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BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Throughout February, 2019- I will be posting a thread about the contributions of African-American & other African heritage persons to the genres/mediums of science fiction, horror, fantasy, comic books & video games. "Real Life" & "Fictional" characters.
BLACK HISTORY MONTH. This thread acknowledging & honoring Black contributions & representations in these genres will be done in different "categories." "Those Before Us..." will focus on real persons who have since passed on. "Present Day" will be about real persons who are
still living; even if they have not worked/appeared in these mediums recently. "Fictional Character" will be just that- the complex & complicated portrayals of African/Black characters in fiction. Finally, there will be every so often throughout the thread- "Futures So Bright"
will spotlight an up and coming person (mostly young people) who have contributed to these genres as part of their young careers. And... whether they continue in sci-fi or horror or these other genres/mediums... you know "Their Future's So Bright They Gotta Wear Shades!!!!
As someone is mixed-racial, disabled and gay; the genres of fandom have been a refuge- a haven. When I got on twitter last year, I similar threads celebrating the diversity in these genres and mediums. So, with great love and respect I am doing another! So... let get going...
BHM. Day #1. "Those Before Us..." Donald Marshall (1936-2016). Best known as pilot "Dan Erickson" on "Land of the Giants." He was also "Lt Boma" in Star Trek (1967) & appeared on Mr. Terrific, Incredible Hulk, Bionic Woman, Buck Rogers & the film "The Thing With Two Heads."
BHM. Day #1. "Present Day." The first person in this category can be no other. Ms. Nichelle Nichols known for her role as "Uhura" in the Star Trek franchise. She has volunteered for NASA when not acting. She has appeared in Heroes, Adventures of Captain Zoom, Surge of Power...
BHM. Day #1. "Fictional Character." DC Comics Karen Beecher/Bumblebee first appeared as "Karen" in Teen Titans #45 (Dec. 1976) & as Bumblebee in Teen Titans #48 (June 1977). Created by B. Rozakis, I. Novick & J. Delbo, She is a member of the Doom Patrol! She's been animated!
BHM. Day #1. "Her Future's So Bright." Saniyya Sidney is a child actress who has appeared in the horror series "American Horror Story: Roanoke." She currently stars in Fox network's "The Passage" as "Amy Bellafonte" a young girl who plays a key role in stopping vampires.
BHM Day #2. "Those Before Us..." Orrin C. Evans (1902-1971). Journalist employed by Black & White newspapers whose work helped end military segregation. He was a comic publisher/creator/writer with his "All Negro Comics" which premiered in 1947. This was the first comic book
BHM Day #2. "Those Before Us..." PART II. Orrin C. Evans (1902-1971)... This was the first comic book created, written, drawn & published by an all African-American team. It featured characters like detective "Ace Harlem" & genius college student & international secret agent
BHM Day #2. "Those Before Us..." PART III. Orrin C. Evans (1902-1971)... "Lion Man" who stopped the bad guys when not attending classes. Orrin's comics publishing was short lived as distributors of the newsprint comic books were printed on refused to sell him product for his
BHM Day #2. "Those Before Us..." Part IV. Orrin C. Evans (1902-1971)... fledgling comic book company. Orrin C. Evan's pioneering "All Negro Comics" had to fold. It is speculated that seeing the potential in African-American comic titles, rival companies forced Orrin out of
BHM Day #2/ "Those Before Us..." PART 5. Orrin C. Evans (1902-1971)... business so that they in turn could publish their own African-American comic titles and have more of a monopoly on African-Americans who read/collected comics in the late 1940s/early 50s. He was a pioneer.
BHM Day #2. "Present Day" Peter Mensah (Ghanian-British) currently stars in Midnight, Texas- a supernatural series where he plays "Lemuel Bridger", a vampire. He has appeared in Agents of SHIELD, Transformers Prime, Witchblade, Avatar & voiced for the Dead Space video game.
BHM Day #2. "Fictional Character" Filmation's Space Sentinels first aired on NBC in 1977 & featured a multi-cultural trio of heroes who protected the world from their spaceship HQ. Advised by a computer Sentinel One that appeared as a floating head hologram... the team consisted
BHM Day #2. "Fictional Character." ...of two male characters; a blond Hercules who had super strength & Mercury who had super speed & was Asian. The team leader was an African woman "Astrea" who was a shape-shifter. African-American actress Dee Timberlake voiced Astrea.
BHM Day #3. "Those Before Us." Beautiful and talented stage and film actress Gloria Foster (1933-2001) is known to fandom for portraying the artificial intelligence "The Oracle" in the Matrix and Matrix Reloaded films. Her death was announced by ex-husband Clarence Williams.
BHM Day #3. "Present Day." Echo Kellum has voiced "King Joaquin" in the animated/fantasy series "Elena of Avalor", and stars in the CW's Arrowverse shows as a gay man "Curtis Holt", the genius inventor and Olympic athlete turned superhero who fights crime as "Mr. Terrific."
BHM Day #3. "Fictional Character" Created (1986) by Kevin Juaire & published under different companies during its history- "Hero Alliance" is a super team that features in its roll call- "Gossamer", a heroine who can become intangible & make anything she wishes/touches intangible
BHM Day #3. "His Future So Bright..." Young actor Caleb McLaughlin stars as "Lucas Sinclair" in the Netflix series "Stranger Things." He and his friends live in a small town with a super powered girl, inter-dimensional creatures & secret government agencies! Await season 3!!!!
BHM Day #4. Special Post. I'm heartbroken over the news of Kristoff St. John having recently passed away. He was an immensely kind, talented and absolutely beautiful man. Though known mostly for his starring roles in soap operas, he had appearances in the genres of fandom.
BHM Day #4. Special Post. Kristoff St. John (1966-2019). As a youngster he appeared on "Wonder Woman", and in the Saturday Morning live action fantasy series "Big John, Little John" about a middle-aged science teacher who drinks from the fountain of youth & who @millsbw
BHM Day #4. Special Post. Kristoff St. John (1966-2019).... drinks randomly changes back and forth from middle-aged to a 12 year old. Kristoff played "Homer" a student who befriends the "12 year old self." As an adult Kristoff would appear in the horror film "20 Feet Below
BHM Day #4. Special Post. Kristoff St. John (1966-2019)... The Darkness Descending" in the role of "Smitty." His father was actor/director Christopher St. John & his stepmother Marie, an actress. His son John died by suicide. He is survived by two daughters & his fiancee
BHM Day #4. Special Post. Kristoff St. John (1966-2019)... Kseniya Mikhaleva. He was a vegan and very active for animal welfare causes. This beautiful human being will be sadly missed.
BHM Day #4. "Those Before Us." Lovely actress Diana Sands (1934-1973) best known for her role in stage & screen version of "A Raisin In The Sun" appeared as "Dr. Harrison" in The Outer Limits 1964 episode "The Mice" about alien "Chromoites" who faced starvation. @GraveyardSister
APOLOGIES. APOLOGIES. Mr. St. John's son was named Julian (not John). No disrespect intended.
BHM Day #4. "Present Day." Comics artist Arvell Jones worked on concept art promo posters for the Black Panther film. His career began in the 70s working on Thor & Luke Cage for Marvel; & for DC he drew Secret Society of Super Villains & All Star Squadron. @TalkingTheJSA
BHM Day #4. "Fictional Characters." Image Comics "The Walking Dead" created (2003) by Robert Kirkman about a zombie apocalypse. Numerous African-American characters appear in the series- Michonne, Julie, Scott, Vincent, Josh, Brianna, Connie, Stephanie, Mercer, Elodie & more!
BHM Day #5. "Those Before Us." Eartha Kitt (1927-2008). A talented and beautiful dancer and singer; Eartha (African-American/Native American) was also, an actress. One of her iconic roles was as Catwoman in the 1960s Batman television series. She also voiced many characters.
BHM Day #5 "Present Day." Canadian actor Shamier Anderson portrayed Deputy Marshall Xavier Dolls a "were-dragon" on the Syfy supernatural series "Wynonna Earp." He has also appeared in sci-fi / fantasy / horror television series Constantine, Killjoys and Lost Girl
BHM Day #5. "Fictional Character" The first DC comics character to hold the title Amazing Man appeared in All Star Squadron #23 (July 1983) was created by Roy Thomas & @JerryOrdway Jerry Ordway. Olympian Will Everett aids the allies as Amazing Man during WWII. @ComicsintheGA
BHM Day #6. "Those Before Us." Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006) was a prolific science fiction writer of novels and short stories. She helped create the genre pf Afrofuturism. She won many prestigious awards such as the Locus, Nebula and Hugo.
BHM Day #6 "Present Day" Hannah John-Kamen is a British actress born to a Nigerian father and Norwegian mother. She is the lead star in the Syfy series "Killjoys." She is "Omela" on "Game of Thrones." She starred in "Ready, Player One" and as "Ghost" in "Ant Man and the Wasp."
BHM Day #6. "Fictional Character" Marvel's "Pathway" aka Laura Dean along w/ her twin sister Goblyn- are members of the Canadian team Alpha Flight. @AlphaTalking She can open dimensional portals. Created by Bill Mantlo & Jim Lee she first appeared in Alpha Flight #52 (Dec. '87)
BHM Day #7. "Those Before Us." Tamara Dobson (1947-2006). Known for the "Cleopatra Jones" franchise; lovely Tamara Dobson appeared on the 1970s Buck Rogers TV series and as "Samantha" on the series Jason of Star Command. In her later years she lived w/ an MS diagnosis.
BHM Day #7. "Present Day." Chris Chalk stars in the series "Gotham" about a the experiences of a young Bruce Wayne as he evolves into his future self- Batman. Chris Chalk portrays "Lucius Fox" an ally to Bruce who later becomes a close friend and confident of Batman.
BHM Day #7. "Fictional Character" Jacques Foccart (Invisible Kid II) of the Legion of Superheroes. His character became the LSH leader and later president of Earth. He first appeared in The LSH Annual #1 (1982) created by Paul Levitz & Keith Giffen. @LegionBlog @kara_querl
BHM Day #8. "Those Before Us." Ivan Dixon (1931-2008), an actor & director is known as a series regular on "Hogan's Heroes." However he has directed the following science-fiction shows... Quantum Leap, Bionic Woman, Greatest American Hero & acted in The Twilight Zone series.
BHM Day #8. "Present Day." Sonequa Martin-Green has established herself as fandom royalty for now starring in 2 iconic franchises. She has starred as "Sasha Williams" on the zombie apocalypse series "The Walking Dead" & as "Michael Burnham" on Star Trek: Discovery. @TWDFamilyy
BHM Day #8. "Fictional Character" Mike Hanlon is a youngster raised on his family's farm in Maine & is one of the main characters in Stephen King's horror novel "It." He & his friends battle Pennywise. Later as an adult, he appears in the novel "Insomia" as a librarian.
BHM Day #9. "Those Before Us." Writer/Editor Pauline Hopkins writes the science fiction story "Of One Blood" (1902) & it is published in serialized form (1903) in "The Colored American Magazine." It is about a hidden civilization in Ethiopia with advanced technology & science.
BHM Day #9. "Present Day." Herbert Jefferson Jr. is known to audiences as "Boomer" in the 1970s Battlestar Galactica & follow-up series Galactica 1980. He appeared in Airwolf, Knight Rider & the film Outbreak. He's been in Star Trek web series such as Renegades and Gods & Men
BHM Day #9. "Fictional Character" Nancy Woods first appeared in Pep Comics #309 (Jan. 1976). This Archie Comics girlfriend of "Chuck Clayton" excels in tennis, art & is staff on the school newspaper. In the "Afterlife With Archie" zombie series she is in love w/ Ginger Lopez.
BHM Day #10. "Those Before Us." Calvin Lockhart (1934-2007), born Bert McClossy Cooper was a Bahamian-American actor. He appeared in the 1990 science fiction film "Predator 2." In 1974 he starred in the horror film "The Beast Must Die" as millionaire Tom Newcliffe.
BHM Day #10. "Present Day." Stunt Performer Zedric Harris has worked on the productions- Pushing Daisies, Santa Clarita Diet, Season of the Witch, The Green Hornet, Thor, Grimm, The Amazing Spider Man, Agents of SHIELD, Henry Danger, Fear The Walking Dead, Black Panther & more!
BHM Day #10. "Fictional Character" The character of Clementine is voiced by actress Melissa Hutchison. She is featured in "Telltale Games' The Walking Dead" video game series. She is a smart, capable fighter. She interacts w/ characters whose fate is determinant upon play.
BHM Day #11. "Those Before Us." Clarence Muse (1889-1979). Actor, composer, director, screenwriter & lawyer~ inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame. Was in these horror/fantasy films- White Zombie ('32), Black Moon ('34), Invisible Ghost ('41) & Heaven Can Wait ('43).
BHM Day #11. "Present Day" Carl Lumbly starred as a superhero in the series MANTIS & later as M'ymn J'onzz, a Martian Elder on Supergirl. He appeared in Zoo, SeaQuest 2032, X-Files... & voice acted for Justice League, Static Shock, Batman: The Brave & the Bold & other shows.
BHM Day #11. Fictional Character. Airing on NBC (1981-82), Filmation's "The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam" has a cartoon segment "Hero High" about a high school for superheroes. "Misty Magic" (voiced by African-American actress Jere FIelds) uses mystic powers. @millsbw
BHM Day #12. "Those Before Us." Aaliyah, born Aaliyah Dana Haughton (1979-2001) was a New York City born model, singer and actress. She had a starring role in the horror film "The Queen of the Damned" based on the Anne Rice novel. She played the role of Akasha the 1st vampire.
BHM Day #12. "Present Day." Actress Nicole Beharie starred in the horror / fantasy TV series "Sleepy Hollow" where she played deputy Abby Mills. She works with Ichabod Crane to protect the New York town of Sleepy Hollow from the evil doings of The Headless Horseman.
BHM Day #12. "Fictional Character." Published by Malibu Comics and first appearing in the super-team title "Protectors" issue #2 ('92)... Morgan Dubay is a wife & mother w/ a modeling career. She creates brightly colored force fields. She is one of the most powerful Protectors.
BHM Day #13. "Those Before Us." Mabel King (1932-1999) was the "Queen of Myrthia" in the vampire horror film "Ganja & Hess", starred in the horror-comedy film "Deadmen Don't Die", appeared in TV's Amazing Stories; & was "Evillene The Witch" in the stage & film versions of The Wiz
BHM Day #13. "Present Day." Jodie Turner-Smith has appeared in the horror series "True Blood" as a Siren; in the apocalypse series "The Last Ship" as Sgt. Azima Kandie; & as Melantha, genetically modified to be ideal for space travel in George R.R. Martin's (Syfy) "Nightflyers."
BHM Day #13. "Fictional Character" In the 2017 reboot of the animated series "The Wacky Races", the trials & adventures of the racing drivers are commented on by the announcer "Brick Crashman." He is voiced by American / Canadian actor & screenwriter Christopher Judge. @millsbw
BHM Day #14. "Those Before Us." Ty Henderson (1953-2018) played genius cadet "Paul Jerome" on the 1970s live action Saturday morning sci-fi show Space Academy. He guest starred on the '70s Shazam show... Mork & Mindy... & voiced Chris Cross aka Superstretch, a superhero! @millsbw
BHM Day #14. "Present Day." Aisha Hinds starred as Carolyn; a lesbian attorney & mother trapped in a Maine town on the series "Under The Dome." She has also appeared in Star Trek Into Darkness, Lost, Stargate SG-1, Dollhouse, True Blood, Invasion & other shows! @BlackGirlNerds
BHM Day #14 "Fictional Characters" For St. Valentine's Day it is appropriate to spotlight an animated superhero married couple from '70s Saturday morning. Chris & Christy Cross are Superstretch & Micro-Woman. Voiced by actors Ty Henderson & Kim Hamilton. @millsbw @BlackGirlNerds
BHM Day #15. "Those Before Us." Legendary actress Ruby Dee (1922-2014) has worked on horror productions- "Cat People" (1982) and "The Stand" (1994). She has also appeared in the fantasy film "A Simple Wish" about the world of fairy godparents & the TV show "Touched By An Angel"
BHM Day #15. "Present Day." Eric Wallace is a producer/director/writer for shows Z Nation, Eureka, Teen Wolf, Ben 10 & CW's The Flash. He is also a comic book writer for titles such as DC Comics: The New 52, Mister Terrific, Shazam (2011), Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink and more!
BHM Day #15. "Fictional Character." Colin Hume is "Windshear", a Canadian mutant superhero who can form "hard-air molecules." He is a member of the super team Alpha Flight. He was created by Mike Blair & Fabian Nicieza; & 1st appeared in Alpha Flight (Vol. 1, #87) @AlphaTalking
BHM Day #15. "His Future So Bright." Talented American child actor Jibrail Mantambu is from a devout Muslim family that emphasizes education. He speaks French fluently. He is known on screen for the 2018 film Halloween; and the AMC fantasy / horror TV series "Preacher."
BHM Day #16. "Those Before Us." Steven J. Hughes (1954-2000) was a comic book artist and creator for Chaos Comics. Artist Wally Wood was a big inspiration for him. He is known for his work on the comics/characters Lady Death, Evil Ernie & the Detonator series. @TheNerdsofColor
BHM Day #16. "Present Day." Michael Ealy starred in the Fox television series "Almost Human." He portrayed "Dorian" an android police officer teamed up with a human police officer in a crime ridden future in the year 2048.
BHM Day #16. "Fictional Character." In the YA sci-fi/fantasy book series "Animorphs" by married couple Katherine Applegate & Michael Grant; there is "Cassie" who lives on farm with her veterinarian parents. An alien race gives her the power to shape-shift into animals.
BHM Day #17. "Those Before Us." Kevin Peter Hall (1955-1991) portrayed Dr. El Lincoln, a superhero who could shrink in size on the 80s series Misfits of Science. He's the alien in "Predator" & Bigfoot in "Harry & The Hendersons." Other credits: Without Warning & One Dark Night
BHM Day #17. "Present Day." Daryl Mitchell, who uses a wheelchair; portrays "Wendell" on "Fear The Walking Dead." He is an advocate for disabled actors. Other credits: Galaxy Quest, Black Knight, The Country Bears & an episode of The Wizards of Waverly Place. @TheNerdsofColor
BHM Day #17. "Fictional Character." Marvel's Monica Rambeau character 1st appeared in "The Amazing Spider Man Annual #16" (1982) as Captain Marvel. Created by Roger Stern & John Romita Jr. Other creators gave her the identities of Photon, Pulsar & Spectrum. @marvelinthe80s
BHM Day #18. "Those Before Us." Gregory HInes (1946-2003). Actor, Dancer & Choreographer- he starred in the fantasy film "The Red Sneakers", horror film "Wolfen" & sci-fi film "Eve of Destruction" (a nuclear weaponized android). TV credits: Fairie Tale Theatre "Puss In Boots."
BHM Day #18. "Present Day." Twins Khadijah & Malika Haqq are actresses & reality TV stars. They both appeared in Sky High as "Penny" who has the super power to duplicate herself; & in the apocalypse flm "20 Years After." Khadijah was a voice actress in "Happy Feet."
BHM Day #18. "Fictional Character." DC's "Amanda Waller" 1st appeared in Legends #1 (1986) & was created by John Ostrander, Len Wein & John Byrne. Mostly a villain with ARGUS & Suicide Squad. She has been in animation & live action (played by various actresses). @LenWein
BHM Day #19. "Those Before Us." George Randol (1895-1973) An actor, director & producer. He produced, directed & wrote the screenplay for the 1937 fantasy romance "Midnight Shadow" w/ an all African-American cast. Plot: a mind reading Muslim Prince falls for a Christian girl.
BHM Day #19. "Present Day." Malik Yoba played "Ted Shaw" in the space travel series "Defying Gravity", the super-powered "Bill Harken" in the Syfy show "Alphas", in the post apocalyptic series "Revolution" he was "Jim Hudson" and he had roles in "Gotham" & "God Friended Me."
BHM Day #19. "Fictional Character." Dell Comics published for two issues (Dec. 1965 & Sept. 1966) of "Lobo" an African-American Western Hero. He was created by Don "D.J." Arnerson (writer). Tony Tallarico was the title's illustrator & in dispute also claims co-creator status.
BHM Day #20. "Those Before Us." Matt Baker (1921-1959) an artist/inker for Atlas, Charlotn & St. John's Publications comics. When working for Charlton he went by the name Matt Bakerino. He helped redesign the heroine "Phantom Lady" & drew romance & jungle comics. He was bisexual
BHM Day #20. Handsome and talented actor Anthony Montgomery has acted in Charmed, Stargate SG-1, Leprechaun In The Hood & Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction. He is best known for playing Helmsman/Ensign Travis Mayweather in the series Star Trek: Enterprise. @vlamagirl @LetsTrek
BHM Day #20. "Fictional Character." In the Harry Potter novels; Angelina Johnson Weasley was a member of Gryffindor House while attending Hogwarts School. She was a Quidditch Captain & member of Dumbledore's Army. She married George Weasley. She was created by JK Rowling.
BHM Day #21. "Those Before Us." Former dancer, Broadway actress & Daytime Emmy winner Butterfly McQueen (1911-1995) starred in the fantasies ABC Weekend Special "The 7 Wishes Of Joanna Peabody" ('78) & ABC After School Special "7 Wishes of a Rich Kid" ('79) as a Fairy Godmother.
BHM Day #21. "Present Day." Dominique Tipper (British-Dominican) has appeared in the horror film "Vampire Academy", the science fiction film "Mindgamers" and the Syfy series "The Expanse" as "Naomi Nagata" an engineer on the space craft Rocinante. @marsanj47 @TheNerdsofColor
BHM Day #21. "Fictional Character." Created by E. Nelson Bridwell & Ramona Fradon; and first appearing in Super Friends #12 (June-July 1978)... Doctor Mist is an immortal powerful Wizard King. He leads the international super team Global Guardians. @super_talking @letstalkjla
BHM Day #21. "Their Future So Bright." BJ Tanner, Kai Wener & Blesson Yates who star on the science fiction series The Orville. BJ & Kai play the sons of Dr. Finn; a doctor from Earth aboard the spaceship "Orville." Blesson plays a son of aliens from the planet Mocla.@TheOrville
BHM Day #22. "Those Before Us." Raymond St. Jacques (1930-1990). Actor, Director. Producer. Credits include the horror and science fiction films: "Change of Mind", "They Live", "Voodoo Dawn" and "Time Bomb." He was also the 1st African-American regular on a TV Western (Rawhide)
BHM Day #22. "Present Day." Beautiful and talented Sanaa Lathan has appeared in the following horror & science fiction films: Blade, The Golden Blaze, Contagion & Approaching The Unknown. She is best known for her portrayal of "Alexa Woods" in Alien vs Predator. @polluxdioscuros
BHM Day #22. "Fictional Character." Pvt. Augustus Cole aka "The Cole Train" is a character in the video game "Gears of War" (2006 Microsoft/XBox). After "Emergence Day" Locust hordes attack & Pvt. Cole defends humanity. The game's lead designer is Cliff Bleszinski. @marsanj47
BHM Day #23. "Those Before Us." E.C. Stoner (1897-1969) was a commercial illustrator known for "Mr. Peanut". As a comics artist/creator he drew Iron Munro, Speed Saunders, Bouncer, Blue Beetle, Phantasmo, Flexo, Ajax & more for a half dozen companies. @ComicsintheGA @Hawkworld_
BHM Day #23. "Present Day." Rashida Jones is an actress, writer, director, Grammy winner, humanitarian & comic book creator. She created the comic series "Frenemy of the State" (Oni Press). She wrote the episode "Nosedive" for the British science fiction series "Black Mirror."
BHM Day #23. "Fictional Character." Crimson Avenger III is "Jill Carlyle" who first appeared in "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E." issue #9 (April 2000). She was created by Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins. She can become intangible & teleport. She is a JSA member. @geoffjohns @TalkingTheJSA
BHM Day #24. "Those Before Us," Dwayne McDuffie (1962-2011). Comic book writer. Screenwriter & creator for TV shows (such as creating animated series "Static Shock"). Worked on TV's Ben 10, Justice League Unlimited & Whats New Scooby Doo. Comics: Static, Icon, The Demon & more!
BHM Day #24. "Present Day." Afua Richardson (African/Native American) comic book artist for DC, Marvel, Top Cow, Image & other companies. She illustrated Marvel's "World of Wakanda" & Top Cow's "Genius" titles. She works w/ the Ormes Society (promoting Black women in comics).
BHM Day #24. "Fictional Character." Damali RIchards is a spoken word artist and also a "Neteru" a human born to fight paranorm threats from the "Dark Realms." This is the Vampire Huntress Legend Series of 12 novels by late author Leslie "L.A." Banks (1959-2011). @PromoteHorror
BHM Day #25. "Those Before Us." Della Reese (1931-2017) An African/Native singer & actress starred in the horror film "Psychic Killer" (1975) & voiced characters in "Dinosaur" (2005) & "Happily Ever After." (1997). She starred in the fantasy "Touched By An Angel" as "Tess."
BHM Day #25. "Present Day." Gabourey Sidibe is the daughter of an African-American mother & Senegalese-African father. She has been a voice actress on "American Dad" & "BoJack Horseman." She has starred in the American Horror Story franchise as "Queenie" & "Regina." @GabbySidibe
BHM Day #25 "Fictional Character." Created by Chris Nee- the animated Dottie "Doc" McStuffins a girl who has a magic stethoscope which allows her to time travel & bring her toys to life. Series premiered on Disney Channel in 2012. Different actresses have provided Doc's voice.
BHM Day #25. "Her Future So Bright." Reile Downs is a young Canadian actress who since 2014 has starred as "Charlotte" on the Nickelodeon superhero series "Henry Danger." "Charlotte" with her leadership skills manages superheroes Captain Man & Kid Danger. @HeroesInColor00
BHM Day #26, "Those Before Us." Roscoe Lee Browne (1922-2007). Actor, Director, Emmy/Tony nominee. Credits: sci-fi films Logan's Run (as Box) & Moon 44 (as Hall). He's in TV's The Invaders & SeaQuest DSV. Narrated "The Story of Star Wars" album. @vlamagirl @BWashington6575
BHM Day #26. "Present Day." Danielle Nicolet plays crusading D.A. Cecile Horton (a telepath) on CW's The Flash. She has appeared in 3rd Rock From The Sun, Brimstone & Warehouse 13. She's voiced Storm for video games & cartoons. @hollyanderson30 @vlamagirl @EddieMcClintock
BHM Day #26. "Fictional Character." With her bright purple hair, Shana Elmsford rocks as vocalist, guitarist & drummer with the band "Jem and The Holograms" along w/ her foster sisters! She is voiced by actress Cindy McGee in the cartoon series "Jem" & appeared in comics & film.
BHM Day #26. "Future So Bright." Trinitee Stokes does a lot for a youngster. She sings, acts and is a fashion designer! She's been a guest voice on Disney Junior's "Doc McStuffins" provided the voice for Disney's talking "Princess Tiana Doll" & acts in spy series "KC Undercover"
My apologies for the final two days of posts not being on time.
BHM Day #27. "Those Before Us." Leslie "L.A." Banks (1959-2011) author who won the Essence Literary Awards Storyteller of the Year (2008). She wrote paranormal/horror novels such as Crimson Moon, Dark Avengers & The Vampire Huntress Legend series. She also wrote non-fiction.
BHM Day #27. "Present Day." Penny Johnson Jerald plays "Dr. Claire Finn" on the sci-fi series "The Orville." She is the medical officer on a starship that explores the galaxy. She's voiced an animated "Amanda Waller" & starred in Night Visions, ST: Deep Space Nine & The 4400.
BHM Day #27. "Fictional Character." From 1993 Gauntlet Comics comes American superhero "Procyon" aka Basileus Gordon III; a former NASA astronaut who after being exposed to a ray from the Procyon-Binary star system gains flight, strength & force beam powers & joins the UN Force!
BHM Day #27. "Her Future So Bright." Lidya Jewett is a child actress who has appeared in the superhero film Black Panther & the science fiction film The Darkest Minds about children & teens that gain superpowers after a pandemic. She plays the child version of the Ruby character
BHM Day #28. "Those Before Us." Bill Gunn (1934-1989) was an actor, director, author & film maker. He starred in a 1963 episode of "The Outer Limits." He also, starred in and directed in the 1973 horror film "Ganja and Hess" (about vampires). @PromoteHorror @polluxdioscuros
BHM Day #28. "Present Day." Ernie Hudson has voiced characters in animation and video games. He has acted in TV shows~ The Incredible Hulk, Stargate SG-1, Heroes, Once Upon A Time & Meteor. His films were The Crow, Leviathan and Ghostbusters. @80sThen80sNow @polluxdioscuros
BHM Day #28. "Fictional Character." Bomb-Burst is a superhero with amnesia who first appeared in the comic title Anthem #1 (March 2006) set in an alternate WWII time-line where the Axis powers occupy the US West & East coasts. From Heroic Publishing and created by Roy Thomas.
BHM Day #28. "Her Future So Bright." Akira Akbar is a talented young actress who is portraying "Monica Rambeau" as an eleven year old in the 2019 Marvel Cinematic Universe film "Captain Marvel." Comic book readers know that an adult Monica is a superheroine! @marvelinthe80s
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