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I have noticed that some on the Labour left greet news of any set back for #PeoplesVote with almost as much glee as hard brexiters this cannot be because they want #Brexit as they will often state they voted remain and would vote remain again so bears examination
Labour left tend to produce a constant steam of excuses why they can't oppose #brexit they will say corbyn can do nothing because he isn't in power thus rejecting the very concept of opposition
They will claim they can't offend labour leave voters the implication being remainers who voted tactically to deprive the tories of a majority in 2017 may be ignored with impunity or claim a 2nd ref will anger the far right who hate @jeremycorbyn anyway
They will claim a 2nd ref is divisive whilst joyously rubbing remainers noses in #Brexit blaming those who don't want #Brexit for brexit division they will claim leave would win by a bigger margin or claim a 2nd ref would solve nothing or Jeremy corbyn was washing his hair
This goes beyond political calculation @HackneyAbbott constituency voted remain she gets sackfuls of hate mail from the far right yet here she is insisting that leave would win by more and we can't offend the far right who hate her anyway dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
I believe the true reasons for this lie in the internal politics of the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader. Under Blair the Labour left were treated as embarrassing elderly relatives their views ignored by hence the shock when corbyn was elected
Labour blairites made no secret of their desire to get rid of @jeremycorbyn & openly undermined him but failed to see his supporters had made an emotional investment in corbyn as the left so long ignored finally had a voice in mainstream politics and so greatly antagonised them
The effect of All this was to make Corbyn's supporters interpret any criticism of corbyn as a blairite plot to undermine him hence the extraordinary lengths his supporters still go to defend him yet just as nu labour seemed dead #Brexit happened
All of a sudden the blairites who were yesterday's people like @ChukaUmunna @ChrisLeslieMP @DavidLammy and of course @campbellclaret were part of a genuine grass roots political movement to stop #Brexit but the Labour left saw not remainers but Blairites
For the Labour left the election of corbyn is a reversal of fortune suddenly it is they who are in charge of Labour. And the blairites who once patronised and thwarted them are on the backbenches it is also an inconvenient truth that #Brexit can't be stopped without labour
The Labour left know #Brexit can't be stopped without corbyn & revel in the fact that blairites who once treated them as embarrassing elderly relatives now beg & plead corbyn 2 back a #PeoplesVote and take huge pleasure in refusing to stop #Brexit as revenge for the Blair yrs
The Labour left feels safe to do this because they are confident that they won't get the blame for #Brexit many Labour MPs in leave seats R aware brexit will greatly harm their constituents but why risk going against brexiters when U are confident the tories will get the blame?
As ever with #Brexit unspoken feelings lead to the adoption of absurd political postures the case in point being the Labour policy of sorting #Brexit with a General Election. this would require the tories to commit suicide but thus is the least absurd part of the proposition
Corbyn proposed to fight a #Brexit election which he could not win without remainer votes ignoring the key remainer demand on a fanciful platform which leavers wouldn't believe and expecting Labour membership would campaign on a pro brexit slate when they hate brexit
As A solution to the #Brexit impasse a general election is absurd but the demand meant that labour would avoid supporting #PeoplesVote and moreover a general election would extinguish any hope of stopping #Brexit it is for these reasons the Labour left embrace the idea
When Corbyns vote of no confidence failed he planned to table more VONCs but libdems & SNP made clear they wouldn't back them @RichardBurgon was extremely angry that @joswinson wouldn't help labour thwart a #PeoplesVote which is the libdems own policy inews.co.uk/news/politics/…
Deprived of this excuse to avoid supporting a #PeoplesVote labour suddenly became a pro brexit party 40 mps would defy the whip and alf the shladow cabinet would resign a bigger rebellion proportionstely than @theresa_may it still however takes remainer support for granted
Now Corbyn is exploring the other options for however threadbare they may be they avoid stopping #Brexit
None of this implies most on the labour left actually think
#Brexit is a good idea they are aware it is a bad idea lhere @OwenJones84 urges you to blame the tories for brexit essentially defending corbyns inaction theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
No remainer seriously blames labour or even Jeremy Corbyn for causing #Brexit the issue is the lack of any sense of responsibility or desire on the part of the Labour left to oppose what they themselves are aware is a disaster
It is said that for evil to triumph all that is necessary for good men to do nothing. If @jeremycorbyn is a good man and #Brexit is evil then Corbyn is not only determined to do nothing but stop anything being done
In 1349 the Scots were delighted at news the black death was ravaging England and assembled an army to invade the army caught the plague retreated bringing the plague back to Scotland. Such will be labours fate if they facilitate #Brexit which they show every sign of doing
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