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Hey lads and lasses!
First of all, I'm sexually and romantically attracted to men exclusively. I'm also quite a sensitive person, I'm not ashamed to express my feelings nor am I to weep. I tend to avoid conflicts. I'm emotionally extremely dependent on my loved ones. I like to
cook and sing, and I'm basically like a kid when I see cute animals. Moreover, when I was 4 or 5, I convinced myself I would become a girl because I thought little boys become women and little girls become men when older.
Considering all of this and following TRAs' advice,
I should "come out" as a "woman" as soon as possible (or at least a "non-binary" as I retain many masculine personality traits), my male biological sex has only been "assigned at birth" (tossing a coin?) and is irrelevant.
Because that's what gender is.
Gender is but stupid oppressive stereotyped roles and expectations about your personality and tastes that are enforced over you depending on your sex.
I supposedly am a "cisgender" man. I'm not. I don't agree with backward stereotypical male gender roles. I'm not a caricature.
I'm not "cis" because I don't have a gender identity. I don't "identify" as a man. I just am and accept it because there's an indisputable material basis for it.
I don't even know what the fuck is a "gender identity". Sure it's not based on biology, but what's left then?
We're left with only stereotypes. And once stereotypes are removed (which many TRAs do, especially since they first claimed "you don't need dysphoria to be trans and valid"), we're left with absolutely nothing. A woman can be literally anyone and everyone, the only base being
a tremendously subjective inner self-perception feeling. Same logically goes for a man. Thus we're left with abstract, circular, meaningless definitions. If a word can possibly mean anything and everything, then it means nothing. Which makes me seriously wonder why TRAs are so
obsessed on not being "misgendered" as the words "woman" and "man" mean nothing in the first place according to their very own ideology anyway.
I don't have a gender identity, yet that doesn't make me "agender". "Agender" is a subset of non-binary who supposedly don't feel like
they have any gender identity at all. Yet people who self-ID as "agender" all indulge in genderism. They totally deny being male or female. I don't deny being male which is a biological immutable reality. It's a sex, not a "gender identity".
Actually it seems only people who self-describe as trans or non-binary have a "gender identity", and they're not even able to describe it. To them it can even have absolutely nothing at all to do with any notion of "female/feminine/woman" and "male/masculine/man".
It can even change on a daily basis (according to their own thought). The expression "gender identity" is incredibly used as a trendy way to call what rational people refer to as "personality" or even "mood" and is supposed to totally erase the material reality of biological sex.
And you obviously can't magically assume someone's "gender" so you always have to ask for their pronouns.
TRAs pretend sexual orientation is a matter of gender, not sex. Given all things foresaid, how can anyone with at least a double-digit IQ possibly buy such an insane claim?
When you're 100% gay/lesbian or 100% straight and see someone (of the sex you're attracted to) and think he/she's sexy, you don't give a shit about how they might identify. I find a guy hot before asking for his pronouns.
In fact, very well-passing trans people, though they do exist, are a tiny minority even within the trans population. Walk down the street for an hour assuming everyone's sex and the most likely option is that you'll have no difficulty at all in doing so and won't "missex" anyone.
As I said before, redefining sexes with nonsensical circular definitions and rebranding them as "genders" eventually leads to redefine sexual orientations the same way.
By doing so, transactivism denies the root of sexist and homophobic oppression.
By denying the root of oppression, transactivism and its zealots are inherently sexist and homophobic. Their favorite slur, "TERF", aimed at gender-critical woman and any lesbian who doesn't pretend to buy their ideology, is deeply misogynistic and utterly often homophobic.
A frequent claim of TRAs is that they want to "abolish gender". It is ludicrous. Don't you pretend you want to abolish anything by reinforcing it, that doesn't make any sense at all. What TRAs want is to abolish sex. Pretending to make the distinction between the two terms
while conflating them whenever it suits them (on birth certificates or the expression "assigned at birth") and pretending "sex is but an irrelevant social construct, only gender identity matters" isn't ever gonna be a serious way to abolish gender. radical feminists, deemed as
"TERFs" are the ones who seek the abolition of gender.
This was a long thread to sum up why I became gender-critical. Because the whole gender ideology makes no fucking sense whatsoever.
It's based on regressive views combined with extreme liberal ones. It's sexist and homophobic at the core, though being denigrated by the fellow sexists and homophobes on the right wing of the political spectrum because of its left-wing label.
This ideology is so insidious it has managed to quickly invade and blight the overwhelming majority of left-wing and progressive spaces and organizations within the past few years. It's now viewed as the most important social justice fight to lead by far.
Had you told five years ago it would become like this, I would have laughed at you, yet you would have been right. Like a cuckoo in the nest, they've taken over almost every single women's or LGBT space, organization and event; that now must not only include but also center them.
We've been like frogs in the pot. The water temperature is pleasant at first, but as soon as the kettle is set to boil, it gradually and impercepticibly increases. The frog dies before realizing it was being boiled alive.
Cultish gender ideology requires the entire society to believe in it. It wants us all to be frogs in its pot. I won't be.

End of thread.
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