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Transphobic people breaking Twitter TOS and misgendering will be reported for hate speech online.
Transphobes 0 Sarah 1
Another transphobic account down... more to go...
Aww whats up? Miss your transphobia already 戊
Missing your transphobia already
Hateful content report from Twitter. Think again transphobes and those posting your hate fuelled mumblings
More anti-trans get caught out for hate speech
The radicalised wont learn to be nice and seem to enjoy repeatedly misgendering accompanied with hate speech and anti-trans rants 戊
Sad people, being transphobic or posting other forms of hate speech
Aww what did I say 戊 #transphobe
Thread of anti-trans anonymous Twitter accounts reported for hate speech gets longer and longer
Another day of transphobic or hate speech comments on Twitter found and reported 仄儭
Another day of transphobic and hateful comments reported and anonymous trolls in trouble 戊
Im particularly proud of these latest #transphobic reports to Twitter and how they always get done for hateful comments and breaching TOS
Another round of transphobic or hate speech Tweeters reported, upheld and punished. They never learn 戊
More transphobes and hate speech tweeters reported and punished 戊
Awww miss you Ben #transphobe
This is my most treasured badge of honour... blocked by Graham @glinner Lineham 戊 Guess he hated the fact that I destroyed radicalised feminist and anti-trans rants and got accounts suspended for transphobic hate speech 仄儭 #missingyoualready
Another set of anti-trans transphobic hate tweeters and Im not even following them so they have no idea its me reporting them Pocket Hanky is a really fun one to report as they dont learn (known anti-trans tweeter)
Very happy with todays crop of transphobic and hateful tweeters, also another account suspended 戊 bye bye bannedfeminist miss yoouuu already, NOT
JennSmith64 bye bye you shouldnt have spread hate speech on Twitter
PocketHanky again! You just dont learn to not be transphobic do you, and, yet another one for bustedwench
Another day of transphobic and hate speech tweeters getting punished on Twitter 戊
Massive bumper crop harvest time for transphobic accounts punished with some very successful suspensions too 戊
So many transphobic accounts to get through but so much fun getting a win 戊 #HatersGonnaHate
More transphobic hate tweeters and another successful suspension. Its just too easy when haters are fuelled by their own vitriolic abusive belief systems 戊戊
Today is a very, very happy day indeed. @Pink_Babe is no more, oopsie . Do not spout hate fuelled anti-trans rhetoric and be abusive, you will be reported 戊
Todays additions to the anti-trans transphobic punishment by Twitter list
Bob the fake account didnt appreciate being called out for being fake. Transphobic accounts hate the truth 戊
Another transphobic account blocks me for proving them wrong and increasing hate toward lesbians who choose the more masculine appearance that will be discriminated against because of their transphobic rhetoric
Another victory against transphobic hate tweeters Ben Waddington suspended. One of the most prolific transphobic and hate fuelled humans Ive encountered so far 戊
I think Im winning today 戊戊 they hate it when I call out misgendering and pick apart their transphobia for what it is, pure hate for the sake of hate
MarianneBS deliberately misgendered multiple people, refused to accept their anti-trans rhetorical hate speech. Got punished by Twitter for hate speech. Blocked me 戊戊
Latest round of transphobic punishments handed out including... MarianneBS 戊
I win! Abusive troll account targeting transgendered women. Finally after a convoluted email discussion with Twitter Support they read their own ToS
Another set of transphobic tweeters on the list of punishments for being abusive.
More and more transphobic accounts get shamed 戊
Another happy day identifying abusive anti-trans right-wing transphobic tweeters. And even AliciaKnowles19 who was managing multiple accounts for abusive purposes. Congratulations haters, you failed again 戊
Was it something you said Tweeting Moggy @moggytweeting that you maybe got caught out? Miss you #TranswomenAreWomen #TransmenAreMen #MoggyIsTransphobic
If youre happy and transphobic, clap your hands

(but you will be reported) 戊
Blocking wont stop me reporting you 戊 #transphobia
Oh dear, naughty hate fuelled right-wing ideologists getting punished for organised hate against trans-people. Poor Bettytastictoo. Well miss you... but when your new account gets created, will the radicalised be able to trust Betty is who they say they are or were, who knows?仄儭
Poor Helen. Her hate fuelled vitriol has reached peak suspension level. Dont be transphobic, dont be so hateful, dont be a right-wing fundamentalist gender criticism hate fuelled person and you wont get suspended 仄儭.

Now... will anyone trust who say you are when you return?
Twitter is catching up, I reported these months ago lol, once again, Im proved correct when I call out hate speech. The right-wing gender extremists really dont know how to be kind, but they do love their hate fuelled rhetoric 仄儭
Transphobic hate fuelled tweeters getting caught and punished for being vile and disgusting is a beautiful thing. Right-wing gender extremists will always look so embarrassing in the end.
Same old group of transphobic right-wing haters getting repeatedly punished for spouting hate speech online. Get some therapy people, its more productive for your lives. Unless you enjoy being spiteful hate fuelled far-right gender extremists? 仄儭
Ooopsie naughty transphobic accounts gets suspended... I cant possibly take the credit for it, another hate fuelled right-wing gender critical extremist account is closed 仄儭
KoshkaTweeting nee MoggyTweeting likes irony. On being suspended three times, doesnt engage with trolls (because they are one) and then gets punished for hate speech. Dont think they learnt the first time... maybe therapy instead of hate speech would be a better choice?
Early morning transphobic tweeter update remember peoples, if you remain hate fuelled, are right-wing radicalised gender extremists you will be reported 戊
Todays failed transphobic haters 戊
Transphobic hate speech from hate fuelled right-wing accounts. Im here to highlight how nasty these people are
Twitter needs to catch up on the abusive hate fuelled right-wing bigots I report. Only three in this batch 仄儭
Todays transphobic hate speech account punishments handed out for their right-wing anti-trans gender critical extremism 仄儭
Todays transphobes getting punished 仄儭戊 congratulations far-right gender extremists
Todays transphobes and their punishments for being far-right gender critical extremists
This is what happens to those who are far-right gender extremists and support others like @MForstater with their right-wing hate speech 仄儭
Todays report for transphobic and hate fuelled right-wing gender extremists get their Twitter punishments 戊
Todays transphobia spreading accounts on the punishment from Twitter list 仄儭. Congratulations for outing yourselves as far-right hate fuelled bigots 不
Slow day, only two transphobic hate fuelled accounts for punishments. Note to self, must try harder 不
Transphobic hate speech accounts just dont learn do they 不. Hi gender critical far-right extremists, why are you so drawn to the far-right, wouldnt therapy be better suited for you?
More transphobic hate fuelled tweeters getting punished 戊
Todays batch of transphobic and right-wing gender critical hate speech tweeters 戊
Todays transphobic hate fuelled tweeters 不. Seriously anti-trans haters, whats the deal with the far-right so many of you have made?
Way too many transphobic haters on Twitter, maybe they need therapy instead of being far-right gender critical extremists 仄儭
More and more fall to punishment for being hate fuelled transphobic far-right gender critical extremists 仄儭
The gift that keeps on giving. Radicalised far-right hate fuelled tweeters who expose themselves online as extremists
Todays transphobic accounts punished and published for the safety of all trans people everywhere 喉
Another fake far-right gender critical account permitted by @TwitterSupport and @TwitterOpen to repeatedly attack trans people but still no suspension 仄儭
I told you I would be monitoring your account Zeren... and even got the repulsive Bettytastic who appears to have multiple accounts, one other was suspended for targeted abuse at me too
Another proud day, Cathy Loftus still appearing in reports for transphobic tweets. And a new entry for Brexit321 who likes to argue about XX and XY fundamentalism 不
Todays report for transphobic hate fuelled accounts to be aware of
The anti-trans movement getting their Twitter rewards for being full of hate speech 仄儭
Howard seem like a lovely person to be friends with 仄儭. Transphobic hate speech will always be reported 戊
Transphobic and hate fuelled humans. Maybe they suffer from #ROOFaRZIE
Todays anti-trans haters get their punishments with a special mention from Maisydot who seems like a lovely person 丹儭 and The Red Beryl
Some people never learn that being anti-LGBT and transphobic only highlights their own inferiority complex and outs them as hate fuelled individuals 仄儭. Dont hate, get therapy instead gender critical people 仄儭
More transphobic hate speech accounts punished and another one suspended 戊
Transphobic, homophobic, hate speech sharing accounts... why dont you learn
Bye bye Genderfree Critical Strudel 仄儭 and the far-right GC gender critical and genderfree movement say theyre not a group of hate speech perpetrators. Ive got some news for you, youre all hate fuelled extremists 戊
If youre not hate fuelled and far-right, why do you get punished for hate speech 仄儭? Genderfree and gender critical extremists getting Twitter punishments 戊
Oh dear oh dear, poor hateful transphobic accounts having punishments handed out by Twitter

James Watt

Gotcha far-right gender critical extremists... AGAIN 不
Such nice people these transphobes and genderfree gender criticals are 仄儭. Hateful conduct and promoting suicide or self-harm. Do you think we cant see you and the hate you spew daily? Do you think this is acceptable behaviour or should you get therapy instead ?
Your midday transphobic hate fuelled accounts update proving that therapy would be a better option than being far-right and hateful 仄儭
Todays transphobic hate speech driven accounts are... some of my favourites 戊
Bumper crop of updates on hate fuelled accounts this morning 喉
Todays report is in for the transphobic hate fuelled accounts 喉 sadly Colin has blocked me but feel free to read their tweets and report them when they make a hateful tweet 戊
More and more hateful anti-trans people getting caught for bigotry and gender critical extremism 仄儭
Latest anti-transgender Twitter report... some juicy accounts here
Great bunch of accounts caught and punished by Twitter for transphobic and anti-LGBTQIA hate speech
Teehee transphobic and hate fuelled accounts why so angry 仄儭不
Oh dear... poor hate fuelled accounts tweeting their far-right anti-trans rhetoric getting punished... 戊
When the genderfree and gender critical movement say they dont incite violence... take a look at these reports... especially Magellans Wife...
Today I am excited to announce another bumper crop of hate fuelled accounts receiving their appropriate Twitter punishments for posting anti-LGBTQIA rhetoric
Todays early report on transphobic and hate fuelled accounts getting Twitter punishments 喉
Now, trollers, try to stop being hate fuelled and I wont get these reports back on you 仄儭
Double event... because I was lazy yesterday 不. Sooooo many anonymous and hate fuelled accounts attacking the LGBTQIA+ community. Why not just get the mental health support you need instead of internalising your self loathing and projecting your hatred on us 仄儭
Transphobic hate speech account warning awwwwoooooooga awwwwoooooooga 不 even got Harry who says theyre not transphobic but really they are just a horrid nasty person spreading hate speech 仄儭 @Humberbeat
Why do the transphobic hate speech spreaders all have anonymous accounts 仄儭
Another day, and more accounts punished for hate speech against trans people 仄儭
Only a few today so far, Twitter is slow to keep up with the amount of hateful accounts that get reported 戊
When the anti-trans brigade say trans people are nasty to us in their whiny little tweets, I like to post more of these 不
I think these reports were from nearly 12 months ago! Rubbish Twitter needs to catch up on the hate fuelled anti-trans accounts 仄儭
How many anonymous accounts do these transphobic hate speech accounts manage?

Its as if they do this on purpose 不
The more the terven keep creating their fake, anonymous and creepy accounts I confirm I will be here reporting them 喉
Another day of transphobic hate fuelled accounts getting their Twitter punishments 喉
Why dont all the hateful people go out, find a great therapy provider and stop attacking trans people? Because they hate themselves internally and have to project their hate somewhere else that feeds their denial 戊
When the far-right gender criticals tell me its never them who attack people with abuse and bullying... I like to remind them of these reports 不

There are some seriously damaged people in their movement...
Bye bye... this is what happens when youre a horrible bully 不
Every days a school day for the far-right and hate fuelled anti-trans transphobic brigade of gender criticals...
@Harrythefish64 Annie is no more... they should have learnt from previous attempts at targeted abuse and how they were on their second account from suspension... they didnt learn, tried to abuse me on Twitter... and... the... result is... 戊
They dont learn... theyre hate fuelled and abusive to trans people... and they profess Im a bully... never had to remove a tweet or got suspended though... unlike Harrythefish64 who lost another account yesterday for targeted abuse at me 戊
I dont even remember how long ago I reported these accounts, must have been months 仄儭 do better Twitter 戊
Transphobic hate speech account says what?
Another crop of transphobic hate speech accounts punished by Twitter, even some far-right ones too 丹儭
Gender critical hate speech perpetrators... get some 不
Best. Day. Ever...

Magellens Wife... @/w7hqo_radio who used to also run @fallingoffearth (suspended for abuse)... and still getting punished by Twitter... 不
More and more evidence emerges proving that hate fuelled attacks on trans people are committed by anonymous accounts run by cisgender and heterosexual (cishet) people created purely to spread their cruelty and hate online... and they still blame us 不
Why do they keep being cruel 仄儭. What sick pleasure do these people get from abusing people online for their own twisted pleasure. Some people shouldnt be on social media.
When gender critical hate speech accounts state trans people are a danger, I like to remind them of the hate speech they share on a daily basis and how they get reported and punished, while I have never been.
If youre... Happy and far-right... add a spiderweb to your account... If youre happy and far-right add a spiderweb to your account 不

All you gender criticals... you know that Gab, syndicated to spinster_xyz... is a far-right safe haven yes? Suckers
Nice bunch arent they, gender criticals who get reported for... hate speech 仄儭
More and more abusive gender critical accounts punished. So tell me radicalised extremists... you seem to tell LGBTQIA people they are abusive... yet you are the ones attacking us... large amount of internalised self-hate you seem to have going on...
Awwww hate fuelled gender critical accounts... why are they so hateful and abusive?
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