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#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign The first thing anyone shd know about @stop007org Katherine Horton's latest attacks on my name & work as rolled out in her new “Right to Reply” video is that I have reported it to Youtube for Copyright Infringement, 1/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign since she has engaged in the peculiar enterprise of playing, replaying, jeering, & ridiculing every sentence spoken, every gesture made on Report #99 , a video she did not create. 2/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign This aspect of play, replay, jeer, mock, cyber-stalk, & cyber-bully is hardly “Fair Use” nor educational; its purpose and intent comes across rather as degradational, derogatory, deprecating, and dismissive. 3/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign This element of play-replay looping & repeat injunction she uses also calls to mind MK's psychic driving, brain-entraining, suggestibility-inducing, trance-inducing, & hypnosis—of her viewers. 4/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign In thinking about why she wd. waste her time to once more project her false-reality constructs played out--and still maintained online--at her website where her nonstop slander campaign against me is misnamed, stop007.org/home/black-lis… 5/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign I realize she's dug herself into a hole with all the lies she now feels obliged to keep clinging to, as she does on this video too, and marks (See her tweet w. #NewHobby) as her new obsession. 6/
I'm yet to release the article outlining the delib. echo-stalking she sent my way for mths, other inadvertent clues she dropped of deceit, & the undeniable betrayal of Melanie her inaction has revealed, after her own words initiated the removal of M's newborn by Psychs. 7/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign I see now how imp. this article is, w. also discusses Mirroring & NeuroLinguisticProgramming, & will post it soon. What I call Echo-Stalking has been termed Mirroring by NLP mavens & experimental psychs. and has neuro-manipulative intention. 8/
Returning to the lies, during this performance, KH repeatedly refers to the unrevised lies she's posted, eg stating I broke off Techno, campaigned agnst her, sought to sabotage-so clearly she is unable to comprehend #Truth on this sub as expressed here: 9/
I've said before I won't const. respond to her ptless carousel of accusations-see my Standing Notice-but I will pt to #Truth, for those she app. seeks to deceive, entrain, hypnotize into believing her baseless lies abt me. See @karen_kams56 's note in bit.ly/2Ut6t7k 10/
She dwells often, I've noticed, on how emails the wk Techno ended began w. me wanting to quit, that she “has the emails.”Well, hello, I have the emails too. I've covered them, incl. how she misframed repeatedly, misdirected, didn't respond to pts here: bit.ly/2UBx3eB 11/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign Fact is, many factors led incrementally to Techno's break-up, quite a few connected to KH's dominating behavior, random diatribes, indefensible calls to violence, refusal to heed requests, spelled out in technicolor: bit.ly/2UBx3eB 12/
I advise all read this thread w. lays out the #Truth: this entire debacle of Public Slander/Cyber-Bullying Assault on me was launched by @stop007org in her first vid. after TCFF closed where she launched her Misframing,False-Reality Construct abt this. 13/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign The story she's spun people like @AlfredWebre (who wrote to me) abt “being excluded from her own broadcast” is an example of the shameless lying & misframing she's published on this subject and continues to parrot i/on her videos & website. 14/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign That VNote was just that, a note from the group @stop0070rg chose to disrespect, dismiss, deprecate as she established the impasse-in her own emails--w. ended Techno well before the VNote. And yes, I have the emails.15/
Misframing is exactly what she does on this vid. as well, starting w. her selective, truncated, decontextualized highlighting of allusion on Rept # 99 to her “foul language Directed Against Me And Others”--spec. ref. there to her “bitch in Boston” “dumbass” and similar refs. 16/
Which, by such pathetic cutting-off & removal of context, she then Misdirects into a bizarre tirade on her general swearing n cussin' and how great it is, how Puritanical I am, how she has freedom of speech and is Hungarian & has a "right to life" etc. Bloviated Misdirection. 17/
But misframing is her hallmark at this pt. Misframe once, you may have missed the point. Misframe twice, thrice, four times--w. a Ph.D--& I'm afraid I have to notice that's Strategized Entrenched Misframing. On the sub of swearing, KH has now displayed Entrenched Misframing. 18/
The one Primary objection Millicent made to Katherine Horton's nonstop swearing in context of abusive Military V2K is Buried by KH. My own thoughts I have spelled out in The End of Techno. bit.ly/2UBx3eB The fact that we also saw it as unprofessional is lost on her. 19/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign So now, practicing Entrenched Misframing, she once more enters the Misframing trench of unreason, raving abt her smarts in knocking people out of Learned Helplessness & singlehandedly cursing her way into getting victims "to snap out of it".20/
Misframing this entire lunacy of attack-and-euphemize is a means it seems to run her campaign on me nonstop, as she names each rebuttal “new allegations” much as I predicted here: bit.ly/2Ut6t7k. Intelligent observers however, note the #Truth: 21/
Frankly, the fact that Katherine Horton rushes on to others' shows, right after a massive Smear & Slander attack on me & others, evident on her website & videos, seems to be the big reveal of the Underground ZioNaziJesuit Express connecting the questionable in alt-media. 22/
I'm certainly marking that Trail of Crumbs she leaves-& note she refers to Suzie Dawson @Suzi3d, who also recently distinguished herself w. me. I have openly questioned Suzie Dawson's unrevealed allegiances, w. underlie her hostility to my journalism. bit.ly/2GiOCft 23/
I encourage all to follow this subject, covered in my report on @Suzi3d's Twitter conver w. me, revealing her own distancing from all journalism, notice, and disclosure from wrongfully #TargetedIndividuals--while she plays in alt media as a journo revealing Mil/Intel crime. 24/
Fact: neither @Suzi3d nor those she platforms such as @ElizabethleaVos @Caitoz acknowledge or cover EMF Neuro DEW Targeting, #SurveillanceAbuse, or Non-Cons. Mil/Intel/Acad Expmts—at CORE of the Fascist Mil/Intel crimes of this century. Clue no. 1 re. Questionable Alt-Media. 25/
KH's notice of @Suzi3d & @Snowden–both of whom aid, along with @ggreenwald @jeremyscahill @trevortimm @nytimes –in the COVER-UP of global EMF Neuro DEW targeting/abuse/Crimes Agnst Humanity by variously ignoring, refusing to cover, mocking does raise qs re. Bkgd agenda. 26/
If #Truth underlies our media efforts to inform public of ongoing Crimes Against Humanity, it is INEVITABLE that phenom. of @snowden @JulianAssange @Wikileaks are scrutinized just as much as #Brennan @Comey #Clapper #Rumsfeld #Israel #Rothschilds #Vatican @DARPA @FBI #DOJ. 27/
It's interesting therefore, as KH casts aspersions on me for asking her the simple q if she was Jewish (quite in context, on Techno) that she hints at special lineage, w. Mongolian tones, Transylvanian tones. Are we dealing here with European Illuminati? Who knows. 28/
I won't bother to speculate. She certainly does, as she delves into Intel agencies from 1 part of the world to the next & ponders who I might see her as working for-mentioning the #Mossad, who might well be working for her, for all I know, if she's the Queen of Transylvania. 29/
Notice too, from talk of being Jewish she rushes to talk of circumcision. For someone who notes the Cartel's Sex & Death cult, isn't it odd that @stop007org fixates obsessively on Sex-& worse, brings my husb. into this!-whom she and @DeborahAWeber often obsess painfully abt. 30/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign Also fascinant to note she issues demands & directives-in betwn outright insults calling me an "imbecile"-imperiously calling on me to name '1 gov' implicated in her double-agenting. Newsflash: I don't have to do a thing she thinks I shd do.31/
Contrary to her misperceptions, KH is neither the voice of reason on this planet, nor the voice of proper etiquette abt anything at all. I have in fact spelled out what I mean by my use of “double-agent” in relation to @stop007org. More info to come. bit.ly/2Ut6t7k32/ 32/
Whether KH, as I suspect @suzi3d does too, has questionable unrevealed allegiances-as many do today in alt-media-is a matter I do speculate on. So many options: Inner-circle Rothschilds/Unidroit/HUMINT DOD/CIA/MI5/GCHQ/SIS/SERCO/Pope/Crown...think I'm entitled to speculate 33/
...when someone slanders me publicly, echo-stalks me, & refuses to heed Cease & Desists. Which are public once published online, despite anything Katherine Horton @stop007org says. Issuing a Public Cease and Desist publicly to anyone does not require a private communication.34/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign Just because KH wishes once more to Misframe by terming my v. public media site The Everyday Concerned Citizen a “private blog” does not make it so. Demanding I “send” her a C&D to make it stick does not make this a requirement. 35/
That preachy, patronizing, paternalistic tone of chastisement & appropriated authority in fact she's assumed on her vid. sprinkled w. infantilizing, condescending “my dear child”s, “Woman”s, & insulting, derogatory “that woman”s marks her entire performance "To Be Ignored." 36/
(And yes there is a reason I've posted pics here, often w. timestamps, of folded-back lips, pressed lips, sideways-swung lips from key pts in KH's vid.-a rather known Zio/Jesuit signalling of Lies being mouthed, Crossing Out a True Statement made, or Cueing allies.) #Replay 37/
There is much in that video by @stop007org that's abusive to me, derogative to me, insulting to me. But much also that's abusive to viewers, demeaning to viewers, entraining to viewers whom she posits as TI victims needing jolts from her to wake up. #EwenCameron anyone? 38/
The level of ignorance abt Creative Writing, publishing, teaching CW, & the lit. world she exhibits is Vast. Ignorance she bends into crude insults. As a BS, Physics & MBA w. an MFA, I can assure all that Physics & Math are WAY easier than writing Fiction, which few excel in. 39/
Teaching Creative Writing: Fiction, Poetry, Memoir also is a profound, organic art involving all of one's self, heart, soul, spirit as well as intellect & practice & knowledge of craft: challenging, rewarding. Teaching Physics is straightforward & less complex. I've done both.40/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign To diss my writing and my teaching of fiction and poetry therefore, as well as my name as a writer, as @stop007org does, reads as profoundly uneducated & ill-informed. No, I don't have to be Madonna or Prince. Ramola D is star enough, thx:) 41/
One more thing to clear up, yet again: Katherine Horton @stop007org did not intro' me to Dr. Paul Marko, Dr. Eric Karlstrom did. Paul interviewed me on Eric's intro, later asked me to join the "TI Forum" he was starting, along with KH, and suggested we ask others. 42/
Pronouncing intent to collect damages from Melanie & myself for damage to her reputation when she @stop007org is the one who's posted a Smear page w. my name filled w. malicious lies, false narratives, misframing + 3 Smear Videos, & ignored C&Ds, is just plain misinformed. 43/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign I'll address her claim, oft-repeated, of “evidence” uploaded, while she invades people's privacy & basic human rights, publishes emails & texts without permission, and denounces people publicly after private confusions in communication. 44/
It is this kind of “evidence” she seems to demand others provide. No, none of us need to trample on another's privacy as KH does (& the #NSA does). Protecting the privacy of others is a moral act. Injudicious speaking & spilling & publishing can destroy reputations and lives. 45/
A baby was lost at Erasme this way. By her speaking. A man fighting for justice in a French court was offered no favors by injudicious & inaccurate words by her @stop007org noted in an affidavit for him, where she published a distortion of his words, a confabulation in fact...46/
...based on a pet theory of hers--for which there is no evidence she @stop007org can provide--which he refuted, dropping her as “expert witness” for doing so. Of his own volition, an act she desperately laid at my door, claiming it was part of a "campaign" against her. 47/
There is other evidence of her initiating pernicious action by others, as in her listing of my name on her “Blood on Their Hands” page which features some gory dripping. This she refers to in her video, making the absurd claim she didn't know this had happened on her site. 48/
@DeborahAWeber added her addled comment on that:
This is reckless, irresponsible, grave, accusatory, and extreme slander. Deborah Weber has been reported to Twitter for making multiple abusive and harmful tweets on me, attacking my name, my family...49/
and my work (in add. to several Public Notices posted on Twitter)—and in this instance, egged on apparently by @stop007org Katherine Horton's violent “Blood on Their Hands” imagery and accusatory text. @DeborahAWeber #KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign 50/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign I have posted a new, comprehensive Public Notice to @DeborahAWeber demanding she remove her libelous posts, based on lies, fabrications, confabulations conjured out of thin air, as well as tag-teaming w. @stop007org: everydayconcerned.net/about/public-n… 51/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign Barbara Hartwell, #CIA whistleblower, who was also repeat-attacked on KH's video, has published her views on the Nonstop Slander by @stop007org and @DeborahAWeber: barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/2019/02/demoni… 52/
Barbara Hartwell has published & spoken extensively of FBI/CIA "Superspook" Ted Gunderson, whom she worked with, knew, researched, covered, & who smeared her publicly in efforts to suppress her whistleblowing. Blind worship of TedG as @stop007org demo's ignores his true bkgd. 53/
Barbara Hartwell has been massively smeared and slandered online in a co-ordinated #OpMockMedia #CIA campaign to suppress her powerful, incisive, clear-speaking, truth-telling voice. She exposes the #CIA Controlled-Opp Alt-Media, w. is now app. rallying around @stop007org. 54/
It's known the #CIA Controlled-Opp mechanism swings into play to smear, slander, silence, shut down any real, truth-telling voice in journalism. Such voices--as mine--are destined to be ring-fenced, mocked, ignored, jeered-at, silenced by #CIAHyenas as in @stop007org's vid. 55/
The #Truth is, neither Barbara Hartwell nor I nor the truth we publish can be silenced. But the #CIAHyenas do try. This entire campaign run by @stop007org to slander, discredit, insult my name, Barbara's, Melanie's, others' is I suspect an #OpMockMedia campaign to mudsling. 56/
I mean, spatter Lying mud on us, False Info mud, Disinfo mud, Misinfo mud, Entrenched Misframing mud, & generally Muddy the waters for anyone looking into truth of #SurveillanceAbuse, COINTELPRO #DEW use on all, & #NonConsensualMilitaryIntelExperimentation we bear witness to. 57/
Katherine Horton @stop007org claims to be a “Holocaust” victim advocating for other victims—yet casually victimizes, targets, attacks, slanders, defames, and reviles me (& others), while throwing ridiculous accusations about in an inciting, misleading, deceiving manner. 58/
All this in fact amts to “tortious interference” as she @stop007org seeks to cast a pall on my name & work, deprecating, denigrating, defaming, abs. refusing to stop. I can only ask that those supporting her wake up, investigate her further. There is something v. wrong here. 59/
Her contd. defamatory attacks-epitomized by her refusal to remove that lying page on her site w. my name on it-shd alert all to the Entrenched Lying, Misframing, Deceiving & App. Brain-Entraining of Viewers into Believing Repeated Lies via her long droning video-lectures. 60/
She @stop007org has actually handed the #Truth to me abt herself on a silver platter--& publicized it herself, when I had no intention to make my private notice public. Stay tuned for the Echo Stalking Special, to be released shortly. And nope, it's not just abt Mugs & Tops. 61/
I also advise: pay attention to what she presents as her analysis, advice. She has stated targeting is not abt #SurveillanceAbuses & Non-Consensual Mil/Intel Expmts—except, it is. She's stated it's all abt Depop. “in the most sadistic & sexually arousing manner” (on Fetzer)...62/
...this is Misdirection & Diversion. These NWO WMDs have been #MIIC industrialized & are tools of the Fascist Global Central-Banker Rothschild Vatican State, primary purpose Full Spectrum Neuro Nano Bio Legal Control of humanity rolled out “legally” but secretly thru DOJ/DOD. 63/
I continue to explore and address this head-on in my journalism. My conclusions have been published before: there is an insidious high-tech Infiltration, Sabotage, Misdirection, False-Hope, Hive-Minding, Entraining, Psy War, Spiritual War operation among TIs ongoing here. 64/
Her facile focus on court cases valorizes an intrinsically corrupt legal system built on Language Fraud w. benefits crooked central bankers & City of Rome, and her dissemination of negative messages and frequencies with inciting language and tone shd also be questioned by all.65/
We live in an energetic universe, our thoughts, words, actions, stances do count. Our thoughts stream out in long ELFs w. wrap around the earth. Our spoken words vibrate intention into the universe. Feelings are frequencies. Our consciousness changes the morphogenetic field. 66/
The fact that KH @stop007org broke onto scene out of blue, thx to @RichieAllenShow, then connected w. me, set up JIT, worked on Techno w. us, domineered, gate-kept, censored, started & dropped projects, initiated loss of a child w. she heartlessly did Nothing to redress...67/
...sabotaged FL's court case (by his words), sabotaged EuroScanning (by M's wds), insulted Melanie privately & publicly, made indisputable calls to violence, w. talk of building armies, Soros-style civil war, Misframes nonstop, runs long droning lectures w. neg use of lang...68/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign ... & has launched a neverending all-out assault on my name rife with lies & Strategized Entrenched Misframing shd wake everyone up. These are Not the actions of a disinterested HR activist. 69/
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