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Ok so this is a thing I want to go into w/o directly distracting this thread:

Everything most Gentiles think they understand about Nazi worldviews is fundamentally wrong.
A lot of Gentiles commenting on Nazi perspectives tend to be American or activists against racism, and are strongly influenced by Neo-Nazism's role as the foot soldiers and brownshirts of modern white supremacy, so this is understandable. But it is WRONG.
The OG Nazis do not care, specifically, about color based racism. Oh sure, they were racist, they would have and did turn on black people when the opportunity presented itself, and they took inspiration from American racial hierarchies and systems of persecution. But.
The OG Nazis' actions only make sense when you remember their context is a deeply and primarily Central and Eastern European one. They believed in a conspiracy theory view of history where "races" went to war or did battle with each other, and at the center of this was Jews.
OG Nazis saw "Jewish influence" (and I can only assume Roma and Sinti; it's not been my study focus) as a disease, a cancer on the body politic that would doom "Aryan" society. They were revanchists lashing out at Weimar society, drawing on native German prejudices.
To understand the Nazis you need to understand that to them, most of the other social groups they hated - especially Queer Germans, of which there were ofc many, and Communists - were SYMPTOMS OF JEWISH "DECADENCE," not independent groups!
The Nazis believed that Jewish influence and power was spawning these groups! Encouraging tolerance for what they saw as social degeneracy and disease! The Jews were to them the masterminds, and Queer people, communists, etc, were *agents*, pawns, Germans "infected" by our ideas!
(The Nazis believed this was part of our insidious plot to control society and devour German culture from within. To them, Queer Germans had been essentially lead astray from their "rightful" destiny as heterosexual citizens who would bear children for the Fatherland.)
Until you accept that the Nazi world view *makes no sense* outside of this conspiracy theory view of history and society as essentially a crypto-culture-war between Hobbesian national Leviathans, you won't understand why they did what they did.
Hatred of Jews is *utterly central* to Nazi ideology. It isn't like American racism which is built to maintain a racial caste system of privileged master whites vs oppressed people of color. And every attempt to fit Nazis into American white supremacy distorts this.
Remember, after all us Jews and the Roma and Sinti were dead, the Nazis next planned to exterminate Slavic peoples, including Russians as well as Poles. *Black people weren't anywhere near the top of their priority list.*
Now this is not true of modern neo-Nazism, which has syncretized and mutated in its contact with other systems of white supremacy. While Jews are still a primary target, neo-Nazism is deeply invested in hostility against people of color, bc it needed to adopt it to survive.
And in many of the areas where neo-Nazism has thrived, there are large PoC underclasses who are similarly portrayed as minions and agents of social contagion by these murderous monsters. But that's an *evolution*.
As neo-Nazism continues its malignant evolution, you will no doubt see other groups accorded conditional privilege to pass given similar status as similar masterminds in league with us scary Jews. (You're seeing it with TERF-Nazism aimed at trans ppl for example.)
But Nazism, although it forms common cause with "conventional" American white supremacy, is not the same thing and should not be treated as merely a manifestation of hierarchy. White supremacy wants a subservient underclass. Nazism wants a society "purified" of its hated Others.
There is no separation of Nazi antisemitism from Nazi hatred of other groups. Nazis did not cynically adopt antisemitism for power, nor did they even particularly focus upon whiteness - they were part of a long tradition of using Jews as scapegoats for perceived social ills.
Put simply: white supremacists prioritize exploitation, Nazis prioritize extermination
Ok I figured out how to sum up my tl;dr of this thread:

The problem with trying to fit OG Nazis into modern white supremacist thought is that Nazis' entire worldview is PROFOUNDLY NON-INTERSECTIONAL.
To OG Nazis, much their program is *all one struggle* against "Jewish decadence" and "degeneracy", under which they roll a vast number of disparate groups such as the Roma, Sinti, Queer folks, disabled folks, etc.
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