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Yep, we're all POUNCING on this guy like a buncha hungry lions!

I may even POUNCE on this guy and ROAR LOUDLY 2 or 3 times today!
So he's admitting he put blackface on, just not for this picture, which he'd never seen before in his life before yesterday and had no idea it appeared in his med school yearbook.

Here's what Northam's play is:

He's going to try to WAIT OUT THE BLOWBACK by lying his ass off and saying things people would have to be utter morons to believe in the hopes the DNC Media changes the subject soon and allows him crawl into a hole & wait for a few weeks.
So his claims thus far are:

1) He couldn't remember which was him in the photo
then 'remembered' & is now saying
2) He's not in the photo
3) He put on blackface but just not for this picture, he's not in it
4) He has never seen the photo before
Remember why I got mad at the people endlessly tweeting at me yesterday nothing was gonna happen to him, he'd survive this easily because DNC Media and Dems would circle the wagons around him.

You don't understand how the game has changed & is being played now.
This is a defining moment for a political party that swallowed it's tongue & claimed to have heard NOTHING about a prominent Gov. advocating infanticide, waiting for that to blow over, then turned around & drove him out over an old yearbook pic.

Dems had NOTHING TO SAY to him or about him when video surfaced of him calmly droning about keeing the born infant comfortable while a discussion ensued about whether or not to end that infant's life.

THAT was a defining moment.

They can't change it.
The pro abortion ghouls sent Tran to offer a new bill that allowed for 3rd trimester abortions & outright infanticide after pumping millions of dollars into the VA political races. Now they wanted their reward for backing these Democrats.
People now tweeting at me "this is why Planned Parenthood & Dems are 'changing the story' on Northam from 3rd trimester abortion/infanticide to a yearbook pic:

Oh? You think that'll work? Don't be stupid.
Planned Parenthood & Democrats are telling themselves "We'll start getting a return on all our donations to these politicians & our cool 3rd trimester/infanticide bills will start *passing* at the state level once we get Northam off the stage!", you say?
These people are DELUSIONAL. At this point the mask dropped, literally.

You think they can snatch it back up and put it back firmly in place & their agenda rolls on unimpeded once Northam shuffles off-stage in disgrace?
These pro death ghouls literally DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT COUNTRY THEY LIVE. Tran's bill had no chance of passing once people learned what was in it.
These far far Left abortion radical extremists constantly fool themselves like this.

"At last the country is ready for this! LET'S TRY THAT DOORKNOB AGAIN, IT'S SURE TO OPEN UP THIS TIME!"
SOME states have de facto 3rd trimester abortion now. CA and now NY, for instance. But what made VA stand out is the people promoting the bill going on to admit they want to allow for outright infanticide.
They can't OPENLY promote this. Literally every polls shows why.

Thanks to Northam & Tran, Gallup may soon have to add a 4th line to this poll:

"People supporting making the born infant comfortable while discussing the infant's fate"

Can't wait to see what THAT % is
So these radical extremists don't understand what country they live in. Only around 13% of the population supports the idea of allowing 3rd trimester abortions. And the # is that high I suspect because about half of them never thought that question through/never researched it.
As I wrote here at Breitbart back when I was there, Gosnell *changed the game* on abortion. Pro-baby murder people were FLUSHED OUT OF THE TALL GRASS where they were previously allowed to hide by using vapid, ill-defined 'choice' language and euphimisms

[I see that all the picture links inside the article are now broken. Ah well]
But the game has changed with the Gosnell case and then the @CtrMedProgress / @DavidDaleiden Planned Parenthood videos.

What pro death people wanted started being exposed because they had to begin CLEARLY STATING IT.
Right here in TX back in 2013, as the pro death lobby fought to stop then-Gov. Rick Perry & the R-controlled TX legislature from lowering the state's legal abortion limit from 26 weeks to 20 weeks, I watched how *uncomfortable* these lobbyists were having to say it out loud.
[26 weeks is 6 1/2 months into the 9 month pregnancy, for those of you in Rio Linda]

So the new TX law would drop the legal limit from 6 1/2 months to 5 months pregnant.

Texas State Rep. Wendy Davis got nationally famous for helping to kill that bill with a filibuster.
Perry and the Texas legislature resolutely resubmitted the bill during the next session. The pro-abortion lobby geared up their national machine again, came to Texas, tried to kill the bill again and...FAILED SPECTACULARLY.

The bill passed by an EVEN LARGER MARGIN the 2nd time.
As medical tech improved to the point that premature babies born at 24-26 weeks are now almost routinely saved, the law had to come to reflect this. And so many states began dropping their legal abortion limit.
Naturally, the abortion lobby fought this state-by-state tooth and claw, pumping MILLIONS into state races to try to turn the tide.

Most of you are looking at this wrong.

After spending MILLIONS & MILLIONS over years, they *finally* got this law passed in...deepest blue NY.
Only in the DEEPEST of the most DEEP BLUE states are they gaining any ground. Everywhere else they are sliding backwards.

What has this caused them to do?

Well they're panicking and getting sloppy.

And this came to ahead in VA this week.
The pro-death lobby made a BIG REACH in VA, which hasn't been that blue for that long, and this week it blew up in their faces.
"change the story"? It's too late for that. They exposed themselves AND their Democratic party shills as The Infanticide Party.

There's no going back and shuffling Northam quickly off stage won't cause people to forget what they saw this past week.

ADDENDUM: Doubling down!

ADDENUM II: *Here's why* Trump waited 2 days to weigh in, and then TWICE in the last hour, he tweeted about Northam:

The Democratic/DNC Media "smart take" is that this Northam story is out of the news by next week if he just hunkers down and outwaits the media storm.

Oh YEAH? You WISH, anonymous Dem operative!

And then just 20 minutes ago, another followup Tweet from the President:

Nobody knows the DNC Media better than Trump does.

He waits 2 days until the Dems start using their media shills to get the talking point out HOLD FAST THIS WILL ALL BLOW OVER BY THE MIDDLE OF NEXT WEEK!....

and then he starts tweeting.
🎶You gotta know
when to hold'em
know when to fold'em
know when to hold your fire
know when to tweet! 🎶

[with an apology to @KennyRogers! ]
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