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As a remainer I scratch my head as to why #Brexit continues to enjoy significant support despite overwhelming evidence its a really bad idea so thought I'd offer a psychological explanation for its appeal to some of its supporters which simply cannot lie in objective reality
I have no knowledge experience or professional qualifications in psychology whatsoever but as this is #brexit Britain this means I know more than professionals like @RichardBentall so offer my brexpertise on the psychological appeal of Brexit confident in my total ignorance
Being a Brexiter means being part of a huge crowd where not only are you all cheering for the same thing but this crowd permits and even encourages behaviour and attitudes which are normally forbidden and some brexiters at least feel liberated from decency and reason
Brexiters often use football metaphors we've all been told to respect the result and football is always about the result often they will say if their team lost they wouldn't demand a replay as if there are no wider consequences one said #brexit was like winning the world cup
Football is about winning at any cost and if your team wins by an iffy penalty or a hand ball you will applaud the cunning of the cheat who got away with it. This may be why brexiters don't care about lying cheating law breaking & Russian interference indeed seem to applaud it
Similarly however crooked your own football team may be you will scream blue murder when the other side cheats or misbehaves in #Brexit terms this means screaming your head off about George Soros and ignoring Russian money etc
#Brexit also allows you to demand in your opponents the strictest adherence to standards you yourself ignore if a brexiter porn star attacked a remainer for having a one off one night stand all other brexiters would applaud him for it
Thus a brexiter may dish out all manner personal racial sexist abuse yet when called gammons someone you are instantly as oppressed as black people in the American South 100 yrs ago as this @DanielJHannan piece on gammons shows washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/dan-ha…
Normally there are strong taboos against a group of men harassing and intimidating a woman yet when James Goddard land the yellow vests did exactly this Chris Grayling the latest #Brexit sec all sited their behaviour as a reason not to stop brexit thus legitimising bullying
screaming for no deal scares and angers remainers which is part of the reason #Brexit supporters demand it yet by any rational analysis it will cause huge harm to your own people but to admit this would mean no more gloating and here again help is at hand
In right wing newspapers there are serious apparently well respected people telling u no deal #Brexit will b wonderful thus @Jacob_Rees_Mogg allows you to keep screaming for no deal that terrifies remainers which in truth is what the floods of remoaner tears brigade really enjoy
They also provide cover for racism by dismissing the reported spike on hate crimes the result of pc snowflakes and whining remainers.
There is amongst leavers in left behind English towns an element of screw you an unspoken desire to see the prosperous ruined so they know how it feels from those who feel they have nothing to lose which may secretly lead them to welcome chaos and again #Brexit crowd kicks in
To vote with the deliberate intention of making another suffer would be unacceptable but when part of a crowd then no one is wholly responsible with #Brexit the right wing press provides you with the alibi of saying you were misled when it goes to shit later
And sadly the relationship with brexit supporters and #brexit politicians mutually reinforces ever worsening behaviour strengthening a spiral to disaster.
So David Davis can do sod all fir two years resign and then start criticising everybody for the job he couldn't be asked to do and leavers will defend him as one of their own
Boris Johnson looked fearful he had stirred a mob he could never satisfy when the result came in but since then @BorisJohnson has discovered he can for example sign off the back stop then oppose it or say he'd never mentioned turkey and leavers will still support him
Liam fox can say easiest trade deal in history and sign no trade deals but leavers don't care and if anything enjoy the spectacle of remainers getting steamed up when this or that #Brexit lie is revealed
Our PM @theresa_may served up an example today of how Brexit liberates politicians from any blame or censure the EU won't budge so parliament voted to simply pretend the Irish backstop had disappeared yet this obvious lie was greeted as a triumph by the Mail & Express
Yet if the tories are 80 percent to blame for this state of affairs then Labour under @jeremycorbyn have contributed to the national psychosis that is #Brexit albeit for very different reasons
Labour under Jeremy corbyn appear to regard facilitating #brexit as a means of showing blairites whose in charge and are almost triumphalist not because brexit is going ahead but that blairites can do nothing about it witness this Gem from @GeorgeAylett
A common refrain from the Labour left is that telling leave voters that brexit is bad makes leave voters double down the idea being to shut up #Brexit criticism all together
They will also say that calling leave voters racist knuckle daggers will also make them double down the issue being that actual racist knuckle draggers go unchallenged by labour the party that traditionally stood against bigotry
However @jeremycorbyn says we must think about why people voted leave by which he means those from depressed areas saying screw you as if its Justified punishment for remainers of course thinking about why people voted leave must not include the lies racism etc
Labour left also spread the idea that 2nd ref would be divisive this means that the division is the fault of those worried for their jobs or who suffer racial abuse or who worry about family living in Europe the
Racists gloatingly threatening your livelihood being blameless
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