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It's Wednesday night so that means I'm going to be continuing with part 14 of the #crystals of #StevenUniverse series.

Don't forget I'm available for tarot anytime just DM me and I'll get back to you asap

I'll be back here @ 9pm GMT for the thread.

Looking forward to it folks!
Here's a link to part 13 for those not caught up yet

Good evening my friends it's 9pm GMT Wednesday 6th February and we're going to be picking up with part 14 of #crystals of #StevenUniverse in just a moment (link to part 13 above)

I want to take a moment to remind folks I also do tarot just DM me.

Also want to remind folks that I educate and write too ( see examples in the thread above and below the linked tweet)

But if you just want to support me or thank me for my continuing work

The first gem of the evening is one of my favourites because she's so soft, sweet but also butch and dangerous the wonderful, creative, Bismuth, armourer and blacksmith, part of the old guard of the crystal gems.
Her gem is first seen in the episode “lion 3: straight to video” (s01e35) bubbled inside of the void in lions mane. Bismuth herself doesn't appear until the episode of the same name which is a 22 minute special that took up the slots for episodes 20 & 21 of season 3.
She's a strong and loyal gem who is willing to stick to her personal beliefs even against her loved ones.

But she also seemingly tends to be single minded in her beliefs and determination willing to relentlessly pursue her goals
She's deeply concerned for the welfare of others fully ready to die to shatter pink diamond for the greater good of the crystal gems, not knowing that pink was rose.

I'm excited to see how her character develops now that she's back with the gems and everything's out in the open
Bismuth in real life is a crystalline base metal that is 83rd on the elemental table. It's a silverish white metal with iridescent hues of bismuth oxide giving it an almost rainbow like sheen on the surface.
It naturally forms a type of crystalline structure called hopper crystals (spiralling square growth pattern) they form because their outer edges grow more quickly than their faces.
Don't forget folks as well as being an nerd about both #StevenUniverse and #crystals

I also do tarot, write and educate on a range of topics see the linked thread for full details.

Bismuth is a stone thought to help remove the barriers and relieve feelings of emotional and spiritual isolation particularly for those just coming out of any form of institutionalisation.
which given that bismuth from SU being forcibly bubbled by rose for at least a decade it's a cruel kind of irony by the crewniverse but im hopeful it also means that bismuth will become much more of a core member for the crystal gems again.
Had to take a break to eat something but I'm back now!
Bismuths also in real life considered a stone to boost determination, a stone for those having been told “no way” and “it's impossible”
try meditating on the thing your trying to change or achieve with bismuth in your lap/hand preferably under the light of a waning moon or mid day sun.
Fragrances associated with bismuth are acacia sandalwood copal acacia, amber and frankincense, Zodiac association is Leo and Aquarius.
Next up we have the big buff Cheeto puff herself jasper and one half of the unhealthy and abusive fusion that was malachite
In show jasper is a quartz soldier who was considered the best quartz ever turned out of earth, absolute perfection of what a quartz soldier should be.
Just a reminder folks that as well as doing threads like these I'm also an educator, writer, artist and witch who does tarot.

She seems to imply that she was born just before or not long after the “shattering” of pink diamond in S03E23 “earthlings” & thus has been fighting against the crystal gems and their legacy her entire life and against the stigma in homeworld society over being an earth quartz.
We see that jasper is luckier than some quartzs as the entirety of the rest of the rose quartzs on homeworld have been bubbled in pink diamonds throne room at the human zoo by blue or yellow diamond ( “that will be all” S04E15)
She's an angry and destructive force but it's my hope that she too will get a redemption arc if the crystal gems are able to secure white diamonds help with the corrupted gems.
In real life there are as far as I'm aware, and I'm by no means an expert, at least 20 kinds of jasper, I'll be starting with the jaspers We've seen on screen and then move onto the others.
Also fun fact that has no show parrallels feels attached to it at all.

Most if not all jaspers are metamorphic rocks that have undergone repeated actions of heat pressure movement and stress over time that is the key to their strength
Okay I think first up we'll do the irl jasper I think SU jasper is based on.

Yellow jasper it's a microcrystalline quartz that comes in a range of opaque to translucent yellows mostly in the orangey yellow, mustard, sandy yellow range.
If you remember back to when we covered malachite earlier in the series

I mentioned how malachite in show meaning was perfectly flipped for its irl meaning.

again here with this half of the fusion we see jasper has an almost cruelly ironic twist on their irl gems meaning.
Yellow jasper is a stone that is great at helping to deal with overcoming self doubt particularly when it comes to learning to ignore what others have to say about you.

This gives me hope for that redemption arc I'm wanting for jasper in SU.
For the similar reasons as above it's also an excellent stone for helping overcome troubles around eating in public.
Carry a piece with you to help build self confidence when trying to meet new people especially in relation to trying to attract more friendships
Fragrance associations are angelica fennel lemongrass and dill zodiac associations are Gemini and Capricorn.
With that last tweet folks I'm done

I hope you've enjoyed yourselves.

As always you've been awesome I've been Roo and this has been #readingsbyroo

Stay safe folks💜
If you've enjoyed this or any of the other work I do please consider supporting me.

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