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@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Good morning Sir @DSamsonItodo
I read your article titled Shaping the narrative of Nigeria’s 2019 elections with big data, a 14 paragraph article that's mainly focused on #NigeriaDecides2019
In my view, some issues raised are simply #IllogicalLogics

@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria The main take away of the article for me is that it shows that Nigerians are more active in the decisions that affect their lives more than ever before.
However, I saw some #IllogicalLogics in your opinion and I just want Omo Ibadan to help me define the #IllogicalLogics🤣🤣🤣🤣
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria The advantage of getting divers opinions on the same subject is already established in our constitution Section 39(1) of the 1999 Constitution that "Every person shall be entitled to freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinions...Like I said, this is my own opinion!
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria However, I want us to know that no opinion is ABSOLUTE in itself, hence the need to always view it from other perspectives. Like Yoruba adage will say it “Some know how to speak, others know how to hear the unspoken words”, hence there will never be monopoly of narrative at all!
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria For an art Art Students, 5 + 5 should automatically be 10 & even the best art student may not see beyond that. But every Engineering student knows that 5 + 5 will not always be equal to 10….#ItDepends What if the question is to be computed in base 3, 2, 4 rather than base 10?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria What do you actually think will play a big role in the upcoming election, #BigData or #RealPeople?
Can DATA actually explain HUMAN BEHAVIOR or decision making in reality?
Without any iota of doubt may be part of #IllogicalLogics when it comes to election, the people & DATA.
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria That the organization you lead @YIAGA will be making use of PVT Parallel Vote Tabulation is a good development that I think everyone should commend as it enriches our democratic system.👏👏👏

@inecnigeria also advocates technology in elections in Africa
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "The big issue for the 2019 elections is acceptability of electoral outcomes"....

Hmm, whatever this particular statement was meant to achieve in the article may be questionable.
Has there been any electoral outcomes in Nigeria that has not been challenged?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "Again, public trust in democratic institutions is declining owing to several questionable incidence and missteps by electoral stakeholders"...

Is there a deliberate calculated strategy to DISCREDIT the outcome of 2019 before it happens? Isn't PDP doing same? #IllogicalLogics
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Saying "public trust in democratic institutions is declining" would have meant that few people have been turning up for election after 2015 election but the reverse has been the case.
Which of the "democratic institutions" are you talking about the decline IN PARTICULAR?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "For instance, the decline of assent to the electoral amendment bill"...

Now, here's where the #IllogicalLogics of this article began to take a strange curve.
Are you saying PMB should have signed the electoral amendment bill?
Wait Sir, let's check your LOGIC here:👇👇
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Since you raised the issue of electoral amendment bill as a sign of decline in public trust, let's check it together. Pls note, I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Who are the public? PDP alone?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Senator @SenItaEnang did not mince word when he showed the whole world that @bukolasaraki EXPUNGED CARD READER completely from the electoral bill transmitted to PMB.
Did you just say in your article that PMB should have signed it WITHOUT card reader?🙄🙄
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria The card reader Provision addressed by section 49 of the Principal Act was COMPLETELY EXCLUDED and not in the bill transmitted to PMB on August 3rd 2018..
Did you say PMB erred by not signing that bill that Saraki EXPUNGED the Card reader from?
Pls explain this #IllogicalLogics
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Let's start: Did Saraki & Dogara EXPUNGE card reader COMPLETELY from the bill they presented to Buhari?
Did you support the REMOVAL of the CARD READER provision by NASS & are you saying Buhari should have signed it?
Why did you call that a questionable incidence and missteps?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Feb 14 2018, the 1st bill, which had 43 clauses, muddled up the election sequence. I'm sure I don't need to explain the election SEQUENCE to anyone on your timeline, that should be simple enough....

What does the law say about election SEQUENCE & INEC?
Was PMB right or wrong?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria The bill sas revised as 2nd Bill of June 26 with 41 clauses; after which @bukolasaraki shutdown NASS 4 long recess..
The 3rd Bill of Aug3rd, which completely EXPUNGED mandatory use card reader for accreditation had only 15 clauses...
Wait Sir, should PMB sign it? #IllogicalLogics
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria The 4th Bill, reintroduced card reader as indicated by PMB ab initio, with many new changes made by NASS, which created new confusion..
Let me put it here for you & others to search out & dispute:
These are amended amendments that PMB rejected:👇👇
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Saraki shutdown NASS from July 24-Sept 25, then extended till October 9, making it 11 weeks recess despite that NASS is far from meeting the 181 days mandatory sitting-in plenary, in a legislative year...Did you guys say anything to this aberration of National Assembly?
Why Sir?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Saraki was running around playing politics in the fear of not to be impeached..After wasting 11 solid wks, 11 weeks without legislation o. When it pleased Saraki he reconvened NASS, then reintroduced all manners of amendments to an act that has been amended 3ce.
What sayeth THOU?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Again, which part of WHY Buhari rejected the bill are you contesting here that you tagged "several questionable incidence and missteps by electoral stakeholders"
Am I reading the opinion of an election observer or an affiliated opposition party?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria After closing NASS for 11 solid weeks which you saw nothing wrong with till date, he came back & still tampered with the bill thinking PMB would not go through it again....
Wait, I thought there was this #AmaechiTapes that said PMB does not read🤣🤣🤣
How did he find out sef😜😜
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria And suddenly less than 120 days to the general election, they dropped the bill on the LAP of "Mr incompetent" to sign & you expected the "Analogue Buhari" to sign it with his eyes closed abi?
Buhari said it's too close to the general election & I agreed with him.
Any issue?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Buhari mentioned other SPECIFICS like Section 63(4) of the "old" electoral act addresses the issue of COUNTING of votes and forms. This subsection says the presiding officer should #COUNT & #ANNOUNCE the result at the polling units.
Should Buhari sign such? YES or NO🙄🙄🙄
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria The amended version by Saraki NASS to this subsection STRIKES OUT "COUNT" & simply states that the presiding officer should ANNOUNCE the result....Simple question sir,
1. Why did they STRIKE OUT the word "COUNT"?
2. Why are ELECTION OBSERVERS supporting such?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Part of why you said "public trust in democratic institutions is declining owing to several questionable incidence and missteps" was "intimidation and clampdown of opposition figures by state authorities".

Can you please mention in the SPECIFICS the opposition figure?
Can you?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria What are these "intimidation and clampdown of opposition figures by state authorities" you were referring to as a member of PDP...Oh, sorry as an election observer member I meant🤣🤣🤣

Will it be difficult to mention NAMES & the offences?
Who among them was INTIMIDATED?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "the controversy surrounding the suspension of the Chief Justice Onnoghen"....

Dear election observer, how has the issue of non declaration of asset by CJN a PUBLIC OFFICER affected INEC, INEC Chairman and election?
Can we please be serious when we are forming opinions....
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "To make informed decisions, the commission must rely on facts and evidence..
Well, I think it's good that you are reiterating what @inecnigeria has been doing in all their decision making process in all the elections conducted since 2015, as far as we know.
Good to remind them!
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "It evident that those armed with data will determine the 2019 elections"...

Lol, what is evident to me is that Obinna, Aminu, Boda Muri Eleran and the likes are the ones that will DETERMINE the 2019 election, those with data will only stay indoor and ANALYSE the real voters😜😜
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "For the first time since 2015, political parties called for a bifurcation of accreditation and voting on election day".....

For the first time since 2015 is called #IllogicalLogics
1. We had Anambra election after 2015
2. Ondo State election
3. Ekiti Election
4. Osun election
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria If we've had at least 4 MAJOR elections since 2015, and you cannot prove that court cases since 2015 election has increased rather than decreased under the present leadership of Professor Yakubu, will it not be enough to call that #IllogicalLogics?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria You are saying election process of simultaneous accreditation & voting has made things worse & the outcome since 2015 has been showing improvement in number of people that voted, reduction in court cases, reduction in election violence on election days etc..SMH
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria We must all play our own part to stop the spread of fake News especially on the Social media.
Much more than that, we should also stop re-engineering narratives from what it is. Trying to paint the scenario of electoral act as though PMB chose not to sign it in a vacuum is FAKE!
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Bringing up the issue of Onnoghen the ex-CJN in this article & painting it as an election issue without bringing up the REAL ISSUE that led to Onnoghen's suspension is worse than FAKE NEWS.
What exactly was the issue with Onnoghen?
Is Onnghen the INEC Chairman?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria "The credibility and legitimacy of election results can be enhanced with independent verification of election results by non-partisan election observers group"..
The question is what if the NON-PARTISANSHIP of election observer groups are QUESTIONABLE, what then do we believe?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria What if "non-partisan election observers group" are already showing their partisanship long before Mogo Park left Nigeria, how do we deal with that.
I hope you remembered that Senator Bukola Saraki actually declared his Presidential ambition in the even you organized?
WHY? 🙄🙄
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria If we are to follow the #IllogicalLogics of AVAILABLE VERIFIABLE DATA to probe the non-partisanship of "non-partisan election observers group" INCLUDING YOURS, can we then conclude that @AMADICHIMA should not call himself part of election observers?
How about Mr Clement Nwankwo?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Here's an election observer clearly misleading people...
Is this what you meant by non-partisan election observer groups?
Which parameter shall we use to authenticate the non-partisanship of their #IllogicalLogics Sir?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria I had made my observation known in the past concerning the clear partisanship of Clement Nwaknkwo who keeps parading himself as a non-partisan election observer group....
How can we call people that are openly in support of PDP non-partisan?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Dear non-partisan election observer groups,
Are you aware that @OfficialAPCNg will not be participating in the Governorship election in River State & Zamfara even though the ruling party is APC?
Why have you guys kept MUTE about that?
Would you have kept quiet if it were PDP?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Can we INDEPENDENTLY as Nigerians be allowed to verify the record of "non-partisan election observer groups" on how they are funded and how it's spent or they are unquestionable when it comes to funding and spending?
Who will verify the NARRATIVES of the non-partisan groups?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Just a few days to the election and I have observed a pattern that is consistent among the "non-partisan election observer groups" & the main opposition party. The strategy is to DISCREDIT the election umpire @inecnigeria ahead of the main election. WHY?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria How can we wake up to DISCREDIT the constitutionally recognized umpire WITHOUT ANY HARD FACTS, & in the same breath asking Nigerians to trust INDIVIDUALS behind the veil of "non-partisan election observer groups" that are already PARTISAN?
To what end and who is paying the piper?
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria Let me round up by saying that in reality, the coming election #NigeriaDecides2019 will be decided, not by "International observers" that did not observe the poorly conducted US mid term election of Nov 2018, not the partisan election observer groups hiding, but #ThePeople
@thecableng @DSamsonItodo @ReadyToRunNG @GRVlagos @channelstv @EUinNigeria I am very optimistic that irrespective of how we try in shaping the narratives for what the narratives are not meant to be by using #IllogicalLogics, #NigeriaDecides2019 will turn out as the most transparent election ever seen in African continent.
Thank you & God bless Nigeria!
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