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#StateCaptureInquiry Today's @StateCaptureCom hearing begins at 10:00. Two new and as yet undisclosed witnesses are expected to testify today. Yesterday, former #Bosasa CFO Andries van Tonder concluded his testimony. He was followed by another former #bosasa staffer Frans Vorster
#StateCaptureInquiry Proceedings have begun and Richard le Roux has taken the oath and is confirming his statement, following one correction. Vorster mentioned Le Roux in connection with a car rental allegedly for Nomvula Mokonyane’s daughter. Le Roux is here on a summons.
#StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says he currently works for an IT subsidiary GTS which was previously known as Sondolo, which was part of the #Bosasa Group. He left the company and then returned to the company, in a different iteration, as a Regional Technical Coordinator.
[JUST IN] Le Roux is an employee at a IT subsidiary of African Global Operations. He was hailed to the #StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom on a summons. He says his family resides at company-owned premises, he says, following an instruction from the CEO Gavin Watson.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Advocate Refiloe Molefe of the inquiry's legal team is leading le Roux's evidence. She asks Le Roux about the location of vaults on the #Bosasa premises.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaputreInquiry In November 2017 Le Roux claims Watson called him and asked Le Roux "where my loyalties lay within the organisation" and then allegedly asked if Le Roux's loyalties lay with the company or with specific individuals.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Molefe summarises Le Roux's testimony on events in November 2017, and a discussion with the human resources manager in his office at what was #Bosasa and is now African Global Operations.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says the questions on his loyalty relate to a remark he made on a religious Facebook post by Angelo Agrizzi. "Chair, Mr Watson comes across as a very strong person. If Gavin phoned you, you would drop what you were doing," says Le Roux.
@StateCaptureCom "I felt threatened by Gavin Watson, yes [...] definitely," says Le Roux. He says about two weeks after his telephonic conversation with Watson, he was tasked with deposing an affidavit, but Le Roux refused saying he did not want to get involved in a fight between Watson, Agrizzi.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "They were having a fight between the two of him," says Le Roux. He, in reply to a question from Molefe, says he took instruction from the directorate of the company, including Watson, Agrizzi, Papa Leshabane, Johannes Gumede, and Syvion Dlamini.
@StateCaptureCom MT: #StateCaptureInquiry "I got a missed call from Miss Lindsay Watson," says Le Roux, talking about the daughter to African Global Operations CEO Gavin Watson. Below, from the Watson Corporate Academy Website, is a photo of her:…
@StateCaptureCom Le Roux on what he said during a call with Lindsay Watson the next day: I said I was not comfortable with doing the affidavit against Agrizzi, because it would in fact be unlawful for me to say the instruction came from him when it came from Watson, Agrizzi and the directorate.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux claims Lindsay Watson told Le Roux he must do what Gavin Watson said (that is, depose an affidavit to say Agrizzi alone instructed Le Roux to establish some kind of a special project unit) because Le Roux and his family were employed by the group.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "It would be lying at the end of the day to say that he instructed me [...] the instruction cam ultimately from Angelo Agrizzi, Gavin Watson and the directorate," says Le Roux.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "Chair, Angelo Agrizzi helped me to prepare the statement," says Le Roux. He has testified that after he spoke to Lindsay Watson he spoke to Angelo Agrizzi and then signed a statement but under duress. It was a false statement, he testifies.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "The statement, in my eyes, was an untruth at the end of the day," says Le Roux, then prepared a separate statement signed by two witnesses saying he was forced to make the first under duress. "I was put under pressure. I was doing it under duress," he says.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry There is a handwritten note by Angelo Agrizzi on a piece of paper from November 2017 noting the statement was sent to Lindsay Watson under pressure. There are signatures for Agrizzi, Van Tonder, and Le Roux.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says he spoke to Agrizzi in order to seek advice. He says he did not have funds for anticipated legal fees, and he would not have been accurate to state in an affidavit that either Agrizzi or Watson alone instructed him to execute special projects.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says he was responsible for the camera systems at the business office park (duties included ensuring the cameras were operational and maintaining the servers).
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux testifies that he would be instructed to delete all footage off the cameras and servers following VIP and VVIP guests to the business office park. "I was instructed by Gavin Watson or Angelo Agrizzi to delete the footage," he says.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says he cannot generally recall the names of VIPs or VVIPs whose visits were captured on the cameras (and then deleted). He says no copies of the footage were made before destruction.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says he can recall a visit to the office park on a Saturday morning, and footage he then destroyed in which he saw then President Jacob Zuma, accompanied by Dudu Myeni and Bheki Cele.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Molefe: What would you do either for in respect of special projects at the homes of ministers and officials.
Le Roux: I would install CCTV cameras and electric fencing, conduct maintenance.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says nothing would be done, no one would be paid without Agrizzi's signature in the paperwork. Le Roux would make the purchases for special projects at the homes of ministers and ANC officials. "It would be given to me in cash by the company," he says
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux testifies Jacques van Zyl of #Bosasa would hand him the cash for buying items (lilely including CCTV cameras and fencing) for the special projects at minister's houses and those of officials. Le Roux says all paperwork would be handed to Agrizzi.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says, "For example, Vincent Smith. We used the name 'Project Jones'." He claims when Smith called or needed anything, staff would say: Project Jones needs XYZ. They were told, "At all costs nothing must reflect back to Bosasa at the end of the day."
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaputreInquiry We adjourn for tea. This morning's testimony has come from Richard Le Roux, an IT specialist summonsed to the inquiry. He's said he's currently employed at an IT subsidiary of African Global Operations (formerly #Bosasa).
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry We resume. Le Roux wants to clarify a point on the establishment of the special projects team. He says cars were purchased that were not branded, and personnel "were were not allowed to wear any uniform" when doing installations.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says the unbranded vehicles and civilian clothes instruction for the special projects team was to ensure so that "nothing, nothing, nothin, not even the vehicles, could be traced back to Sondolo IT" or #Bosasa.
[JUST IN] A third witness linked to a company in the #Bosasa Group has testified on alleged undue benefits to Minister Nomvula Mokonyane. Le Roux claims he met Watson and Agrizzi at Mokonyane’s home in 2013 and briefed on upgrades to the property, garden and swimming pool.
#StateCaptureInquiry Molefe asks how Le Roux knew the house belonged to Mokonyane. He says Watson and Agrizzi told him it was hers. Le Roux claims initial upgrades to the property in 2013 and the maintenance was ongoing years afterward.
#StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux alleges Watson insisted the Mokonyane property in Krugersdorp and its maintenance was a priority. “It had to get sorted out ASAP,” he says of camera maintenance and other such tasks. “It would be paid by Bosasa [...] it would be paid for in cash.”
[MORE ALLEGATIONS] #StateCaptureInquiry Next, Le Roux speaks of three properties on which maintenance was done. He alleges these were the properties of Gwede Mantashe, as Le Roux claims Papa Leshabane - a #Bosasa director - told him.
#StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux: I was instructed to do three residences of Mr Mantashe, by Mr Papa Leshabane.
#StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux claims the are three properties of Mantashe's on which Sondolo IT's special projects team installed upgrades, conducted maintenance. He says they were in:

• Boksburg, Gauteng;
• Cala, Eastern Cape; and,
• a farm in Eliott, Eastern Cape.
#StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says that Watson and Trevor Mathenjwa, an African Global Operations director, instructed him to install upgrades on a Richards Bay property. He claims Mathenjwa later told Le Roux (during a flight) the property was that of Dudu Myeni.
#StateCaptureInquiry "He [Mathenjwa] said to me is that what we have got to do is make a turn by the house before we go back to Johannesburg," says Le Roux, after reporting there was an overnight burglary or a break-in at the Richard's Bay property of Dudu Myeni.
#StateCaptureInquiry Molefe asks Le Roux what happened after Le Roux had visited Durban, ordered stock and supplies for the Richard's Bay property of Dudu Myeni. He says they arrived late and he gave the team a tour of the site, briefed them on what needed to be done the next day
#StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux says the installations at Dudu Myeni's Richards Bay property took three to four weeks and the approximate value was R250,000. He then moves on to a call with Agrizzi.
#StateCaptureInquiry The figure above excludes accommodation and labour, he says. Le Roux says Agrizzi informed on the phone him that two officers were set to meet him regarding the break-in at Myeni's property before the installations were done.
#StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux testifies (before the call with Agrizzi) investigators questioned him in the dining room of the Richards Bay property regarding the break-in. He says they were in plainclothes and he cannot say whether or not they worked for the police.
[NOT VERBATIM] #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux: Chair, I gave Ms Myeni feedback. It was in the kitchen of the property. We did not interact on a daily basis.
#StateCaptureInquiry Next, Le Roux speaks about installations at two Eastern Cape properties for Richard Mti AKA Linda Mti of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS). He says Agrizzi instructed him to do the installations, which included fencing, lighting and CCTV cameras.
#StateCaptureInquiry To return to the Myeni property in Richards Bay, Zondo asked Le Roux for defining features of it. Le Roux described an archway and a koi pond, said he can take investigators to properties. Le Roux has taken @StateCaptureCom investigators to sites in Gauteng.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "I took the investigators around to this premises as well [...] it was about two weeks ago. With the investigators," says Le Roux of Vincent Smith's Roodepoort property where Le Roux says he installed a camera monitoring system.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "Vincent would call us and say that the electric fence is not working," says Le Roux, in a reply to Molefe on return visits to the site. He says, "I have got SMSes, which I have given to the legal team, from Vincent Smith."
@StateCaptureCom [ABRIDGED] #StateCaptureInquiry Zondo: The beneficiaries of these special projects, did they make any financial contribution to the work.
Le Roux: Chair, I am not aware of anything. I can't be sure, Chair, but not to my knowledge.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Le Roux estimates the Smith installation was worth R200,000. He then moves on to 'Project Bramley' which was, he say, for Thabang Makwetla and at a property in Bramley. This was, he claims, at Watson's direct instruction.
@StateCaptureCom Le Roux, the current witness at the #StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureInquiry, has named the Deputy Minister of Correctional Services, Thabang Makwetla, as the recipient of upgrades and maintenance worth R350,000. "It was all paid for in cash by Bosasa," says Le Roux.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Molefe introduces another project, 'Project Prasa' and Le Roux says it was for Mbulelo Gingcana, Le Roux was instructed to install an IP-based CCTV system, brand new gate motor, intercom system. He claims "Mr Mbulelo" called one Sunday to help with the gate.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Molefe introduces another special project which was unnamed and related to a property in Pretoria. Le Roux says there was some upset over the upgrades to security because a staff member wore a Sondolo IT shirt to the site.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "Gavin Watson was a very intimidating person. What he says goes. You couldn't question him [...] I was always instructed not to disclose to anyone," says Le Roux.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Molefe says this concludes Le Roux's evidence, but does not close it. Zondo says Le Roux is released for now, he will probably will be asked to return in future. "I thank you for coming to give evidence," says Zondo. We adjourn for lunch.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Proceedings resume, with Advocate Paul Pretorius SC, head of the inquiry's legal team deals with some papers. Then, Advocate Zinhle Buthelezi asks that the next witness be sworn in. Leon van Tonder takes the oath. "So help me god," he says.
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