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1/ "Only limited studies have been done concerning adultery among Christians. But initial findings have been shocking."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989, at least 4 years into his sexual assault & harassment of multiple parishioners and employees
2/ " 'The Myth of the Greener Grass' answered many of the questions I had been struggling to answer on the subject of adultery: What causes affairs?"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989
3/ "In fact in the Old Testament, under Mosaic Law, anyone caught in adultery received the death penalty."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989

*actually, this worked out to only the women getting executed. #bicbw
4/ "I offer the elders, staff, and board members of @WillowCreekCC my deepest appreciation for challenging me to research and teach the difficult and delicate subject matter in this book. I'm thankful to my wife, Lynne, for her permission to share openly some of
5/ "the secrets of our lives. I'm especially grateful to Rob Wilkins and Pat Baranowski for their 11th hour assistance with manuscript revisions."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed culture", 1989

*I hope Pat sues him for every $ he has
6/ "We can see that part of living in this day & age means we will face all sorts of temptation. Especially sexual temptation. temptation will often lead to sin. Sin which will harm people, destroy relationships, and taint God's perfect design"

~BH, 1989

*crime, rather than sin
7/ "For those of us who are Christians, our deepest desire, our highest calling, indeed, our ultimate goal is to glorify God. We desire to please Him in all we think, do, and say. Therefore, we look to avoid sin at every turn."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture"
8/ "When does a sexual thought become a sin and how serious is it? How should single people handle their sexuality? What do you do if you've failed and fallen short of God's expectations? These are important questions which deserve to be answered."

~Bill Hybels, 1989
9/ "the Bible remains the definitive word on human nature & human living, even in something as intimate as our sexuality. With such wisdom, we can negotiate a life which is pleasing to Him, resulting in great fulfillment & satisfaction for us."

~Bill Hybels, "CIASCC", 1989
10/ "I spent my 1st 18 years in a church [where] I heard a steady tirade of warnings about the misuse & abuse of sexuality. I heard that I could twist it, & that it could destroy me. Today I believe I was dealt a great disservice by that church."

~BH, "Sex Crazed Culture"
11/ "To Todd, my 9-year-old son, I said, "If there's a little girl with pigtails that runs around your school & you feel there's something special about her, that's fine. The older you get, the more you'll understand what those feelings are all about."

~BH "Sex Crazed Culture"
12/ *maybe Bill Hybels, founder & leader of @WillowCreekCC & @wcagls for 43 & 26 years, should write a new book, entitled "Things sexual predator pastors say to their children"

Maybe @zondervan or @TyndaleHouse, who are both still selling his books, would publish it.
13/ "Even after we are happily married it is not uncommon to meet someone for whom we feel a heightened sexual affinity. These people make our hearts beat a little faster, and we're always conscious of their presence."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
14/ "Most of us don't figure it out until we come to the intersection of Temptation Drive and Decision Avenue. We know we can take Decision Avenue back to the safety of the main road, but by this time we're enjoying the ride so much that we don't want to go back."

~BH, 1989
15/ "When our highly charged sexual feelings are pounding for release, the Bible does not counsel us to deny their existence. It never says that self-deceit is a good thing. Rather, we should manage them and seek to understand ..."

~B Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture"
16/ "Might it be that it's easier to fantasize about someone else than to work out problems with our spouse? Or perhaps some have a good relationship with their spouse, but childishly want more."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
17/ "Nearly all of us, at one time or another, will meet people other than our spouses to whom we feel a powerful sexual attraction."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

Is this like counter-transference, @Nobzilla, this "nearly all of us"?
18/ "If I go farther down this road, I will probably grieve the One who redeemed me. I will probably drag His sacred name into the mud, which has happened in recent days with a religious leader"

~B Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

#foreshadowing or #backstory?
19/ "If I go farther I will probably inflict untold hurt on my wife, who is my best friend and who has been faithful to me. I will lose my wife's respect and trust;"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*Bill had already gone further. Much. further.

20/ "I might lose my wife and my children forever. I could cause shame to my family. I could lose self-respect. I could create a form of guilt awfully hard to shake. Even though God would forgive me, would I ever be able to forgive myself?"

~B Hybels, 1989

21/ "I could heap judgment and endless difficulty on the person with whom I committed adultery."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*What the FUCK is wrong with this human? Already sexually assaulting others.

*not adultery. rape.
22/ "The extravagant risk-takers in our midst will say, 'This road doesn't scare me. I'm going to keep driving to see where it leads.' And so they continue to the next area. It's called Fantasyland."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

23/ "Some people indulge their sexual appetites so often and with such regularity that not even the bed of the adulterer satisfies them eventually. They move beyond Passion Park to Perversion Alley. These people have allowed their desires to lead them by the nose, and now they
24/ "have no control over their lust. They get involved in such perversions as pornography and child abuse to satisfy their out-of-control sexual desires."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*or sexual assault and harassment of parishioners and employees
25/ "After Lynne had put up with me for 8 years, I decided to show my appreciation by arranging a special weekend.
Unfortunately, our anniversary celebration wasn't any better than our honeymoon. It exemplified all that can go wrong in the physical relationship in marriage."

26/ "1st, develop a proper attitude toward the physical dimension of your marriage. 2nd, improve the atmosphere in & around your marriage & your home. 3rd, develop honest communication patterns, especially in the sexual part of your marriage"

~Bill Hybels, 1989
27/ "God wanted us to communicate affection, trust, and loyalty, but not just verbally, because sometimes words are inadequate. They turn to ashes in our mouths."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture"

28/ "In the sanctity of marriage we should serve each other sexually & we should do it selflessly and shamelessly"

~B Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture"

"Stunned, she remembered feeling unable to say no to her boss & pastor as he straddled her ..."

~Laurie Goodstein
29/ "One thing that bothers me a great deal is pick-and-choose Christianity. Some believers treat Scripture as if it were flower petals and they were playing a game of loves-me, loves-me-not."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
30/ "Second, we can read books written by Christian authors that explain God's plan of human sexuality. Two that I recommend are ..."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

31/ "Once our attitude is renewed, we need to improve the general atmosphere in our relationship at home. Men are notorious for their ability to compartmentalize sexuality."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

32/ "Men are infamous for underestimating and being oblivious to the overall atmosphere of the relationship."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*why @WillowCreekCC & @wcagls should have all women elder boards and leadership
33/ "Often I hear men from @WillowCreekCC say of their wives, in their presence, 'Doesn't she look great? Look at that dress. Isn't it perfect on her?' Although the praise embarrasses the woman, it also builds her self-esteem & improves their relationship."


34/ "Those who have a proper attitude toward sexuality & a healthy atmosphere beyond the bedroom probably feel ready to hit the sack. Dim the lights. Put on Henry Mancini. Start the fireworks. Not yet. There's still one more step. Honest Communication"


35/ "Where did most of us get our knowledge of human anatomy and sexuality? ... I learned from truck drivers and dockworkers. They talked a lot, but didn't know much."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

36/ "Too often both partners drift off to sleep silently wondering what it would be like to have a sexually fulfilling experience."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

"She remembered feeling his hands shake."

~Laurie Goodstein, of Pat Baranowski
37/ "Guernsey says we have 2 choices: learn to communicate or live in ongoing frustration."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*there appears to be a 3rd choice
*RIP Dr. Dennis Guernsey, 1939-1997
38/ "within the next week or 2, write & deliver to your spouse a list of ways to improve your physical relationship. Just say, 'I want to communicate better on this. I'm a lousy mind reader & I know you are too.'"


*maybe not the best of ideas #bicbw
39/ End of Chapter 3, "Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
40/ "In the early years of my ministry I did a lot of marriage counseling, and I learned a great deal about what causes the eventual disintegration of a marriage."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
41/ "Those who are wealthy, powerful, or in positions of leadership are also prone to affairs. Pride sets in and they begin to think they can break the rules without consequences."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not 'affairs'. power dynamic=no consent
42/ "Today we see a lot of people, religious leaders included, who think they live above God's moral law. So many people have said yes to them that they can no longer say no to themselves"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

@wcagls @WillowCreekCC @GLSAus
43/ "For those already married to emotionally immature spouses who have been unfaithful, I want to ease the pain by saying, 'It wasn't your fault. God knows that. You couldn't have averted it if you had tried. So don't keep rehearsing the past, wondering what you could have done
44/ "differently. You need to get on with your life. Don't carry that baggage around. It will exhaust you and ruin your life.'"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

45/ "One of the reasons I keep challenging people to give their lives to Christ, to serve God, to be a part of a Bible teaching church, & to get into a discipleship group is not because I want a bigger church. It's because we all need to grow up"

~BH "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
46/ "When we become emotionally mature, we take one step toward removing ourselves from the list of affair-prone people."

~Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
47/ "Have you ever been to a recital where a performer sang about a half pitch flat the whole time? People start fanning themselves and looking for exit doors. The dissonance makes them uncomfortable."

~Bill Hybels "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

@WillowCreekCC attendance down ~30%+
48/ "When I hear people say, 'I found someone at work that I can really talk to,' I know they are in trouble."

~Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

49/ "Adultery is a grievous crime. When we commit adultery we defy the holiness and the character of Almighty God. We commit cosmic treason."

~Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not adultery. sexual assault rather. see: consent and power dynamics.
50/ "Violated spouse, listen to me. God knows your pain. Nobody else understands the rejection you feel, but He does. And He's compassionate. He wants to be your refuge and your strength."

~Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

51/ Now begins Chapter 5: "How to Affair Proof Your Marriage"

~Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

52/ "Nearly every newly married couple is so committed to one another on their wedding day that the thought of unfaithfulness, adultery, an affair, or any third-party involvement is preposterous."

~Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

53/ "To affair-proof our marriages we must do three things: (1) affair-proof ourselves; (2) affair-proof our spouses; and (3) affair-proof our lifestyles."

Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not affairs. sexual assault.
54/ "If we each affair-proof ourselves, theoretically we reduce the possibility of marital infidelity by fifty percent. That's quite an improvement."

~Bill Hybels "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not affairs. sexual assault.
55/ "We each need to examine our personal attitudes concerning adultery. Is it on our list of options? Given the right circumstances, is it a possibility? If it's happened before, could it happen again?"

~Bill Hybels "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
*not affairs. sexual assault.
56/ "realizing our accountability before a holy God, we need to pledge ourselves to faithfulness. We need to say before God & others that we are making a commitment to absolute fidelity for the rest of our lives."

~Bill Hybels "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

57/ Lengthier multi part quote: "The evil one leads slowly, subtly, and with uncanny ability to maneuver down the path of infidelity. He has to; he has a tough job. He has to convince people who pledged faithfulness to their spouses that it is better to follow him down the path
58/ "of unfaithfulness than to stay true to those vows. He has to convince them that there is more excitement in the bedroom of another person than in keeping promises of unending love and commitment.

He doesn't get us there in one easy step. He approaches slowly and quietly.
59/ "Before we even know he's around, he plants a thought in our minds, the seed of infidelity. As the honeymoon ends, the romance fades, and reality sets in, the seed sprouts. As conflicts arise, professional pressures increase, and communication decreases, the seedling grows.
60/ "As attractive people come into our lives, the young plant blossoms. The evil one displays it in all its glory. He makes sure we see it everywhere we look, that we smell its lovely fragrance everywhere we go."

~BH "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

61/ "Nurturing lustful desires requires no moral strength, no moral character. Instead of attacking the tempting thoughts, we incubate them. We create all sorts of extramarital scenarios in our minds."

~BH "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

#wecouldleadwillowtogether @WillowCreekCC
62/ "The evil one then lures us with lies. 'God won't care,' he whispers. 'What's one little slip, one little romantic evening? God is forgiving. And no one else will ever find out.'"

~BH "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not slip. sexual assault
63/ "u are of your father the devil, & u want to do the desires of your father. He does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, & the father of lies"

~BH, 1989
64/ "I'm ashamed to admit I've not always dismissed those thoughts as readily as I should have. I have incubated some ungodly thoughts & I've even listened to Satan's lies. By God's grace I've never been unfaithful to Lynne."

~BH, "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

65/ "I consider it the greatest miracle in my life that God would save a person like me, because my heart is so wicked and prone to wandering. I am awed by my salvation and by how God has used me, blessed me, and promised me an eternal home in heaven."

~BH, 1989
66/ "Second, I intend to be faithful because I also love Lynne with all my heart, and I love our kids. The thought of hurting her, of jeopardizing my kids and my family, is abhorrent to me."

~Bill Hybels, "Chrisitans in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

67/ "third, I plan to be faithful because I fear the wrath of God. Some people don't fear God. They think they know Him so well that they can predict His response to disobedience. Not me."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

68/ "Nadab and Abihu: these two young priests were just starting their ministry. As young men in ministry tend to do, they started playing around a bit. ... God struck them dead."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

70/ "Even David, whom God loved, got some heavy-handed treatment. Because of his one-night stand with Bathsheba, God took the life of their child."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not a one-night stand. rape, rather. See:
71/ "If I commit adultery, God would have a perfect right to chastise me. He could take away my wife; He could take the blessing from my ministry; He could smite one of my children; He could take away my health; He could take my life."

~BH, 1989
*not adultery: assault
72/ "Most Christians have a way of finding & memorizing comforting verses that talk about peace, joy, & the abundant life. We should memorize verses like Hebrews 10:31: 'It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.'"

~BH, 1989
#ifonly =*(
73/ "I don't recommend hiring a private detective to tail suspicious spouses,"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

74/ "The only way I know to affair-proof my spouse is to keep my lawn so green that all others look brown. But I see many where the opposite is true. Some lawns are so barren they make a patch of asphalt look healthy."

~BHybels, 1989
75/ "When he [Satan] tries to interest my wife in other men, I want Lynne to say to herself, 'This man may be better looking than Bill, & he is certainly richer, but will he be as concerned about my well-being as Bill has been?'"

~BH, "Sex Crazed Culture"

76/ "It's no secret that most extramarital affairs happen between close personal friends and coworkers."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not affairs--sexual assault, rather. See: power dynamics and consent.
77/ "And it is never wise to spend much time with people, married or single, who are seeking sexual involvement with us."

~BH, "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

"Stunned, she remembered feeling unable to say no to her boss and pastor as he straddled her ..."

~Laurie Goodstein
78/ "Recently, a pastor of a major church was exposed in having multiple adulterous relationships. When I asked him how this could have happened, he replied that he had created an environment where he had to answer to no one"

~BH, "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not "relationships"
79/ Now begins chapter six: "Sex and the Single Life"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
80/ "Our society has many types of singles, but most of them fall into three general categories: the swinging single; those single by circumstance; and the steadfast, spiritual single."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

81/ "Most Bible scholars believe that this is a clear reference to sexual involvement short of actual intercourse. Or, as it is commonly referred to in our culture, petting—all sexual activity from caressing up to the point of sexual intercourse."

~BH, 1989

82/ "stages in sexual involvement: 1st stage--holding hands, kissing, and embracing. 2nd stage--light petting. 3rd stage--heavy petting, which involves genital stimulation and usually leads to climax."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

83/ "Did you ever go to church on Sunday and feel horrible, dirty? You didn't want to sing and you couldn't pray because of your wild living over the weekend."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

*not wild living. sexual assault.
84/ "Some people have lived with spiritual guilt for so long they don't know what a clear conscience is like. They don't remember the last time they stood clean before God, before the person they are dating, or before a communion table."

~Bill Hybels, 1989

85/ Here begins chapter 7: "The Abortion Issue"

"blah blah blah blah blah"

Here ends chapter 7: "The Abortion Issue"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
86/ Here begins chapter 8: "The Pornography Problem"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
87/ "if I remember correctly, I viewed some of the airbrushed beauties on the centerfolds of those magazines when I was in high school. It didn't ruin my life. You don't find me wearing a trench coat and hanging around school yards."

~BH, 1989

*church parking lots, rather
88/ "pornography: I keep up with university studies on this issue, the Attorney General's commissions"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

"Mr. Hybels told Ms. Baranowski that he had been told to educate himself on the issue by James Dobson, founder of the
89/ "ministry Focus on the Family, who had been appointed by President Ronald Reagan to an anti-pornography commission.

Calling it research, Mr. Hybels once instructed Ms. Baranowski to go out and rent several pornographic videos, she said, to her great embarrassment. He
90/ "insisted on watching them with her, she said, while he was dressed in a bathrobe."

~Laurie Goodstein, 2018, here: nytimes.com/2018/08/05/us/…
91/ "I confess with embarrassment, when I began my study a little voice told me that this might even be interesting. After all, I'm as red-blooded as the next guy. But it wasn't interesting. It was disgusting & depressing & filthy & shocking & sickening."

~BH, 1989

92/ "Next, I had my assistants rent some adult videos. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I saw a steady stream of sexual perversion, including fathers having sex with daughters, sons with mothers, siblings with each other, [continued below]
93/ "[continued from above] adults with children, and children with children."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989

1. @WheatonProvost @JoAnneLyonGS have you and the IAG seen this?
2. Have you referred it to police?
3. I'm sitting here weeping again. FUCK
94/ @lauriegnyt @TribSeeker @trdevries @AllanDemond @revkyleathens @wcagls @GLSAus @WillowCreekCC @stevegillen8 @rcthinking @FBI @Chicago_Police please see admission of use of child pornography in tweets 92-94 in this thread by megapastor Bill Hybels, see: nytimes.com/2018/08/05/us/…
95/ @scotmcknight @wthrockmorton @leoblair @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @WillowWheaton @willowcreekns @WILLOWUKI @GLSCanada @willowsouthlake @WillowCreekCL @jdahlmd please see founder Bill Hybels' written admission to use of child pornography tweets 92-94 this thread.
96/ @Zondervan @TyndaleHouse it appears that you are currently selling books written by a #predatorpastor who admitted in writing to purchasing and consuming child pornography. Will you cease selling his books? See tweets 92-94 in this thread.
97/ Probably I can't bring myself to read any more of this book =( Look for the burning of the book coming soon on facebook live.
98/ @emmillerwrites @bobsmietana @chicagotribune tweets 92-94 in this thread possibly of interest.
99/ My apologies to @stevegillen8 I meant to tag you, @pastorgillen please see tweet 91-94 above, where your church's founding pastor admits in writing to purchasing and consuming child pornography.
100/ @david_c_cook see what your acquired subsidiary Scripture Press Publications published back in 1989: specifically written admission of purchase and consumption of child pornography by #predator megapastor Bill Hybels tweets 91-94 this thread.

101/ Here are screenshots from Bill Hybels' book "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989, in which he admits he purchased & viewed child pornography in the 1980s
102/ Here's a timeline of Bill Hybels' predation docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…
103/ Here are screenshots where Bill Hybels describes instigating illicitly watching videos of human birth with other teen boys at Camp Awana Wisconsin in the late 60s. He later worked there as a counselor ~1970-1972. From "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
104/ Here's a screenshot of my email today to the "Independent" Advisory Group tasked with investigating Bill Hybels' predation (zero apparent prior experience with this sort of investigation), including @WheatonProvost & @JoAnneLyonGS.
105/ Follow-up to tweet 11/ in this thread above: "I couldn't believe we were going to get birds and bees talk from my father. He didn't know it, but I was already quite experienced with the neighborhood girls. I was only in fifth grade,"

B Hybels, "Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
106/ *That was from Chapter 11: "What Cures Homosexuality". Hybels openly promotes conversion therapy in this book. Please see the unerased podcast stitcher.com/podcast/stitch…

Talking about ~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex Crazed Culture", 1989
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