i’m clearly not on twitter much, and this is gonna be a thread so bear with me 😂 but i’ve been seeing a lot of coverage accusing the green new deal of being a "wish list" of progressive policies for including anything unrelated to climate. it's just not true. 1/
all of the policies in the GND are either clearly about 1) making the investments to tackle climate change; 2) about how to leverage those investments to create jobs; or 3) how to ensure that EVERYONE can participate in a green economy. 2/
it just so happens that lots of the policies that we need to help people participate in this economy are the same policies that people will need to benefit from the greening of our economy. and in fact they become MORE necessary in the context of a GND. 3/
M4A: in WWII, migration patterns changed. thousands moved for jobs. why wouldn't that happen in GND, given how much industrial growth we'd see and the nature of the work to transition from power from fossil fuels to power from renewable sources. 4/
unlinking employment from health care means people can move for better jobs, to escape the worst effects of climate, AND re-enter the labor mkt without losing HC from Medicaid (dumb asset limits 😡) 5/
similar case with paid family leave: how are women going to fully participate in the GND and make bank from the explosion in trades and other nontraditional jobs if they can't access affordable child care? how we gonna get to full employment? 6/
and miss me with the "but we're already near full employment!" argument. go to my hood in chicago. if the black unemployment rate was the national unemployment rate, it would be a crisis. 7/
same with the jobs guarantee. JG offers perhaps the simplest way to build a real workforce development system in this country, which is CRUCIAL to a GND and the transition to a green economy. 8/
it gives a single point of entry, offers opportunities for on the job training, can easily be coordinated with community colleges and public unis to provide paths for further upskilling, AND creates a paid way to retrain people. 9/
plus it can be structured so states and localities DECIDE where they want to place workers, so it meets the demands of the transition AND lets communities put workers where they need them. (plus you can use it to increase job quality in sectors where workers are exploited.) 10/
folks may be mad that the GND is not all about climate. but this is what a commitment to justice and equity means! this is what just policy looks like, especially in an economy as disfunctional as ours. don't like it? take it up with the leaders who let things get this bad. 11/
we KNOW what happens when nat'l mobilizations make justice negotiable. you think the racial wealth gap ain't connected to agricultural and domestic workers (aka black people) being left out of social security? 12/
you think black people being clustered in high poverty neighborhoods has nothing to do with blk vets being shortchanged by the GI bill? 13/
and again, miss me with the "but we can deal with that later. climate change is unique!" yes, but the great depression was also unique. when did at workers get included in SS? 1950. that's 15 years. FIFTEEN. 14/
you want folks to wait 15 years again for the rights they deserve? all because it's too "complicated" to try to make policies address more than one crisis at a time? NOT IN THE YEAR OF MY LORD 2019. we ain't got to let folks suffer like that. 15/
so next time someone tells you that the GND is just a "laundry list" of random policies, remember: ISSA 👏🏾TRAP 👏🏾 we ain't gotta choose between equity and climate action. this mobilization is big enough for all of us.

thank you for coming to my TED talk.

• • •

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Jun 22, 2020
i know that this article came out last week, but i wanted to spend the weekend thinking about black people – not racism – so i kept my thoughts to myself. but believe me, I HAVE THOUGHTS. and most of my thoughts are about how mad this makes me 1/
of course, i'm mad because black mothers, families, and children are suffering and, in some cases, dying because of systemic racism. but i'm also mad because, once again, racial capitalism has led us to build *stupid* systems that will inevitably collapse in on themselves. 2/
the U.S. has a long history of using black people to backstop economic systems and, in doing so, to prop up economic relationships that inevitably have to end. we did it with slavery. we did it with the new deal. and we're currently doing it with the fossil fuel industry. 3/
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Apr 15, 2020
my op-ed for the @nytimes came out today, and i'm prouder of it than i've been of anything in a long time.

i know i'm supposed to write a long thread linking to facts and follow-up, but the thing i want to say most is that i almost didn't write it. 1/

one of the weird things about amassing more power (/moving up in your career/becoming a leader/getting older) is that people want to hear what *you* think. you're allowed to speak clearly and without qualifiers. you have earned, somehow, the right to have an opinion. 2/
but i've seen people too many lose jobs, lose respect, even die because they said their opinions out loud. and i'm not talking about cancel culture. i'm talking about people – regular marginalized folks – who had the nerve to speak before they were asked to.
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Apr 2, 2020
the US had a uniquely fragile economy largely because we have a uniquely racialized approach to capitalism that is invested in upholding white supremacy and sexism coupled with deep deregulation (esp. for corps) + disinvestment based in neoliberal theories of political economy.
and we have reaffirmed these choices for decades in some cases and for centuries in others. but the disasters we're facing now exploit (and honestly thrive on) these structures. and because we have invested in them so deeply and for so long –
AND rejected policies and leaders that threatened them, the structures have no resiliency – they're crumbling RAPIDLY.

it's almost like when royalty only used to marry each other to keep the bloodline pure, only to end up destroying the entire dynasty.
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Sep 8, 2019

what if we stopped asking every white dude what they think about every single problem as though we all need it? 1/
seriously, forget wind and solar – white men's unnecessary opinions have got to be our most untapped and INFINITE renewable energy source. we just gotta figure out a way to hook some turbines to them, so then at least we'll get something out of them. 2/
if the New Yorker is gonna be publishing cultural comment on climate change, i can think of at least a dozen writers of color - hello @MaryHeglar EXISTS - who i would rather hear from. and that's no shade to franzen. these folks are just more knowledgeable about the issues. 3/
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Jul 23, 2019
i'm glad that the house dems are coming up with a plan to deal with climate but before anyone forgets, the first GND resolution asked to create a committee to plan the GND and it was declined. and now this? 1/
i just don't get it. why frame it as an alternative to the GND? why wait months to create it? why not reach out to the folks working on the GND to talk? i mean we're not on opposite sides. if you're building consensus, why not speak to us? 2/
forgive me if i sound salty – i never begrudge anyone trying to fight the climate crisis. but a lot of the work NC has done has been precisely because an appropriate committee was not formed. so we took up that work without the resources or staff a committee would have. 3/
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Mar 30, 2019
i'm so tired of these constant arguments about vision vs. incrementalism. all of the articles basically say the same thing.

can we get some new angles? some new voices? this deserves to be talked about as more than a DC, intraparty squabble. 1/

besides, this framing always misses the most important ?s: what policies do we need to SOLVE the problem? how do everyday folks - not just elites – define the problem? what are they asking us to solve? how do we do that? who is suffering and how do we serve them *fully*? 2/
it seems to me that most folks aren't proposing BIG IDEAS (*cue scary music*) to make themselves seem important or set themselves apart. it's because the problems are just that damn big. and the levels of suffering are just that damn high. 3/
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