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Don't forget folks to join me right here for part 13 of my #crystals of #StevenUniverse series at 9pm GMT tonight (Wednesday 30th Jan 2019)
Just over an hour to go before I continue onto part 13 of the #crystals of #StevenUniverse but for those who need to catch up here's the link to part 12

Good evening folks it's 9m GMT Wednesday 30th Jan 2019 and we're continuing onto part 13 of the #crystals of #StevenUniverse

(See above for link to part 12)

But right now I want to remind you that I'm live for #tarot

The next diamond in our continuing list, Blue diamond, is the third of the members of the great diamond authority.
Blue diamond is first seen in a flashback during one of my favourite episodes “the answer”(s02e22) and makes her official debut in the episode “Steven’s dream” (s04e11)
Side note but her character design is probably my favourite out of the diamonds she looks like she’d be right at  home in the film song of the sea with slightly different textures, which tbfh is one of my favourite ever films so make sense she's my favourite.
Also blue pearl I think is my favourite of the diamonds pearls so far (crystal gem pearl not included) but I'll get to her later.
Anyway back to blue diamond, she's so far come across to me as the most open to learning and empathy with others after pink diamond, she's known by the crystals of homeworld for her merciful and forgiving nature.
She even tried to save Greg from the cluster (“Stevens dream” s04e11) because she wasn't aware it wasn't active anymore.
It's the first time this evening where I remind you that I'm live for #tarot readings and trying to earn for ongoing medical expenses.


Although we see that she still doesn't quite understand that humans aren't lower lifeforms because she takes him without consent and puts greg in a zoo with some other humans that were taken from a much earlier version of earth.
I however have hope for her learning and improving given how open she is to at least hearing Steven out in “legs from here to homeworld”(S05E25)
But perhaps her most distinctive feature so far is the depth of her grief at losing pink diamond.
This is to me is the kind of grief a close family member would experience at the loss of someone, which is backed up by the way we we've seen pink diamond be treat and act in the past very much like the youngest child in a family.
Blue diamond's shown to be able to inflict her emotional state of mind onto other gems.

In real life blue diamonds are the rarest of diamond second only to pink diamonds.
Hey folks it's that time again where I remind you the I'm live for #tarot

Blueish gray diamonds are usually contain boron, rich deep blue coloured diamonds usually contain hydrogen and icey blue diamonds are usually artificially made using electron beam radiation.
Blue diamonds are stones tied to truth devotion and spirituality it makes sense then that Steven universes blue diamond was so open to hearing Steven out and it's no surprise she grieved for pink diamond for so long.
Ultimately though in real life the biggest association with blue diamonds is that of peace.
They're a stone that resonates best in spells where the ultimate goal is peace and especially if the means is through truth devotion or spirituality.
An Excellent stone for trying to achieve justice which makes me think that Steven universes blue  diamond will be key in helping gain white diamonds support to help heal to corrupted gems and broker a lasting peace with Steven and the crystal gems.
It's that time again folks where I remind you that I'm live for #tarot

Fragrances associated with blue diamond are mimosa, blackcurrant blossom, citron and vetiver zodiac association is Aries
Finally in our run down of the great diamond authority is yellow diamond who is honestly the most amazing of the cameos/Easter eggs IMHO, The literal legend Patti LuPone
Also yellow diamond provides one of my personal top 10 favourite songs so far in the series “whats the use of feeling(Blue)?” From “that will be all” (S04E15)
Yellow diamond is equal parts feared and respected by homeworld gems we just have to look at how peridot reacts at first to rebelling against her diamond ( “message received” s02e25).
She's espoused to be logical and perfect by many on homeworld although I from how we've seen her act I believe that's how she wants to be known she's also known for being particularly good at logistics and strategy. She likes to use tech to augment/focus her electrokinesis.
She's a very pragmatic leader who is very willing to do the difficult things that need doing for the sake of the greater good of homeworld. She will happily get her hands dirty should the occasion arise.
It's the final time this evening that I remind you I'm live for #tarotreading

She has many more colonies than pink diamond & has been doing it for longer.  The relationship they have very much feels to me to be one of oldest sibling and youngest sibling.
In real life yellow diamond is found in multiple places around the world including South Africa, Russia and Australia.
The yellow colour is a result of nitrogen molecules present in the stones. It's a fairly common diamond with around 60% of coloured diamond worldwide are yellow diamonds.
Yellow diamond is in real life a stone known for positivity and change which leads it to be associated quite strongly with inspiration especially in terms of self reflection and self honesty.
This makes me think that perhaps it's time yellow diamond in Steven universe was honest that she's unhappy, she's so uptight and angry all the time it's time she actually asked herself what it is she wants because all this conquest isn't making her happy
For anyone else in the position of trying to figure out what it is exactly they want in life or want to help a friend find focus maybe try putting a representation of yourself or a loved one under some yellow diamond under a  waxing moon
repeat every night till a full moon and then thank the moon and the crystal for their help in this endeavour.
(chips in jewellery is more than fine for any of these tips and tricks as always ,it's however you have access to these stones)
When yellow diamond is used in an engagement ring unlike more traditional clear/white diamonds whose meaning is abundance strength and honesty through clarity, the yellow diamond adds the added dimension of hope for the couple going forward into this new phase of their lives.
Fragrances associated with yellow diamond are neroli bergamot orange blossom, musk and amber. Zodiac sign associations are cancer and aries.
With that last tweet folks that's me done for the evening.

As always I hope you've enjoyed yourselves

I've been Roo you've been awesome and this has been #readingsbyroo

Stay safe friends 💜
If you ever enjoyed this or any of the work I continue to do the please consider supporting me

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