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🎭Thread: bits and pieces of translation of “Transparent and Masked” gacha story✨
“Buchou. Oh no I mean Wataru-san, I love you. Please become my lover.”
“Hm~...... 3 points!”

Hokke then decided it would be more meaningful to ask Wataru about what was good about his acting instead of what was bad bcos if it was truly inadequate, Wataru would have given 0 pts
Wataru commented that Hokke is oddly positive as usual (note wataru’s expression)

He went on to point out what he thought was good, mostly abt how Hokke challenged a line & phrasing that he normally wouldn’t say, but also ended by informing Hokke that 100pts was the full pts LOL
W: You’ve grown, Hokuto-kun, but that’s still a fail ♪
H: Damn, I really thought I could make it this time but I guess not. Words that are as surprising as Amazing, in other words, I considered the element of being unpredictable but...
H: That’s why I tried to say a line that I normally would never say even if my mouth was torn apart

^presenting a really disappointed Hokke in the fact that he couldn’t reach the level of surprise that Amazing holds
Tomoya was standing afar and watching when Mitsuru accidentally bumped into him. Mitsuru spots a crowd gathering and wonders why so Tomo told him that rn Hokuto is confessing his love to Buchou.

A confused Mitsuru: Love confession? Eh what’s that, even tho they are both boys?
M: which reminds me, Tomo-chan really likes the person called Hokuto-senpai, I guess it can’t be helped that you’re having complicated feelings?
T: ......
M: Enough, if you don’t act fast he’ll be snatched away! If you really like him, you have to properly convey your feelings!
T: No, I am always constantly conveying my love to Hokuto-senpai

T: ......And also, though I said “love confession”, it isn’t the real thing, I think it was just the form of Amazing of Hokuto-senpai

^he uses the word Amazing like a noun and not adjective?
That’s pretty much first chapter and what I’ve learned here is Mitsuru’s a really good friend to have because he would support any forms of love as long as it’ll make his friends happy. Also, foreshadowing.
*few days ago*

H: Sorry, I’m late. Ever since SS, we hve been constantly receiving requests for work.
...Ah. I got hooked on the pun “ever since” and “requests”, can I take back my words and re-say it again?

^the pun is that both of those words are pronounced ‘irai’ in jap
Wataru tells Hokke that it won’t be funny if he redid it so there’s no need for that. He then goes on to tell Hokke about how the freshness of puns is crucial, and to be extra aware so as to capture the most appropriate timing (to dish out the pun LOOOOL)
Hokke talks about how recently he was able to understand that Wataru is normally attentive to such things (like timing of puns?) and that he thought there was a special trick for it. Hokke says he wants to become a pleasant person that’s interesting just from speaking normally.
W: “Though you are already sufficiently, as you are right now, pleasant in an odd way......”🤔

I might be slow on translating, please bare with me🙏 Also I might leave out really small talks that aren’t as interesting/impt! Do look out for official tl on wikia when it’s out!!
H: Aa...... Tomoya, what are you doing there with Buchou?
H: Come talk to me if Buchou bothers you again with any weird words or behaviour, I will deal with him by methods like making him bite on a gag

W: Fufufu, with that extent you still won’t be able to stop me from speaking!
W: Even without using my voice, it is the ability to express through my body and hand movements and any sounds except my voice, that is (true) performance☆

T: Ahaha...... Actually that is amazing, even if Buchou doesn’t say a thing, his movement only can be oppressive(?)
Wataru: I shall accept your words as a compliment!
W: In contrast, Tomoya-kun has to desperately be self-assertive, if not you will be buried under the mass majority. That is why, look at my presence and learn!

Wataru goes on to teach Tomo how to hone his senses in some odd ways & Tomoya actually responses pleasantly “fumufumu”
H: ......? What’s with that, it feels like recently Buchou and Tomoya has been getting along awfully well?
Even when I look at them now, the two are just organizing the club’s cluttered mess of scripts and small props.
H: Tomoya too, even though in the past he’d have used all his might to reject every word & action of Buchou, he is now properly listening to Buchou’s talk genuinely & even taking down notes.
Well, I guess it’s better than fighting & endlessly chasing each other like Tom & Jerry..
T: ...what’s wrong, Hokuto-senpai?
H: No, nothing, more imptly what we gathered here for today, Buchou even went through the trouble of using the school’s broadcast to strictly order us to “Please absolutely be here”
W: Ah, but that was just my voice imitation of a broadcast
W: I can’t be using a public broadcast system for personal issues, and so I did that (the imitation) in order to still convey the importance of my message...easily.

^T/N: the ellipsis is making me uncomfortable...
T: Ah, as I thought it was a fake broadcast!
When I asked Mitsuru from Class B, he said he didn’t hear it so I thought it was strange, that maybe he missed it (the “broadcast”) by accident!
W: Firstly, let me express my thanks for responding to my call, thank both♪

H: What’s that, it’s creepy and unusually admirable. You have been a little weird recently, Buchou

W: Yes, with graduation coming up soon, I guess even I am becoming melancholic?
H: Hmph. That’s unexpected, to think that even you have a little of human-like sensitivity left in you
T: Wa-wait, isn’t that manner of speaking too harsh...... Hokuto-senpai?
Even Buchou is just a high schooler whose age doesn’t differ that much from us, becoming naive before graduation can’t be helped right?
H: ......? Was it that harsh, I believed it was the same as always?
Oh wells. I hate to say it so many times like as if I am showing off but I really am busy, I would like if you could get right into the topic now
W: Yes. This might come as a little big shocking news and thus, please listen carefully.
Truth to be told, from the end of this month onwards, this theatre club room will no longer be in use.
W: And that’s why the big, small props and costumes, and also personal belongings, we need to decide whether to bring these various items home or dispose of it.

H: ......huh? To become unable to use the club room, what do you mean by that?
H: Do you mean by having to renovate the room and thus we can’t use the room temporarily, or do you mean by we are relocating to another place?

W: No no, though this operation does resemble a relocation
W: The theatre club’s club room will become inexistent in Yumenosaki Academy and thus, things like fixtures can’t be left here anymore......that’s it.

T: To become, inexistent...?

W: In short,
At the end of this month, the theatre club will be disbanded alongside my retirement.
I’ll be taking a break to have dinner! Will be back🙏 Also, have you guys noticed how Wataru kept trying to avoid saying the word “disbandment” and phrases it another way but got pushed to the point of saying it. I think it really hurt him to make that decision...
I’m back with 1/2 of chap3🙏

T: R-retire......?
Eh? Buchou, does this mean you’re quitting theatre? That you’re getting off the stage, like as if you’re running away without explanation is something I will not acknowledge!
T: Even though I thought that until the day I could at least grab the top of your hair, even so you will not quit being an actor then!
The conversation that day, despite me thinking of it as something like a promise!

H: .....”the conversation that day”, what do you mean by that?
W: Fufufu. It was during “Mysterious Stage”, just a bit...... Being unlike myself and removing my mask, I talked about the old days (his past)

H: (His past, Buchou shared about it? That kind of talk, even though he has never shared with me before......?)
W: But that said, Tomoya-kun you are really honest. The conversation that day, don’t tell me you really took every word for word and believed in it?
That, was something I made up to instill some motivation in you...... have you not considered it could be this case?
W: I wouldn’t say to the point that an honest person is seen as an idiot but, being too naive is smth to think about too?

T: Eh— no but, that? That was a lie right? But you, didn’t you cry...?

W: If it’s crocodile tears, even young kids could do it

T: E-eh...? T-that...really?
W: Anyway. I am a natural born actor, until this life (of an actor) is accomplished I will not step off the stage. In regards to that misunderstanding, let me deny it clearly.
W: I merely wanted to disband the theatre club which acts under club activities. Usually in the new school year, if there aren’t new members joining the club, the club will be downgraded to a *hobby club anyway due to insufficient members.
*The diff between a normal club & a hobby club is probably the fact that a hobby club is not officially recognized as club activity -> most likely only a place for people with similar hobbies to gather? I’m not sure about this system tbh! Pls let me know if you’re aware of it!
W: Hokuto-kun and Tomoya-kun too, your idol activities are getting busy in full swing too, it’s just the right time (to halt club activities) right?

H: A-ah... Such a thing, don’t say it in such a weird way which could cause misunderstandings
H: Because it will no longer be a “club activity” but a “hobby club”, the theatre club will cease to exist... is that what you meant?

W: The one who is causing misunderstanding is you right, Hokuto-kun. As usual you’re such a dense child, I can’t think of you as my no.1 disciple
H: I don’t remember becoming your disciple, don’t talk like how my father speaks, it’s unpleasant

W: Yes. That, just now was me imitating him on purpose.
W: I may have acted like an idiot unconsciously because I do not want to understand, but the statement I made earlier just now was neither a lie nor empty words.
W: Theatre club will disband. It shall disappear from the ground surface. I will write the disbandment request form, and that will become the last work for me as the club president.

Everyone, good work till today. To stick with the me who is like that until the end, thank you.
T: Oi, wait...seriously? Theatre club, it will be gone? What are you doing, don’t go making such impt decision all by yourself!

H: Calm down, Tomoya. Even if the form was accepted, after that, you or I could just write another form to request for the formation of the club again.
H: With that, everything will be back as it is.
But of course with Buchou’s graduation, if we don’t acquire new members, we will still be downgraded to a hobby club.
W: Hm~, I wouldn’t really recommend that. It would seem suspicious if a club frequently disband and re-form which would invite inspections and may cause rumors?
It is mainly my fault but, the theatre club is already under the watch of higher ups.
W: Once disbanded, it would probably be dealt in a way that you would fortunately be unable to establish the club again.

H: ......That’s right. Since last year, the theatre club has always been disliked by the student council.
H: We have been under the watch of vice-pres for everything, and the club has also been threatened to be abolished by vice-pres if we tried anything funny.

W: Fufufu. That is very like Keito, acting to restraint us, like telling us to “conduct your club activities seriously!”
Chap 3 is really long and I’ll be taking a break here to resume my life bcos I have responsibilities to face too😭🙏 I’ll be back later tonight with more!
+It’ll be great if you took notice of the subtle changes in Wataru’s expressions (which is why I uploaded every screenshot!)
Skipping a tiny bit (like 3 lines) bcos this chapter is really too long but I’m back!

W: Yes. So now you understand, that the feedback for “Hibiki Wataru’s theatre club” isn’t very good. At least politically. But for stage performances, it has always been well received.
H: So what you’re saying is by using your retirement as an opportunity, we can crush everything & rebirth (the club)?

W: That’s mostly correct. It is just that no matter how many times I say it, a rebirth will be difficult since we are already blacklisted by the student council.
I’m not completely sure how to translate the 2 lines right before this but in general, Wataru concludes that he doesn’t feel the significance of leaving the current theatre club in its present form.
W: Hokuto-kun, Tomoya-kun, if you ever plan to continue acting from now on— in Yumenosaki Academy, please join up with the “Theatre Department”.
I am part of one of the many theatrical troupes under the department, I have already spoken to acquaintances from there on my part.
W: Transferring department, I’m not telling you to do that.
Under the Department of Theatre, there are also many different circles, you could join one within those and practice acting over there after your lessons......that’s what I mean.
W: Every theatre company there picks a selection, in genre and inclination, they all differ greatly. While there are places for people who are earnestly aiming to reach the top, there are also places for people who are just having fun for half the part.
W: Just in overall, whichever theatre troupe when compared to us now......our theatre club, they are all “properly” carrying out activities.
Unlike how you have only been swayed around by my whims up till now, this will definitely be a plus point for your futures as an actor.
T: Department of Theatre... Certainly, even though you’re right that it would be better to join there if we are serious about doing theatre.

W: Yes. Just like the concept of idols is to us, they are also facing theatre in the same way or with even more enthusiasm.
W: To be honest, I should have recommended this earlier. But, I thought that both Hokuto-kun and Tomoya-kun would have quickly quit the club.
Like how I would do to a baby, I however did not felt obliged to give after care to you two.
W: But at the same time, every single day I spent with you guys, it was way too fun and bright......
It felt as if it could continue on forever, that I wasn’t able to say anything that would cause this pleasant relationship to collapse.
W: Even though I had pretended to forget, and I had also pretended not to see it— but we have reached the time limit. I will soon graduate, and before that I have no choice but to retire from club activity.
W: It can no longer be postponed further. That is why I brought up this suggestion now. Any doubts or objections from you two?
If there’s nothing, the curtains will be drawn here. Let’s put down the period to us, the history of our theatre club.
With that, chapter 3 concludes.
Wataru is being really sincere here about how he felt about his days in theatre club with his juniors and wants the best for them after his leave. I feel that he wore a mask the whole time because he wanted to hide his expression behind it...
*back to original timeline- few days after tomo already knows about disbandment*

T: ......and that’s why, it has been decided that theatre club will disband.

M: E-eh? “What’s with that”, is Tomo-chan really fine with it? If it was me, I wouldn’t be able to bare with it though~?
M: If the track & field club were to be gone, just thinking about it makes me go “brr”!*

T/N– Mitsuru used an onomatopoeia that represents chills/an unpleasant feeling that could be translated as “brrr” in sfx.
T: Why......Even if you aren’t under track & field, you’ll probably always be happily dashu-ing around everywhere anyway right.

M: Well that’s right. To begin with, in track the competitions are fundamentally individual events, if it’s just running it can be done alone.
M: But, there are some things that can only be achieved when you dashu with friends.
If I were alone and ran out of breath, I wouldn’t be able to move anymore halfway through. Even so, to continue without giving up, it is because there are friends who are dashu-ing with me.
M: In track, in theatre and just in anything, there is a limit in the distance you could reach by yourself.

T: Oo......For Mitsuru to say such an admirable thing, I feel a bit relieved.
T: Anyway, even I am not convinced. It’s was too abrupt and unreasonable.
Even though up till now he always had us swinging to his whims without considerations, don’t just suddenly let go—
But as compared to me, Hokuto-senpai is unexpectedly revolting against the decision more.
T: From the official review of Theatre Club’s disbandment form until it is officially accepted, during this period... he is trying all sorts of methods to see if he could overturn Buchou’s decision.
M: But, can those kind of thing really be done? Because it is a decision by the club president, I feel that the members have no choice but to obey? That’s what happens for a sports club!
T: It’s because we are a cultural club.
...when we were cleaning up the club room, we actually found a treasure chest.
In it was a “Transparent Mask” that was seemed to be something inherited generation after generation by the theatre club presidents.
T: Before theatre club officially disbands, if we could just show Amazing to Buchou once...
Buchou promised to give up the “Transparent Mask” to the person who managed to showcase Amazing.
T: The person who inherits the “Transparent Mask” will become the club president. And it seems that the decision of Hibiki Wataru, the previous Buchou, can then be overturned.
M: Oh...... I can’t really pin it down but I guess that “Amazing” is something ‘ambiguous’.
Is that why the “Hokuto-senpai” attempted such a weird imitation (the confession) just now?
T: Yup. The results seem to be a complete fail though. Since it’s not as if there’s a limit to the number of attempts allowed, I think Hokuto-senpai will keep trying no matter how many times until he succeeds.

M: ......Tomo-chan, are you not going to challenge it too?
T: ...I’m still thinking about it, I have no idea how to make that Buchou feel Amazing usually, so now I ended up being caught up in thinking about various things.
My head can’t work anymore, all I do is sigh.
T: This is no good. Even though I understand that I should be trying hard just like Hokuto-senpai is.

M: That’s not it, you need to just go at it! Frustrating over it, that’s something you could do afterwards, if you don’t act now I think you’ll definitely regret one day!
M: You shouldn’t waste even less than a zero comma second, you won’t be able to create a new record just by sighing~!

T: ...Yeah. That’s right, Mitsuru is always right.
Fufu. Thanks, Mitsuru. Just by talking to you calms me down.
T: If it was with Hajime or Niichan, it would have become something like “panicking together”, .....though there are times when that is necessary too.
Enough, there is no more time until Buchou graduates. I have to quickly switch my mood, since there’s a need to face the problem.
T: In this kind of situation, the words from you who don’t really think too much becomes an encouragement.

M: Hmph, is that really a compliment? Although even I, do think sometimes~?
T: No, you should always be thinking. But it’s alright too, together with Hajime who always get too caught up in thinking, it becomes a good arrangement right?
We have really become an unit with good balance.
M: Yeap. Us who are like this, Niichan leads us from the front while Tomo-chan holds our hands in the middle to achieve a balance,
And that is why Ra*bits is the strongest-daze, no matter what happens, we will be fine!
M: .......which is also why, when Tomo-chan wobbles, all of us will support you, so I hope you can quickly solve your troubles
Tomo-chan is already not by yourself~!

T: You, sometimes say things that makes me wonder “where did he remember such wording from”
M: ? My nii-chan and onee-chan told me that before I was born, my mum always used to say so~?

T: Ah, that’s right you have a brother and sister. Since I’ve never really heard from you before so I don’t know but, how does it feel to have older siblings?
M: Hm~? It feels the same as Ra*bits! Niichan as both the father & mother, Hajime-chan as the older sister and Tomo-chan as the older brother!
That’s why I was able to quickly get familiar with everyone in Ra*bits~! Because it feels like like home!
M: Heheh, can I also call Tomo-chan “Nii-chan”?

T: Wouldn’t that be confusing, since you have your real brother too. More like, I don’t need a trouble younger brother like you...... My hands are already full with just my younger sister.
M: Yup yup. Also, Tomo-chan isn’t that adept, so there’s no way you can do anything and everything......
You can only go about settling problems one by one, that’s what I think? Do your best! It may be a tiresome situation but I’m always on Tomo-chan’s side~☆
T: ......sob sob. Mitsuru, can I hug you?

M: Eh-why? Being hugged makes it difficult to move so I don’t like it~, Tomo-chan?

T: That’s because~...I, really felt helpless. What is right and what is wrong, what was I dissatisfied with and what did I wanted to do—
T: I couldn’t understand my own feelings, it seems to be getting messed up!
Mitsuru is amazing, I respect you! You grew so much in this one year and yet when compared to you, I—waaAA/sobbing

M: Waah-? I can really feel the “so much so much”-daze, Tomo-chan?
M: There, there♪ Because it’ll be fine, and Tomo-chan did nothing wrong. So stop crying, please

T: (sneezes?)...... I’m not crying, it’s just dust that got into my eyes!
T: ...the tears that guy shed during “Mysterious Stage”, was that really simply acting?
I don’t want to think of it that way, but just the chance that that might be true is scary.
That guy is a genius in acting. He could make anything fake seem real, and make any lies into truth.
T: That’s why I no longer have any idea— what is right and what is wrong.
Within the depths of the mask, just what expression are you really making?
And that’s it for ch4! Thank you for reading my translation because it makes it really fun for me to tl & share with everyone!!🙏 Tomoya shares the same thoughts as me about Wataru’s expression behind his mask😭 Also sign me up anytime for a therapy session with Mitsuru😂👌🏻
T: ...then, I’ll be heading here so I’ll see you again after class, Mitsuru.

M: Yeah... Tomo-chan, are you really okay?
If it’s about theatre club’s problem, you can always take a break from Ra*bits’ activities until you settle it somehow, just leave it to me to inform niichan.
T: Even so, I can’t do that.
Ra*bits being in top condition is really the most fun time for me, how many times we get to stand with Nii~chan on stage, we don’t know.
And so I want to treasure this, every single club too, I wanted to do the same.
T: Honestly speaking, I was caught up in thinking about doing one last stage play in commemoration of Buchou’s graduation.
To have nothing like that, and only smoothly proceed to say goodbyes feels anticlimactic.
T: Even though if it’s about the Buchou who loves flashiness, I thought he would definitely have wanted to do a huge stage that would remain in history......
To make sure I’ll be okay with any roles assigned to me, I even did special training and research myself.
T: It was all worthless effort. Haha, it’s like I’m an idiot.

M: Tomo-chan, there’s nothing that was worthless, absolutely. Waay back... I also did training for track desperately, and was told by my classmates something like “studying would be better for your future”.
M: Not at all, it wasn’t like what they said.
......what I wanted to convey, you know it right?

T: Yeah....... Sorry Mitsuru, for complaining to you so much.

M: Hm~m. Rather than that, Tomo-chan, your breast pocket has been “brr brr-ing” since just now though?
T: Woaah? Eh, it seems like I have a lot of incoming calls! What’s with this right in the morning... Ooh, the caller’s name is becoming “Hokuto-senpai❤︎”!

M: I’m curious about the “❤︎”...... Well I don’t really understand but it’ll be better for you to answer it~?
M: I don’t want to be late so I’ll go to my classroom now but if anything happens, that’s when it’s okay to use call me! (by phone)
See you, Tomo-chan! Later!

T: Yeah. Thanks for various things, Mitsuru......see you later.
T: Hm~? I wonder what happened, Hokuto-senpai?
It can’t be that after the failure just now, he plans to practice with me to achieve a perfect “love confession” this time......!? That kind of blissful development is possible!
T: /answers phone call/
Hello? I’m sorry I didn’t notice your call earlier, Hokuto-senpai! What business may you have with me......!?

^A hopeful Tomoya is so cute (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
*During lunch break later*

H: Here, Tomoya.

T: Hokuto-senpai~♪ I’m always ready anytime, there, please go ahead! Bring it on......☆

H: ......? (Well I guess I will give Tomoya a sweet first)
Sorry to trouble you to come out here, Tomoya. I have something I wanted to say.
*they talked about lunch, btw Tomo says he likes omurice*

T: Eh, what did you want to talk about? A-are you going to say a “love confession” to me?

H: No, that failed this morning. If I continued doing the same thing over and over again, the impact and surprise elements......
H: In other words, it will probably only wear out the effect of Amazing, so I can’t use that method again.

T: Ah, is that so...... That’s right, it’s Hokuto-senpai after all.

H: ? Anyway, have a seat. Wait no, it will be better to order food first. Pf course, I’ll be paying.
T: Ah no...... Doing something done in dates of the good old days do make me happy but it isn’t anything expensive so I can pay for myself.
Recently, Ra*bits has also been doing well so my wallet is full.
H: Very well. I understand, Tomoya, that it somehow feels like as if you have lost if you’re treated by someone else and that must be frustrating. You’re really a boy.

T: Hah...... Then, I’ll go order from the ticket machine.
T: H~m? What’s with Hokuto-senpai, he seems to be behaving suspiciously...... Even though he is usually calm and cool, and he also have a little bit of a bed hair left today too. In other words, he doesn’t have any room to spare.
T: As I thought, for Hokuto-senpai who has been in the theatre club longer than I am, it is Hokuto-senpai that feels more......shocked by the news?
Your heart, I know that feeling. /sniff whimper/, really, how did it become like that–
*t/n: I skipped parts where they were just casually talking about lunch*

H: This morning, I was too caught up in thinking about how to show Buchou what I am capable of, that I skipped my meal. A day’s health starts from breakfast, is what I planned to follow throught with but–
T: Aa...... I was watching this morning, because I just happened to reach school. Hokuto-senpai you really have guts, to be able to do a “love confession” in front of the public.
H: Thanks. But regarding the point about guts, I asked the experienced Yuuki about the procedure and he suggested a surprise attack to Buchou by a bungee jump...
Compared to that, I chose a more reasonable method.

T: Bungee—......?
H: Um. It was plan whereby I would fly right down towards Buchou and shout “I’ll kill you and die with you!”.
But after considering the safety aspect, we had no choice but to give up that idea.
T: Hokuto-senpai, even though you’re seriously thinking about it, there are times your ideas turn out to be really strange......

If you died because of this, it would also defeat all purpose, so please don’t try anything too dangerous.
H: I understand what made you say that. But it’s just that without anything that is almost life-threatening, I will never be able to reach that man.
......Of course, I do not force the same from you.

T: ............
End of Ch5!! I’m sorry there were typo errors and I only noticed after tweeting... I’ll take note next time🙏 Also I hope y’all had fun reading the last part especially because, that was such a ridiculously wild idea— bungee jumping right onto Wataru😂
T: ...Hokuto-senpai, pardon my rudeness but, why are you trying so hard?

H: Is that unexpected? Well it’s true that if it was in the past, I would have probably went along with what Buchou said.
H: Practically...I supposed it is in fact wiser to agree to the disbandment and join a more “respectful” troupe under the Theatre Department.
I understand that. In that way, it’s more beneficial for our future. It’s so efficient that it frustrates me that I didn’t think of that.
H: That said, I just don’t sit well with that. Without hearing our opinions, it’s unpleasant to be ordered by him to “please do it this way”.
I, have already decided to stop merely following orders.
In reality, just what does Buchou know about us?
H: Always spinning us around his whims, the him who only treats us like some funny toys, what does he know?
We, just how much we treasure the theatre club......No, he doesn’t understand how much we love it.
We’re still kids, we’re not in a position to choose the conditions.
T: ......
H: ...let me rephrase it. For me, that’s like saying “fuck off”.
T: Ahaha...... Even Hokuto-senpai too, uses such dirty words.
H: Well, if need be. I didn’t think of it at all when I entered Yumenosaki, but there are more important things than etiquette & flowery words.
H: That’s our hearts, it’s our hot burning emotions.
What’s shining inside me, screams “Absolutely don’t agree!”. Though it’s like going through the young rebellious period, I am still at the age where this is allowed right?
*I skipped a bit but before this Hokke talked about rebelling against his parents...etc*

H: I will defy, resist and fight. That’s Trickstar.
And I am Trickstar’s, Hidaka Hokuto.
H: What will you do, Ra*bits? Will you be mocked by this unreasonable fate again and only cry? Always, are you going to be just a protected powerless pet animal?

T: ............!
H: If you want to deny what I said, then let’s fight together. Fortunately or not, the stage is set up for us. Also, we haven’t reached the time limit yet.
Tomoya. This weekend, there will be an audition, it’ll be at a brand new theatre, but the organizer is a well-known troupe.
H: I just asked about it this morning but I already received contact and acceptance...
The frustrating thing is after all the fact that my mum is the industry leader, it seems that if she said it’s white, then even black would become white.
—1/2 of ch6—

I’ll update the other half as soon as I find time to!! I’m so sorry, please bear with me 🙏🙏 Life has caught up with me the past few days;;
It’s 4:25am but I feel the need to clarify that Hokke indeed said “fuck”. I could have translated it in other variations like “go fuck yourself”, “fuck you” or a toned down “eat shit!” but yeah. Just stating because that tweet is bound to be rted more so let’s be clear here HAHA
H: Originally, it seems that people without any actual achievements would be stuck at the stage of documents examination.

T: Aa...... I’ve heard of it, it has become a topic in the industry recently. These kind of information gathering, I’m good at it from past experiences.
T: Looking for an actor that will become the representative of the new theatre, it’s a really huge audition.
It’s like talking about something out of reach...... Even so, will you still be participating, Hokuto-senpai?
H: Yeah, though it may be reckless. If “DDD” is the gateway to success for idols, then this audition is the gateway for actors.
Since these are different industries, comparing them may be stupid but, at “DDD”, we won. So I believe that it is never reckless to take up a challenge.
H: Even at “DDD”, when it was decided, even though I felt that nobody and not even dust thought that we would win.
We won. Many miracles happened, and we achieved the glory. Dreams come true, if you don’t give up......the possibility isn’t 0.
H: At that troupe’s audition, in the past, even that Buchou has fail to be selected before. It is precisely because it is the toughest of the toughest, that is has meaning.
I will challenge that audition, admire and learn, and try to strike a role.
H: Using a roundabout way like a “love confession” to surprise Buchou, the me who thought of it was shallow.
Regarding theatre club’s problem, we will settle it with acting skills. That’s my conclusion, Tomoya.
......Have I become really desperate?
T: As expected, Hokuto-senpai is amazing.
While I was still flustered and frustrating over this and that, you were already in action. Moving forward without hesitation, I really look up to such a senpai......always.
T: To people of this world, they would probably scorn at the idiot who charges forward despite a cliff ahead, but Hokuto-senpai, you do your best to jump forward and overcome despite any kind of abyss ahead.
The brave King of birds, just like a hawk.*
*T/N: It’s kinda like a pun because Hokke’s surname “Hidaka 氷鷹” comes from Ice (氷) and Hawk (鷹). So saying that Hokuto is like a hawk is actually very fitting!!!!
H: Fufu, don’t say such nice things. But as long as that is there...... Just holding the name “Hidaka”, won’t make me become a King.
I am probably still, just a dreaming prince.
H: That said, a miracle that will only occur to this prince exists. A story where only the prince can become the main character, it exists.
Even if it is a children fairytale which the society’s conscience laughs at, I believe there is value in making it a “happily ever after”.
H: Tomoya, whether it is my mum getting carried away, or intending to find out my purpose......
She prepared for me, 2 pax worth of participation rights at the audition.
If you don’t mind, won’t you try participating too?
T: Me too? But, isn’t that an incredible tough one where professional troupe actors also participate?
Wouldn’t I be sticking out like a sore thumb, it hasn’t even been a year since I started theatre though?
T: I feel like the examiners would say “Fail!” just from seeing my face, wouldn’t that just become a lifetime worth of shame......?

H: If you don’t feel like it, then it’s fine. The rights to participate, I will give the last one to Buchou.
H: On the same stage directly facing each other, fighting for a role with that guy is in itself interesting.
That said, I hope you will participate if possible. No, I want to fight together with you. If I was alone, I wouldn’t have won at “DDD”.
H: Preparing as a safety measure since there are a number of war to fight, that’s not’s just that having a comrade fighting alongside is reassuring.
I’m still immature and weak. To be placed in front of a big stage, my legs seems to freeze up (from fear).
H: But if you were with me, I can hold my head up and face forward.
I want to remain a senpai that you admire, and I want to play cool in front of you. I will not you an unsightly figure, ever.
Seeing me in that way, with sparkling eyes full of admiration, there is only you.
H: Those eyes, I don’t want to cloud it with disappointment. With that in mind, I am able to challenge any strong enemies.
Thus. Your hand, please...... Princess.
H: Just now, you said it’s a wrong place for you to be right?
Let others say what they want, Cinderalla will join the ball......those who heard this have all laughed right?
But all those that laughed, all of them have regretted right after. Everyone knows that ending.
H: Even when Cinderella retreated in fear, the Prince was the only one who saw a happy ending since the start till the end and believed in it.
And so let’s take up the challenge, Tomoya. Together.
......Shall we dance!
H: If we compare this to the story of Cinderalla, surely the fairy godmother would want that (Tomoya’s participation) too.
Just because that guy is simply enjoying, it doesn’t mean that he prepared the pumpkin carriage just for fun right?
-ch6 ends-

Translator has burst out laughing at Hokke’s really random “Shall we dance” <-he said it in Eng😂👌🏻 Also Tomoya, no one would say “fail” just from your face!!!!

I’ll tl ch7 when I have time!! (I post updates abt progress on my twitter so do check once in a while🙏
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