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#StateCaptureInquiry Proceedings resume today at 10:00 with two investigators and two others set to testify. @News24 has published information that editor @AdriaanBasson is set to speak about threats and intimidation he faced (along with @carienduplessis) for reporting on #Bosasa
#StateCaptureInquiry @News24 quotes @AdriaanBasson as saying, “Everything I know about #Bosasa and their dodgy dealings with the state have been published over the past 13 years.” Basson continues, “Carien and I were targeted by Bosasa for revealing the truth.”
#StateCaptureInquiry Pretoria Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair’s deadline given to @StateCaptureCom is today. He, via lawyers, wrote to the inquiry to demand information on what former #Bosasa employee Richard le Roux testified regarding security upgrades to Nair’s Pretoria home.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry It is likely that we will hear from all four witnesses today. @AdriaanBasson of @News24 has arrived and is accompanied to the witness stand. @carienduplessis is also here for today's hearing.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis #StateCaptureInquiry A member of the @StateCaptureCom was going through a video clip earlier today. Chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has arrived. He greets legal team head Advocate Paul Pretorius SC.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis #StateCaptureInquiry Pretorius introduces @AdriaanBasson as the first of four witnesses for today. "I do affirm," he says on telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Basson announces he is editor-in-chief of @News24 and began his career in journalism in 2003.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis Pretorius says there is much Basson can speak to on #Bosasa but will begin with threats and what Basson deems intimidation. Basson says he and Du Plessis reported on #Bosasa from 2006 after the firm received "an avalanche of tenders from the Department of Correctional Services".
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis #StateCaptureInquiry Basson begins speaking about his work on an article published and named 'Here's The Proof, Minister' @mailandguardian in January 2009. Basson says it was the product of work based on a tranche of emails leaked to him from #Bosasa.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry "To what extent did that article implicate Bosasa in wrongdoing?" asks Pretorius. Basson replies, "This was a smoking gun. This was real proof of the company's access and, I guess, what we now call state capture."
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian [SUMMARISED] #StateCaptureInquiry Basson: I started receiving calls on my cellular phone, there were a lot of these calls, they came during the day and night, sometimes during the early morning.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry "It was really a kind of aggressive tone from the callers," says Basson after noting in some of the calls the speaker would say, "I must stop my s#!t." Basson testifies the callers would sometimes accuse him of racism.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Basson says he received information from his #Bosasa sources asserting that his cell phone number was distributed among staff members. He says one director was named as the leader of the calling but he is uncomfortable sharing that as it is not corroborated.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Basson says he received a call while on holiday with his then girlfriend. This time the caller was female, he says. The speaker, he says, mentioned his ID number, home address, details of his friends, and issued a threat to kill him.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian [PARAPHRASED] #StateCaptureInquiry Basson: It was clear to me at that point of our conversation that she was reading from some kind of what I call intelligence document. It was clear to me that she was not calling me to help me but to scare me.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Basson says that, on the advice of his then girlfriend now wife, he conducted a Google search on the female caller's number. He found that the number was that of Benedicta Dube, and his sources inside #Bosasa told him she was on the company's payroll.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Basson says the call was about 18 to 20 minutes long. Basson says of Dube's words in the call, "The detail of information she had for example the address where I lived, the occupations of my friends and family, that is not something you can just Google."
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry On a media clip with mention of Basson and his family purportedly visiting Angelo Agrizzi at home, Basson testifies this is a blatant lie, and when Agrizzi "turned" on #Bosasa, "I went there on my own I had a meeting with him on my own."
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian Basson concludes. The next witness, who is linked to Afritrader Distributors, takes the stand. The spelling of his name has not been issued to us by the @StateCaptureCom and I have not been able to find it online in a quick search. For now I will go with Gregory John Lourens.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lourens worked with Greg Lacon-Allin and Agrizzi. He has given details on his working in supplying catering goods (like meat, oil, alcohol) and equipment supplies, including to the local mining industry and into Africa.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Earlier Pretorius noted that, based on the statement from Lourens, it is clear there is no love lost between Lourens and Agrizzi. "Not at all," replied Lourens.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lourens testifies Lacon-Allin instructed him to deliver cash to #Bosasa's head office and this was - to Lourens - a cost saving exercise because it saved him the hassle of going to the bank, handling cash from the bank was among the company's biggest costs.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian [SUMMARISED] #StateCaptureInquiry Lourens: I was told there was a person, that once I had enough cash to take through, I would contact this person and let him know that I have sufficient funds and I would make a time to meet him at #Bosasa.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Zondo asks Lourens how much cash he would ferry and at first Lourens is at first general and evasive. Lourens later, with broad waves of the hand, says - with prompting - it would not be lower than about R100,000 to R200,000.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry "I would take [cash] through to Bosasa [...] there was no record kept by me [...] there may be a record kept by Greg Lacon-Allin or Bosasa," says Lourens after saying he would receive cash in boxes and bags.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian [SUMMARISED] #StateCaptureInquiry Pretorius: Did you ask yourself any questions about what you were doing.
Lourens: I did. That I was making regular cash deliveries to #Bosasa, there must have been some underhanded business that was going on.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry "I had suspicions that they were using it for something underhanded [...] the rumour about Bosasa in the industry was that they bribed," says Lourens. Pretorius notes despite this Lourens continued to ferry cash to #Bosasa. Lourens confirms.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian MT: #StateCaptureInquiry The current witness testifies that he would - after a while - take videos of himself delivering cash to #Bosasa. A video he captured on his phone is now played @StateCaptureCom. Alicia Keyes was playing on the radio. He says it was on a Saturday morning.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian [CORRECTION] #StateCaptureInquiry In the video, witness Gregory John Lawrence (not Lourens, I misheard, we weren't given the name in advance, apologies) and a man in shorts who he says was his contact point at #Bosasa for cash drops. There is mention of "nine hundred" in the clip
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lawrence now says that he would make deliveries of between R1.1-million and R2.5-million in cash to #Bosasa and there could have been about 20 deliveries. We adjourn for tea.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lawrence resumes testifying. We return to a video he filmed with his cell phone, at the #Bosasa head office. Pretorius refers to screen shots of that clip, including that of a vehicle seen and its registration number.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry For a moment, Lawrence appears in the rear view mirror with the cell phone on which he recorded the video. Pretorius then introduces a second video clip Lawrence recorded, and refers to the transcription.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lawrence testifies that "nine hundred" refers to R900,000 cash. He is, to me, rather an evasive witness.

@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Another video plays, from inside Lawrence's car, features a box packed with cash. The wads of cash are tied together with elastic bands. Pretorius asks on what occasion, Lawrence says for delivery to #Bosasa. The video was taken in the main office parking lot
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry We have heard of and seen grey security bags of cash in CEO Gavin Watson's walk-in vault, now Lawrence speaks of and show a video he took of boxes of cash in his car for delivery to #Bosasa's head office. Below are screen grabs of cash in a box.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lawrence testified that the box (pictured in this screengrab of a video he filmed on his phone) contained cash he delivered to the #Bosasa head office with a colleague, someone who was - he says - his "weapon" when ferrying around such large volumes of cash.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Pretorius asks Lawrence about purchase orders linked to the cash deliveries, including some emailed to him by his #Bosasa contact, he thinks by mistake. He claims his boss, Lacon-Allin "said this was part and parcel of how they would..." Lawrence trails off.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lawrence has testified the man pictured was his *only* contact person at #Bosasa, and yet he cannot recall the man's name or other particulars, even though he has testified he delivered cash and handed it over to the man on an estimated 20 occasions or so.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lawrence no longer has the phone he used to record the videos, he says. Pretorius says that is the evidence, asks Lawrence if he is willing to return at a later stage. Lawrence replies, "Yes." He concludes. The next witness will appear after a brief break.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Lawrence also testified that he received an email from this #Bosasa person (he thinks by accident) containing purchase orders for various food items, which he understood to be intended for Lacon-Allin.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom lead investigator Frank Dutton takes the affirmation. This is the first time a commission investigator has taken to the stand and testified under oath.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Dutton testifies that on 18 December 2018 at Agrizzi's home Agrizi showed Dutton on Agrizzi's personal laptop some photos Agrizzi said he took on his iPhone at the Sheraton hotel, when Dudu Myeni - he claims - showed him anti-corruption task team documents.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Dutton testifies he asked Agrizzi to check data on the photographs and it reflected a date of 23 September 2015. Agrizzi made copies of the photographs on a flash disc, says Dutton, and Dutton adds he noticed a carpet pattern on the carpet in the photos.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureIqnuiry "The same carpet, or the same pattern," says Dutton referring to Agrizzi's photo and a photo of the carpet on the Sheraton hotel floor. "I decided to visit the Sheraton hotel to see if I was able to match the pattern that appears in these photographs."
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Dutton testifies he visited the hotel on 21 December 2018 and, as Agrizzi described, there was an alcove on the restricted (sixth) floor where people could privately meet. The carpet patterns matched, he says.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Dutton replies to a question from Pretorius on distinction in color, saying the colours are the same, but his photograph of the carpet pattern makes it appear lighter, perhaps because he used a flash.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Dutton testifies that a member of his team interviewed a manager at the Sheraton hotel who signed an affidavit stating that "on the 23rd of September [2015] and in fact the previous night [...] Dudu Myeni had been a guest of the Sheraton hotel".
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry "She had been accommodated in room 616," says Dutton in reference to the signed and sworn affidavit from the Sheraton hotel manager on Myeni's recorded stay at the hotel in 2015. It includes an attached customer registration card with payment details.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian [JUST IN] #StateCaptureInquiry A Sheraton hotel manager states in a sworn and signed affidavit that a travel agent named Nicola Stone from Richards Bay was responsible for paying Myeni's account for a September 2015 stay at the hotel.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Pretorius refers Dutton to a note on the payment of the account for Myeni's stay, and that Stone's name is listed as the contact person. There is also mention of the Jacob Zuma Foundation, notes Pretorius.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Dutton testifies further on photographs of documents Agrizzi claims were shown to him and Watson by Myeni at the Sheraton in September 2015. He says the photographs were shown to a General Moddley and Advocate De Kock.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Dutton says Moodley and De Kock indicated the photographs appear to show documents from the 24 August 2015 anti-corruption task team (ACCT) report on its #Bosasa investigation. He says investigators are looking into it further.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaaptureInquiry Dutton says the whereabouts of the original ACCT report 24 August 2015 report on #Bosasa are unknown. Dutton and Pretorius have referred to digital forensic work, including on the latitude and longitude tied to the photos Agrizzi took with his phone.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Zondo excuses Dutton. Another inquiry investigator, Themba Patrick Mlambo, who is working on the #Bosasa allegations is sworn in. Mlambo speaks about investigations and visiting certain properties with witness Richard Le Roux.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Mlambo says he asked Le Roux to take him to the properties where special projects team conducted installations. "He did take me through to four of the premises where the projects team did installations," says Mlambo.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Mlambo says when he and Le Roux visited the house said to be that of Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane, Le Roux said the CCTV cameras the special projects team installed were still there. Mlambo sought to verify the ownership of the property.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Mlambo says "it was established" the property was registered in the name of Mokonyane, one other. Zondo asks if Le Roux had help in remembering the location of this property, three others. "He did all of this, Chairperson, out of his own memory," says Mlambo
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Mlambo testifies that Le Roux took him to a Pretoria property investigators confirmed belong to Desmond Nair and one other. Le Roux noted the CCTV cameras, electric fence and electric beams the special projects team installed all seemed to still be in place.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Mlambo testifies on a property in the name of two people with the Makwetla surname and one other. Mlambo reports Le Roux noted the cameras had been removed but the electric fence seemed to be the same as that installed by his special projects team.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry The fourth property Mlambo details is, according to other work by investigators, registered in the name of the Vincent J Smith Family Trust. He says Le Roux pointed out the cameras had been changed but the same fence seemed to be in place.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Zondo announces the end of proceedings for the day. He says the hearings will resume on Monday, 11 February 2018. He adjourns.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Investigator Mlambo said Le Roux took him to four Gauteng properties other investigators confirmed belong to Minister Nomvula Mokonyane, Deputy Correctional Services Minister Thabang Makwetla, Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair and Vincent Smith respectively.
@StateCaptureCom @AdriaanBasson @News24 @carienduplessis @mailandguardian #StateCaptureInquiry Coming up on #eNCA403 this evening is a summary of highlights from today's @StateCaptureCom testimonies. Stay tuned for more on evidence affirming some of the claims against #Bosasa.
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