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.@Almanarnews celebrating "40 Springs" since the "victory of the Islamic Revolution."
2-Hezbollah is holding a festival today to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah is expected to give a speech.
3-Lebanese national anthem quickly played (amidst a sea of Iranian and Hezbollah flags), followed by Hezbollah anthem. Does any other party in Lebanon display its allegiance to a foreign country so blatantly and shamelessly?
4-Currently singing nasheed entitled, "Khomeini, O Imam." (Khomeini Ya Imam), and another describing Khomeini as "guide" and "Imam."
5- Amine Cherri - MP in Lebanese parliament - says Khomeini "squelched the last breath of America in the land of God," Iran.
6- Iran's ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad-Jalal Firouznia, speaks - salutes representative of @General_Aoun present at the festival.
7-Is it just me or is that Qassem Soleimani? Will see if I can get a better look. cc @AmirToumaj
8-Palestinian Islamic Jihad Sec.Gen. Ziad Nakhaleh gives an address at Hezbollah's festival celebrating 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution, saluting Khomeini and his Islamic Revolution.
Nope, not Soleimani, but could serve as a good body double at a glance.
9-Nakhaleh says the "new Nazis" i.e. the Israelis are "armed with the weapons of the West."
10-Nakhaleh: Do you not see what the "invading Jews" do to us every day?
11-Iranian military rep is also present. According to @AmirToumaj, he's a Colonel in Artesh.
12-Nasrallah to begin his speech
13-Nasrallah: Victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran was a victory for Islam, and the Ummah, and all downtrodden peoples.
14-Nasrallah: I will prioritize talking about the Islamic Revolution today - detailing what the Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran mean for the region today.
15-Nasrallah: Iran is now the most influential country in the region, and has been described as one of the top 13 - #9 - most influential countries internationally.
16-Nasrallah:I will divide my speech into 3 parts: 1) historical review of Iranian revolution, 2) summary of Islamic Republic over the past 40 yrs, to clarify propaganda said against it, 3) Most important: current state, current battle, and Iran's place in this battle.
17-Nasrallah: Before Islamic Revolution, Iran was ruled by monarchy - Shah Pahlavi ruled Iran through a totalitarian dictatorship that didn't care for the people, and tried to distance Iranian people from Islam, their history, and made Iran a U.S. stooge.
18-Nasrallah: Shah Pahlavi also helped the U.S. dominate the Gulf.
19-Nasrallah: Khomeini arose in the 1960s - and began immediately preparing his students, supporters, etc. for his revolution to depose the Shah.
20-Nasrallah recounts the crimes of the Shah's regime and Pahlavi's poor governance of Iran.
21-Nasrallah: Revolution was Qur'anic, Islamic, and Imamite (Imamiyah), and was also Iranian and Nationalist. It was cultural, reformation, and benefited the downtrodden and oppressed. It was not only political, or religious, but multifaceted.
22-Nasrallah: Revolution was a victory of those who patiently endured - and God granted them victory on February 11, 1979.
23-Nasrallah: One of the greatest accomplishments of Revolution was removal of Shah - worst regional, if not international dictator. Also expelling U.S. and Israel from Iran.
24-Nasrallah: Revolution gave Iran true independence.
25-Nasrallah: Iran has now had total decision-making independence for 40 yrs, which cannot be limited by international powers or pressure.
26-Nasrallah: Iran is one of the few independent countries internationally. Do not imagine countries in South America, Africa, or Europe to be independent. They are subservient to American dictates.
27-Nasrallah: Amidst regional tremors caused by "Arab Spring," Churches in Iran have not been destroyed, nor have Iran's religious minorities been harmed.
28-Nasrallah: International - and particularly British - attempts to stir nationalist sentiments among Ahwaz, Baluchis, etc. have all failed and been foiled by the Imam.
29-Nasrallah: Revolution granted true rule to the people. In Arab world, we call this "democracy." The Iranians came up with an original term, "sovereignty of the people" and now Iranian people run the gov't through various mechanisms.
30-Nasrallah: elections in Iran did not cease for a day, even when Saddam Hussein was bombing Tehran. They didn't extend term of Presidency, Parliament, or municipalities. All elections occurred on time.
31-Nasrallah: The entire world arrayed against Iran during Iran-Iraq War, and Rumsfeld even gave chemical weapons to Saddam. But Iran emerged victorious, even during war Iran still fulfilled its duties towards region - Lebanon when Israel invaded in 1982, Palestine, Afghanistan
32-Nasrallah: A lot of propaganda spread about Iran. Many are surprised - even some who have lived in the West and Europe - at how clean, organized Iran is.
33-Nasrallah: Regarding Wilayat al-Faqih, I will compare Shah's rule to rule of Imam Khomeini for 10 yrs, and Imam Khamenei's rule since then.
34-Nasrallah: I ask God to take away the remainder of my life and give it to Khamenei's life.
35-Nasrallah:Iran under Wilayat al-Faqih is the country of constitution, elections, and rights, not a dictatorship like under the Shah.
36-Nasrallah lists superiority of Islamic Republic in scientific research: it is 1st regionally, and 16th internationally. Under the Shah, scientific research in Iran was non-existent.
37-Nasrallah: Universities have also expanded since Islamic Revolution. Under Shah, no Iranian thinkers or academics of int'l renown existed. 75% of university students now women, and adult illiteracy almost eliminated. (Banner in back lists Islamic Republic's accomplishments)
38-Nasrallah continues listing academic, scientific, cultural accomplishments of Iran after Islamic Revolution, contrasts them with Iran under Shah.
39-Nasrallah: Iran is now second to the United States in genetic and stem-cell research. This is the state of Wilayat al-Faqih.
40-Nasrallah: All these statistics are from the UN and international organizations, not from Iranian gov't. We'll upload all these documents to the internet.
41-Nasrallah praises Iran's pharmaceutical sector and jabs at Lebanon's. Smirking: "when it comes to Lebanon and medicine, we'll talk in a little bit...the US is worried about Iranian pharmaceutical exportation to Lebanon, we'll talk about that in a bit."
42-Nasrallah: Iran has successfully conducted cloning on several occasions.
43-Nasrallah: Iran - this country which they say loves death - has improved life expectancy of its populace. Even 75 yr olds expect a long life.
44-Nasrallah: Iran is now world leader in nanotech, and in all fields of engineering - which is worrying the Israelis - and a world leader in mathematics.
45-Nasrallah: Iran is now also entering space exploration. They sent a monkey to space - if only they'd sent some people up there instead.
48-Nasrallah:In terms of economy, Iran is ranked 18th globally - this is up from 26th a few yrs ago.
49-Nasrallah: Under Shah, Iran produced 5% of its military needs, got the rest from abroad at exorbitant prices from U.S. Now, Islamic Iran, the state of Wilayat al-Faqih , produces 90% of its military needs and export $5 billion globally. All types of weapons.
50-Nasrallah: This is all done with local talent and know-how. This is true national manufacturing, unlike some countries which get foreign expertise to manufacture and get know-how from abroad.
51-Nasrallah: Lebanon, w/small size and citizenry - w/all of its intelligence - is tripping over itself to produce electricity. Iran, by contrast, a huge country of 80 million, is exporting electricity to the region.
52-Nasrallah: Iran - after the Revolution - is now also an int'l leader in sports, for individual sports and even women's sports, with complete adherence to Sharia.
53-Nasrallah: All of this economic, social, technological, medical, advancement is in the state of...the Wali al-Faqih, in the state of Imam Khomeini and Khamenei. If I were to recount all of Iran's accomplishments, we'd be here until tomorrow morning.
54-Nasrallah: Political life has also blossomed under Islamic Republic. Under Shah, two parties he dominated. Now, 250 parties and political organizations that compete and debate w/each other.
55-Nasrallah: Iran has problems, of course. Much of it is due to international sanctions, though.
56-Nasrallah: Iran is a country exists in the Arab and Islamic World - the rest of which imports all of its needs and manufactures and produces little to nothing.
57-Nasrallah: Iran's Islamic Republic also prompted a religious revival, not just of Islam, but of all religion.
58-Nasrallah: One of the greatest accomplishments of the Iranian Revolution's victory was to confront American hegemony over Iran and the region boldly - in the battlefield, politics, and all fields.
59-Nasrallah: The Islamic Revolution in Iran also canceled out one of the Zionist Entity's greatest accomplishments towards ensuring its permanence - the Camp David Accords and removing Egypt from the war against Israel.
60-Nasrallah: Iran also foiled Zionism's larger plot. Israel entered Lebanon in 1982 to stay permanently, and they wanted to implement their plot of the Nile to the Euphrates and so on.
61-Nasrallah: Region would have fallen to ISIS had the Shah ruled Iran instead of the Islamic Republic.
62-Nasrallah: Iran also funded Hezbollah's military expedition into Syria, which saved Lebanon.
63-Nasrallah: Now Arab and int'l media present the worst possible image of Iran while remaining entirely silent about world's worst dictatorships.
64-Nasrallah: Untrue region facing Israeli-Iranian war, or Saudi-Iranian war.
65-Nasrallah: Israel's war against our region - against Palestinian, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, etc. - didn't start in '79. It's been there since '48.
66-Nasrallah: Nor is it Saudi-Iranian war. We are experiencing an American war against Iran, which has existed since 1979. Saudi, Gulf States, and even Saddam Hussein - great knight of Arabism - was a tiny pawn in the hands of Donald Rumseld.
67-Nasrallah: MBS himself said that after victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979, the United States asked Saudi Arabia to export Wahhabism internationally.
68-Nasrallah: MBS didn't say why, but it's because the U.S. wanted this to be an alternative to Iran's brand of Islam - this is why they insist on calling ISIS "the Islamic State" and not "Daesh" as we call it.
69-Nasrallah: The "Islamic State" of ISIS is the one the U.S. requested Saudi Arabia to support, whose brutality stands in stark contrast w/Islamic Iran's enlightenment.
70-Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia is nothing to confront Iran in war. Saudi Arabia is an American tool. It follows American orders. It doesn't have its own strategy or project.
71-Nasrallah: Iran now controls its territory and natural resources, and does not submit to American diktat.
72-Nasrallah: Do you think the U.S. is now getting involved in Venezuela for democracy or to take over its natural resources and wealth - its great oil reserves?
73-Nasrallah: Why does America oppose Iran? Because Iran...supports Palestine. Even if the entire world gives up on Palestine, Iran will never give up on Palestine or its holy sites.
74-Nasrallah: There is second reason - because Iran supports Hezbollah, involved in Iraq, and has different policies regarding Syria, Bahrain, Yemen. But American opposition to Islamic Iran predated this.
75-Nasrallah: America's opposition to Iran is the fact that it is an independent country - it won't be an American proxy policeman.
76-Nasrallah: From 1979 until today, there has been a chronicle of American defeats, and Israeli defeats, in this region, and there will be more defeats for them going forward.
77-Nasrallah: This struggle will continue. Islamic Republic of Iran is now region's strongest country, and Resistance Axis will remain strong. America will continue losing, and Israel will increase in fear and terror.
78-Nasrallah: Israel knows those [Arabs] striving towards normalization with it have no real influence.
79-Nasrallah:Israel is going to wage a war on Iran? [makes a face saying: who are we kidding?] laughing at this notion is enough.
80-Nasrallah: Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Gulf States are also powerless to wage war against Iran.
81-Nasrallah: If war is waged against Iran, Iran will not stand alone, because our region's fate is tied to the continued existence of the Islamic Republic, and therefore there will also be no U.S. war against Iran. All they can do is sanction Iran.
82-Nasrallah: Even U.S. sanctions - despite causing hardships - cannot collapse Iran's Islamic Republic.
83-Nasrallah: All that remains for U.S. is causing internal divisions in Iran, but these will fai..
84-Nasrallah: We in Hezbollah are also adversely affected by U.S. sanctions, but we are managing our affairs and will pass this hard phase.
85-Nasrallah: When Khomeini arose, he didn't call for a single Islamic state to control all Islamic/Arab countries or for a Caliphate. He told Islamic/Arab countries to maintain their systems and borders, but enter into an alliance of Islamic countries, akin to the EU.
87-Nasrallah: Iran does not want to take anything from any of these Arab countries. It wants to magnanimously give to these Arab countries, but they responded to its hand extended in friendship with violence and war and conspiracies. But Iran's hand of friendship remains extended
88-Nasrallah: I went on a delegation to Iran to explore solving Lebanon's electricity problem. I tell you now, Iran can offer an extremely easy solution to Lebanon's electricity problems, in under a year.
89-Nasrallah: Is @saadhariri's new government brave enough to accept this Iranian offer? Iran is ready to offer its assistance.
90-Nasrallah: Regarding pharmaceuticals, why are we going to remain an importing country? Iran is willing to create a revolution of pharmaceutical production in Lebanon, will we accept?
91-Nasrallah: Iran also offered to finance a tunnel project to solve Beirut's traffic problems for 50 years, and would offer a very fair loan to finance this project. Will @saadhariri's government accept this offer?
92-Nasrallah: Syria and Iraq are accepting Iranian help and benefiting from it. Will Lebanon accept Iranian offers?
93-Nasrallah: Militarily: Today, Israel violates Lebanese airspace daily. If Hezbollah possessed AA capabilities and downed an Israeli jet, all would accuse us of starting a war. And they leave Lebanon without real sovereignty.
94-Nasrallah: I am willing to bring anti-aircraft weapons from Iran for the Lebanese army to confront Israeli aircraft. Whatever the Lebanese Army needs to become the strongest regional army, I am willing to go to Iran and bring it.
95-Nasrallah: We want Lebanon to be independent and sovereign. If America is willing to give us AA weapons, solve our electricity problems, Hezbollah has no problem. But instead, this help isn't forthcoming, and we're prevented from accepting help from Iran.
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