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@Olusegunverdict Good morning Sir,
I just saw your article titled averting a NEEDLESS Constitutional Crisis containing 20 paragraphs.
This you wrote to analyse how President @MBuhari is getting involved.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Please Sir let it be clear that #DebunkingYourVerdicts is simply my personal view as a Nigerian to look at your narrative from my own prism & also make my own views known.
Since there is no constitutional monopoly of narrative on any issue, we are all free to make narratives.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari I will try as much as possible to look at each paragraph to make my narrative easy to see, but let it be clear that every issue you raised has 3 components in my view:
1. Legal view
2. Political view
3. Moral view
I really don't think your views will stand on PMB on any platform!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Knowing you as the former spokesperson to the late President Musa Y'aradua under @OfficialPDPNig that the same Buhari was in contest with in 2007 shows clearly why you have no legal, moral or political view that will stand d test of time on PMB.
That sentiment will never go away
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari The reason why I feel your sentiment on PMB won't stand the test of time in history is simple. Yoruba says "Bi igbin o ba dun lobe, enu opolo ko lo ye ka ti gbo"
"ti oju akata ba l'ewo, enu adiye ko lo ye kati gbo"....
If we are talking of "Constitutional Crisis", not you Sir.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari The worst constitutional crisis that Nigeria got into happened under your watch as the spokesperson to Y'aradua on a simple constitutional issue.
Your Boss Y'aradua refused to follow the law, & you were part of such,
You didn't avert it for Nigeria.

@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari The constitution was clear about the step your boss Y'aradua should have taken, you were the spokesperson that kept the entire Nigeria in the dark while creating such constitutional crisis in the history of Nigeria.
Can we please stop trying to rewrite our recent history.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari The same @MBuhari you were writing the article "Averting a Needless Constitutional Crisis" on had gone through what your boss went through twice & he followed the constitutional provision.
Dear Sir, on this issue, it would have been better to just "sidon look" than to have a view
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Others may want to say as long as you are a Nigerian, you have a right to your opinion on every issue.
No Sir, I disagree. It's like Abacha's son coming out to accuse any Nigeria President by saying "they are ruling Nigeria like a DICTATOR"....
How did that sound?🤣🤣
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari You started the article by mentioning what NJC suddenly woke up to do.
What that sudden awakening of NJC shows us clearly was that they were a disappointment to Nigeria, a sleeping dog that should be ashamed. Why did they sleep on the issues of CCT chairman SINCE?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari You should rather thank PMB for INFUSING productivity into the same #IneffectualNJC that had long slept & taken Nigerians for granted.
Are you aware that they were supposed to meet on the 15th of January & Onnoghen postponed it via text message INDEFINITELY? What sayeth THOU?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari In paragraph 2 of the article, you already showed clearly how INEFFECTUAL the NJC has been over the years.
That NJC has not deemed it fit till date to make a clear statement on the same CCT Chairman that has been on the flashlight for a while shows that Judiciary is SLEEPING!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari There is this subtle emotional blackmail you brought up in that paragraph two by mentioning "media trial" as though there will ever be any issue without public opinion. Can we please stop swinging like pendulum on different issues? Didn't we bring Kemi Adeosun to "media trial"?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari In Paragraph three of the article, as expected, you brought in the main ACTOR you obviously planned to talk about, BUHARI.
Here is the problem Sir: The man at the "centre of this crisis" is not Buhari, but ONNOGHEN.
Please Sir kindly edit the article, it will be logical!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari You missed the logicality of the article from that paragraph where you suddenly changed the man at the centre of this crisis.
Buhari is not the man, Onnoghen is the name of CJN at the centre of the crisis, kindly do the needful.

CRISIS: Non declaration of asset
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari The reason why we need to put issues within context is simple: Once we change the narrative, the expected output is also perverted.
The man that started the constitutional CRISIS that could have been averted is ONNGHEN a PUBLIC OFFICER who broke the law, not Buhari.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Again in that paragraph 3, you brought up this issue of INFERIORITY COMPLEX of Africa being INFERIOR in THINKING, CONCEPT & LOGIC to the western world by FLASHING the stand of UK, US, & EU commission.
Can you people stop insulting Nigerians with all these stuff about complexity?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari When Donald Trump stopped the speaker of the house just two weeks ago, can you please show me what EU,USA,UK said about Trump?
Why should we alwasy think that people that had not gotten their own issues right MUST always have opinion on EVERYTHING we do?

@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Bringing in the opinion of the European Union Election Observer Mission just because Nigeria will soon be having their own election is usually funny to me Sir. Can you show me their opinion on that poorly conducted USA mid term election held on Nov 2018?

@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Bringing the opinion of US, UK,EU up on the issue of Onnoghen & linking it to election is not just embarrassing to Nigerians, it also shows high level of hypocrisy of those Nations.
1. Is Onnoghen the @inecnigeria Chairman?
2. Will they keep a CJN that fluted the law of theirs?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Trump has been having issues with US Judiciary, can they please show us their opinion from UK,EU on how Trump-Chief Justice Roberts issues will affected last mid term election in the USA?
Do we have a law as a sovereign State? Are we a colony of UK?

@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Look at the end of that "suspicious" statement by the EU, didn't that sound like what PDP, the party you were part of since 2007 would have said also?
“the timing" that you quoted from what EU,UK etc said, what was the LOGIC of timing in CRIME?
Will @PoliceNG work on the 16th?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari If the Chief Justice of Nigeria or the candidate of PDP Atiku, or the Chairman of PDP hits a Nigerian on the 3rd mainland bridge on the eve of the election, and the person DIES, will Law Enforcement Agencies let them go because of "the timing"?
Encouraging lawlessness of TIMING?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Thank you Sir for this Paragraph 5.
Opinion is what it is: PERSONAL OPINION.
That people will rush to counter it is not peculiar to Nigeria, you shouldn't have "localized" it by saying "In a country where it is difficult to sustain any meaningful argument".
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari The best Paragraph I read full of wisdom of your experience as the spokesperson to late President Y'aradua.
You also know more than many of us that the President at every point in time KNOWS more about a PARTICULAR ISSUE than many of us. Yet he must DECIDE.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Dear Sir,
You are not a lawyer, I am not a lawyer.
If you want to talk about extra-judicial means, can you point them out so that the likes of @fkeyamo or @iyaboawokoya can put you through the legality of such SPECIFIC CASES?
That you said this does not mean that's what it is:
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari I will bring up the issues of "extra judicial means" that you mentioned and how @fkeyamo responded to Abang some months ago.
If you have issue with that go to court. Outside that, it's just an opinion
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari "by being selective in his anti-corruption targets and by violating the principle of due process in dealing with the CJN"...

Hello Sir,
We need to HELP the law, where the law is HELPLESS...
Read my #PoeticJustice referencing @JeSuisNaija thread👇👇

@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari "the president has cast serious doubt on the real intention behind his anti-corruption war"...

NO SIR, your opinion on Buhari's anti corruption war is your personal opinion, it does not reflect that of ALL.
You have always doubted his intention, WE have always loved his.🤣🤣
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari You see, all along you've intentionally to look at the link between the Onnoghen suspension & the coming election.
Basically, what you are after is not the Legalilyt or Morality of what Onnoghen the CJN did. Rather, you are concerned about #ThePolitics of Onnoghen event. OK!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Since what you are after on this is #ThePolitics of removing Onnoghen before the election, let's dwell here a bit.
Politics is what it is everywhere in the world: #TheGameIsTheGame
When players scored own goals, will such be counted in #TheGame or not?🤣🤣 #TheGameIsTheGame
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Onnoghen, a public officer FORGOT to declare his asset AS STIPULATED by the law & he KNEW.
Hello @FRSCNigeria if you stop my vehicle & asked for my particulars, will it be suffice to say I FORGOT to renew it last week?
Will you accept that your officer had personal issue with me?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Judiciary has stopped the ruling party from UNDER BUHARI from participating in both River State and Zamfara Governorship election (as at today), giving as it were PDP a free ride.
Do you know why you didn't see anything wrong with that? It's because the affected party is APC🤣🤣
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Justice Mary Odili, the wife of the same the wife of former PDP Governor in River State has been in the Supreme court since odun gbogborogbo,
Justice Onnoghen from Cross River State had been seen with Wike on a few occasions.
You know why you didn't read the politics to this? APC
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari If Justice Mary Odili, the wife of former Governor of River State, the same place where APC has been disqualified has been linked to be the wife of any APC Governor especially from the North, being in the Supreme court till date......
But I know APC is not smart to make NOISE🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Yes Sir, we got the memo since last week of your ploys across board to bring religious angle to this Onnoghen issue.
It's convenient for you now to view Tanko as a Northerner & a Muslim, yet you are insisting on the CONSTITUTION.
Excuse me Sir, who is NEXT in line after Onnghen?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari "No matter the gravity of the allegations against Onnoghen, recourse to self-help in dealing with the head of the judicial arm of government in Nigeria is damaging to the principle of separation of powers".....

Stop defending LAWLESSNESS!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari By saying "No matter the gravity of the allegations against Onnoghen" you missed.

If Onnghen RAPES a Nigerian today, NO MATTER his position & the place of law, IF the father of the girl caught him in THE VERY ACT ehn, he will do something..."HELP THE LAW where d LAW is HELPLESS!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari "Recourse to self-help in dealing with the head of the judicial arm of government in Nigeria is damaging to the principle of separation of powers"....

No Sir, #TheGameIsTheGame
Do we have issue with our Judiciary? YES.
What should PBM do where there is LOOPHOLE? SOMETHING.
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Did Onoghen have a case to answer? YES
Is Onnoghen a judicial officer? YES
Is d case applicable to his as a public or judicial officer? PUBLIC OFFICER.
Can ANY COURT stop CCT from proceeding? NO
You see, #TheGameIsTheGame
Where d law is HELPLESS
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari "That was the red line crossed by the president with the suspension of Onnoghen as the CJN. No matter the justification for the action, it is a gross violation of that cardinal democratic principle"....

Mr President did not cross the line, Onnoghen VIOLATED the law he SWORE to!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari At some points, we keep saying the constitution is from the MILITARY regime, then we keep it when convenient.
Who fixed N13.5Million for the Senators? Who checkmates such ILLEGALITY till date?
If CJN kills a Nigerian, report to NJC or POLICE?
Help the law where it is HELPLESS!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Onnoghen admitted he FORGOT to declare. OK.
Who to report to, you said NJC...OK
15th of January when NJC was supposed to meet, Onnoghen simply POSTPONED the meeting INDEFINITELY...OK
President cannot remove CJN...OK
CCT has jurisdiction...OK
CCT ordered C-in-C to SUSPEND...SO?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari "A fight against corruption that is selective, arbitrary and anchored on self-righteousness is not only reprehensible, but a sure route to dictatorship"....

Thank you for admitting that there is a FIGHT against corruption.
Thank you for saying is it SELECTIVE.
Atiku said AMNESTY
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari This immoral message of calling fight against corruption "Selective" your generation is pushing down the throat of upcoming Nigerians is dangerous.
If PMB is selective, why didn't others fight it in a selective way UNTIL you people get rid of yourselves & leave us alone? WHY?
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari This SELECTIVE fight against corruption is already sending two former Governors that joined the ruling party APC to 12 years inprisonment, I'm sure you remember their names & their party: Dariye & Nyame bags 14 years.

Are you aware of why it has to delay till now? JUDI-SHARING
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari So if the agreement of the Elites is for Atiku to come in and DECLARE AMNESTY for looters, don't waste your time, Atiku WILL NEVER WIN #NigeriaDecides2019

Let's do it this way: Give all of us access to N1B each, leave us with it for 3yrs, then DECLARE AMNESTY, we will pay N1.1B
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari If you have not told us why you conspired with the powers that be to push Nigeria into a Needless Constitutional Crisis as the spokesperson of President Y'aradua, I don't think you have any right to speak about this topic Sir. Why did your boss choose such path? Please tell us!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Sir did you remember when Nigeria was plunged into an avoidable Constitutional Crisis that brought about the doctrine of necessity?
Pls remember Sir👇👇

EXCLUSIVE: Why dying Yar’Adua was sneaked into Nigeria without Jonathan’s knowledge – Tanko Yakasai

@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari An unwarranted Constitutional crisis happened under @OfficialPDPNig when you were the spokesman of the Government, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Soyinka & others had to lead a protest to HELP THE LAW WHERE THE LAW WAS HELPLESS in this same Nigeria....Was that constitutional? Pls ANSWER!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Which Constitutional DUE PROCESS did Nigerians follow to avert the avoidable constitutional crisis Y'aradua & his team which you were part of push us into Sir?
Was the solution that brought sanity LAWFUL?
You see, SOMETIMES, we need to HELP the LAW, WHERE the LAW is HELPLESS!
@Olusegunverdict @MBuhari Let me end this turenshi by simply reminding every elite ahead of us:
Nobody can rewrite Nigeria recent history in our lifetime.
Buhari is here correcting the errors of the past.
As long as people keep trying to change our recent history, we will keep #DebunkingYourVerdicts
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