To those of you who appreciate my stance on Israel:

This is the flag of Assyria.

Assyria is like Israel, except it didn't win it's independence.

Instead, Assyrians have been subject to a series of never-ending genocides.

Assyrians are now facing extinction.
From 1914 to 1924, 300,000 Assyrians were murdered by Turkey, with the help of Kurdish and Arab forces. Some were crucified as the ultimate insult. In 1933, as many as 3,000 Assyrians were killed in a matter of days in northern Iraq by the Iraqi Army and Kurdish forces.
Unfortunately, this was not the beginning nor the end of such inhuman acts against the Assyrian nation. As soon as Arab armies conquered Mesopotamia, persecution against the native Assyrians began. "661-680 A.D. 
During the Patriarchate of Mar Gewargis I, the Ummayad Caliph..."
"...Muawiyyah demanded gold from the Patriarch. The Patriarch refused and was imprisoned. The Christians were persecuted and their churches were destroyed."
“Genocides Against the Assyrian Nation 4138 - 6747 (612 B.C. - 1999 A.D.).” History of Assyrians
Unfortunately, this wasn't even the beginning of their suffering:
"650 A.D.
Many monks and ascetics were killed by the army of Sa'd along the Byzentine border, especially in the monastery called "The daughters of Five Churches" at Ra's Ayn (in modern Syria)."
(Michael G. Morony, Iraq after the Moslem Conquest, 1984, P. 379, Also J.B. Chabot, CSCO, Scr. Syri 56, Louvain, 1937)

Such atrocities continued w such alarming regularity that they changed th demography of the Levant & Mesopotamia. Assyrians became a minority in their own land.
Here is an example from the Middle Ages:
"1261 A.D: The coming of the Kurds.
Thousands of Assyrians flee the Nineveh plains villages of Bartillah, Bakhdida (Qaraqosh), Badna, Basihra, Karmlis towards Arbil to escape the overwhelming numbers of Kurds who were ordered by King..."
"...Salih Isma'il to emigrate from the mountains of Turkey to the Nineveh plains. The villages were looted and thousands who did not reach Arbil were butchered by the newcomers.  The nuns' monastery in Bakhdida (Qarqosh) was invaded and it's inhabitants were brutally massacered."
(Bar Hebraius, Summary of the History of the lands,  Arabic edition P. 492-497)

The massacres never stopped. Not for one generation. Part of the reason for this was the simultaneous expansion of both Arab and Kurdish tribes into what is now Turkey, Iraq, and Syria.
In some cases, Assyrians who survived massacres were sold into slavery, often by Kurdish warlords.
Such was the case between 1843 and 1846, when two campaigns by four Kurdish Emirs resulted in the murder of 10,000 Assyrians, and the enslavement of countless more.
"[Even those] who had not opposed the Kurdish invasion had been treated in the same way as the fighters." The Patriarch's mother's body was chopped into four pieces. Many women and young children "were taken captive to be sold as slaves."

(Aboona 2008, p. 199-212)
It was the end of Assyrian autonomy to this day.

"Due to the massacres of 1843-1846 committed by the troops of the Kurdish leader Bedr Khan Beg against the independent Assyrian tribes, "the long-Iasting existence of the Assyrian people as an independent body" was ended."
(Aboona 2008, p. 284)

Now let's talk about modern times. For many in the west, the war against ISIS remains a war for humanity against barbarism. For the Assyrians, it remains a war for their very existence.
"After the fall of Mosul, (Nineveh) ISIL demanded that Assyrian Christians living in the city convert to Islam, pay tribute, or face execution, by July 19, 2014. ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi further noted that Christians who do not agree to follow those terms must..."
"...leave the borders of the Islamic Caliphate" within a specified deadline. This resulted in a complete Assyrian Christian exodus from Mosul, marking the end of 1,800 years of continuous Christian presence. A church mass was not held in Mosul for the first time in 1,800 years."
"ISIL had also been seen marking Christian homes with the letter nūn for Nassarah (Christian.) Several religious buildings were seized and subsequently demolished, most notably Mar Behnam Monastery."…
"ISIL captured the primarily Assyrian towns of Qaraqosh, Tel Keppe, Bartella, and Karamlish, prompting the residents to flee. More than 100,000 Iraqi Christians were forced to flee their homes & leave all their property behind after ISIL invaded Qaraqosh & surrounding towns..."
Meanwhile, Assyrians in Syria were facing brutality the likes of which match the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust in sheer brutality. Words do not exist to describe what happened. In modern times, less than 100 months ago, to people just like you and me.
"On 23 February 2015, in response to a major Kurdish offensive in the Al-Hasakah Governorate, ISIL abducted 150 Assyrians from villages near Tell Tamer in northeastern Syria, after launching a large offensive in the region." 232 of the Assyrians kidnapped in the ISIL attack..."
"...According to US diplomat Alberto M. Fernandez, of the 232 of the Assyrians kidnapped in the ISIL attack on the Assyrian Christian farming villages on the banks of the Khabur River in Northeast Syria, 51 were children and 84 were women. "Most of them remain in captivity."
I was unable to find more information on the remaining 202 hostages from that attack. It is likely they were murdered, as thousands of ISIS captives are still missing to this day. ISIS kidnappings of minority groups continued into last year.
A bit of light in the darkness. It appears the survivors of this particular abduction were saved:…
Unfortunately, it would seem the total numbers of Asssyrians kidnapped or murdered by ISIS since 2014 is not yet fully known. But the number of Christians mudered in juat Syria in 2014 alone was at least 1,213, with nearly 200,000 Assyrian refugees overall in the same year.
Those who were not killed or displaced faced unimaginable brutality. Mass abductions, mass rape, beheadings, crucifixions, enslavement, torture, and the destruction of most Assyrian religious and cultural sites.
Children were not spared. They were actually targeted.
The goal of the ISIS genocide was to render the Assyrian people extinct in every possible way. To erase them from history:…………
In 2000, there were 1.5 Million Assyrians living in Iraq. In 2013, there were 300,000. Now the number is unknown. Assyrians attempting to return to their homeland have faced near impossible odds, from Kurdish unwillingness to let them return to their villages, to villages...
...that simply no longer exist.
If you only click on one of my links, let it be this one:…
This is what genocide in the 21st century looks like. This is a vision of hell on Earth.
At the rate Assyrians have either been killed, abducted, or displaced, it is likely Assyrians will disappear completely from Iraq and Syria in the next few decades, as did Iraqi and Syrian (Babylonian-Assyrian) Jews before them. But Assyrians have no homeland to flee to.
The world must not let Assyria die. As of now, Assyrians are worse off than Jews were in 1946, with smaller numbers in both their homeland & abroad. As we all know, the world made a controversial decision in 1948 that aided the rebirth of my people in their darkest hour...
The Assyrians deserve the same. A sovereign state on as much of their ancient homeland as possible. I'm convinced that nothing less will do. Such a path will not be easy for anyone, nor will it be quick, but I don't see a viable alternative. Time is not on our side here.
A grassroots movement must form not only in Assyrian communities, where autonomy has been a goal for decades, but around the world. Imagine what the Assyrian Tel Aviv will look like. Imagine all the good Assyria will bring to the world.

Now hold on for my Yazidi thread...
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