@jsolomonReports dropped an article that has some really good info but it has a few things that need to be addressed as well, so I will just give an old cops perspective and you can take it from there.

@drawandstrike has a good thread as well luv ur work

The article starts off with the mentioning of Mueller's past and him being rug up on the carpet for FISA abuses that in some cases predated his tenure as Bureau Chief and some after he took the helm. This news isn't a revelation, I tweeted about it a while back a couple of times
In both cases I posted a video of Mueller addressing it to the public in one speech and in another video he addressed it before congress.

When Mueller took over the FBI there was a severe rash of NSL (National Service Letter) abuse going on. Mueller addresses it in the video.
Patriot Act abuses were out of control under @GenMhayden it was the primary reason for the mass exodus of most of the architects of the NSA tools that were designed to protect us from the foreign bad guys. But it had been weaponize against US citizens.
The NSL abuses were just a small part of what was going on. On 9/11, Hayden immediately evacuated all non-essential personnel from NSA headquarters. After 9/11, the agency greatly increased its activity both foreign and domestic. It was open season on surveillance.
It was this time frame when Hayden pushed out the architects of the NSAs surveillance tools, (Bill Binney J. Kirk Wiebe and Edward Loomis,) all of which ended up as whistle blowers to the DoD IG of what was going on within the NSA. I'll try to give a little background to this.
Side Bar: Operation Thin Thread is the name of a project that the NSA developed in the 90's that involved wiretapping & hi-end analysis of the meta data, it was discontinued 3 weeks before the 9/11 attacks due to the changes in priorities & the consolidation of US intel authority
The "change in priority" consisted of the decision made by Hayden to go with a concept called Trailblazer, despite the fact that ThinThread was a working prototype that protected the privacy of US citizens. Trailblazer, lacked the privacy protections. FISA was now wide open
Under Hayden the NSA created MAINWAY. MAINWAY is a database maintained by the NSA containing metadata for hundreds of billions of telephone calls made through the four largest telephone carriers in the US. MAINWAY was the most important of the 4 parts that made up ThinThread
It is estimated that the database contains over 2.5 trillion call-detail records. Adm Mike Rogers worked on a process that was suppose to purge records and meta data on calls that were deemed harmless but there's always been a question if nefarious actors within the NSA held back
I can literally write a 200 tweet thread on this subject. but lets get back to Mueller and the Solomon article. Surveillance is a nasty business and a lot of abuses have been covered up for years. @realDonaldTrump situation has brought it all to the forefront again.
As I said before Mueller's issues with the FISC and FISA abuse is not really a new revelation to me and those paying attention, to John Q citizen, as @seanhannity likes to boast about daily is Huge Breaking News. I'm not making light of it, but it's not that surprizing
Mueller took over a hell of a mess when it came to FISA abuses and NSL abuses. For those not familiar with NSLs I'll explain briefly and quickly, it's not hard to look up to find out more.
National Security Letter (NSL) is an administrative subpoena issued by the US gov to gather information for national security purposes. NSLs do not require prior approval from a judge. If this sounds illegal well this is just another dirty secret of the IC especially the FBI.
The Stored Communications Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Right to Financial Privacy Act authorize the United States government to seek such information that is "relevant" to authorized national security investigations. That in itself is subjective and prone to abuse.
NSLs can request only non-content information, for example, transactional records & phone numbers dialed, but never the content of telephone calls or emails. NSLs typically contain an NDA forbidding the recipient of an NSL from disclosing that the FBI requested the information.
FBI sends them out to your phone company or your ISP and they have your records, no warrant or judge approval needed.

I'm not making this up.
Back to Mueller & the Solomon story. There is part of the story that is a little misleading as fart as the uniqueness of the secrecy of the court from a targets standpoint. In decades of law enforcement have been involved in 100s of warrants of all kinds. This below is misleading
When obtaining a warrant on any level arrest, search, wire tap, whatever, the target of that warrant is never given the chance to defend themselves. It's all an Ex Parte proceeding. You never warn the target you are getting a warrant. It's the nature of a warrant, secrecy
But in the case of FISA warrants, there is what is known as the Woods Procedure. I explained this in depth in an old thread last year. But it boils down to the fact that anything you submit to the court, has to be vetted and verified.
Every FISA warrant has what is known as a Wood's File attached to the application. That file is mandatory and not subject to any sort of wavier of admission. It has to be put in place and be correct. Falsifying a Wood's File will get you hung from a yardarm.
The actual contents of the Wood's Files on the FISA warrants that were granted against the members of the Trump organization are key and the lynch pin to the entire case, and if the WF is tainted then the fruit of the poison tree is in full effect.
Now with the huge redactions we've seen on the Page FISA application, there is a question of what else did they use besides the Dossier, if they did use anything else, to obtain this FISA warrant.
Regardless if they did or they didn't, the fact that the dossier was presented is bad for those involved in the preparation of that application. That is who puts together the evidence and prepares the Wood's File, to present to the court. That's who is in deep Kimchi
Way too much emphasis has been put on those that did the final sign off of the applications. The director ot the FBI doesn't read 100 pages of every FISA warrant he signs nor the hundreds of pages that normally make up a Wood's File supplement supporting documents.
The higher ups rely on the people beneath them to do their jobs. And if Hannity, Jarrett, and all the hoorah gang would be completely honest they'd acknowledge that fact. I'm not defending Comey, I have many issues with Comey but him signing off on that app isn't that big a deal.
Now if there were orders sent down from him or whoever to do whatever it takes to get a warrant, then that's a huge problem. I'm not convinced it was Comey, but somebody high up gave the order to push through that FISA, because the window of opportunity was closing fast.
Adm Mike Rogers had uncovered the rabid 702 (16,17) abuses that had been going on for over a year, specifically on the Trump Org. He was going to tell the FISC. IMHO the FISA on Page was the coverup. When Rogers slammed the door on 702(16,17) they went into hyperdrive to CYA.
Adm Rogers told Comey the morning before he was going to inform the FISA court formally what he found. That evening before the FISC knew, the DOJ secured the FISA on Page. Literally the next morning they would be cut off completely with no chance to cover their asses
Now did Comey inform his troops of what Rogers alerted him to was going down, more than likely, honestly he should have. But if he directed them to break the law is a different issue all together, if he did, burn his ass along with the rest. Regardless he has other issues too
But if he didn't & McCabe got with his little circle of Trump haters & said we have to move on this fast, then McCabe is toast for a lot more than just lying and leaking his ass off. He is my top suspect in this coverup along with Brennan. It's the coverup that is always worse
We have all the texts, you can piece together parts of the plot, that along with their emails that no one really talks about, and with @themarketswork getting his hands on transcripts from closed doors hearings have really put this puzzle together. But there is more, much more
@themarketswork Much of the rest of the Solomon article is dead nuts on point. I disagree on the role of some of the players that the Hannity bunch beat the drum on day in and day out. but we are all speculating at that point and until the rest is uncovered it's guess work.
To me Mueller isn't the devil that Hannity tries to portray him as. @realDonaldTrump feeds that narrative through twitter partially, but go back & re read his 1000s of tweets. Trump never directly goes after Mueller. He just attacks those around him. Now Hannity is another story
Hannity and his crew portray Mueller as the demon of all demons. But to me that is by design. The puppet master (DJT) is working all the strings. PT Barnum is making it the greatest show on earth. It's what he does best.
There is no ignoring that meeting the day before he was appointed by Rosenstein in the Oval Office just Mueller, Rosenstein & DJT. Anyone with any sense never bought that BS about FBI Chief job interview. Mueller wasn't eligible but the MSM ate it up like Tripe.
@realDonaldTrump is nobody's fool. He's deeply connected as anyone on the planet. No one else could have withstood this onslaught, from the left, along with the Mockingbird Media, and still run the country and accomplish what he has. It's masterful to watch
When Adm Mike Rogers flew up to Trump Tower on 11/17/16 and informed DJT that he was under surveillance, and DJT moved his entire operation out of Trump Toer over night to Bedminster NJ, the wheels were set in motion to get to the bottom of who and why
People completely overlook two allies of DJT that are more connected in DC and the intelligence community that most everyone on the planet. John Ashcroft and Erik Price are two of DJTs most trusted advisors. But these two hero stay off of the TV and don't do social media.
@realDonaldTrump has teams in place for certain jobs. When its comes to being on camera and on social media all the time he has people for that to drive the narrative. They aren't as polished as professional spin doctors but they work hard at it. DJT is the puppeteer
But when it comes down to the nut cutting, who does he surround himself with, that he would take into the bunker if need be? Ashcroft, Prince, & Flynn. Each have their own strengths. Each have their own jobs in the organization.
Who was Mueller's long time boss/mentor?

John Ashcroft

You think Mueller was chosen at random or by Rosenstein? Think again. Not many have more experience in the fire w/FISA abuse issues & how to sniff them out and the ins & outs of the system, in 2002 he was baptized by fire
Rosenstein is no evil mastermind. He's a slick lawyer that can think on his feet but is a foot soldier. And despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, he's doing his job. No one can show a scrap of real evidence of anything nefarious on his part
And please don't bore me with Mueller and Whitey Bulger claims or Rosenstein and Wray and Enron nonsense. If you want to debate that, start thread and I will join in on either of those subjects.
For Mueller to get neck deep into the Swamp and do any good he had to put on his Ghillie suit. When a cop goes on deep cover he surrounds himself with the swampiest of the swampy. They all admire him because they think everyone hates Trump.
So the list of 13 angry democrats is born. All Hillary donors, even one is a CF legal counsel. It gets no swampier than that. The media is bouncing up and down on Mueller like Subic Bay lap dancer. He will make their dreams come true, & perp walk DJT out of the oval Office! #NOT
No one has been harmed that mean anything to DJT by the Mueller investigation. The smoke machine is ginning out the cover, and they are taking out swamp creatures one at a time. Stone has his own thing going but watch that show closely, it will be fun
Gen Flynn is a different deal, and he is aware of the sacrifices he's made, but someone had to take a bullet to get the ball rolling and he volunteered. He will be made whole again, and rewarded handsomely. Mark my words on that.
In Solomon's article there is this excerpt. The irony of the content of this is simply amazing when you think of the FISA application we have seen, and think about who the target was of that warrant.
Carter Page was an easy target, a known commodity to the FBI, he had just recently been involve in an investigation that netted Russian bad actors just a few years ago. They had plenty of background on Page, and he had been under surveillance in the past. He was a soft target
You have to understand the desperation that was driving the need for the FISA on Carter Page. And then you can piece that together with the help of Strzok texts to Lisa Page. "we've switched from the Patriot Act to a wire carrying current..."
April 30th 2016 Strzok makes this text. This is very telling. When put into our timeline of known facts, it's even more telling. The month of April in 2016 is a whirlwind of activity that this scandal revolves around, and is also a whirlwind of activity for the HRC email mess too
Sticking with FISA and illegal surveillance, in March 2016 NSA techs stumble up on an unusual amount of activity, involving 702 (16,17) queries with outside contractors, and inform Adm Rogers of their findings. Rogers runs an internal audit to try and verify these findings
3/9/16 Rogers informed of 702 issue

3/12/16 Papadopoulos is approached by Mifsud that have a very convenient appearance that looks orchestrated so it can be used to establish foreign contacts with a new member of the Trump campaign. Papadopoulos joined the campaign 3/6/16
3/15/16 Adm Rogers orders an internal audit of all 702 queries

3/28/16 Manafort joins the Trump Campaign.
The 1st week of April is busy with HRC email activity, including FBI interviews of Abedin & Mills.

4/12/16 Clinton via Perkins Coie hires FusionGPS to start probing DJT under the guise of oppo-research.

4/12/16 Adm Rogers pin points problems with outside queries of US citizens
4/18/16 Adm Rogers shuts down all outside contractor access to MAINSTAY, specifically the FBI contractors.

4/19/16 FusionGPS Simpson's wife has a private meeting in the oval office with Obama and his top aides.

4/25/16 Obama For America makes the 1st payment to Perkins Coie
4/25/16 FBI's James Baker and DOJ's FISA attorneys visit White House for two back-to-back meetings

4/26/16 Papadopoulos meets with Russian contact in London and is reportedly offered "dirt" on Clinton. Details of this are sketchy but I note it for a data point
4/26/16 Yahoo News' Isikoff publishes article linking Paul Manafort to a firm controlled by Russian oligarch Deripaska. Isikoff is believed to be under some of the redactions of FusionGPS bank records for payments for services rendered
4/30/16 DNC IT staff reports suspected hacking on its server to FBI, but fails to turn over the server to the agency, instead hires Crowdstrike to deal with it.

The Russian narrative is soon to begin.

4/30/16 this text happens
5/4/16 Cruz calls it quits and Trump becomes the presumptive Republican nominee for the office of president

5/4/16 Strzok texts Lisa Page "the pressure is on to finish up the MYE"
I left out a key data point in the timeline from 5/3/16 Alexandra Chalupa fired off an email to Luis Miranda both are democrat political operatives. Chalupa talking about how she connected Isikoff to the Ukrainians.

The circular reporting and referencing is beginning
5/10/16 Papadopoulos meets with Alexander Downer after Downer requests a meeting and Papadopoulos reportedly mentions that Russians may have incriminating data on Hillary. The meeting is sketchy, what was the reasoning given for this meeting. GP is a young naive wannabe as well
5/15/16 CrowdStrike Publically claims it investigated DNC hacking and that Russians were responsible; FBI is still denied access to server to confirm these findings.

The Russian narrative is in full blown go now.
5/15/16 Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ DDAG Bruce Ohr, is secretly hired by Fusion GPS, to do oppo-research on @realDonaldTrump, Many believe it was to help stitch together the dossier as a final product.
5/23/16 Nellie Ohr applies and is granted a HAM radio license, presumably to create covert communication channel and avoid government surveillance. 2 meter wire transfer is old but reliable technology that keeps you off the fiber
Given the proximity of the FusionGPS offices and the DOJ and JEH FBI HQs the Ham Radio capabilities are very plausible. You can encrypt your data and truncate your frequencies to avoid warrantless detection and is definitely strange at her age to take up HAM as a hobby.
Around the end of May, an FBI informant name Henry Greenberg attempts to sell Michael Caputo and Roger Stone "kompromat" on Clinton campaign. This to me is laying more groundwork for spying on the campaign.
6/9/16 is a busy day, Glenn Simpson meets with Russian attorney Natalia Veselniskaya before she meets with Trump Jr. and his team in Trump Tower then Simpson meets with her again immediately following.

Veselniskaya has history with Simpson dating back to the Bill Browder ordeal
6/9/16 Obama officially endorses HRC for POTUS.

6/14/16 Russian attorney Veselnitskaya attends Congressional hearing seated in VIP seating directly behind the US Ambassador to Russia and later posts Facebook photo of herself in John McCain's office
6/15/16 Ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele is hired by Hillary Clinton's campaign through Fusion GPS, according to the admissions of Steele in UK court filings.
6/15/16 Romanian hacker "Guccifer" claims to have hacked DNC; however VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity founded by Bill Binney) analysis indicates faux "Russian" fingerprints were inserted into some files.
@Scribd What needs to be put in perspective is the power struggle to preserve FISA capabilities. Because it is such a powerful tool, but is so susceptible to mischief, it's dangerous. More transparency is an issue because of the body of work, and not safe to transparency.
But any abuse of that secrecy should be severely dealt with. But it takes an admittance by the IC that abuses exist, and they don't freely do it for fear of blow back and losing their toolbox. That's why the coverup is so bad.
Point being, you have those covering up their crimes from one side and the swamp covering up to save their power to spy. IMHO that is what emboldened the players to do it, knowing if HRC were elected this wouldn't even be a thing, or the swamp would cover it to save its power
For the trolls that keep DMing nonsense about why does the right blame everything & tie everything to Perkins Coie and to the Clintons, well here in their own words, when they knew investigators were going after their bank records, they volunteered this to try an avoid discovery
To answer another question I'm getting on data sharing and how much has it become prevalent from when Hayden took over intelligence

Well judge for yourself
6/20/16 The date on the first memo of the Dossier, which was the filled with tales of Hookers and parties
June 24, 2016, Steele’s 52nd birthday, Simpson called Steele asking him to submit the dossier.

The day prior Brexit vote won in an upset and this is the point when they began taking Trump a lot more seriously seeing the trend in politics. Establishment politics were not popular
It was reported Steele sent a courier by plane to DC to hand-deliver a copy of the dossier.

Also reported the courier’s copy left the sources redacted, providing instead descriptions of them that enabled FGPS to assess their basic credibility.

No redacted copy ever surfaced
Need to clarify this "reporting" because that's a loose term these days. This report on the hand delivery of the first memo was reported by the New Yorker Magazine, which I personally consider a fluff version of the Onion, producing more satire than Jeff Lint
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