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I love when the full transcripts are released. They show just how much the President talks lol. Anyone that has ever tried to type out his answers to questions verbatim already knows. Here's his reply to an aside about the sad amount of border security funding offered by Pelosi
"We will be announcing in the not too distant future 100 percent of the caliphate which is the area- the land- the area- 100. We're at 99 percent right now, we'll be at 100"

This is so nuts. ISIS was an unsolvable problem during the 2016 election according to the left and media
From the BBC, here is a comparison map of their territory before Trump and after Trump. And it's not even current because they have almost nothing right now. If any other President did this without invading and taking over the country he would be hailed as a peaceful genius.
PRESIDENT PEACE! Bring our troops home!
I may have to watch the interview too because these questions are downright insulting and show how full of themselves the media is. Talking down to the President about facts not influencing him or shaping his viewpoints, give me a freaking break.
President Trump explains to the person that doesn't know the difference between facts and opinions that we are not going to keep our armies in these countries because of pockets of a few people
"We got to get out of these endless wars and bring our folks back home."

President Peace!!!
She says the concern is that if we leave these countries we will see a resurgence in ISIS or Al Qaida. The President of the United States of America explains to her that we are not leaving completely and tells her how fast our airplanes are 😂😂😂
"We spent, over the last five years, close to 50 billion dollars a year in Afghanistan. That's more than most countries spend for everything including education, medical, and everything else, other than a few countries." President Trump
The @SenateGOP is more on team swamp than team Trump and it's a disgrace
President Trump's response to the critics in the media and on the left and in his own party saying that he is bringing the troops home from Afghanistan too quickly is both moving and perfect in every way, including the part about the reason he won in the first place.
But but Obama and also you're retreating!

I really need to watch this interview because these questions seem to me like she is condescending him the entire time.
President Trump lets her and Obama have it in his response lol. Devastating. President Obama showed "tremendous weakness" and never even had Syria under control.

"I was the one that actually violated the red line when I hit Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles, if you remember."
President Trump explains that the main reason he wants to keep troops in Iraq at our base there is to keep an eye on Iran (a real problem) and other places in the Middle East. We're going to be focusing on intelligence and we will react if necessary.
Is she for real? What kind of question is this. These reporters ask the stupidest questions because they have their own dumb narratives playing in their heads all day long that are completely nuts.
President Trump on Iran: "It is a vicious country that kills many people. When you talk about torture and so many other things."

Media hacks response ignores that part and focuses on the Iran nuclear deal lol. What a hack.
President Trump states the obvious that he doesn't have to agree with his intel people all the time, and points out that the very thing they are talking about right now is a war that was started based in part on faulty intelligence.
I can't believe that President Trump is giving an amazing and moving and completely open and honest interview about his desire to stop spending trillions of dollars and American lives in the middle east and this hack is arguing with him about blindly trusting his intel people.
"We were in many many locations in the Middle East in huge difficulty. Every single one of them was caused by the number one terrorist nation in the world which is Iran."
I really didn't like how in love with Muller that Barr was but if President Trump thinks he will be a fantastic Attorney General then I'm willing to give him a shot.
lol President Trump has learned that having "acting" cabinet members gives him much more flexibility over fully confirmed ones. Awesome. By resisting everything Trump tries to do they're just making him stronger.
How does President Trump know when to fire someone? When the job doesn't get done. Then he says that's what happened with General Mattis.

Hack reporter: "He resigned" 🙄
The President, the one with firing power here, that was there: "He resigned because I asked him to resign."
"I think that when you want to protest I think that's great. But I don't think you do it at the sake of our flag, at the sake of our national anthem." President Trump
"I think that people have to, at all times, respect our flag and at all times respect our net- our- our national anthem and our country."

I agree! This President loves this country and fights for it every day! USA! #MAGA
"In a fake poll from our hack news network, a meaningless fictional percentage says you are a racist, what do you think of that?"

Is it possible for CBS to go bankrupt because if so I'd love it.
President Trump ignores her obviously fictional and terribly ham fisted bait and explains the very real job numbers in this country and the record unemployment for African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and women. Jobs are way more important than fake news polls.
😂 this is one of the main reasons I love seeing his interviews in transcript form because they're nuts. Just like Comey describes. He hits a million topics at once
"And I think if you look at the numbers for African-American unemployment, best numbers they've had- literally the best numbers they've had in history. And I think they like me a lot and I like them a lot." President Trump
The reporter (probably by accident) asks a good question about whether or not President Trump would allow Barron to play football. It's a really good answer, all over the place, but he would let him if he wanted to but would try to steer him away from it because it's so dangerous
"Look, the Russia thing is a hoax"

"But the indictments!!!!" seriously this is embarrassing how bad these questions are.
President Trump has to educate this hack, pathetic

"Of the 34 people, many of them were bloggers from Moscow or they were people that had nothing to do with me, had nothing to do with what they're talking about or there were people that got caught telling a fib or telling a lie"
"when you look at General Flynn where the FBI said he wasn't lying, but Robert Mueller said he was, and they took a man and destroyed his life." President Trump

Exactly. So I don't buy the "Mueller is a good guy" theories even a little bit. #ClearFlynnNow!
"MARGARET BRENNAN: --they were posted on WikiLeaks and your friend Roger Stone was just indicted for his involvement there and for lying."

🤦‍♂️Roger Stone was indicted for lying to Congress and threatening a witness not for being involved with wikileaks. She doesn't know anything.
"Would you make the Mueller report public because you say there's nothing in there? Congress can subpoena it anyway, though."

Go ahead and ask Congressman Nunes how well subpoenas work with the FBI and DOJ. And that was when he was trying to help the President. Good luck guys.
President Trump appears to say the Mueller report when he means the Roger Stone indictment because he then follows up with having no idea what it will say, but that it's up to the AG.

There's no way we don't see that report, this is a non story too.
President Trump says that using the military in Venezuela is an option, but he says that about everywhere. He also said Maduro wanted to meet a few months ago and he rejected it. And it doesn't look like he'd try to meet to negotiate his exit now, he is leaving it up to them.
President Trump and Kim Jong Un have set their meeting and we will probably find out at the SOTU when and where it will take place. They're both looking forward to it and there has already been tremendous progress including hostages coming home and remains from the Korean War.
She is so bad at this. "But your intelligence chief thinks!" KJU is unlikely to give up his nuclear weapons she pesters him with, like she's really got him this time.

" That's what the intelligence chief thinks, and I think--" President Trump explaining opinions to her again
And President Trump says what he has always said, that a deal may never happen but that he gets along with Kim Jong Un and they have a real shot here at peace. Why does the media hate peace so much? Why are they rooting against the President when it comes to North Korea?
" I like him. I get along with him great. We have a fantastic chemistry. We have had tremendous correspondence that some people have seen and can't even believe it. They think it's historic."

#LettersToKim is a verbal trademark by me for my documentary about this, do not steal!
President Trump has never had any discussions or plans to remove our troops from South Korea. He does mention how expensive it is to have our troops over there and maybe someday, who knows. The goal should be to have peace so we can bring people home anyways so one day maybe.
And China is the last question, an afterthought, and it's in regards to taking a worse trade deal for their help with North Korea. She talked a lot about the intel chiefs and their report but apparently missed when they said China was the biggest threat we face as a country
President Trump says that we are in a far better negotiating position now due to his tariffs and also they were more helpful in the beginning on North Korea, but he isn't shutting the door on that.
He thinks we can make a deal with North Korea. He thinks we can make a deal with China. He is negotiating with both and he says there are no two leaders closer in Chinese and American history than he and President Xi. I'd add North Korea and KJU too.
That's a really good complete transcript. Worth the read. That reporter is a hack though, I dunno if I can stomach watching her ask the questions. So disrespectful and uninformed. /end
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