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"In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the Coldest Ever Recorded. In coming days, expected to get Even Colder. People can’t last Outside Even for Minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Warming?" @realDonaldTrump
🚨#BreakingNews 🚨
Dont worry about Dems "talk" about control of the House
'Trust The Plan'

my sources told me that at least 80 (possibly up to 140) congressmen & Women will be prosecuted with 85%-90% are Democrats

👇Read Thread for Proof👇
Details on Exact Dates & the specific names to come

Exact Date is up to President Trump

some days after William Barr confirmation as AG, something will be announced publicly

Things are in full swing (behind the scenes)
Many have been thinking this since the Election. It's Crystal Clear that there was not a "blue wave" and think the "shutdown" is just a distraction to what is really going on behind the scenes
4) Sources shared these names & more to be sanctioned:

Feinstein = Treason & Espionage Act (China)
Schumer, Pelosi = Bribes, Clinton Foundat +++
Mark Warner, Burr = Esp. Act ++
Booker, K. Harris
Adam Schiff ++
Maxine W.
J. Nadler

5) Quick Clue:

check what happened at Justice Kavanaugh hearings in Sept/Oct.
those who were more unhinged... (think: panic, desperate) #RoevWade

6) another KEY Clue:
what happened at the Bruce Ohr FusionGPS closed doors hearing?

Dems leak everything.
about the Bruce Ohr hearing the Dems did not LEAK anything
- ask yourself why...

Bruce Ohr hearing [THREAD]:
7) remember President Donald Trump is a Master at 'Chess' game with the MSM
& the Dems.

the Dems have Low IQ, and are very gullible, Right @tedlieu did anymore dead bodies get found at Ed buck house ?
#PolarVortex Ted Lieu gives Ed Buck award & receives campaign funds while more dead Black bodies found in Ed Buck house
8. don't get fooled by Fake MSM.
everything you see there is a distraction

'Wall' itself is a distraction
Trump is using 'Wall' to Expose Dems,
to force them to reveal there Leftist/Socialist Agenda, world is Witnessing live in Venezuela now
President Donald Trump is offering the Dems the rope to hanggg themselves.

Exposing 'There' hidden agenda

& the Dems are doing what President Trump wants

other things, just as important as the Wall, are happening behind the scenes

#SanctionsAreComing #PolarVortex
10) Remember:
President Trump promised to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

is there any Promise that he hasn't Honored?

11) WE are ALL witnessing History
unfolding Right before your eyes
#SanctionsAreComing #PolarVortex
12) You can get more detailed information about the STRATEGY
from the [THREAD] which is pinned on my Timeline

You have to read it all, though, if you want to really understand what is going on.
Use Logical Thinking

13) "You have more information than you know"

When it comes to the MSM "There is No There There"

#SanctionsAreComing #PolarVortex
🚨#BreakingNews 🚨
Coup? Assassination attempt on 🇺🇸 President Donald J Trump?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the 3rd in line.
if Trump & Pence are assassinated, Nancy Pelosi becomes President of the USA
👇Click Thread👇
2) if DEMs have it 'THERE' way, Nancy Pelosi - "The First female President of the USA"

Is @SpeakerPelosi being paid by the Organized Crime 'Cartels' ?

3) why Nancy Pelosi was so eager to fly away from the U.S.
with other 92 persons (Dem reps, +families) +a lot of luggage & $250K in Alcohol?

why on a Military plane?

why Pelosi wanted to personally select the crew of the Military airplane?

#PolarVortex #WednesdayWisdom
4) Nancy Pelosi wanted to be sure to have "Pelosi allied" Military guys as crew, perhaps?

#PolarVortex #WednesdayWisdom
5) why Nancy Pelosi 1st stop @ Bruxelles - NATO HQ?

"Pelosi delegation planned to meet NATO commanders, US Military leaders"

Key allies = Soros cabal Merkel (Germany)
Rothschild cabal Macron (France)
DeepState cabal (UK)
EU boozey Juncker

6) why was also Adam Schiff on that trip?
7) "prior to John F. Kennedy assassination in Nov 1963,
Entire Cabinet was flown to Tokyo, Japan"

"at time of the JFK assassination, Cabinet was out of U.S."

-same pattern with Pelosi & Adam Schiff?
-preparing new Nancy Pelosi Cabinet?

8) why Nancy Pelosi wanted to fly away at all costs?

why Nancy Pelosi wanted to fly away with Adam Schiff, plus other 6 DEM congressmen, plus 85 family members?

during a Gov't shutdown?
isn't it weird?
9) is this a DeepState Coup to assassinate Trump & Pence
& replace them with Nancy Pelosi as POTUS?

Is the Organized Crime 'Cartels' Paying Pelosi this whole time?

@DianneFeinstein had China SPY as 'Aid' for 20yrs, could Pelosi have 'Cartel' ?

12) & - as some of you pointed out - we have this:

"# PresidentPelosi shortly thereafter"

President Pelosi ???

what does it mean?
a "message" to co-conspirators?
#PolarVortex #WednesdayWisdom
13) why President Donald Trump Did not give Nancy Pelosi the Authorization & Cancelled the trip at the last minute?

#PolarVortex #WednesdayWisdom
14) why President Trump announced an "important speech at the White House"
scheduled for today, Jan 19, 2019?

#PolarVortex #WednesdayWisdom
15) why the Presidential Alert System has been running several tests in the last days, all over the Nation?


#PolarVortex #WednesdayWisdom
16) Enjoy the Show

'Truth The Plan'

17) & I want to thank my (confidential) sources who has given important tips & inputs this early morning.

These inputs helped me to Connect the Dots & were decisive in writing this Thread.

Thank you!
(you know who you are)
18) remember this:

we see ALL
we hear ALL
we have it ALL

so: no worries. 'Trust The Plan'

President Donald Trump knew about the Pelosi-DeepState coup attempt well before it even began.
Keep this in mind
19) & appropriate counter-measures were immediately put in place by the Trump Team.

Think Mil. Intel.
Think Marines #USMC

President Trump is VERY well protected.
3 layers.

not only the Secret Service

20) 'There' is NOTHING the DeepState can do to harm President Donald Trump

so, again: you don't need to worry.
everything is under control.
'Trust The Plan'

21) why do you think President Trump wrote this tweet?

date: Nov. 17, 2018.
10 days after mid-term Elections.

why do you think President Trump was "ENDorsing" Nancy Pelosi?
do you think President Trump is stupid?

22) Nope. President Trump isn't stupid.
How do you Catch a Big fish?

23) by Nov 17, 2018 the NSA had already intercepted the Pelosi-DeepState plan for the Coup Attempt.

& promptly informed President Trump.

Trump & his Team prepared the Bait to catch #Pelosi & her #DeepState co-conspirators.

24) Mil. Intel, NSA, & #USMC were put on alert, since then.
Every communication to/from #Pelosi & her #DeepState co-conspirators was intercepted by the NSA.

We see ALL.
We hear ALL

NSA >> Mil. Intel >> Trump Team

25) the NSA intercepts every cellphone, phone call, text message, email, internet activity, GoogleDraft, of EVERYONE,
all over the World.

Every word you type on the internet, rest assured the NSA has it, since the very moment you type it.

#PolarVortex #WednesdayWisdom
26) Every information is collected & stored in huge NSA Data Centers in Maryland - Ft Meade, & in Utah.
& I will not write about the NRO capabilities.

the NSA is bigger than the CIA + the FBI put together.

take a look at the parking lots at Ft. Meade HQ:
27) if you want to know more about NSA,
you can read James Bamford's excellent book "Body of Secrets" (published in 2001) & do research on NSA Echelon

(Though NSA has much better SigInt systems since several years ago)

We see ALL
We hear ALL
We have it ALL
28) Since the very moment Pelosi/DeepState Coup plan was initiated,
Pelosi & Co. were royally scr*wed

NSA informed the Trump/Mil Intel Team

The Trump Team alerted #USMC Special Ops & had them ready for Action

& the Coup was neutralized
in utmost SECRECY
29) with that tweet of Nov 17, President Trump was not only setting the trap for Nancy #Pelosi & her #DeepState co-cospirators

Trump was TROLLING her

& having a good laugh at her
Trump knows how stupid NcyPls is

& he LOVES trolling idiots
30) "Never interfere with an Enemy who is in the process of destroying HERself" [Sun Tsu]

31) the NSA has always been a Deep State weapon - since 1952, when it was founded.

The irony of it.... is:
President Trump is using the 'DeepState' weapons to destroy the DeepState

32) many have asked why Nancy Pelosi has not yet been arrested for Treason

Think Military Strategy. STING Operation.

Read this [THREAD]: between 80 (up to 140) Dems congressmen & women
will be prosecuted and brought to jail (soon)

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