I have to imagine three feet of water with enough “thorny bushes” to hold a kid is slightly swamp like. [...]
of course the natural reaction is, “well duh bro they fall in the water and disappear but normally its weirder than that. its more like people will go missing and happen to be within a half mile of a swamp, and you see this pattern over and over and over. [...]
(lots of lore associated with swamps). there are also cases where a bloodhound will track someone who is missing and the trail will lead right to a swamp edge and go cold. sometimes theyll find their shoes just sitting there. really creepy stuff. men vanishing out of thin air etc
USA Today says he was only a quarter mile from the house. also three years are pretty soft. so you really think one could be out in the rain in 20 degree temperatures with strong winds and no food for two days and just be totally fine? idk man seems kind of weird.
other places say three days. so one or two nights wet as hell (he was in water and it rained a lot) extremely cold (20 degrees) bro i feel like i have hypothermia just reading this and im not a three year old child come on
so multiple search and rescue teams, FBI, NCIS, US marine corps with helicopters drones and dogs and diver teams all couldnt find this kid a quarter mile from his house and suddenly on day three someone just hears him calling for his mom and phones it in. OKAY nothing weird here
obviously he just wasnt there. some of these dogs are powerful enough that they can track you over a parking lot hours if not days later. inconceivable that all these people and technology wouldnt find him. so where do these people go? thats the question
before i hop into work ill post my favorite missing411 story (these are all compiled by an ex cop and are real missing people so this isn’t like reddit lore). kid goes missing. can’t find him. same story as this. turns up randomly somewhere they already looked before. he’s fine
here’s the weird part. he says he was with his grandmother, that his grandmother had him in this cave (I think he said there were guns or maybe like other pieces of machinery there in the cave as well). but, after a while, he realized it wasn’t his grandmother [...]
it was like a robot version of his grandmother. he said he could see like sparks or something coming out of her and basically realized she was a robot. this robo-grandmother wanted him to poop on this like, pad or cloth, and when he couldn’t do it, he said she got really mad [..]
guess eventually they just brought him back. okay. heres the weird part. after the kid gets brought back the grandmother hears this story and calls the cops. says she was camping with her husband not far from there like a week before or something. [...]
+ in the middle of the night, they woke up, + the grandmother was bleeding from her neck. nothing crazy, just like a small little poked spot into her neck like someone poked something in there. said she didnt think much of it at the time but that she thought the cops should know
for what its worth, the missing 411 stuff is what got me into paranormal things. its one thing when you hear a story and you’re like “okay maybe that happened, maybe not” but when you have the actual missing person and police reports and news articles its a whole nother ballgame
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