1) Democrat/Rino lawmaker's repeated dismissal of CBP/DHS recommendations to build a wall they once approved to the tune of 45 BILLION is proof that they are more concerned about their politics, power, & money than they are about the safety & $ wellbeing of American citizens.
2) The liberal media sells the illusion that they exist to serve the public when their real goal is raking in ad$ trashing .@potus & conservatives while using their platform as political activists to push Pelosi and Schumer’s deceptive propaganda for the Democratic Party.
3) If average American’s are looking for a more the complete picture on the impact of illegal immigration & crime in America, it’s buried beneath a sea of endless incomplete reports, & purposefully deceptive political news media half-truths, and lies.
4) Unfortunately, there is no national uniform cross agency immigration or crime data reporting practice in place that would provide Americans the ability to assess the impact of illegal immigration & crime on their lives.
5) In the age of the internet there's no reason the data is not available aside from politicians & bureaucrats not wanting the information published & disseminated to the public. An informed public will hold their leaders civically or criminally accountable & vote accordingly.
6) Accurate Immigration and U.S. Natl crime data should include all federal crimes data from FBI statistics along with CBP, ICE, & DHS but also other local & state crime data too so that American citizens can really grasp what is happening in their own back yard.
7) Unsurprisingly, Dems hotly contest .@POTUS adding the citizenship question to the U.S. Census. It could shine a light on how much $ is being robbed from hard working taxpayers or impact the number of Fed Govt representatives they’re allowed for their State who can cast votes.
8) Currently, no one knows exactly how many Latinos or other ethnicities are arrested each year or how many are in prison, on probation, or on parole.
9) A survey of state criminal justice data showed that 40 states reported race (e.g., white, black, other) in their arrest records, but only 15 states reported ethnicity.
10) White crime stats are obviously inflated w/data by other ethnicities who have no other available box to check on govt. forms accept white. Liberal/Rino politicians use the info to control their voters w/promises to fix their problems if only they keep voting them in every yr.
11) “UCR stats do not represent the actual amount of criminal activity occurring in the U.S. As it relies upon local law enforcement agency crime reports, the UCR program can only measure crime known to police & cannot provide an accurate representation of actual crime rates.”
12) “The UCR program is focused upon street crime, & does not record info on many other types of crime, such as organized crime, corp. crime or federal crime. Further, law enforcement agencies can provide inadvertently misleading data as a result of local policing practices.”
13) These factors can lead to misrepresentations regarding the nature and extent of criminal activity in the United States.
14) “Because information is supplied voluntarily to the Universal Crime Report program data are capable of being manipulated by local law enforcement agencies at the local level.” #sanctuarycities
15) “The UCR tracks crime for the racial category of "White" to include both Hispanic and non-Hispanic ethnicities. With over 50 million Latinos residing in the United States, this hides the incarceration rates for Latinos.” #SanctuaryCities #illegalimmigration
16) Too many politicians, w/help from the DNC media serve to exacerbate or deceptively magnify, rather than solve social problems in order to stay in power, appease their corp/foreign donors, & grow their bank accounts.
17) The inaccurate data makes for enormous govt. waste of tax $ by over or under funding public assistance, 501 (c) activist groups & other appropriations.
18) Democrats, bureaucrats, and leftist media use the fake data to incite public hysteria, fuel special interest group, & racial tensions, which translates into higher campaign $, ratings $, & votes.
19) Of course, anyone interested in really solving society’s problems who raises these issues for discussion is attacked by mobs of liberal activists who label them racist.
20) If needed the media will step to serve elite govt Democrats and proceed to smear political adversaries until their life is utterly destroyed. We witnessed their work recently smearing the innocent #CovingtonBoys #Kavanaugh
21) Americans are perpetually forced to endure polarizing political theater of lies from govt bureaucrats & their Democrat lib mass media henchmen. When someone calls them out for being the ‘enemy of the people’ they cry victim status claiming they’re being attacked by racists.
22) The U.S. govt pays America’s universities dominated by lib, progressives billions for research grants who publish fake stats. It's pushed as factual data to influence lawmaker’s policy decisions on issues of immigration, crime, & the most critical interests of the country.
23) American’s have laid down and accepted that politicians & the media is lying to them and there is nothing they can do to change it. But by not fighting back citizens of America become willing participants in their own demise and that of America.
24) If you are hungry for facts to back up the above statements, I’m working on a series of threads that will provide as much factual data as I’ve been able to find on immigration, crime, and how it affects you, your family, & the future of this country.
25) And be prepared to learn in a future thread about the real history of racism in this country and how the real racists of the Democratic Party lied about their actions and weaponized the media to hang it on the Republican party conservatives.
26) Arguably, there is no other Race besides blacks in America that have been betrayed more by the Democratic Party or harder hit by their destructive targeting policies.
27) If you’re sick of being called a racist, you’ll be armed with the truth in order to fight back and refute the lies to stop the Democrats from destructive polarizing of our citizens against one another.
28) We deserve transparency from our govt. but we must demand it by means of a unified front of peaceful protest, our pocketbooks, boycotts, & strengthening our voter base through diligent grassroots work.
29) Why do you think they hate President Trump so much? He calls them all politicians and other elite establishment out for their lies and it motivates citizens like you to ask questions and seek answers.
30) When accurately informed & unified ‘We the People,” are the greatest threat to the elite establishment globalist’s power & they are terrified you’ll figure that out & become a unified force.
31) We've allowed the deceptive racist Democrats to break this country apart, weaken our unity by targeting races that they claim to help and then set them apart from the party of civil rights, THE REPUBLICAN PARY.
32) Our own govt. archives have documented the truth.
32) Real minority citizens of America are getting the shaft and they have no idea that they keep voting in the people who never intend to help them solve society's problems. Quite the opposite.
More to come. 🇺🇸💪
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