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Never fear, my new column is here!

“The Farce Nears It’s End”

I have notified the editors about the wrong date for the Whitaker presser.
Remember who it was who was telling you this for over a year: if there was any REAL Trump/Russia collusion evidence, it'd have been leaked by these leakers in the Special Counsel's office LONG AGO.
That narrative that the leakers in the SC's office who were leaking one fake news bombshell after another were SITTING ON THE REAL EVIDENCE all this time, holding it back and not leaking any of it was alway ABSURD.

It was absurd a year and a half ago and it's STILL absurd now.
You had people on both sides banging the drum of how Mueller had a whole slew of new indictments up his sleeve, for Don Jr., Kushner maybe even Trump himself [despite the DOJ rules about that].
What's Mueller got so far if he closes up shop as Whitaker says he will?

1) A bunch of Russial troll farmers
2) Process perjury charges from AFTER his investigation started
3) Bank/tax fraud
4) illegal lobbying

What DOESN'T he have?

*Russia collusion w. Trump campaign*
The entire real purpose of the Mueller investigation - whatever he or his partisan team might have thought it was is irrelevant - is to PROVE beyond all doubt there was no collusion in the 2016 election between the Russian gov't and the Trump campaign.
Mueller and his partisan team of 12 Angry Democrats were allowed to search HIGH.

They were allowed to search LOW.

They were unimpeded and unobstructed to the point they were even allowed to DIG THROUGH FRED TRUMP'S ESTATE RECORDS.
So what's his final report going to say?

"After EXHAUSTIVELY searching high and low, I have found *NO EVIDENCE* whatsoever of any collusion or illegal activity between the Trump Presidential campaign & Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election."
At that point we can all salute him and say "THANK YOU BOB MUELLER AND YOUR SPECIAL COUNSEL TEAM FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY!" and wave them all goodbye.
While a whole bunch of Democratic reporters, bloggers, politicians will suddenly need therapy to cope with the massive shock of that after two years of relentless hype, Trump and his team will now be free to go on the offensive without 'interfering' or 'obstructing' Mueller.
And I hope after all this happens people remember who it was who was ginning up all the Mueller hysteria here on the Right with their endless and relentless doom crying act.
The farce that's about to end isn't just the Mueller investigation. What's also about to end are a whole lot of stupid narratives spun by people supposedly on our own side about how stupid, clueless or outmaneuvered Trump has been during this whole thing.
While he plays the long game, holding back his evidence & the Silent Professionals in the DOJ wait for Mueller to finish to put that Trump/Russia narrative to bed for good, the usual suspects trapped in the daily news cycle are screeching disaster and doom.
You think after he has Mueller's report in hand demonstrating the Russia collusion narrative has no evidence to support it, Trump doesn't pardon Flynn, Stone or anybody else that got caught up in this farce?

Of course he will.
At that point, he'll be free to roll out ALL THE EVIDENCE demonstrating to the entire world the fact the Mueller investigation ITSELF started as a result of political dirty tricks being played by political partisans inside the DOJ/FBI/CIA working on behalf of the Clinton campaign
Just recently DOJ IG Horowitz released a brief letter summary of an investigation into how an FBI contractor was allowed access to supposedly compartmentalized databases to run records searches, as if they were a full fledged LEO/IC agency.
That report is detailing an investigation that began in APRIL 2016 when then-NSA head Adm. Mike Rogers was alerted to the fact there was a sudden big spike in 702 queries coming out of the FBI - and it wasn't the FBI itself making these queries but a contractor with the agency
The NSA did it's own invetigation of this 702 abuse & turned it's report in on Oct 20, 2016, just 1 day before the FBI filed it's Carter Page FISA warrant with the FISC on Oct 21, 2016.
But how many of you knew Horowitz was also investigating that 702 abuse from inside the DOJ for the past 2 years?
SOMEBODY allowed this contractor in, allowed them to search the database illegally, and Horowitz knows exactly who did what.
Horowitz knows who the contractor is, who were the DOJ/FBI officials who brought them in, what particular 702 searches they did, all of it.

THAT'S what he's telling everybody by filing this letter.

Now, this has all been publicly available information for almost 2 years, how an FBI contractor got caught doing illegal records searches of the FBI/NSA database of communications intercepts.

Although much of the info is redacted, what comes through is the FBI was found to have been allowing a private contractor to sift through the comms intercept database using targeted searches.
Mike Rogers and others - including the NSA Inspector General - noticed irregularities going on with 702-related searches. First they tried tightening the regulations, but that didn't stop the abuse.
85% of the 702 queries were found to be in violation of the law.
As you can see, when these rogue contractors do search queries of the database, they leave A TRAIL which both Mike Rogers & the IG of the NSA were able to follow.

note the language: "same identifiers over different date rangers".

The contractor was *targeting* certain people.
So not only does Horowitz - and by extension, Huber & Whitaker - know who the contrator is, who let them in & covered for them as they did these illegal searches, they know WHO the specific people were that were targeted by these illegal searches of the database.
Remember that now controversial press conference that Devin Nunes called where he looked like he'd just been SCARED OUT OF HIS MIND? Like he'd just seen a ghost or something?

He had just been shown EVIDENCE something happened that was NEVER supposed to happen.
After the American public learned of the fact ALL their communications are intercepted & stored in fed. gov't databases, STRICT laws and protocols and regs were put in place to ENSURE there would be no abuse of this information.

Certainly not POLITICALLY MOTIVATED abuse.

Somebody showed him something that startled him so greatly he RUSHED to the White House to inform the President, then called that press conference.
He said he was shown *numerous incidents* of people associated with the Trump transition team having their communications being *collected*.

He said NONE of the intercepted and collected communications of Trump transition team members he was shown had ANYTHING TO DO with foreign policy or foreign intelligence.
By rushing to the White House to share this startling information he was shown and then alerting the public, Nunes was VICIOUSLY ATTACKED FOR WEEKS.

Check out the media videos on YouTube when you search "Devin Nunes March 2017 press conference"

Nunes was not only forced to APOLOGIZE for holding that press conference & alerting the White House, he was INVESTIGATED for doing this.
As I've said for over a year and a half, Nunes is one of the good guys. He KNOWS what happened, but like Chuck Grassley & others in Congress, they are playing by the rules and holding their tongues until they get permission to disclose what they know.
He and Schiff put out contrasting memos, and given where the evidence has gone since then, who looks like they were dealing with the actual evidence and who looks like he was trying to blow smoke up everybody's ass?
It's all going to come out. The exhaustive evidence been meticulously collected.

Trump knows the time. He'll start the rollout when he's ready.

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