1). I'm about to have a long rant.....

Batten down the hatches.

2). Will the British people please put a halt to this abominable cruel government? For Christ's sake. Please. I'm so sick of all this unnecessary despair. It's becoming so draining now.
3). Meanwhile the mainstream media regurgitate the false smears about antisemitism again. It's just too much. The establishment refuse to hold the Tories to account, and are happy to label millions of British citizens as antisemitic just because they support human rights....
4). ....Palestinian rights, and stand against Apartheid, as anyone with a conscience, with just an ounce of humanity should. I'm just so over it.

There absolutely no mention from the mainstream media of the facts that a Parliamentary Inquiry chaired by a majority Tory panel....
5). ......just 20 months ago found no evidence to suggest that Labour has any more of a problem with antisemitism than any other Party, that antisemitism was and still is a bigger problem within the Tory Party, that antisemitism has actually markedly fallen under Corbyn's tenure.
6). These are facts. You don't get a higher authority than a Parliamentary Inquiry. It's just so outrageously offensive, not only to me, but to so many others, who, identifying as Democratic Socialists or Socialists, have spent their whole lives fighting against all bigotry.
7). This fight against bigotry, against fascism, the fight for human rights, is the very thing that defines us strongly as Democratic Socialists. We all feel that and we all know that. Empathy. Caring. Love for your fellow beings, regardless of race, faith or sexual orientation.
8). But, we are labeled as antisemites because we abhor apartheid, and abhor the very real apartheid the Israeli Government is inflicting upon the Palestinian people. Apartheid and human tight abuses are abhorrent and wholly unacceptable to any decent, kind, good human being.
9). Apparently, that makes me, a man who visited Anne Frank's House and ended up sobbing quietly in a corner, totally overwhelmed by the horror of it all being in that confined space where Anne once hid with other families.....
10). .....being a man who made pilgrimage to the LGBT Homomonument to the tens of thousands of Gays and Lesbians who were exterminated by the fascists, apparently, that makes me an antisemite. I can't begin to explain just how much that upsets me, wounds me, and infuriates me.
11). The establishment control the media and hold overt influence over many of our most powerful politicians. But not Jeremy Corbyn. The same as any real Labour Party leader, true centre-left, (he is by no means 'far-left' as the trolls and saboteurs keep screaming at us).....
12). ....he is ripped apart daily by rich media barons from inside their tax-haven mansions. Now only 26 people own half the world's wealth. Neoliberalism and it's natural partner, austerity, are specifically designed to suck up any spare wealth from the poorest, to the richest.
13). Hence the drastic social security cuts, the drastic cuts to councils, in particular Labour non-Tory councils, the drastic cuts to Public Services, the creeping and fastening privatisation of those services, such as the NHS....
14). ... social institutions paid for and owned by YOU and your ancestors, whose taxes paid for them.

The Tories are stealing from us, and we see the results....
15). .....the lack of social care, old people left alone, lonely, many forced to choose between eating or heating, with services cut so drastically, they have no community centres to go to anymore.
16). Kids out in the streets in urban areas, massive reductions in Youth Centres and social workers, therefore gangs form, and knife crime rapidly increases. Add to that the 21,000 police officers the Tories have removed from the police force.
17). Homelessness has over doubled in number in the last 9 years. An estimated 13,000 of them are British war veterans. Many are disabled. Rarely a day goes by these days that you hear of abuse, a tent set on fire, vicious beatings.....
18). ....and all to often, we hear of homeless people being found dead. Dead on the street in the fifth richest country on Earth. Foodbanks and foodbank usage has exploded. In-work poverty rife. Victorian poverty related diseases hugely on the up.
19). Perhaps the biggest scandal of all, well over a hundred thousand needless deaths have been linked to Tory austerity by the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal.

20). This would be a scandal that would bring down a government. But not when the media sit so firmly within the pockets of this Tory regime.
21). I've spoken out about this and so much more for the last 5 years, many I know have spoken up for much longer. I am so tired of it. I just wish I could find a small parcel of land, and live self sufficiently away from this neoliberal extreme capitalist corrupt system.
22). We do not live in a Democracy. Not when the media is a government tool to smear the opposition. Because that is what it is. Clearly.
23). Yet, instead, constant slurs are fabricated by the powerful forces who will do anything to protect their financial interests + use the most sordid of tactics via propaganda through the TV channels, politicians, papers they own to prevent a real Labour leader coming to power.
24). Why? Simple. Because they don't want to pay their taxes, and they certainly don't want Jeremy messing with the trillions of unpaid taxes that they have stashed away in their sunny tax-havens.

Greed. Pure and simple. Greed.
25). There is an estimated £4.7 TRILLION in UK offshore tax-havens alone.

I repeat. £4.7 TRILLION.

Just think about that.

26). We have the Tories against us, the Establishment and the media they control, plus we have the Blairite faction constantly trying to sabotage Labour.

It just feels hopeless.
27). Is this a democracy? Is it really even close to one? Because I'd sure as hell like someone to point out why they think it is. I want people to think for themselves and stop being told what to think! Is that possible?
28). Why aren't people up in arms with just how corrupt and wrong it all is?

Why are you allowing mega wealthy non-dom tax avoiding media barons to control what you think? Why doesn't that piss you right off? Why doesn't that make you furious?

I am just so fed up with it.
End rant.
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