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Ok so no shade on Ing, but this is a common, pernicious American myth that needs to die in a fire. Let's go for a journey!
Redcoats always get unfairly demonized in American media bc a lot of our identity is based on the ignorant smug belief that our clever militiamen and minutemen fought with CUNNING shooting officers and hiding behind trees while those silly redcoats fought like posh types in rows!
And let's be clear - a lot of people who really do not understand how war worked in the Early Modern Period love to imagine themselves as John Rambo cleverly and sneakily playing commando and racking up kills from the foolish redcoats in their rows! It's just bullshit.
So let's put in some disclaimers. I am not a military historian. I just studied a few bits a little.
Furthermore, it should be noted that when it came to RAIDS and other hit and run attacks (mostly on lightly defended outposts and unprotected farms or villages), Natives DID this.
Native raids were a HUGE problem for the British because the Natives knew the terrain and generally had no intention of engaging in a "fair fight" in the first place. Their objective was usually hit weak spots or isolated places, take captives and materials, and GTFO.
But American colonists WERE NOT NATIVES. Let's just get that clear. Americans try to COOPT native reputation here. In reality, the American militias were basically a JOKE to the British regulars, hardened men willing to charge into cannon fire with bayonets and rifles.
For much of the Early Revolution, whenever there was a stand up fight (& they couldn't be put off forever) American militia and minutemen were pathetically unreliable. They had a habit of breaking and running, and couldn't reliably hold formation or stand up to redcoats.
To achieve their goals, the Americans had to fight actual pitched battles, and they just WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. That's why Washington lost so many battles, because his men were simply not the equal of Redcoats in a stand up fight.
"Why is formation so important, Penitent?" you ask. "Isn't it just standing in line to die?"

My friends, this is a world without radios. Or modern combined arms tactics. Infantry and cavalry communicate by instruments - drumbeat, flutes - and standards. Visibility is IMPORTANT.
In the earlier era of the Swiss and German pikemen and the Spanish tercios, still very important at this stage given how much the bayonet was still a core weapon, the Swiss had a simple rule: if a man steps out of line for any reason other than incapacitation, he dies.
Taking booty, taking prisoners, running - all grounds for summary execution. Until the column hits the enemy, the column charges as a single unit. Through cannon. Through shot. Across broken terrain. They stay together.
The whole modern model of small unit squad based combat isn't reflective of pitched battles at this stage. Volley fire isn't individual marksmen taking targets, it's the entire front ranks of the column essentially spitting out fire in one big strike meant to cut through ranks.
And of course once a poorly drilled unit sees their friends falling around them or sliced through with cannon fire, they start thinking of other places they need to be and running screaming from the certain death awaiting them.

And THEN, in the rout, the regulars charge.
And THAT'S when the casualties start really mounting. Don't think of modern army squads, tight and quick thinking and shifting rapidly in tactics with support weapons in play.

Think of, essentially, a giant phalanx with REALLY REALLY long spears.
So the militia just can't play this game. Nor can they do what the Natives, master trackers, incredibly swift in the wilderness, could do and raid isolated places for booty, reprisal or just to defend their frontiers from invaders. The colonists have to fight Continental style.
What changes, bluntly, isn't what Hollywood says and the clever Americans use their Secret American Ingenuity and Refusal to Play By the Rules to triumph! No, that's horseshit.

What changes is George Washington hires one of Europe's best drill instructors to train his men
He gets Baron Von Steuben, a German military man whose fairly flamboyantly gay identity has made him persona non grata on the continent, to bash his poorly trained militia into a Continental style army with effective formation tactics and bayonet charges.
Yeah, that's right, the scrappy Americans became a legitimate fighting force by...copying the exact same "silly" "formal" "regimented" "posh" fighting styles of their sneering British oppressors!
But that's not a validating tale of American exceptionalism and Can Do spirit. So it's not very popular.
As an aside, I'll note the curious appropriationist instincts here you see on display with movies like The Patriot. Where white colonist Americans are explicitly identified as in continuity with the Natives, presumably for that extra little bit of stolen legitimacy.
Hell, even the very basis of the claim is silly - redcoats weren't "posh" men. Most were either conscripted, convicts, or professional military men from the primarily working class. On average, your typical Colonial probably owned more property! They ARE the scrappy street kids!
And of course, bluntly, if military tactics were really so bad compared to the Scrappy Volunteers from the Gutter. Then maybe armies wouldn't win so often.

Professionals do in fact train to deal with amateurs!
The American Revolution succeeded for three major reasons
1: America is huge and wealthy for a set of rebellious provinces.
2: Some legitimately talented, dedicated leaders and allies, ESPECIALLY drawn from Europe in the form of Steuben and Lafayette.
3: Britain was busy.
#2 and #3 are essential. W/o Steuben and Lafayette, the talents of the Founders would not have been enough. Washington was good. He wasn't so good he could overcome that.
And when France joined the war, Britain was suddenly facing a World war. The colonies weren't worth it.
Unique American Ingenuity and Can Do Spirit is like...a distant 4th.
I will conclude this thread with an apology to @ingdamnit , who is not actually responsible for or a great purveyor of this myth and merits better :(
(There are many things Americans are uniquely good at, historically, but at this period there really ISN'T a Scrappy Can Do American Identity yet.)
(Ok. Clarification. I cannot validate that Steuben was personally "one of Europe's best," but he was an experienced Prussian officer w/a prior posting on Frederick the Great's staff and Prussian mercenaries and soldiers had an excellent reputation during this era.)
Ps: to tie this back to the topic, it's fairly clear that the Stormtroopers are drawing on a number of American myths, despite Lucas' claims that the Empire is the US in Vietnam as well as the Nazis, which is WHY they never even take cover but crouch & fire in volleys in the open
(I am extremely skeptical about the Vietnam claim as an aside. I think George was just doing what a lot of us creators do and seeing parallels to events in his work later after he'd already finished it.)
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